Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mexican 70's Vibe Stoner Fuzz

This is a free download album I found on the web.
El Diablo is a Mexican Stoner/Hard Rock band with strong 70's vibes. These guys are pretty good. A singer with a great voice and singing in English, cool fuzz guitars and a nice rhythm section. El Diablo made six albums (I guess). Paradise Mescaline is one of them. On their MySpace they claimed to be influenced by the Following:Black Sabbath, Blind Faith, Grand Funk, Ten Years After, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Corporation, Gong, King Crimson, Miles Davis, Guru Guru, Van Der Graaf Generator, The Plastic People Of The Universe, Magma, The Mars Volta, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin. These are a lots of styles, but it gives you an idea what you're dealing with. Recommended Incredible Stuff! Visit their website or MySpace for more info. Enjoy!

El Diablo - Paradise Mescaline (2001)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Awesome Portugese Stoner Rock

A big thanks to Mr. Anonymous for dropping this EP!
This is Stoner Rock as Stoner Rock is ment to be. Fuzz-Riffin' Desert Rock with a great drive. Marbles from Portugal just do that. Marbles is a band from Sonic Infusion Records. This record label released a couple of great stuff like Cosmic Vishnu.
Marbles' Ready To Ride EP is Awesome with a capitol A! It contains Psychedelics an Heaviness. One of the major discoveries of 2009! Enjoy and support them!
And don't forget to share your opinion by giving a comment!

The MARBLES were born August 1995, in the city of Montijo, suburbs of Lisbon. At first, this project was thought to be a sequence of a before project called Mushroom Revolution. In 1996 the first demo was recorded and entitled "Sleepy Time". This demo expressed the pop side of the band. Still in 1996 a compilation of garage bands entitled "Teenagers From Outer Space", was put out and included a track from Marbles called "Quite The Same". 1997 was the time to go into the studio again to record a new demo entitled "Plenty". In 1999 the track "Face You With a Smile" was included in another compilation (Scanning) by 7Eleven, label from Azores. In 2000 the "Apollo 9" demo was recorded, and in 2004 Marbles recorded the demo entitled "Slow Desert Punk". In 2007 two of the old members left, and now the band has only 3 elements. They have recorded a pre-demo (untitled) as a CD/EP preparation to be released this year. In the last 12 years, Marbles have truly evolved, as it could be clearly noticed by the demos. Marbles sounds like a psychedelic stoner rock power tunes.
(From MySpace)

Marbles - Ready To Ride EP (2009)

Colapso Nervioso

A couple of weeks ago I posted The Hellacopters first album Supershitty To The Max. This is their second one, Payin' The Dues. Great songs on this album are You Are Nothing, Like No Other Man, Psyched Out And Furious and the real awesome Colapso Nervioso. The vinyl version contains an extra song called City Slang. Enjoy!

It’s been a long time since bands laid down burnt offerings to the gods of guitar worship in the way the Hellacopters do on Payin’ the Dues. Probably starved for attention since Warrant fell out off the face of the planet, the guitar gods grant the band a minor miracle, letting them wear their Motorhead influences on their sleeve without looking too hokey.

Blasting through a record drawing heavily on early glam rock, the Hellacopters put stock in the power of a Marshall stack as if it were 1974 again. Working its way through 10 studio tracks and seven live ones on the bonus disc, the band plays rock with a capital R, though all the while its members manage to keep its volume from going to their brains and driving them into a decibel-fueled frenzy of cliché.

It’s almost hard not to picture the band dancing among flames as they play their brand of rock’n’roll. From its dual-guitar assault to its domineering rhythm section, the Hellacopters take rock back to its noisy heights. Featuring more flash guitar work in one song than most bands put in an entire album, such as the solo in "You Are Nothin’" or throughout "Soulseller," the Hellacopters let their fingers do the walking with Payin’ the Dues, though at times the band’s penchant for guitar tricks leans more toward theatrics and self-indulgence than rip-roaring rock and roll. There’s a lot to be said about simplicity; most of it could be laid on the Hellacopters as if it were a fresh new musical theory.

