Monday, June 29, 2009

Great Stoner From New Orleans, U.S.A.

Suplecs is a Stoner Rock band that I like a lot. They are pretty raw with some Rock 'n' Roll influences.
On the second album there's a funny outro at the song Unstable: I Want You from The Beatles.
Have fun with it!

..SUPLECS is raw, heavy rock from New Orleans. They blend the sounds of New Orleans with their own unique style of heavy metal. Their debut album “wrestlin’ with my lady friend” was released by renowned artist, Frank Kozik’s label, Mansruin Records in April of 2000. It received rave reviews and in 2002 Suplecs released their 2’nd full length “sad songs…better days” on Mansruin and later re-released on This Dark Reign/Devil Doll Records. This album has the same intensity as the first with much more diversity and better production. The songs are written with room for improvising for an extra treat for the audience. Dave Fortman of Ugly Kid Joe fame produced it. He also produced other New Orleans acts such as Super Joint Ritual, Clearlight, EHG, as well as all of the major label projects he’s doing right now. Suplecs has a brand new album entitled "poutin' on the outside pawty on the inside" This one was produced by Pepper Kennan of CoC, Down. ..Suplecs consists of Durel Yates (guitars, vocals), Danny Nick (bass, vocals) and Andrew Preen (Drums). Durel and Danny have been playing in bands now for over 10 years and started Suplecs with Andrew in 1996. Each member was born and raised in the Crescent City. ..Suplecs has done about 6 full U.S tours and toured throughout Canada. They’ve toured with acts such as Clutch, High on Fire, Eyehategod, ATP and many more. They’ve played the Warp Tour, the SXSW Festival 4 years in a row and the CMJ festival. The video for the song “rock bottom” is scheduled to play on the Headbangers Ball on Mtv. Suplecs was also featured in High Times Magazine and “sad songs..better days” was picked as one of the top 10 records of 2002 and six of their songs were played on Fox Sports Net for Bluetorch T.V. ..Suplecs plans to record in the fall of 2003 and tour soon after. A new song will be featured on a High Times compilation released sometime in July of 2003. They are also on a Small Stone Records compilation in which they cover “Working Man” by Rush and “White Devil” is on a Bully Magazine compilation.
(From MySpace)

Powtin' On The Outside, Pawty On The Inside (2005)


Sad Songs... Better Days (2002)


Wrestlin' With My Lady Friend (2000)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Green Magic

A while ago I bought this album at a disappointing Doom Metal Festival. And I loved it immediately! El Thule from Italy make some damn fine Stoner Rock. Good tunes for a smoke. Have Fun!

This is my first meeting with Italy's EL-THULE, and it's their second album which has been released this time as a joint venture between Riff Records and Go Down Records in 2007. 'Green Magic' is a heavy and relentles monster of an album, where the fuzzed-out blues of early Blue Cheer collides with the merciless whirlwind drumming of High On Fire. Well, not all of the here included songs follow this patterns, but especially the first two songs 'Shaman' (featuring Pippo Del Palma of Alix on didjeridoo) and 'La Cruda' are very close to that description. Del Palma isn't the only guest musician here and there's also Tommi Holappa of Dozer, who is playing with the band on the last track 'Lunar V' as well as Paolo Tofani, ex-guitarist of Italians progsters Area, who's responsible for the atmospheric intro on the same song. Drummer Gweedo Weedo offers an onslaught of power, ideas and seething white-hot energy on this opener, pushing his two band mates to a visceral peak. In the further course of this album, EL-THULE prove more than only once that they have the abilities to integrate some musical surprises in form of untypical arrangements which break the boundaries of bluesy rock 'n' roll. The result is always refreshing and entertaining, so that one will discover more details within the songs after every new spin. EL-THULE have created an unstoppable gut-wrenching rollercoaster of riffs and this album shows, that it's still possible to add new ideas to the musical vision which was born with they debut album of Blue Cheer. Only the vocals of guitarist Mr.Action are sounding a little bit too weak in contrast to the amount of shredding riffs he unleashes together with bassist El Commandate, but maybe you'll like 'em more than I do. This furious album has been mixed and mastered at the Bombshelter Studio in Sweden, what means that you can expect a heavy and monstrous sound. 'Green Magic' isn't quite a classic, but a consistently decent album that is strong enough to stand apart of the amount of same sounding heavy rock bands. Thumbs up for EL-THULE! Please notic that the deluxe vinyl-version has been released on Heavy Birth Records.
Cosmic Lava)

El Thule - Green Magic (2007)

Two Types Of Distortion Pedals

I recently posted Since We've Become Translucent from Mudhoney. Now its time for Superfuzz Bigmuff Plus Early Singles from the year 1990. There are some great songs on it like You Got It, In 'N' Out Of Grace and Touch Me I'm Sick. Enjoy!

