Thursday, June 7, 2012

Before You Go Blind

In 2009 I've posted the demo by the band Nevesis here. This Estonian quartet is now back with their same titled album. Nevesis plays a heavy and uptempo mix of Stoner and Hard Rock. According to their Facebook page, is Nevesis influenced by the following: Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Truly, Big Elf, Sgt. Sunshine, The Sword, Kin Ping Meh, Emerald City, Fuzzy Duck and Foo Fighters. The album has become an awesome piece of work with the three re-recorded songs from the demo and six new songs. Enjoy!

Nevesis spells trouble, yet, like many a disobedient, back-talking brat, they possess a certain irresistible cool, an unexpected emotion grown out of their raw scruffiness. Moreover, the level of technicality of Nevesis' riff-laden heavy rock is high enough to suck into the vortex of trouble even those listeners for whom the rumbling chords, the unbelievable vocals and the powerful, sense-undermining groove are not enough to achieve catharsis. The more predisposed audiences, though, will soon find that Nevesis, either live or recorded, can invade and ravish their bodies, pants and heads faster than they can say “WTF just happened?”
(From Facebook)

Nevesis - Nevesis (2012) 



Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dark Door

Balam from Newport, Rhode Island, USA plays heavy Psychedelic Stoner Doom in the vein of Sleep, Om and Naam. Their second release contains three outstanding tracks with nice riffs, great drums and bass and very good vocals. Download their music for free at Bandcamp. Enjoy!

Balam - Balam EP (2012)

And I Will Be Heard

Here's a great release by the finest label of Italy: Go Down Records!
From Rimini, Italy comes the band Using Bridge. This foursome plays a combination of Stoner Rock and Grunge.
Using Bridge has released three albums and And I Will Be Heard is their most recent. The music consists of great guitar riffs and nice rhytms. Using Bridge offers a variety of songs that goes from heavy to acoustic.
But what is really special about this band are the vocals. The voice of Manuel Ottaviani is awesome. He does remind me sometimes of Chris Cornell.
So this is a damn fine album that has to be heard!

Using Bridge - And I Will Be Heard (2012)



Friday, May 25, 2012

Knocking On The Sky

It's more than a year ago that Het Droste Effect has released their debut EP.
This Psychedelic Space duo that became a trio from Eindhoven, Holland is now back with the follow-up EP Lingerland.
This EP contains five tracks and is a logical sequel to their first one. Lingerland is like the first EP an impressive piece of work. A fine mixture of Psychedelic, Space, Stoner and Kraut. Highly Recommended! Enjoy!

Het Droste Effect released two EPs. The first one is self titled, the second one is called 'Lingerland'. The band never played live and unfortunately split up before taking the change to do so. The music ranges from space rock to kraut to lo-fi stoner.
(From Bandcamp)

Het Droste Effect - Lingerland (2012)


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Broken Flowers Of The Void

A while ago I've posted the magnificent EP's Floriculture and Flower Of Void by Zero Nowhere. This one-man Post Rock project from Lublin, Poland is back with the new EP Broken Flowers Of The Void. The previous EP's were a combination of Post Rock with Sludge and Stoner. Now it is just more atmospheric Post Rock with acoustic parts without the Sludge and Stoner elements. Nevertheless is Broken Flowers Of The Void an impressive EP with outstanding compositions. The highlight of this EP is the eleven minute epic title track Broken Flowers Of The Void. Enjoy!

Zero Nowhere - Broken Flowers Of The Void EP (2012)


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Goddamn Hot

Thanks to the guys from WIS(H)KEY for sharing their album!
WIS(H)KEY is a five piece band from Barcelona, Spain. These guys plays a nice mix of Hard Rock, Metal and Southern Rock with even a Bluesy touch. This band is influenced by bands as Down, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Pantera, COC, Hank III, Soundgarden, Black Label Society, Clutch and many more.
Their debut albums knows a variety of twelve stunning songs. The music is mostly heavy and there are some awesome uptempo songs! Another great start by a new band! Enjoy!