The Hellacopters also find a few new twists to their glammy sound, though the moments are relatively rare. "Twist Action" feeds on a hidden ‘50s rockabilly vibe, though its one kept well hidden under the band’s searing glam rock, giving the track a bit of spice not found on its other tracks. "Colapso Nervioso," though a switch from the band’s sound with an odd blend of psychedelic percussion and minimal guitar work, proves less workable sounding fragmented and lacking the energy of the rest of this record.

In the end, however, the band’s sound proves too worn out to find a whole lot of life of its own. Though massacring their fingers in six-string gymnastics and knocking out rhythms louder than the entire cast of Stomp put together, the Hellacopters still continue to walk in the shadow of their influences. While giving fans of longhair rock a sizable chunk of ear candy, its one tasting similar to older vintages, so much so that the band will have to hunt down a few more wrinkles of its own to shine in the already overcrowded world of glam.

(By Matt Schild at

The Hellacopters - Payin' The Dues (1997)

Lost Highway

Here's another band from Plasticrane Productions. Lost Highway is an Atmospheric Post Rock trio from Italy (I guess, cause there's no information to be found of this band or even a MySpace page.) This two-track EP is a good one, not so Lo-Fi as other Plasticrane stuff. It's pretty hypnotic. Enjoy.

Lost Highway - Thank You And Goodnight EP (2004)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

German Sludge Metal.

Thanks to Thorsten from Burden for sending me this EP.
Burden is a German Stoner/Sludge Metal band. I like this stuff, great riffs, raw vocals and a heavy sound. I see a great future for this band. Enjoy and support them!

The dilemma of 21st century hard rock and metal: Bands bug with synthetic soundscapes to dub their deficient riffs. Juvenile hypermetalbands piss off their audience with their plagiarism. Bands lose touch to the veritable expression and true feeling of Rock'n'Roll and dilute this once so wild and aggressive music with trivial and weepy material. When BURDEN was founded by Saint D. (g) an gundel (g.) there was no doubt that they did not want to be part of this so called rock scene. Instead of trying to work with too many alien influences, their focus was clearly set from the beginning: to lead good old Rock-Music back to its roots without loosing touch to the presence and future. There can only be one goal! To bring back the honest and pure feeling that once was associated with rock music and rank it first!

With Dave (DEADSPAWN, ex PURIFY) a drummer living for his ideals and Rock'n'Roll was found soon. The founding year has been exclusively spent rehearsing and creating songs since BURDEN has never been about snapshots at all. In the course of time and after lots and lots of self-critical songwriting some very intense and authentic tunes emerged. But how to create real smashers when there is no pressure on your guts? It took some time to find a suitable and tight bassist. Fortunately they met Johnny Clash after some months and his impressive skills were overwhelming. Save the best for last as the saying goes - in summer 2008 Thorsten was recruited to join and complete the BURDEN army. His vocals have shot the musical standard on another level. Thorstens powerful and variable way of singing shows the real face of burden – a face other bands would kill for!

BURDEN let their music do the talking. Their unique mixture of Southern Rock, Sludge and Metal is no acoustic binge drinking, it's an uncompromising sound for people who appreciate straightforward music.

(From MySpace)

Burden - The Fool (Promo EP 2009)

Back On Track With Stoner From Virginia.

After ten days of sickness I'm back again.
Pontiak from Virginia, U.S.A. is an out of the ordinary Stoner Rock band. Maker has some Psychedelic influences. The vocals sound a bit like Josh Homme. Further I can't compare this album with nothing. Maker is a great Stoner Rock album anyway. I guess you have to judge it for yourself and let me know what you think by giving a comment.

