Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Broken Flowers

Thanks to Zero Nowhere for sharing his two EP's!
Zero Nowhere is a one-man Post Rock project from Lublin, Poland. His music sounds in my opinion similar to bands like Pelican and Red Sparowes, but there is more than just that. There are also some Sludge and Stoner influences present in his music.
The atrabilious and dejected atmosphere is in a great way propagated on these EP's. The first EP Floriculture contains six tracks and the second EP Flower Of Void contains one twenty minutes lasting track.
I'm pretty impressed of what this guy has acomplished on his own. These EP's are really great! The highlight for me is the triptych of the Floriculture EP called Portraits (I - Soul Dealer II - Dancing Trees III - The Fog).
When you read the bio below, you will see that this guy is capable of a lot. Enjoy!

So i'm a 21 year old musician from Lublin, Poland. I started making music as Zero Nowhere in 2008. It's a instrumental solo project, all music on these EP's was written & recorded by myself. I have also older EP called "Witchcraft" and a compilation of some of my older songs with some unreleased material called "Whispers Of Shooting Stars" which was released by Dairyola Records. Also Floriculture was released on limited CD-r edition on Kitty On Fire records. My name was taken from an Eyehategod song. I'm playing mix of stoner, psychedelic and sludge music with some drone and experimental elements. My biggest influences are stoner / psychedelic and drone bands like Dead Meadow, Yawning Man, Earth or Electric Wizard as well as sludge bands like Eyehategod or Buzzoven. I play also in some other various projects like a sludge / stoner metal project named Eyes Like Halogen with vocalist of Cerber, psychedelic and experimental band named Flora and my own drone project called Golden Cloud. I'm also planning to make some sludge band in future, as well as release some more experimental psychedelic rock material with vocals under the name Black Sunflowers.
(His bio)

Zero Nowhere - Floriculture EP (2010)

Zero Nowhere - Flower Of Void EP (2011)

The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky

Wallrus was a band from Rotterdam, Holland. This Stoner band is clearly influenced by bands like Kuyss, QOTSA. But there is more in the music of Wallrus and that is the Blues component. This is mainly carried out by the singer and his harmonica, so that it also makes me think of Five Horse Johnson, for example.
The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky is an great album with excellent songs. This album is the first full-length album by Wallrus. After this one they've released one more album called Burn The Shivers in 2007. Wallrus has disbanded in 2010. And that is too bad, because this band was quite awesome. Enjoy!

"Wallrus are knee-deep in classic rock stylings with a strong hold of modern stoner rock in the vein of Hermano and Unida."
(From Allthatisheavy)

"The sound from Rietdijk’s throat suggests a lifetime of drinking whiskey and fits in perfectly with the heavy stoner rock of Wallrus. But from the first note on it becomes clear that we are not dealing with just your typical stoner band here. When harmonica and slide guitars are put to work it is all about the blues. And there’s no denying sweet reminiscences of bands like Taste, Cream, or Masters of Reality."
(From Aloha)

"The pounding drums of Joeri Rook together with the stone-hard riffs of Conrad Freling, the growling bass of Paul van Schaik, and the long cries of Rob Rietdijk will force a river into a deluge. Reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s debut album."
(From Rotterdams Dagblad)

Wallrus - The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky (2003)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunset In A New Town

Smoking Bird is a Spanish band that plays 70's influenced Hard Rock. Their music contains also a pinch of Stoner Rock.
Their great album Sunset In A New Town is their first full-length release and after this album they've released two more in 2006 and 2010.
The songs from Sunset In A New Town are quite energetic and have a real Rock 'n' Roll vibe. Do not expect any lengthy Psychedelic jams or other experimental knick-knacks. This is just straight forward and no bullshit Hard Rock music. Enjoy!

