Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Call It Conspiracy

Dozer is a well known Stoner Band from Sweden. They made five albums unto now. Call It Conspircy is their third album and in my opinion the best one.
This file is a vinyl rip and contains an extra song called Southern Star.

Call it Conspiracy is the third album from Sweden’s Dozer. The album is produced by Chips K. (The Hellacopters, Sahara Hotnights) and recorded in the legendary Polar Studio (Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, ABBA!!).
Like the previous split album with Unida released in 1998 and the two albums on Man's Ruin released in 2000 and 2001, Call it Conspiracy is packed with heavy rock´n´roll. References like Queens of the Stone Age and Soundgarden can be mentioned. The band has taken a great step forward and recorded a heavy rock masterpiece, call it a Badmotorfinger for the new millenium if you wish!

All That Is Heavy)

Dozer - Call It Conspiracy (2003)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Train To Hell Departs From Sweden

Helltrain from Sweden claims to play Punk-Ass Rot 'n' Roll, but I think there are some more influences like Death and Thrash Metal. I guess Entombed designed the tracks for this train.
I really like the vocals, raw as hell. If you are a bit of a Metalhead, you really should try these albums.

Helltrain plays punk-ass rot n roll exclusively!
Helltrain was founded in 2002 & immediately found recognition for their original sound, mixing their previous experiences in the heavier genres like death-, thrash- & black metal with arrangements and sounds from rock n roll & punk rock music. The unique use of a Hammond organ got people to lend an ear or two. We could quote Jimmy Pop of the Bloodhound Gang on the sound: “It’s like The Misfits, but with an attitude!”
The band recorded three demo songs, “Route 666”, “Rot n roll” and “Helltrain” and send it to Nuclear Blast who signed the band immediately & Helltrain entered the studio to record the debut album “Route 666”.
The demo was later released as “The 666 ep” (limited edition 500 copies) by
Swedish underground label Heathendoom Music.
Weeks before www.mp3.com closed down the band was on 6th place in the alternative charts.
Late 2006 saw the US release of the “Route 666” album by the Jimmy Franks Recording Company/Universal Records.
Helltrain parted ways with Nuclear Blast in 2007 and signed directly to Jimmy Franks Recording Company who sent the band into the Dug Out Studio with Daniel Bergstrand to record the new album “Rock n roll devil”. It was released in october 2008 & Helltrain recorded two videos for the new album, one for the title track and another one for the more gothic/epic sounding “Ghouls”.
In may 2009 Helltrain added two new members to the line, Mats Järnil & Mikael Sandorf from the now defunct The Duskfall are now members of the band.

The Helltrain coven is:
Pierre Törnkvist – vocals, Oskar Karlsson – drums, Patrik Törnkvist - guitar, organ, piano, Mikael Sandorf – guitar, Mats Järnil - bass

(From the website)

Rock 'n' Roll Devil (2008)

Route 666 (2004)

Sing Along!

What l love about to sing this song is the rhythm that it makes
It keeps me all night long, and l just wanna burst:
l'm with the devil and life is my thirst

Great Guitars From Texas

The album Independent Worm Saloon from Austin's Butthole Surfers is one of my all time favourites. The guitar work is just great. I used to play Goofy's Concern with some bands. You really have to experience this album.