Pontiak exists at a nexus between several musical spheres. It incorporates elements from classic rock and psychedelia into modern drone without owing complete allegiance to any of the three. Upon first listen some of the group’s latest effort, Maker, can sound a little too close for comfort to material by Comets On Fire, Dead Meadow, Crystal Antlers, and Black Mountain – all of them traveling a road well worn by Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, and The Grateful Dead. It’s not that Pontiak has made a bad album by any means, but for a good majority of the crowd to which the band is trafficking in (in other words indie rockers) it’s going to feel just a little too familiar. Pontiak is by no means any more derivative than the other modern bands I’ve mentioned, and Maker shouldn’t be overlooked because of this. The album itself is a far better effort than the most recent releases of all of them.
In many ways Maker succeeds where those other groups have failed – by reigning in some of the endless jamming in favor of more concise riffage and economical songs. Most of the songs on the album clock in easily under five minutes and many far less than that. Only on the title track does Pontiak let loose with roughly fourteen minutes of loose, sun-baked jam and skyward facing drone. At times the album even manages to achieve the always difficult task of trading in ZZ Top style “boogie blues” riffs.
The end result is that Pontiak has made a good but not great album that will most likely be limited to an audience made up of fans of the aforementioned bands. This stuff just isn’t heavy enough to necessarily qualify as metal and not forward thinking enough to appeal to the avant-garde set. Chalk up another entry in the canon of modern classic rock indie bands. Hopefully Pontiak won’t get lost in the shuffle before it becomes truly great.

(By Joe Davenport at

Pontiak - Maker (2009)

Friday, November 13, 2009

One Year Of Insanity!

Time flies when you're having fun! I'm doing this thing exact a year this very day!
When I started this blog I was listening this album a lot. So it's time to post it now. Let The Churches Burn by the Swedish Stoner Doom band Suma is the album of the year of 2006, no argue about that! The threatning starts with the first track Let The Churches Burn. There's so many tension on this album. It's like a haunted house at a lunapark. Scary as hell. The music is just awesome. Slow down-tuned riffs that are like a steam roller crushing everything on it's way. Very great guitars, pounding drums, a roaring bass and even sometimes a singing saw (with effects). And then the vocals. They are really frightening.
Other cool tracks are: Blood Pony, Beef and No, You're The Monkey. So let me say to you: Enjoy!

"After being transfixed by the amazing Toner Low album, I found myself with an appetite for more devilish doom drone. No sooner had I reviewed that and Let the Churches Burn arrived. By the end of the opening title track, my need for a fix had been satiated. Massive riffs collide with a bludgeoning percussion, the effect laden vocals scream out at you as the Mogadon-ic slow pace and perfect production (courtesy of the one and only Billy Anderson) create a menacing, grime-laden doom classic. Similar moments can be found across the album's length, all interspersed with Sunn0))) style drone passages. The resulting dirge is hypnotic yet through headphones its denseness can feel claustrophobic."

"The samples used suppliment the anti-religious mood eminating from the lyrics as well as providing a contrast to the Jus Oborn-style vocals. Electric Wizard seem to have a definite influence on the music as well, their darkest moments feasted upon by Suma for inspiration, and welded to the aforementioned drone sensibilities of restraint, noise and occasional minimalism. This is an incredibly heavy and dark album. Let the Churches Burn is an immense record that fans of the sonic extremeties of doom should be aware of.
(By Pete Crowther at AllThatIsHeavy)

Suma - Let The Churches Burn (2006)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Swedish Stoner Project.

Revolution Rock is the first full-lenght album of Greenleaf, a side-project of Dozer. This project is one of the best Stoner Rock things I ever heard. An important member is Bengt Bäcke, who plays bass and organ. He also owns the studio where Greenleaf recorded their albums. Tommi Holappa plays his guitar awesomely. (Listen for example to Red Tab, those licks make my flesh creep).
The albums Secret Alphabets and Agents Of Ahriman shows some real progression of this fine Swedish project. Too bad that they only hitted the stage in Sweden. Enjoy!

Hard rocking all the way from beginning to end. This is my first taster of Greenleaf, and I like it. It's super psychedelic at times, other times it's super rocking garage style, like MC5...along those lines. Slight hint of the doom/blues here and there. A good mix of 70's rock styles for sure. "
(By Rob Wrong at

Greenleaf - Revolution Rock (2001)

Re-Post Request: FIRESTONE.