Smoking Bird was born in 1997.
By 1998 the band released its first demo, "Fuckin' A Bottle", 2000 marked the release of "Smoking Bird". "Losing Touch" CD/EP is recorded and released in 2001.
In September of 2002 Smoking Bird recorded their first full length album "Sunset In A New Town" produced with Fernando Pardo. Once again, the band enjoyed rave reviews.
All along 2005 and after two years on the road, Smoking Bird recorded and self-produced "Naughty Little Girls",released in early 2006.
"Survivors" was the next step for the band, self-produced, released in 2010 and recorded at the band own studios for the first time.
In 2011, Smoking Bird contributed with a song to the Monster Magnet tribute, "Kiss The Right Side Of Your Brain" released by Monster Fuzz Records.
(Their bio from Facebook)

Smoking Bird - Sunset In A New Town (2003)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dark Age

Here is another great contribution. This time it is the three track EP First Chapters by the Canadian band Tunguska Mammoth. These four guys from Montreal play Hardcore influenced Stoner/Sludge Metal. According to their Facebook page, Tunguska Mammoth is inspired by the following bands: Mastodon, Baroness, Priestess, Clutch, Bison B.C., Crowbar, the bands of Stéphane Vigeant (Karmadooza, Floating Widget, Madking Ludwig), High of Fire, Pelican, Black Sabbath, Doomriders, Kyuss and Groovy Aardvark.
This list gives quite an impression of what Tunguska Mammoth is about.
They're heavy, brutal and aggressive. The lead guitar player is a true Metal virtuoso. But the other members of this band deserve as much credits.
The songs of this EP are pretty impressive. I look forward to their upcoming concept album. Enjoy!

With the growing desire to play their own music not fit for their cover band, GPS, Maxime Bellerose (ex-Lacrimae Mortalium), Paolo Di Stefano and Mathieu Savage decided to get together with drummer Pierre-Hugues Rondeau (ex-Hope&Horror), to try and fill this void. After a few rehearsals jamming on Melodic Metal riffs, the sound naturally progressed towards wahat Tunguska Mammoth is now: a combination of the energy of Metal and Hardcore mixed with Stoner groove and progressive rock’s intensity. Their first EP intitled “First Chapterse”, recorded in their own rehearsal studio, serves as an introduction for the band’s forthcoming concept album.
(Their bio)

Tunguska Mammoth - First Chapters EP (2011)

From Dust

Thanks to the guys from the band Cerber for sharing their demo!
Cerber is a fresh new band from Poland. This trio plays Stoner/Sludge Metal with Hardcore influences. Their DIY demo called Z Prochu is a great start of this band. Their music is heavy, aggressive and grooving. The guitar riffs are stunning, just as the rhytm section is. The vocals are raw and brutal. The lyrics are part English and for a part Polish.
I think there's a great future for this band. I look at least forward to their next release. Enjoy!

Cerber - Z Prochu Demo (2011)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Grass Grew

The following contrubution is a real weird EP by the band Rainbow Teeth from Long Island, New York, U.S.A.
These guys present their selves as a Spagetti Indie band. This is a strange description of their music, but it is just more than that. There are also Post-Hardcore, Math and Metal influences audible in their music. The song structures are pretty complex.
I think Rainbow teeth has similarities to bands like Dillinger Escape Plan, Cephalic Carnage and Macabre. Especially the song Beach Life does remind me a lot of Macabre. My girlfriend said the following: "Sounds somewhat like Macabre, a band with an unique sound. I've never heard a band that sounds like them, until now." This is a quite fitting quote about this song.
This EP is a nice release for the ones who like complex Metal music. Enjoy!

Rainbow Teeth - Rainbow Teeth EP (2011)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Out In The Cold

This nice piece of vinyl was created by the Belgian band Solenoid. This five-piece band plays a combination of Metal and Stoner Rock. This has resulted in in an excellent album with very strong songs. Their music is pretty uptempo and straight-forward. Sometimes Solenoid takes you back to the eighties, because there are some traces of NWOBHM present in their music. Beside that, you can hear on this album also some influences like Thrash and Speed Metal.
According to their Facebook page, Solenoid is influenced by the following: Motörhead, Slayer, The Hellacopters, Iron Maiden, Mastodon, Supersuckers, Mercyful Fate, Black Sabbath, Zeke, Saxon, Corrosion of Conformity, AC/DC, High on Fire, Kiss, Trouble, Five Horse Johnson, Metallica, Discharge, Thin Lizzy, Hüsker Dü, Soundgarden, Entombed, Judas Priest, Kyuss, Dinosaur jr, Crowbar and Dio
But the question remains, is this more a Stoner Rock album or more a Metal album. It definitely points out towards Metal.
In any case, this is an excellent album with no-nonsense and kick-ass music. Enjoy!