After Pioughd's semi-misfire and Rough Trade's subsequent collapse, the Surfers were in a surprising position. Not only were they courted and signed to Capitol thanks to the Nirvana-led alternative explosion, they also got high-profile arranger and Led Zeppelin legend John Paul Jones to produce the new album. When Saloon surfaced in early 1993, some accused the band of basically cloning Haynes' memorable collaboration with Ministry, "Jesus Built My Hot Rod," for the entire album. It's true that "Some Dispute Over T-Shirt Sales," simply takes the lyrics from that number and grafts it onto a quick rip from the band, but Saloon is far from a clone of Ministry or anything else. More energetic than the straggling Pioughd and benefiting from Jones' brilliant ear and tight, crisp arrangements, Saloon starts with the fierce "Who Was In My Room Last Night?"; from there, the Surfers tear through hilarious and strong numbers. Creating radio-friendly unit shifters was clearly the last thing on the band's mind, as numbers like "The Annoying Song," with Haynes sounding like what a radar dish would do if it could sing, and the wittily solemn acoustic ditty "The Ballad of Naked Man" demonstrate. The Surfers' taste for rude grostequerie surfaces throughout -- the foul "Chewin' George Lucas' Chocolate," the series of vomit sounds that conclude the record after "Clean It Up"'s heavy trudge and the extremely disturbing artwork are just a few examples. Combined with numerous examples of Surfer-mania at its finest -- the dipsomaniacal rager "Alcohol," the electric country hoedown "You Don't Know Me" and more -- and Saloon is that rarest of records, a major-label debut that surpasses the indie release preceding it.
(By Ned Raggett From All Music Guide)

Butthole Surfers - Independent Worm Saloon (1993)

Spanish Rock 'n' Roll Stoner Fury

I while ago I published some EP's and an Album from the Spanish Stoner Rock 'n' Rollers called Kickin' Ass here.
This is their new album.

We are the recipe against boredom, the hope for rock, the energy and the distorsion power.. If you are quiet in our concerts and don't move a finger that is 'cause you are deaf. What else could you ask for? Kickin' Ass isn't the group that everybody is waiting for 'cause we aren't "punks". We're rock, we're punk, we're hard, we're stoner all mixed together. As we say, we're in "nobodys land", we're a bit of everything, we're: ..TOO PUNK FOR HEAVIES, TOO HEAVY FOR PUNKS...
(From MySpace)

Kickin' Ass - Always Going Fast (2009)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Pretty Weapons

I have to thank Anthony Yankovic for sending me this one. The Pretty Weapons from Ohio, U.S.A. is a band that did play some 70's Hardrock with some Psychedelic and Space influences. This CD is from 2006 and was only sold at the band's shows.
The music of The Pretty Weapons is really great. The combination bass and drums reminds me very much of Roger Glover and Ian Paice from Deep Purple. My favourite song from this album is Snakebite. This album is a recommended one. Try and see for yourself.

The artwork at this album is made by Anthony Yankovic. Visit his
website to see some more great stuff.
Short lived psychedelic rock band from Columbus, Ohio self-released this album in 2006. A perfect mixture of Budgie, Pink Floyd, and UFO 1. Adam Smith, guitarist and vocalist of Deadsea, contributes a killer organ solo to the track "Siren's Song."
(From the notes included in the file)

The Pretty Weapons - The Pretty Weapons (2006)

Bandmembers with links:

Guitars -
Matt Aux
Drums -
Brandon Smith
Vocals and Bass -
Matt McKernan
Organ on "Siren's Song" -
Adam Smith

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Psychedelic Stoner From Portugal

Yeah folks, I'm in a psychedelic mood.
The Rising Sun Experience from Portugal is a Psychedelic Stoner Band and I like them very much. This album is released at Sonic Infusion Records, they have some more great releases.
Try this one for yourself and enjoy.

The name The Rising Sun Experience was chosen in homage to the guitar player Jimi Hendrix, for his important musical influence in countless funk and rock bands.
Tiago Jónatas ( sound engineer and a multifaceted musician ) and Alexandre Lopes (an old-time hardcore-rocker guitar player ) had already performed together in other musical projects and bands like New Winds, in which they were responsible for music composition, recording and mixing of the album “A Spirit Filled Revolution” edited and launched in 2004 by the Polish recording label Refuse Records.

In August 2006 and after their New Winds chapter, it became clear the yearning to go back to the origins of the 70’s rock and to mix several musical tendencies such as funk, grunge, blues, electronic and progressive style.
It was in this period of their career, that the desire to record an EP became a priority even before going on stage and playing alive. To make this dream possible, the drummer Daniel Matias and the vocalist Nelson Dias joined the band and the mini-album “Under The same Sun” started to take its first steps and to become a reality.
António Lopes Gonçalves on organ and Tiago Romão (Cacique 97, Philharmonic Weed) on Percussion joined the band as guests for the recording sessions.