Here's another re-up, posted before here.

Firestone - Stonebeliever EP (2002)

Firestone - Mexicon EP (2002)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Here's another great band from Finland. Plutonium Orange is a Stoner Rock band with Metal influences. When I listened the album Volume the first time it reminds me of something, but I couldn't figure out what. Later I realized it sounds like another Finnish band called Sunride. Volume is a very great album. There's only one thing: It sounds a bit too nice, it should have been more raw. That's my only criticism.
If you like this album, you can buy it here. Enjoy!

Heard from listeners: The Cult, Mustasch, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Muse, Tool, Monster Magnet, Queens of the Stone Age, Danko Jones, Entombed, you name it.
(From Myspace)

Plutonium Orange - Volume (2009)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Electric Magic Volume 5.

I posted the thirst three Electric Magic samplers by the German webzine Generated X at here. This is Volume 5. There are some nice bands on it, like The Machine, Toner Low, Radio Moscow. I guess you will like it. Click on the back cover for a readable tracklist.

Electric Magic Vol.5 (June 2009)

When I Hear That Death Punk Sound: ERECTION!

Turbonegro, what can I say about them? That they are too shocking with their act? Well, I don't care about that. What I do care is that they play an excellent combination of Hard Rock and Punk. Turbonegro are the true inventors of Death Punk.
For now I want only to post the albums Ass Cobra and Apocalypse Dudes, cause they're the best Turbonegro made. The guy from the review below feels the same I guess, cause he put these albums in one review. Ass Cobra is more punkier and Apocalypse Dudes is more Hard Rock orientated. At this album they got a new guitar player called Euroboy. That guy play so damned good. I think you will like Turbonegro (Even the most die-hard Stoners will!) Enjoy!

I’m doing both albums in one review really because I think the story behind this band would have been told twice if I did, and I remember receiving some flak about doing it in by Templar’s review. So, sorry if you got a problem with that but I don’t feel like repeating myself or boring you twice. So on with the review: One of the darkest and most disturbing bands that have ever formed, Turbonegro is re-releasing their classic albums 96’s Ass Cobra and 98’s Apocalypse Dudes on Epitaph, and with the lead singer finally released from the Italian mental institution that halted the band in late 1998, a headlining slot on three major European music festivals, and a new album coming this spring they are ready to take the world by storm. This band brings together the theatrical antics of early Alice Cooper, with the urgency and power of Black Flag, mixes with the striped down driving rock of MC5 and the Stooges, and provides a healthy dose of attitude as well to create their own distinct form of rock that many have dubbed leather rock. Not to be taken lightly, this band can not be described in words, as much as a person needs to hear them to appreciate the power that they possess.

In 1996 Turbonegro released the first of two musical masterpieces. “Ass Cobra” was a period of growth from the band’s original funk-rock roots to a down’n dirty rock sound. The sound of this band can only be described as a garage rock with an enormous amount of energy and passion injected into it. The sheer attitude and lyrical punch that is contained on this disc grabs the listener and doesn’t let go until the end. Songs such as “Midnight NAMBLA”, “Denim Demon”, and “I Got Erection” stay with the listener long after a listen and only get creepier and more disturbing with each listen. Another highlight of this album was the hilarious spoken intros on Just Flesh and Imorgen Skal Eg Daue, begins with Steve Ignorant of Crass trying to shake the band down on the phone, the later a Norwegian punker discussing his distaste for American punkers going out with “new wave hooker girls”. They are really funny even after the first time.