New wave of what? British heavy metal? Not exactly...Solenoid emerge straight from the Belgian foundations of metal and rock.
Heavy Metal? Not quite… Solenoid carry more in their thick soup than the metal of their peers who are still stuck into the simple steel driven alternative of the heavy genre. This new wave of Belgian heavy rock ‘n roll could do the trick.

These five scruffy rock addicts had been playing in almost every guitar based band in and around their hometown Genk. Fucking up the best elements of whatever they were into at that time, Solenoid’s engine got oiled with the best of what was yet to come: a break necking view on the past decades of rock ‘n metal. How furious are Solenoid that they make Lemmy seem ironic and leave him ‘Out In The Cold’? They exhume the ‘Angelspray’ of the old dark clouded Sabbath. Even some blistering punkabilly swing or old school riffing taught by the iron lady of Dickinson and his gang.

Tours with Gwar, Anvil, Valis and a US tour with We’re All Gonna Die and labelmates Cortez already showed a great deal of Solenoid’s open mindedness, going from metal over rock to stoner. And if Chris Tsangarides (mix) doesn’t ring a bell, here you go: Judas Priest, Exodus, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath and …Solenoid all have Chris’ name mentioned somewhere in their liner notes. And after working with bands like Opeth, In Flames, Spiritual Beggars and The Haunted, Göran Finnberg mastered Solenoid’s debut album. With references like these you can’t go wrong.

No nonsense bullshit or over the top shredding posers but straight to the bone in your face heavy rock music as it was supposed to sound like when the foundations were laid.
(Their bio from MySpace)

Solenoid - Solenoid 12" (2008)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Voodoom Creatures

The next band contribution comes from Kentucky, U.S.A.
They Yearn For What They Fear is a bass and drum duo that plays Experimental Psychedelic Sludge/Doom. Their EP called The Infernal Plains contains four awesome songs. These guys claim that their sound is akin to bands like Moloch, Thou, Earthless, Electric Wizard, Torche and Earth, to give you a small idea of what They Yearn For What They Fear is about.
The sound of this duo is as expected heavy and brutal. The vocals sound very angry and dejected.
At some parts in their music there is also guitar and keyboards present. These additional musicians makes the sound of The Infernal Plains more complete. Enjoy!

Around since 2005ish, They Yearn For What They Fear started as a wall-of-noise grind unit, and while they can definitely still tap into all the rage of speed, they've become incredibly dynamic in their sound and tone while never sacrificing heaviness or their own brand of apocalyptic psychedelia. They are hard at work crafting a sonic tome worthy of their name, as well as split releases of all varieties (and hopefully a re-release of their lone testament to their ultra-violent roots, The Art of Communication via Concentric in the near future).
(Their bio)

They Yearn For What They Fear - The Infernal Plains (2011)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Good Tip For A Good Time

This album was once posted by fellow blogger Mari at the famous blog Doomed To Be Stoned In A Sludge Swamp, so all thanks and credits for this post go to her!
Cato Salsa Experience is a Sixties influenced Garage Rock band from Norway with slight Psychedelic tendencies. A Good Tip For A Good Time is their second release and it is such an awesome album. This album is filled with tunes that are really a garantee for a great vibe. The music is energetic and jumpy, it will somehow make your body move. I was hooked from the first time I've heard this album and I still am. So this urge to share it with you.
There is only one thing with this album: It is not available anymore! So I have a question to all of my readers: If you see this album somewhere, please buy it for me! If you see it somewhere on the web, please order it! I will reimburse all costs! Anyway... Enjoy!