In 2008, Alexandre Lopes decides to leave the band and the guitar player Nuno Cardinho enters. António Lopes Gonçalves on organ and the drummer Nuno Oliveira join the band as full-time members
(From MySpace)

The Rising Sun Experience - Under The Same Sun (2009)

A Bit Of Danish Psychedelic Garage Rock

I don't know what it is with Denmark, but this country has a lot of great Psychedelic Bands. If you like Baby Woodrose, then you will like The Setting Son. In the past Lorenzo Woodrose has given his cooperation to this Psychedelic Sixties Garage Rock Band by producing and drumming.

Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen is the young and shy brainchild behind The Setting Son. This unusual talent has composed more than 50 songs and recorded them on his small 4-track taperecorder in his flat in Copenhagen. A collection of songs that is both naive and rather desperate with Sebastians highly addictive vocals on top. The debut album by The Setting Son was produced by Lorenzo from Baby Woodrose and was recorded and mixed in 9 days at the Black Tornado studio in Copenhagen in December 2006. The result was 14 songs in a little over 30 minutes and the album is set for release September 3rd 2007. In A Certain Way was chosen as the first single and will be released as limited edition 7" vinyl and CD single. Line-up on the album: Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen: vocals, rhythm guitar, organ Lorenzo Woodrose: drums, percussion, vocals (Baby Woodrose) Adam Olsson: lead guitar, vocals (The Good The Bad, The AIM) Marco Burro: bass (The Untamed)
(From Lp33.tv)

Spring Of Hate (2009)

The Setting Son (2007)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Way To Honour Your Heroes.

Two weeks ago I found this album on double vinyl. I guess it's on of the best buys of this year. Dave Grohl (Ex-Nirvana, ex-QOTSA and now Foo Fighters) is a real workaholic. In 2003 he managed some time to work with his youth heroes to create this album. It resulted in Probot. It's a shame that Tom Araya from Slayer didn't want to cooperate with this great project.

While bone-crushing heavy metal may be hell-on-earth for some and a guilty pleasure for others, for one-time Nirvana drummer-turned-Foo Fighter frontman Dave Grohl it's nothing more than a loving return to his roots. That's because long before he was pummeling his skins to the scent of teen spirit with Kurt & co he was banging his head to the likes of Motorhead, King Diamond and Venom throughout his formative years. Despite his notoriety as an alt rock hero though, Grohl's love affair for hardcore metal has never waned. In fact, he has just released one of the most highly anticipated heavy metal projects in recent history entitled Probot.
One of the major problems with many metal albums is that halfway through the disc the same braying vocalist often becomes grating and tiresome. Grohl has skirted this issue by incorporating a wealth of venomous vocalists and bloodthirsty brayers. Recorded in his home studio with the help of Matt Sweeney (Zwan / Chavez) Grohl laid down all of the instrumental tracks and then sent them out to many of his favorite metal vocalists from past and present. Each artist was given total freedom over the lyrical and vocal treatments.
The results are one of the most pleasingly varied metal efforts to come around in quite some time. From the pounding dark dirges of "Big Sky" featuring Tom G. Warrior (Celtic Frost) and "Sweet Dreams" with King Diamond (Mercyful Fate) to the breakneck speed metal of "My Tortured Soul" with Eric Wagner (Trouble) and "Centuries of Sin" with Cronos (Venom) it's clear that Grohl has got the musical backbone to hold all of these metal monstrosities together. Vocalist Mike Dean (C.O.C.) even sidesteps slightly out of the metal mold by adding a dangerous punk edge to the in-your-face track "Access Babylon," while actor / comedian Jack Black (Tenacious D) turns in a smile inducing, yet believable delivery over the Black Sabbath inspired sludge on the closing hidden number.
The two standout tracks are provided by both new and old school metal screamers. On "Red War" Max Cavalera (Soulfly / Sepultura) angrily shouts over Grohl's demolition derby rhythms, while old-timer Lemmy (Motorhead) adds his signature growl to the pedal-to-the-metal rock 'n' roll raver "Shake Your Blood."
As Grohl enthusiastically admits about the making of Probot, "It isn't about me. I'm just having the time of my life in a 'metal fantasy camp' being able to create something with these people I listened to when I was young." But ultimately Probot is about Grohl, who just goes to show that's there's not much that he can't do - no matter how far fetched it may seem.