As great as that album was, it only got better with the release of 1998’s “Apocalypse Dudes”, hailed by Jello Biafra as “the most important European record ever”. The band took their rock to the next level that even through much of the song writing was simpler, but the lyrics became more sophisticated and the power that each song posed grew to dizzying heights that only the masters of rock had achieved before. I also thought that these sounds sounded much more melodic and less garage rock sounding and more classic rock sounding. It also sounds like this had a better studio and more production but that doesn’t take away from this at all. Songs like “Are You Ready (For Some Destruction)” and Don’t Say Mother Fucker, Mother Fucker”, while completely un-PC and classics and are often covered by bands of every genre including Queens of the Stone Age and Mayhem. The contradictory positive negative images that come from this record continue to amaze me. This band once again the breaking rock down to it basics is the way to go, with out trying to, this band was able to write a album that even five years after it was written it still sounds fresh, and is light-years ahead of anything that is being down today.

To put it simply, these are both records that a fan of any form of rock must own. They are the new form of rock, powerful, yet simple, at first unaccesable, but given time soon a person’s favorite band. The albums also contain a live footage from this summer’s festival appearances, which after watching makes me really want to see them. Great releases that are finally readily available for all, and all I am say is thank you to Epitaph for reissuing them, this might just be one of the greatest things they’ve done.
(By Moldy at

Turbonegro - Apocalypse Dudes (1998)

Turbonegro - Ass Cobra (1996)

A Demon Cleaner Re-Up.

This one was originally posted here.
The re-up for The Freeflight can be found here.

Demon Cleaner - Demon Cleaner (2002)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Philadelphia Stoner

Thanks to Ross for dropping this in my mail-box.
The Company Corvette is a Stoner Rock trio from Philadelphia, U.S.A. The first thing I noticed listening this album is the awesome guitar playing by Alexei, just excellent. This guy is a real talent. I like his riffs. Drums and bass are very solid. The voice of Ross is just great. The Company Corvette combines Stoner Rock with some Doom and Hard Rock. On their MySpace they claimed to be influenced by ZZ Top, Motorhead and Saint Vitus. You have to hear this. And when you did, you know you have to support them! Enjoy!

The Company Corvette - The Company Meeting (2009)

Swedish Furious Garage Punk!

Supershitty To The Max! is the first album by the Swedish Garage Punkers called The Hellacopters. This is a real furious album, a bit in the vein of The Stooges and MC5. One of my favourites is Born Broke, this has has a awesome riff that rings out through the whole song. After this album The Hellacopters made several albums, but after the third album Grande Rock they sounded more commercial. And that's a pity.
I want to ask if someone could upload Payin' The Dues and Grande Rock, so I can post them here (Cause my records are too damaged. Thank you in advance!)

The Hellacopters were originally a side project for Nicke Andersson (drummer with Swedish death metal gods Entombed) and Dregen (guitarist for fellow scandinavian rockers the Backyard Babies). Their mission was to bring the blinding speed and distortion of Motörhead (with a little punk sensibility thrown in for good measure) to the '90s, and this they did with Supershitty to the Max! Opener "(Gotta Get Some Action) Now!" is simply brilliant, roaring like a Harley down the highway, shredding eardrums along the way. Though the pace abates somewhat three songs in, the distortion is on 11 throughout the record, yielding other gems such as "Fire Fire Fire" and "Tab." And the band prove they're hardcore by putting a bonus track on the vinyl edition rather than the CD.
(By Eduardo Rivadavia at All Music Guide)

Hellacopters - Supershitty To The Max! (1996)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hot From The Press.

Almost a year ago I posted a video clip of the Psychedelic Sixties Rockers called DeWolff. At that time these guys were aged 14 - 17. Now a year later these fellows are still quite young.
DeWolff released their full length debut album now. Strange Fruits And Undiscovered Plants is a very great album. It's like the sixties have never been away. The Hammond sounds incredible. The drums are much like Ian Paice style. The guitar is cool, don't expect Heavy Fuzz, but it's still great. You don't think the singer is that young, he has a very grown up voice. All with all a very great album. This is one of the major surprises of 2009.
I'm glad I cought this on vinyl. You should also do that. Enjoy and if you like this stuff, go get yourself one here!