WIS(H)KEY was born as an idea in 2010, after spending more than 10 years on the road sharing the stage with the most varied musical groups, both domestic and international.
The members, being huge fans of styles that do not monopolize the lists of the most successful in the metal panorama as the blues or rock'n'roll bands like CLUTCH, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY & DOWN. They decided to undertake this project just for fun.
Thus, by mid-2011 had 13 songs that began recording in their studio in Barcelona ARTEGRAMA STUDIO. They began the recording sessions for what will be an overwhelming first album to be released on November 2011.
After that, they decided to test the project, and initiate a publicity campaign for social networks, obtaining a very rewarding result, joining nearly 1000 fans in different social spots they’ve opened.
Without further claim that play and play what they like, WIS(H)KEY has passed from being just an idea, to become more than a real thing, more than powerful and more than a simple band.
(Their bio)

WIS(H)KEY - WIS(H)KEY (2011)


Eat The Sun

Here's my first post after after two months of absence, due to personal issues! From Tacoma, USA comes the band Sun Eater. This young trio plays Psychedelic Stoner Rock with Post Rock influences. Their same titled debut EP contains three awesome tracks with a main role for the guitar. The music of Sun Eater is pretty atmospheric and contains a minimum of vocals. An very impressive EP by this new band. Enjoy and support these guys!

Sun Eater is a psychedelic stoner trio from Tacoma, WA. Comprised of three college students between the ages of 19 and 20, Sun Eater is bringing a fresh sound to the psych rock genre with an emphasis on heavy riffs, intense guitar solos and quality. Founded in the Fall of 2011 by Ben Block and Kirby Lochner, they soon picked up Daniel Salas on the drums and the band has been the same ever since. With diverse musical backgrounds between the three members, Sun Eater is sure to turn heads with a strong, new sound. Working hard in the basement for the past six months they are finally ready to release their first debut EP, recorded at the band's home in Washington state.
(Their bio)
Sun Eater - Sun Eater EP (2012)


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not Much Time To Lose

Birth Of Joy is a power trio from Holland. These guys play a mix of Sixties Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Blues and Grunge. Their main weapon is the incredible Hammond organ. Together with the guitars and drums, they've created an awesome sound. Beside that there are also these great vocals.
Their full length debut called Life In Babalou is an outstanding album with ten songs.
The sound of Birth Of Joy reminds me a lot of another great dutch band named De Wolff.
If you're interested in some more of this fantastic band, then you can stream their same titled EP at their Bandcamp site. Enjoy!

Birth Of Joy - Life In Babalou (2012)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vacuum Horror

From Copenhagen, Denmark comes the band Town Portal. This trio plays Math Rock and Prog Metal influenced Post Rock.
Their EP Vacuum Horror is a pretty great one. These six instrumental tracks are quite complex. There are a lot of weird rhythms and that is the power of Town Portal. These guys show some great musicianship.
Their music sounds in my humble opinion a bit like bands as Khuda, Red Sparows and Pelican.
The EP is mixed/mastered by the mighty Carl Amburn (Russian Circles, Self-Evident, Riddle Of Steel etc).
Vacuum Horror is a good sounding EP that definitely must be heard! You can download this EP at their Bandcamp site for pay whatever you want. Enjoy!

Town Portal play instrumental rock that crosses borders of genres. Tapping on experience from earlier endeavors in genres like death metal, shoegaze and math rock, the three members bring components of it all into a melting pot, creating a unique niche of original melodies and harmonies, fixated on a skeleton of complex and playful rhythm structures. Under the dogma of forsaking vocals and other superfluous effects, the band throw themselves into a search of new meaningful ways to compose tones over time, with a heavy and dry precision.
After a European tour in 2010 and a minor row of Danish shows, they released their debut EP entitled Vacuum Horror in late 2011. The EP was followed up by another European tour in the beginning of 2012. In Denmark the EP was praised in several large- and small scale magazines, and the opening track Rosini is currently in rotation on national Danish radio, DR P6. A surprising outcome for an instrumental band, with its roots heavily planted in the DIY scenes ethics and methods. At the moment they’re preparing the recording of their debut album set to be released later this year.
(Their bio)

Town Portal - Vacuum Horror (2011)

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Expiration Of Drowsiness

Thanks again to Andrés F for sharing another great piece of music!
Andrés F is the guy behind the one-man band Culumus Nimbus with the fantastic album Montaña Oscura. Now he has started together with two others with a new project called Agade.
Agade just has finished their Soundproof Demo and it is an awesome piece of work for a beginning band.
These guys play almost Instrumental Heavy Rock with Space and Psychedelic influences and they have a big love for extended songs.
Their sound reminds me a bit of Color Haze and Sons Of Otis. But overall they sound pretty authentic.
This demo is so good produced, i can't hardly call it a demo. These five songs are a proof of what Agade is capable of.
This demo is really impressive and highly recommended! Andrés F is like King Midas, everything he's involved in, turns into gold! This demo proofs that! I really look forward to Agade's "real" album!