(By Tony Bonyata from

Probot - Probot (2004)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Between KYUSS And UNIDA.

This EP from John Garcia's Slo Burn is his first release after Kyuss. This EP is some later released with more songs on it.
John Garcia participated later in Unida and Hermano. He also did some contributions on Orange Goblin's Coupe De Grace (2002) and on Misdemeanor's Five Wheel Drive EP (1998). (Posted earlier on this blog here).

Slo Burn was a short-lived stoner rock band active during 1996 and 1997. The band was formed by John Garcia of the influential stoner metal band Kyuss, which had split up months previously. Garcia was joined by Chris Hale on electric guitar, Damon Garrison on bass guitar and Brady Houghton on drums.
In 1996 the band distributed a five song demotape, and in April 1997 released an EP entitled Amusing the Amazing through the record label Malicious Vinyl. According to interviews, Garcia claimed that the band also intended to record a full-length album. Slo Burn toured with Ozzfest in 1997 but decided to split up in September, towards the end of the tour. John Garcia subsequently joined the equally short-lived band Unida, before becoming vocalist with Hermano, who have since recorded three studio albums.
Slo Burn had a sound not dissimilar to that of latter-day Kyuss, which can be attributed to Garcia's singing style and the production work of Chris Goss. However, the music was more direct and less layered or complex. Allmusic describes their style as "simple structures formed out of monolithic rhythm guitars" with "guitar solos that come and go and vibrate weirdly on the way
(From Wikipedia)

Slo Burn - Amusing The Amazing (1997)

Monday, July 6, 2009


I found this request in my C-box and I could not refuse it, because The Awesome Machine is a great Stoner band from Sweden. I previously posted some more stuff of this band. Enjoy tracks like Eating Me Slowly and Son Of a God!

The Swedish Rock scene has over the years produced a large number of successful rock bands, and most important, Heavy Rock bands. The Awesome machine was formed in late 1996 by guitarist Christian Smedstrm and former bassplayer Stefan Magnusson, followed by vocalist Lasse Olausson and drummer Peter Thorne, finally deciding to form a band together. Tobbe Bovik took over the drum stool after Peter in march 98. Since their self-titled debut 10-inch vinyl was released in October '98, bass player and original founder decided to leave the band due to musical differences. His shoes were filled after auditioning Anders Wenander (a long-time friend of Tobbe) in December '98. Anders was actually the first one they tried out! With their background set firmly in the most heavy of legendary rock bands; they knew their direction immediately. Several compositions were already in the pipeline, and the new formed line-up shaped it all to their common taste of 1970's and 80s hardrock and rock'n'roll. Following almost a year of composing and rehearsing; combined with local club shows, TAM went to record their first full-length, its ugly or nothing, in Los Angered recordings with Andy La Rocque as the engineer and co-producer. The choice fell on ten songs, representing the bands background and direction, as well as their composing ability. The summer of 2000 was spent mostly on the road, including some of the big festivals in Sweden. In September 2000 a signature model by Eagle Guitars, designed by Christian, called "Awesome" was released. The rest of the year 2000 was spent on the road throughout Europe together with bands like Dozer and Karma 2 Burn. The follow-up, Under the Influence, was recorded at Nacksving studios, Gothenburg. This time they choose to produce themselves and the result, was released in early 2002. In May they toured for a month again, this time as co-headline together with Mushroom river band (with openers Pawnshop and Hoek). The reviews where overwhelming. In September 02 TAM went on a mini tour that ended in Erfurt as headliner for the 2 Stoned from the Underground festival. The autumn of 02 and spring of 03 was heavily spent in the rehearsal room, writing material for what should become the groups most well-written, well-played albumthe third full-length called the Soul of a Thousand Years (release November 2003). This time they made the final step out of the stoner genre and entered a more hardrock-metal oriented style with elements from psychedelia and folkmusic The recording was produced by Roberto Laghi, who has worked with some of the most successful bands from Gothenburg, and recorded at Oral Majority Recordings. In november 2003 the Awesome machine went on tour in Europe once again. This time without Lasse since he suffered from a bad throat infection. The replacement was Andreas Tomasson from the Gothenburg band Roach. The tour was a great success and after returning back to Sweden the three original members of the band got the striking news that Lasse would not be able to continue in the band. A big effort to find a permanent replacement was made and finally in February 2004, John Hermansen entered the rehearsal room and seemed to have done nothing else but singing TAM songs in his life! The choice was obvious after hearing him write some lyrics and melodies for a couple of new tracks. After releasing the first stuff ever with John behind the wheel, a seven inch vinyl on danish label Futhermocker Records (Demon King/For the Weaker Ones) and participating on a compilation CD (Burn the Streets Vol 5, Daredevil Records) with the song Gasoline, the band went out on tour, this time their fourth full-scale tour in Europe (together with finnish Mannhai). This was the real fire baptism for the new awesome lineup and with facts in hand, the choice couldnt have been more right... ...to be continued.
(From MySpace)