DeWolff is a three-headed rockmonster that crawled right out of the Mississippimud to shake, rattle and roll the world with some raw, psychedelic sixtiesbluesrock. Armed with a screaming Hammond-organ, a muddy, howling guitar, thunderous drums and a soulful voice, these three Wolf men take you back to those wonderful 60’s and 70’s, when bands like Led Zeppelin, Cream, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple ruled the world of rock ‘n’ roll.

DeWolff was founded in 2007 in a town in the Southern part of the Netherlands (Limburg) called Geleen and consists of Pablo van de Poel, brother Luka van de Poel and Robin Piso. On the 5th of July 2008, DeWolff won the final rounds of Kunstbende. DeWolff was the first band in Kunstbende-history on which the jury had no remarks at all!

DeWolff is an absolute live-sensation: their partly-improvised songs sometimes last more than 15 minutes! It’s got style, it plays loud and it plays with soul and passion: that’s DeWolff!

(From their website)

DeWolff - Strange Fruits And Undiscovered Plants (2009)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

American Atmospheric Sludge Metal.

ISIS is a great Sludge Metal band from Los Angeles, U.S.A. This album is just great. Sgnl >05 has a lot to offer, Mechanical grooves, Psychedelic passages and more. This album is a pretty mind trip. Maybe I will post some more ISIS albums in the future. For now, enjoy this one!

From the intriguing opening sound textures of SGNL>05, one wouldn't imagine that this gentle stream would evolve into a grand work of nu-metal mastery. Here, Isis weaves a beautiful tapestry of lilted piano set deep into the mix of a windswept field recording, but it doesn't take long for the band to turn the world on its ear. SGNL>05, a five-track EP, is the extension of the earlier Celestial record. Lead vocalist and guitarist Aaron Turner's growl may sound cliché in this form, but SGNL>05 quickly proves that it isn't the work of some bored, depressed high school band. Rather, it's an intensely emotional and intelligent piece of theatrical metal music. Tribal influences leak in on "Divine Mother" as the sounds are drawn out in epic proportions. Synthesizers flit about in the background and noise paints the rest of the very stormy picture. The seething guitars of Turner and Mike Gallagher trudge onward in a jarring, direct, and tight fashion. Though tracks like "Beneath Below" and "Constructing Towers" do tend to get a bit repetitive, the album on the whole is quite succinct and impacting. Rarely do industrial rock records take listeners on such a journey as this. Sounds ebb and flow, creating lush textures, only to be met with the most excruciating instrumentation that eventually culminates in a beautiful, multi-layered ambient recording. That final track, a remix of the original "Celestial (Signal Fills the Void)" by Justin K. Broadrick (of Godflesh), serves as a darkly mechanical ending to this fine EP.
(By Ken Taylor at All Music Guide)

ISIS - Sgnl >05 (2001)

In The Tail Of A Comet

A while ago I posted Call It Conspiracy from the Swedish Stoner band Dozer. In The Tail Of A Comet from 2000 is their first album. A Stoner Rock classic. (I love that Swedish stuff!) Enjoy this one!

The stoner rock phenomenon that took off in the 1990s wasn't limited to one country. The U.S. and England gave us a lot of bands, and Scandinavia has also provided its share of stoner rockers. In Scandinavian countries, it is generally assumed that an outfit will sing and write in English, which is exactly what Swedish band Dozer does on In the Tail of a Comet. Like many stoner units, Dozer is heavily influenced by Black Sabbath -- the influence of Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi is especially strong on "Captain Spaceheart," "Inside the Falcon," and "Grand Dragon." But the vocals aren't very Osbourne-like, and the faster songs tend to be less Sabbath-minded than the slower ones. When the tempos are increased they bring to mind early Metallica more than anything. But whatever the tempo, the electric guitars are consistently fuzzy, which is one of stoner rock's trademarks. In the Tail of a Comet falls short of exceptional, but it's a satisfying effort that has more plusses than minuses.

(By Alex Henderson at All Music Guide)

Dozer - In The Tail Of A Comet (2000)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Systems Overload!