We are from Cordoba, Argentina, and began playing on July 2011. At the beginning we had a 4th member (another guitar player), but he left the band, so now we are just a trio.
The line-up is: myself on guitar & vocals, Horacio on bass & vocals and Marky on drums, percussion & vocals. Though this first demo only includes instrumental stuff, we have a couple of songs that are more vocal-driven.
Currently we are working on several songs and on a extended version of the song "Wurdulak" (about 40 - 50 minutes) which probably will became our first work to be recorded.
Our biggest influences are Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, King Crimson, Los Natas, Kyuss, and other stuff like that.
(Their bio)

Agade - Soundproof Demo (2012)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I'd like to thank Thomas from the band Torso for sharing their album!
From Vienna, Austria comes the band Torso. This foursome plays amazingly awesome Stoner Rock with Space and Psychedelic influences. Their debut album Inside is an absolute masterpiece with seven tracks. These songs are all great compositions that are played very well. Another great thing about Torso are the vocals, these are outstanding and well fitting with the music.
So click the download link below and you will for sure appreciate this album! Enjoy!

Torso is an Quartett from Austria,playing complex Psychedelic/StonerRock influenced Sets.
Formed 2009 as "Montezuma",an Instrumental 3 Piece performing trippy psychedelic Jams.
After Recording a Song for a Compilation,a fourth Member joined the Band.
From this Moment on it wasn’t only tripping outta Space.
Early 2011 a new Drummer joined Torso,completing the actual Lineup.
The first Album "Inside" was recorded on September and has been released in 2012 on "StoneFree Records".

A psychedelic journey.
Influenced by early rock.
From deep in a hole.
(Their bio from Facebook)

Torso - Inside (2012)

Skunk Cunt

Alright, here are some really freaky tunes from the free download world of Bandcamp!
Manic Zamboni is a quartet from Wisconsin . This band plays grooving Instrumental music with several influences such as Psychedelic and Stoner Rock. Their EP Skunk Cunt is something I've never heard before.
The music of Manic Zamboni (named after an ice resurfacer machine) is based on strange rhythms and nice guitar riffs. These guys show with this EP some great musicianship.
Maybe this is not something for everybody's ears, but this EP does for sure deserve a listen! Check out also their other recordings on Bandcamp. Enjoy!

Manic Zamboni - Skunk Cunt (2011)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Missing In Action

From Montpellier, France comes the band Mudweiser. This quartet plays a excellent combination of Stoner Rock, Southern Rock and Hard Rock with a Rock 'n' Roll attitude. Their sound is based on the powerful vocals and the heavy guitar riffs. There is also a solid foundation of drums and bass.
The album Holy Shit is a fine collection of kick-ass and straight forward songs. My favorites are My World, Missing In Action, Hoodoo Man and the brilliant Elvis Loves Me. Enjoy!

Mudweiser - Holy Shit (2009)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Unknown Dimension

From São Paulo, Brazil comes the band Vincebuz. According to their MySpace page counts this band eight members, including two drummers!
Vincebuz has released several recordings and this is the album La Dimension Desconocida from 2009.
This album contains eight fantastic tracks of experimental Heavy Rock with Stoner and Psychedelic influences.
Their heavy music is complemented with electronic effects, which certainly enriches their sound.
La Dimension Desconocida is a piece of awesomeness that for sure deserves to be heard. Enjoy!

Vincebuz - La Dimension Desconocida (2009)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'd like to thank the guys from Vincebuz for sharing this album!
Live Reunion is a collaboration of the guitar players and drummers from the Brazilian bands Vincebuz and Fuzzly. This album is live recorded at the Caffeine Studio at 11-11-11. This is the information I know so far!
Live Reunion is has become a phenomenal album. These four tracks are really awesome improvised jams. This is a fantastic piece of Instrumental Heavy Rock with Stoner, Psychedelic, Doom and Drone influences. Any further words are unnecessary! Just light a fat one, sit back and... Enjoy!