...It's Ugly Or Nothing (2006)


The Soul Of A Thousand Years (2003)


10" EP (1998)

Freak Out In Space, Baby!

After I published the following Øresund Space Collective albums The Black Tomato, Inside Your Head and Good Planets Are Hard To Find it's time for their self-title debute album. Again this album doesn't disappiont. Freak out in space, baby!

The Øresund Space Collective was formed in April 2004. The collective is a group of Danish, Swedish and American musicians that get together as often as possible for free form improvised space rock music. The flavour of the music is different with each session. The jams can often combine complex interplay between guitar and synthesizer as well intense drumming and bass playing. We enter into the genre of funk, jazz, reggae and space rock as we improvise our way along. The jam sessions alternate between Malmö and København across the Øresund bridge! The core of the collective features current and former members of the Danish bands Mantric Muse and Gas Giant as well as the Swedish bands Bland Bladen. Occasionally other musicians join as well from other Swedish band like the Carpet Knights and Sgt. Sunshine. Mantric Muse is an all instrumental progressive psychedelic space rock band, who has recorded an CD-EP entitled, Picks in Space and a full length CD, called Kap Næb (currently looking for a label to release it). The band has played concerts in and around København for the last 6 years. Gas Giant are an internationally known heavy psychedelic space rock band, who have toured all over Europe and have released several albums, with the latest called Mana. Bland Bladen, are a progressive instrumental space rock band based in Malmö, Sweden. The band released a debut CD-R in 2004on their own and has played mainly in Sweden but also in København (with Mantric Muse). The collective records all of the jam sessions and makes these available to fans via the web site in MP3 format. We currently have over 20 hours of material on the web site for free download. The band has released 10 limited edition CD's with the best of the jam sessions. The band records in the studio every 6-8 months and plans to release several CDs a year. Our first CD came out in Jan 2006 on Transubstans Records in Malmo, Sweden
(From Progarchives)

Øresund Space Collective - Øresund Space Collective (2006)

New Album Of Gran Cuervo

A time a go I posted the demo from Argentinia's Gran Cuervo. This one is their debute album I guess. But I can assure you this is a great album. There's some more Psychedelic and Space Rock inflences here.

The Polissessions were recorded during January 2009 at Marcos Conte's place, a.k.a. The Poli, Gran Cuervo's drummer. We will post them along as they get finalized. The beautiful graphics were drawn by Agostina Pazzia. The recording was made by Manuel Platino. The mixing and mastering was done in conjunction with Fernando Quintella (from Human Garbage) y Fernando Bozzini (from Miasma). Vol.1 in particular has the participation of Fernando Amaya in vocals and Gastón Hermann in sax.
(From Zannmusic Records)

Gran Cuervo - Polisessions Vol.1 (2009)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Anger Of God.