Blasting from your speakers like a spicy tornado, Cato Salsa Experience shimmies, shakes, and squirms with unfettered guitar distortion, bombastic drumming, and layers of retro-cool organs that sound like they're as much fun to play as they are to listen to. Hearkening core elements of classic garage rock, Norwegians Cato Thomassen (vocals and guitar), Christian Engfelt (bass), Jon Magne Riise (drums), and Nina Bjorndalen (keyboards) fuse late-'60s models of the Rolling Stones and the Who with something derivative of the Hives and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. "Time to Freak Out!," "Listen to Me Daddy'O," "Got Soul if You Want It," and "So the Circus Is Back in Town" all swirl in an exuberant alt-rock, go-go dance shack infection. Though the album is easily digested as a whole, "Deadbeat" and "M.F." further exhibit fun jungle drums, goofy organs, freewheeling lyrics, and even some slick horn work by Jaga Jazzist. Perhaps it's the vintage equipment or the bands psychedelic name, but A Good Tip for a Good Time is raucous listening that dares you to dance around in your underwear for no particular reason.
(By Craig Curtice at All-Music)

Cato Salsa Experience - A Good Tip For A Good Time (2002)

The Dead Tree Blues

The Dead Tree Blues is another great release by the Italian label Go Down Records.
Poison Deluxe is a side project with two members of the band OJM. Their music is pretty hard to describe. It is experimental Rock music with several influences as Rockabilly, Jazz, Sixties and Psychedelics. The organ has quite a major role in their music
Further there is this nice sounding jazzy guitar completed with piano bass pedals and the nice and steady drum parts. Thereby are the dual vocals well performed.
The Dead Tree Blues is not an ordinairy album. It is a rather surprising piece of work. Enjoy!

POISON DELUXE is the culmination point of two bands, Ojm and Chance Medley. Frank Puglie and Max Ear were the founding fathers of Ojm band. Frank shifted in 2004 and decided to keep searching for new sounds and music development with Chance Medley that sees the presence of the organist and keyboardist Stefano Paski. In january 2008 the three guys (Max, Frank and Stefano) joined together to start off with a new exciting project: Poison Deluxe. Even if their sound differs from the previous two bands, it keeps tight the link with the rock n'roll of the origins and the unusual but exquisite use of the piano bass (which use was honored by Mazareck from the Doors).
(Their bio from Facebook)

It may seem easy and obvious to sum up the Poison Delux experience as a possible contamination of The Doors’ sound ("P. Skunk" is supposed to be a blues track written by Manzarek as a divertisement) and the harmonic structure of nearly every enterprise by Josh Homme.
In “The dead tree blues” for instance, beside the above mentioned big blonde bloke, you would expect that genious Jack White to pop up, since the many-faceted matter of blues is tackled according to his accomplished style of guitar playing. All of this makes pretty good reference for a project moving its first, if not shy, steps. Possibly the best bit is to be found in the good taste displayed by Max Ear (here meeting his former Ojm band mate Frank Puglie on the guitar) in rearranging his boogie to defy the patterns of the main firm. This is exactly what you would expect from a side project: complete freedom in the development of songs (as well proved in the track appropriately titled “A free demonstration”). That’s why, beside the mentioned names, such an album would have profited from the contribution of the early Beck: tracks such as "When I'm down he comes down", "Vortex blues", "Old memories” and "Ocioidei" remind one of the experiments of mr. Hansen at least up tp "Mellow gold". The perfect sound to score with a girl… :-)
(From Go Down Records)

Poison Deluxe - The Dead Tree Blues (2010)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Whiskey Overdose

From London, U.K. comes Dusteroid. This trio plays Stoner Rock with a blend of Hard Rock and Metal. So what you can expect are massive heavy riffs combined with outstanding pounding and grooving rhythms, with on top of that all some great vocals.
Dusteroid is according to their MySpace page influenced by the following: Kyuss, Clutch, Nebula, Snot, AC/DC, Alice in Chains, Tool and Danzig. I think they can also add the name Orange Goblin to this list.
This band is also inspired by matters as beer, whiskey and mind bending chemicals.
I think that every Stoner freak must pay attention to this album, because TyrannoSonor is an impressive piece of awesomeness with great songs. Enjoy!