Vincebuz & Fuzzly (a.k.a. VinceFuzzlyBuz) - Live Reunion (2011)

Vincebuz: MySpace & Facebook

Fuzzly: MySpace & Facebook

Mad At The Soul

Thanks again to the guys of Cerber for sharing this EP!
I've posted the demo Z Prochu by the Polish band Cerber last september here. Now is this trio back with therir EP Mad At The Soul. This EP is pretty much a continuation of what they have done on their demo, but with a better sound!
Cerber present again a original sounding blend of Sludge Metal, Stoner and Hardcore. Musically it is again beautifully brutal and the vocals are afresh nicely raw and rude.
These six tracks are proof of the big step forward that Cerber has made. If you have appreciated the Z Pruchu demo, you will surely like the Mad At The Soul EP! Enjoy!

Band CERBER has been created at the end of 2010 on the remains of band Parias. After the final installation in Olsztyn the bassist- Tajny joins the Wisnia/Luki duo to create the final product- trio in which CERBER lasts till now and is going to last for the time being.

CERBER plays an uncompromised blend of hardcore, stoner/sludge metal and specific, strong groove, not avoiding either melodies or a complete lack of them.

In may 2011 first demo is released- "Z Prochu" ("From Dust") which collects positive reviews as well in Poland as abroad. It is promoted by several worse or better but always energry-driven shows at warmia-masuria with occasional trips to the other parts of the country.

The newest release- 6-track EP entitled "Mad At The Soul" contains both the heaviest and simplest and the most twisted melodic stuff CERBER has ever created. It is meant to open more doors and heads, so the band could spread their hatred.
(Their bio from Facebook)

Cerber - Mad At The Soul (2012)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Planet On Four Legs

A big thanks to Cris from the band Dope Flood for sharing their EP!
From Larissa, Greece comes the band Dope Flood. These four guys plays Heavy Rock with Stoner, Southern and Metal influences.
According to their Facebook page, they're influenced by the following bands: Kyuss, Down, Crowbar, Hermano, Fu Manchu, Black Label Society, Alice In Chains, The Melvins, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Deep Purple.
On their debute EP named A Planet On Four Legs, presents Dope Flood three impressive tracks. The sound of these songs is pretty massive. The guitar riffs are nice and heavy, the drums and bass are solid and on top of that there are these great and raw vocals.
Dope Flood is yet another great addition to Greek Stoner scene. Enjoy!

Cris(Guitar) came up with he idea of making Dope Flood, and with the help of his friend Manos (Vocals), because they could not express themselves at the band that they were before. So they started to write down material, and progressing it by themselves. Then they started searching for a drummer and a bassist, because Cris would take care of guitars and Manos of vocals. After a lot of searching, Bill came up behind the drum kit, because he liked the music of the band very much.Then Asterios came up with the bass. The lineup was finally complete and Dope Flood were ready. Then, the band entered the studio and recorded its first demo/EP called “A Planet On 4 Legs”. The bands first Demo/EP came out March 15 2011 …Keep The Bongs Up……
(Their bio)

Dope Flood - A Planet On Four Legs (2011)

Piss Where You Please

I'd like to thank Rudy for sharing this album!
A while ago I've posted the album Well Hunger by the band Kapitan Korsakov here. Now is this trio from Ghent, Belgium back with their new album called Stuff & Such.
This album is a great follow up to their previous album. They're really gone up to the next level.
This album contains twelve varied songs. Some of them are really raw as hell and others are more subdued.
These masters of Alternative/Noise have delivered an awesome new album. If you did enjoy Well Hunger, make sure you listen Stuff & Such at least once. Enjoy!

Kapitan Korsakov - Stuff & Such (2012)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Complicating Matters

This brand new free download debut EP is just released by the band Rocketsurgery.
This foursome from Wicklow, Ireland plays Experimental Instrumental Rock / Post Rock. Their self titled EP contains five fantastic epic songs.
Their sound reminds me a bit of And So I Watch You From Afar, also a great band from that island.
These guys play their instruments very well and beside that is this EP also decent produced.
There is not much information about Rocketsurgery, but I can tell that this is an awesome band. This is really a need-to-hear EP. Enjoy!