I'm back from my weekendtrip to Eindhoven and I survived My Dying Bride. They actually performed a great show.
Now something different: La Ira De Dios is a Psychedelic/Space/Stoner band from Peru. They made three records and in my opinion these two are the best of this band. The last album is called Cosmos Kaos Destruccion (released 2008) is different than the first two albums, some more Punkier.

The band was founded in 2001 by guitarist Chino Burga. Hailing from Lima/Peru they started as a trio first including bass player Alí and Tito Renteros (drums). Based on a psych/space origin LA IRA DE DIOS developed to a jam band with a heavy, raw and sometimes even violent attitude adding stoner, punk and krautrock elements to their sound. In 2002/2003 the first self-released album 'Hacia El Sol Rojo' was produced, re-issued by the german Nasoni Records label on compact disc and vinyl in 2005.

Some changes lead on to a new line-up in 2006 remaining Chino Burga as the only founding member. LA IRA DE DIOS produced the next album 'Archaeopterix', this time with Xtian Abugattas responsible for electronic effects. He became a steady member from now on accentuating the band's spacey elements.

On their 2006 tour in Germany they performed a gig on the Trip In Time festival. Initiated by the german World In Sound label an inventive collaboration with Tom Brehm (Dragonwyck) and several german musicians started immediately. The new project produced an album within some days under the moniker OBSKURIA provided with a concept which is typical for space rock.
(From Progarchives)

Archaeopterix (2006)

Hacia El Sol Rojo (2003)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Neurosounds Vol.2: Clouds From The Earth: An Italian Compilation

A while ago I posted the Italian compilation album Neurosounds Vol. 1. Now I found this in my shoutbox.

Clouds From The Earth is the second volume of the NeuroSounds compilation, a project started by the staff of NeuroPrison (Official Italian Neurosis Forum) with the purpose to promote and to show more attention for the Italian underground music scene.
Special thanks to all the bands involved in this project and to all the relative record labels for giving us their permission.


Neurosounds Vol.2: Clouds From The Earth (2009)

DOWNLOAD The Artwork

Next Saturday I'm Gonna Be Dragged To This!

This weekend we're going for a short holiday to Eindhoven (The Dutch #1 Rock City). I'm going to see My Dying Bride for the fifth time. Honoustly, two times seeing them is more than enough! But you know how it works with persistant females. My girl is a huge fan of MDB and she drags me all along her way.
This album is their second compilation album.

The European goth metal band My Dying Bride formed in June 1990. The four-piece first recorded the demo tape Towards the Sinister, and after the release of a 7" single for the French Listenable label, the group signed to Peaceville Records in 1991. My Dying Bride's first release was a 1991 EP, Symphonaire Infernus et Spera Empyrium. Debut album As the Flower Withers appeared the following year, and after touring Great Britain and Europe, the band released another EP, The Thrash of Naked Limbs. Third album Turn Loose the Swans coincided with another European tour, after which the band disappeared for a year.

In the meantime, Peaceville issued a box set titled The Stories as well as the three-EP compilation Trinity. My Dying Bride returned later in 1995 with The Angel and the Dark River, also available in a double pack with a live EP. The band's fourth album, Like Gods of the Sun, appeared in late 1996; 34.7888 Complete followed two years later, and My Dying Bride was issued in early 2001, along with The Dreadful Hours. After Songs of Darkness, Words of Light in 2004 and just prior to the release of A Line of Deathless Kings in 2006, drummer Shaun Taylor-Steels departed the group due to health concerns. He was followed by bassist Adrian Jackson in 2007, as well as session drummer John Bennett. My Dying Bride rounded out the group with Lena Abé (bass) and Dan Mullins (drums). They released An Ode to Woe in 2008, with For Lies I Sire arriving this year.

(By John Bush from All Music Guide)

My Dying Bride - Meisterwerk II (2001)