On the 8th day of creation, the cosmic silence was getting boring and therefore our one and only architect decided to sniff the planets for a quick fix messing up reality. To his surprise and during his natural high he sneezed and pollution appeared into the unusually golden and calmly obeyed structures, therefore creating the Dusteroid. There was no turning back after that. God decided to quit!

You take a handful of stoner and add a dollop of metal, stir for a few centuries and add a bunch of rock and roll feeling to it. When the explosions start to occur don't forget the alternative side 'cause black holes might appear. Leave it forever and then you get your Dusteroid... Or simply sniff some planets and you'll understand.
(From MySpace)

Dusteroid - TyrannoSonor (2010)


Forever is the most recent album by the Danish Psychedelic Garage Rock band On Trial. This album is a fine collection of songs with a great sixties vibe. On Trial proves with this album again their biggest class.
But I'm wondering, is On Trial still around or have they stopped to exist? That last thing would be really a pity, because this band is really good. I'll just assume that they have stopped. So rest me to say that the album Forever is an awesome closure of their impressive carreer. Enjoy!

On Trial are back with their first studio recording in 6 years. Ok... the last record was not released 6 years ago but it was recorded that long ago. A big change as well with Guf and Anders no longer in the line up. They picked up Bjarni on guitars and Anders on drums (playing with the band since the summer of 2003!). On this new record, the band have completely stuck to the roots of their sound and made a great sounding record with cool melodic and sometimes hard hitting psych rock songs. Bo sings brilliantly as always and Henrik and Bjarni meld together just as Henrik and Anders or Henrik and Morten used to give each track that cool dual lead driven sound, but never forgetting the melody. Mountain starts the CD off and features acoustic guitar (not found on many On Trial tracks) and is a great upbeat melodic track. Black Seagull reminds me a lot of LOVE and is a really cool track with some sitar sounds and a cool dual psych guitar section. Kill City Lights is a hard hitting track like Pot of Gold or That's Right. One Good Morning has a bit of a dark mysterious feel to it. Not sure if it is the strange guitar sound or what... a moody track. Blood River begins with a bass line by Nik as the guitars slowly filter into the mix. This is the longest track on the CD (5½ minutes) and I love the totally psyched out guitar in the middle of this one. Believe is another hard rocker. Too Late Too Loud takes it down a lot and is probably the most laid back track on the CD and features some great vocals. Morning Sun in Burg Herzberg is the most pop song of the record but a great 60's styled track with organ as well. The CD ends with Going North and is the bands erotic sex tribute song! Another great record guys, just don't make us wait so long for the next one.
(By Scott Heller at Aural Innovations)

On Trial - Forever (2006)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

All The Hatred Of The Unicorn

This impressive contribution was sent to me by the band Samuria from Santa Fe, Argentinia.
This band plays pure no-nonsense Stoner Rock. Their debut album called Todo El Odio Del Unicornio is an awesome piece of work.
It is clear that the music of Samurai is inspired by bands like Kyuss and Los Natas. A surprising name that also comes to mind is the band Ahkmed, especially the second track Cassablanca and the titletrack Todo El Odio Del Unicornio does remind me of this Australian band.
The sound of Samurai is characterized by stunning fuzz guitars and grooving rhythms. All of the songs on this album are really brilliants. The album Todo El Odio Del Unicornio is definitely a great start by Samurai. I really hope to hear more of this excellent band. Enjoy!