Rocketsurgery - Rocketsurgery (2012)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tales Of Addiction And Despair

Thanks to Mick from the band Blood Red Water for sharing their EP!
From Venice, Italy comes the Stoner Doom band Blood Red Water. This trio has just released their free download debut EP and I must say it's a nice piece of work.
This band play great heavy songs with awesome guitar riffs and thunderous drums. One point of criticism is the vocals. It sounds pretty good, but it sounds not that loud on this EP.
Nevertheless is Tales Of Addiction And Despair a great EP and a nice start by this band. Enjoy!
“When life is a stormy sea of addiction and grief, music could be a strong lighthouse”.
Blood Red Water formed in the summer of 2010 with Michele (vocals, ex grindcore bands: NAB and Grunter Screams) Fiorica (ex and bass player in Blank Symbol, now at the drum). Michele & Fiorica were longtime friends, drinking partners and united by the passion for sludge music so they decided to create something wicked.
Immediately Francesco (of mr. Boonekamp) joined them as guitarist and feedback noise junkie.
At first helped by Silvia (of S.M.A.D.) as bass player, then Tarantula (Lorenzo Petri from Gli sportivi , Valium doll) joined ‘em.
For Blood Red Water it became clear that the band would not be the umpteenth cover band in the zone but their interest/purpose is writing the music they like and feel.
All members love bands like EyeHateGod, Eletric Wizard, St. Vitus (list of musical influences is long, very long) but - jam after jam - they realized to not belong to any particular genre. Some tunes are pretty doomy, other tunes could be more into stoner stuff.
Blood Red Water lyrics are a merciless portrait of what can save a life or ditch it. Far away from fantasy themes, lyrics give off Michele’s life experience; you can even find redeem words as well as the deepest dopesick despair.
At the end of 2011, they entered at the Flameout studio and they did their first 5 songs EP “Tales of Addiction and Despair”.
For the time being the EP is in digital format with a free download, but a physical release of “Tales of Addiction and Despair” is coming soon in the pure spirit of D.I.Y.
In the meantime line-up is changed: Lorenzo left them and they got a new additional guitar player; so the current line-up is:
Michele vocals/Fiò drums/ Volt guitars/ Dodi guitars
Now BRW are planning to play live and spread their EP as much as they can.
Let the Blood In!
(Thier bio from Facebook)

Blood Red Water - Tales Of Addiction And Despair (2012)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Turn It On

Check out this brand new band! It's coming from Montreal, Canada and this group of four is called Lion Farm. These guys play very nice Rock 'n' Roll with a Stoner Rock base, but there are also other elements, such as Hard Rock, Metal, Psychedelic and Space.
This EP contains four excellent songs with brilliant riffs and a great sound. These are catchy songs with great vocals.
A very impressive start of a new band! So keep an eye on Lion Farm! Enjoy!

Born out of a volcano of fire and fury, Lion Farm sinks its teeth into the jugular of Rock n’ Roll. With metal overtones and psychedelic underpinnings, Lion Farm claws their way down the mainline of anthemic rock.
Mike Foxxx and Malstain are longtime collaborators, first surfacing in the late 90s from the same fertile Toronto scene that spawned Peaches, Feist, Gonzales and Mocky. Their bands Rock ‘n’ Roll Bad Boy XXXpress and Seventy Whore were known by underground rock cognoscenti for their embrace of unabashed party-rocking in the po-faced indie-rock/post-rock era.

Pounding out catchy, heavy tunes, Lion Farm has quickly laid claim to the title of The Pride of Rock n’ Roll.
(Their bio)

Lion Farm - Lion Farm EP (2012)

Ride To Suicide

This was dropped in the C-Box a couple of hours ago. So thanks to the one who dropped it!
The Rockabones is a four piece band from Hannover, Germany. First Takes is the first demo by this band and it contains four tracks of high octane Riffrock with Stoner, Metal, Punk and Rock 'n' Roll influences.
These guys make quite a start with this demo. The sound is pretty good for a demo and the songs are really ass kicking. The vocals fit perfect with this straight forward Rock music. No further words are necessary here, go listen and... Enjoy!