Borehole is a Stoner Rock 'n' Roll band from Eindhoven, Holland. They play their music just great, nice songs. Systems Overload is their third album and it rocks! I like the uptempo songs the most. Enjoy!

Borehole is a loud & enthusiastic bunch from rockcity Eindhoven, In the south of the Netherlands. Their music can be described as a highly infectious mixture of sleazy stonerrock & roll combined with subtle tension raising and even psychedelic elements. The songs are drenched with raw & intense vocals, and all of their songs are preformed with great confidence, just like a band with attitude should. The band was founded by guitarist Mo. The skillful & sexy Miss Jacky D on drums, and bass booster Roel (on bass of course), joined in. The newest member is Boy Overheid who takes care of the vocals. The motor running again, and with even more power. In the past the band has played with several more known bands like UNIDA (ex-kyuss), Peter Pan Speedrock, On Trial ,5 HORSE JOHNSON ,ATOMIC BITCHWAX and more. So far they have recorded 3 albums. The first one is called "21 mm" and got lots of good critics from Dutch music magazines. The second one is called "Dusty Minded" and has got even better critics. In 2006 they released their new album called "SYSTEMS OVERLOAD" on the DRUNKEN MARIA record label. Nine intense songs will blast you away. Heavy rock with a soulfull Voice!!! The cd was mastered by Allan Ward From Electric City Studio (Hermano) Do not hesitate and book this ass-kicking band from Holland!!!Visit borehole at : and download two of their new songs!!!
(From MySpace)

Borehole - Systems Overload (2005)

Awesome Dutch Thrash Metal

I don't understand why I can't find this album on any Metal blog. You guys missed something!
Crustacean is a Thrash Metal band from Tilburg, Holland. There is only one band that sounds like this and that is: SLAYER!
Burden Of Our Suffering is the first album of Crustacean and in my opinion the best one. It's fast and aggressive. They play awesome riffs and the drums are really battering. The vocalist has a great throat. If you are a self-respecting metalhead, you have to grab this beauty!

Crustacean [as in 'hard-shell'] is a 4-piece Thrash metal band, that hails from Tilburg, the Netherlands. We play uncompromising thrash from fast to furious to slowly flowing and stomping riffs. Don’t expect outdated simplicity though; steadfast and stubborn we might be, our eyes and ears are aimed forward and that’s exactly where Crustacean’s going! We appeal to the young and the old die-hard metal head. What’s even better is that our sound and appearance also appeals to non-metal heads! So that’s a lot of necks to stretch! Bear in mind that we’ve got a live-history of over 10 years - touring, gigging, opening up and doing after shows for the likes of Master (US), Morbid Angel (US) among others, then you know we mean business.
(From MySpace)

Crustacean - Burden Of Our Suffering (1998)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Estonian Doom (Drum & Bass Only)

I don't know what it is lately, but Estonian bands found their way to this blog. This little jewel is send to me by Jarmo from the Band Talbot. (Thank you, Jarmo!)
Talbot is a drum and bass duo who play some sort of Psychedelic Doom. These two guys play it very well. Sometimes it reminds me a bit of Toner Low. This three-track EP is a promise for the future. Go listen to this, let me know what you think and give Talbot some support!

The mythical and sacred fire-being phoenix lives a thousand years and perishes in flames after building a nest. Few are those who know that the bird leaves behind two eggs — a white one and a black one. From the white a new phoenix hatches, but what might emerge from the black, nobody knows.

Talbot, the duo of Estonian bio-bots from Tallinn is like the black egg of the phoenix — a mystical, menacing enigma that, once cracked, will change the world. Edgy and immediate, the garage-doom-prong of Talbot pierces the listener’s ear and brain like an icicle, puncturing membranes and forever mutilating objective reality. Talbot’s music is like a hidden image that, once seen, cannot be unseen.

“Talbot is the best thing that has happened to the Estonian underground scene in the last couple of years!” — Bonne (Pedigree)

“Talbot is a massive, vehement burden!” — Mänts (Smõuk, Voog)

(From MySpace)

Talbot - Tundra (2008)