SAMURAI is a rock band formed in Santa Fe, Argentina. We've been playing since 2009 as three piece band (guitar - bass - drum). We love jamming so all songs come like this. In april 2011 we talk to Juan Manuel Diaz who is the guitar-singer of the band Humo del Cairo (Meteorcity). He accept to be our producer so we travel to Buenos Aires to start the first studio experience. We record all the tracks in two days. In june we get the final cd-version "Todo el Odio del Unicornio" with 9 songs all of them by SAMURAI, no covers. Now the complete cd version with the art cover is done.
(Liner note)

Samurai - Todo El Odio Del Unicornio (2011)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Copenhagen Space Rock Festival

This compilation was made for the Copenhagen Space Rock Festival that eventually never took place. What was left is this fine compilation of Scandinavian Space Rock music that was released by the Danish label Burnt Hippie Recordings.
When I bought this CD at the Øresund Space Collective show in Leiden I saw one familiar name on this CD and that was Gas Giant. I learned to know about the other great bands that were featured on this compilation like Darksun, Darxtar, Mantric Muse, Pseudo Sun and The Spacious Minds.
This compilation is mandatory for all the Space Rock freaks out there! Enjoy!

This is one of those compilations that you just can't go wrong with. We've got live and unreleased tracks, exclusive to this release, by Dark Sun, DarXtar, Pseudo Sun, The Spacious Mind, Gas Giant, and Mantric Muse. The story behind this disc is that it was originally intended to help promote the festival of the title. But the organizers, the dedicated souls at Burnt Hippie, determined that they wouldn't be able to sell enough tickets to make the show viable and canceled (postponed?) it for the time being. BUT... they also wisely decided to move forward and release this fine collection of music by some of the very best in Scandinavian Space Rock. Here's what you get...

Dark Sun get two tracks, "Electrified" and "The Epic World Of Captain Gizmo". They're an excellent mixture of cosmic Space Rock and electro-dance elements with Nik Turner guesting on sax. It's different than the music heard on their Feed Your Mind album but great songs, which only makes the wait for a new full length from these guys all the more painstaking.

"Warriors/Abberant Station" by DarXtar is a special entry because it's a live track from the mid-90's when Juba Nurmenniemi (now in Pseudo Sun) was still with the band. It's a terrific slab of heavy driving totally spaced out SPACE ROCK. At 9+ minutes it includes the song and an extended instrumental section. Just fantastic. What's interesting is that while it plays as a single track, the intro section ("Warriors") was actually recorded live in ‘95 while the main song ("Abberant Station") was recorded in ‘94.

I think we've published more live reviews (all by Scott) of Gas Giant than any other band. Well it only takes one listen to this 16 minute Stoner-psych trip to understand Scott's enthusiasm for this Danish band. The song is called "Deep Space Flight with Jim on Board" and starts off hard, heavy, and completely spaced with a brain pounding heavy rocking rhythm section and guitar licks that are Space Ritual redux. If you dig Stoner Rock but you're tired of the standard Black Sabbath influenced sludge and are pining away for the heaviest and most acidic of influences in the genre... then you need look no further. Gas Giant will blow your mind. These guys just JAAAAAAAM and SPAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!

Danish band Mantric Muse is the one entry that many people probably won't be familiar with. That's because they're only now wrapping up their first CD. "Cinope" is a mightily impressive Space-Prog instrumental that combines elements of tripped out Meddle era Pink Floyd and complex but totally spaced out progressive rock. My prediction is that these guys are going to seriously blow some minds when they do come out with an official release.

Ultra heavy space rockers Pseudo Sun also managed to get two tracks. "Shapeshifter" is a live version of the song that appears on their recent Atomic Dogs Don't Bark CD. It's excellent brain smashing Space Rock with Nik on sax. You get the song and the extended instrumental jam... what more could you want? And "Woodland Waterfall" is a very cool Bluesy instrumental acid-psych rock workout. Gorgeously raw and jamming stuff.

Finally, if you've heard even a little music from The Spacious Mind then you'll know that they create some of the most brain massaging space-psychedelia of any band in the world. Their entry is a 12 minute instrumental called "Floatin' Down The River Whistlin' On A Tune". The track begins with an ambient acid-space intro that gradually builds in cosmic power and intensity until it reaches the slow but commanding pace that characterizes the bulk of the tune. These guys really know how to build tension and the early 70's psych-fusion elements keep things rolling along at a slow but hypnotically steady pace. Not among the bands best work, but it's still a solid jam that will conjure up all sorts of fun images as you lay back and gaze up at the clouds.