In the summer of 2009 The Rockabones joined to realise their conception of rock music.
Informed by bands like AC/DC, Motörhead and Black Sabbath, they play Riffrock blended with Metal, Classic Rock, Punk and Stoner - loud, heavy & dirty!
The first Demo-EP 'First Takes' was finished in June 2011: 4 Tracks, 18 minutes - Straight Out Heavy Rock!
(Their bio)

The Rockabones - First Takes (2011)

The Mentalist

The Mentalist is an one song album by the Idaho based band The Reptilians. This foursome plays Heavy Rock with Metal influences or, as they call it themselves, Pragueressive Applecore Meatal.
According to their Facebook page, The Reptilians are inspired by the following bands: Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Acid Bath, Neurosis, Opeth, Pantera, Agents Of Oblivion, Type O Negative, Deadboy And The Elephantmen, King Crimson, Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Primus, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Nile, Quodia, The Doors, Dying Fetus, Mastodon, Six Fe. This gives you a small clue of what The Reptillians is about.
The Mentalist is a 27 minute lasting track. It is a pretty entertaining song with not a dull moment. This song is a clear display of their great musicianship.
This album can be downloaded for free at their website among their other releases.
This file includes a band bio, selected press and a 37 page .pdf booklet of artwork for the album and the bonus track Apocalyptic Sunshine High (Live). Enjoy!

Strange situations can lead to great things. Take the example of The Reptilians. Based jointly out of the Idahoan SLC suburb known as Pocatello and the desperate agricultural community of Burley, Idaho, The Reptilians are faced with a few less-than-usual circumstances. To start, there is essentially no music scene around them. Collectively, the members of The Reptilians have accounted for a significant portion of what local scene there has been in the last ten years. Add to that a significant density of highly religious locals, geographical isolation, ready access to various drugs, and you have one curious stew brewing.

Masterminded by a sharp witted anti-philosopher with a penchant for spewing forth bullet proof rants against the world, The Reptilians have been growing like mold under your floorboards for nearly a decade. Unnoticed by the general public around them and thin on outside influence, they have been able to craft a 26 minute opus of thoughtful, well planned, sonically intriguing, catchy, at times intentionally confounding music. A metallic yet dreamy journey unlike any other, with no comparison readily drawn. That journey is called “The Mentalist.”
(By Mutantcolors at

The Reptilians - The Mentalist (2010)

Are We Not Alone

Thanks to Tyler from the band Bezoar for sharing their album!
From Brooklyn, New York comes the band Bezoar. This trio consisting of two guys and one girl plays Psychedelic and Progressive Doom with Metal influences.
Their album Wyt Deth contains eight varied songs. There are beside the heavy songs also some acoustical tracks on this album. I especially like the heavy ones.
What really is striking about this band is the voice of Sara. She has an awesome and remarkable voice.
Beside the voice is also the music quite unique. Because of the strange rhytms this is not an everyday album. You really have to experience Wyt Deth yourself. Early march will this album be released on vinyl, limited to 250 copies. Enjoy!

Bezoar wails and hails from Brooklyn, New York. This power trio has been on the stoner, psychedelic doom metal scene since 2007 but is more majestic, massive and cerebral than any mere genre tag. Tyler Villard previously played with Ruksac, a Boston hard core band, and Sara Palmquist played with tripped out noise band Isle of Citadel. When these bands disbanded Bezoar was formed out of Sara and Tyler’s desire to continue making heavy weird and boundary defying music. They eventually became a power trio with Sara on vocals and bass, Tyler on guitar, and Jesse Smith on drums. With influences ranging from Sleep, YOB, 1349, Diamanda Galas, Swans, Mayhem, Electric Wizard, Eyehategod, Slayer, and Darkthrone among many others, Bezoar are not out to color within the lines. After Jesse left the band for personal reasons Bezoar was on a notorious drummer search which ended when skin pounder Justin Sherrell (who also plays in the band Wizardry) joined up. After signing to No World Order Records in 2010 the band released a 7 inch and fans can expect a beastly full length debut in Spring/Summer 2011. Combining organized chaos and sweaty organic riffing with mystic purpose, Bezoar is a no nonsense hardworking band who at times have lived on their school bus to support the music they love. They have shared the stage and held their own alongside bands like Harvey Milk, Bison B.C., Jarboe, Saviours, Natur, Total Social Suicide, Sightings, Kurt Vile and other renowned artists and show no sign of slowing down. Like a torch blowing on the faces of all that is candy stripes and happy garage rock, Bezoar powers through the new disco era with a true vision of the ages. Sick, guttural, beautiful,engaging, raw, powerful, original, and twisted, Bezoar look forward to a long life of putting out records.
(Their bio from Facebook)

Bezoar - Wyt Deth (2012)