Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Within The Witch

Stone Angels is the new band of Steven Bell from the New Zealand band Second Gear Grind. Stone Angels will release their debut album called Within The Witch early december. The album will be presented at the NZ's Stonerfest '11 among several other heavy bands.
For now is an unmastered version of the titlesong Within The Witch available as free download.
Where Second Gear Grind plays pure Stoner Rock, has Stone Angels also more Sludge, Doom and Metal influences. Within The Witch is a song that has made quite an impression on me. It is a lot heavier than any Second Gear Grind song.
If the song Within The Witch is the standard for the upcoming album, then I'm very eager to get that album. Enjoy!

Stone Angels - Within The Witch (One song only, 2011)

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