An excellent set that you simply can't go wrong with. HIGHEST Recommendation!

(By Jerry Kranitz at Aural Innovations)


1 Dark Sun - Electrified
2 Dark Sun - The Epic World of Captain Gizmo
3 Darxtar - Warriors / Aberrant Station [Live]
4 Gas Giant - Deep Space Jam with Jim on Board
5 Mantric Muse - Cinope
6 Pseudo Sun - Shapeshifter [Live]
7 Pseudo Sun - Woodland Waterfall [Live]
8 The Spacious Mind - Floatin' Down the River

Various Artists - Copenhagen Space Rock Festival (2002)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Plan 9 From Outer Space

I want to thank the band The Dive and their record label Spinalonga Records for sharing this album! The Dive is a band from Athens, Greece. This quartet plays awesome Rock music with several influences like Stoner, Psychedelic and Grunge. Their self titled debut album contains over one hour music, that can be described as outstanding. Despite the minor QOTSA inspiration, The Dive has definitely a sound of their own. The songs are varied and entertaining. On the musical level performs this band very well. The compositions are more than fine and original. All in all is The Dive a band that deserves attention. Enjoy and support this band!

Surviving in Athens, influenced and drenched by city rats and the rancid stench lurking in the atmosphere, the Dive put out their debut album. Dark in its most cheerful of melodies, sonic even in its silence, this album manifests its own, peculiar soundprint… Out now! Complements of Spinalonga and the Lab Records.
(From Spinalonga Records)

"The Dive were formed in the year 2000. Influenced mostly from 70s and 90s rock, garage and punk they produce a psychedelic mix with their own, unique soundprint. They've participated in local compilations,shared the stage-as supporting acts with bands like Mudhoney, Brant Bjork, Nightstalker ,Truckfighters and played live all around Greece. In the spring of 2011, they released their self-titled debut album on Spinalonga Records and Lab Records."    
(Their Bio)
The Dive - The Dive (2010) 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mahogany Secrecy

I like to thank Simon from the band The Buffalos for sharing their EP!
The Buffalos is a French band with members from different directions. The style of this band is hard to label. There are some slight Stoner elements present, but there are also other influences in their music like Metal, Hard Rock, Rock 'n' Roll and even a twist of Grunge.
The Buffalos has released their first EP In Hell We Dwell (I love that title!) and now they're back with the EP Mahogany Secrecy.
The great strength of this band is definitely the singer. This guy has a very diverse style of singing. Sometimes he sounds almost exactly like Serj Takian from System Of A Down, but there are also other elements in his voice that I not can compare.
The musicians also made ​​a major contribution to the EP Mahogany Secrecy. THese guys are very good and skilled. This band is also capable of writing good and original songs.
I have to say that The Buffalos have surprised me with their amazing music. The EP Mahogany Secrecy is certainly a recommendation! Enjoy!

"Entrancing like an opium vertigo, hard and dark like ebony but velvet
like a geisha's silken panties, THE BUFFALOS illegally distill music for
doomed pirates, and freedom addicted basterdz.

After years of roving around the world from Thailand's old opium dens
through the heated bordellos of East Africa to the desperate yet divine
landscape of Antarctica, The Duke, El Bavo, and The Breton decided to
transcribe into music what it is like to live like a pirate (according to
their own convenient definition).

This is how the infamous adventure of THE BUFFALOS started in 2008…

The infernal crew defended its first EP (In Hell We Dwell - 2009) on more
than fifty gigs, opening for legendary bands such as SUICIDAL TENDENCIES.
They are standing by to board and scar the world again with their new five
track canon ball: The Mahogany Secrecy.

Behold your outrageous kings, thou ravenous whores and thieves ! Hide your
virgins and be ready to rock for THE BUFFALOS are in town to burn it all
down !"
(Their bio)

The Buffalos - Mahogany Secrecy (2011)