Named after the band's favorite distortion pedals, Superfuzz Bigmuff was actually Mudhoney's first EP; the Superfuzz Bigmuff Plus Early Singles package collects that recording, as well as the A- and B-sides of their first two 45s and two covers (of the Dicks and Sonic Youth), all released in 1988-1989. Taken as a whole, this output makes a case for Mudhoney as the first true grunge band; due to the time constraints of the forms in which this material was originally released, it also makes for their best, most consistent album, as the band largely refrains from the sort of aimless, grinding Stooges updates that slow the momentum of most of its records. Instead, Superfuzz Bigmuff has all the best attributes of Mudhoney's Stooges fixation -- whether slow or fast, this music is grimy, raucous, and violently enthusiastic, with a stronger melodic sensibility than Iggy's band possessed. Mudhoney's dominant traits are simple chord progressions and a filthy-sounding, ultradistorted guitar racket, punctuated by Mark Arm's snarling, demonic howls. It isn't the most original approach to rock & roll, but when it all comes into focus -- as on their (and Sub Pop's) debut single, the ultimate grunge anthem "Touch Me I'm Sick" -- Mudhoney's power is absolutely throttling. "Touch Me I'm Sick" would be essential listening for anyone even remotely interested in the genesis of the Seattle scene, but the album is full of menacing, vital rock & roll, plus sharp songwriting that elevates several other songs to classic status. Mudhoney's musical range may be quite limited, but as Superfuzz Bigmuff proves, they can be amazing at what they can do. This is the birth of grunge, and a reminder of exactly why the music was christened with a word meaning "dirt."
(By Steve Huey from

Mudhoney - Superfuzz Bigmuff Plus Early Singles (1990)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three Albums Of SUNRIDE

I was really long searching for some Sunride albums. I heard some songs from this Finnish Stonerband on compilation albums. I'm so glad I found three albums on the internet. They sometimes sound a bit like Dozer. Beside their albums there's almost no info on the web.

Sunride was formed in 1993 in Jyväskylä, Finland. They released their self-titled debut demo in 1996. The original line-up consisted of Jani Peippo - Vocals (see also Downfall, Godfall), Mikko Rikala - Guitar, Wille Naukkarinen - Guitar (see also Ghost Brigade), Janne Savolainen - Bass, Screams (see also Rite), Veli-Matti Suihkonen - Drums (see also Ghost Brigade). Janne Julin (see also Ghost Brigade) later replaced Janne Savolainen in Bass.
(From LastFM)

The End Justifies The Means (2005)


Through The Red (2003)

The Great Infiltration (2001)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Acid Gallery

Pebbles is a serie of compilation albums containing Sixties Garage Rock bands (Something like Nuggets). Volume 3 is an album with only Psychedelic Acid. This one is released in 1979, re-issued on CD in 1992 with five additional tracks. My favourite song on this album is Five Years Ahead Of My Time by Third Bardo.
And I have a question to you all: Can someone help me find other Pebbles and Nuggets albums?

You may have heard Jefferson Airplane and Jimi Hendrix, but you haven't truly experienced psychedelic rock until you've heard the exploitation quickies, novelty records, and inexplicable dementia that fill this collection, the third volume in the classic Pebbles series of garage-punk compilations. Granted, most of these songs aren't in the same league as "White Rabbit" or "Purple Haze" -- indeed, several of them don't merit repeated listening -- but they are as much a part of our musical heritage as the more prestigious psychedelic recordings. This compilation features Higher Elevation's "The Diamond Mine," a showcase for the nonsense rambling of disc jockey Dave Diamond; Teddy & the Patches' "Suzy Creamcheese," which manages to rip off both Frank Zappa and "Louie Louie"; Crystal Chandlier's "Suicidal Flowers," which sounds like the Doors drenched in fuzz guitar; William Penn Fyve's "Swami," which is such a self-conscious attempt to evoke 1967 that it's hard to believe it was actually released that year; Jefferson Handkerchief's "I'm Allergic to Flowers," which was presumably intended as a novelty song; Calico Wall's "Flight Reaction," a fascinating acid-damaged glimpse into the mind of a passenger who's sitting in an airplane before takeoff and worrying about a possible crash; Hogs' (allegedly the Chocolate Watchband under a different name) "Loose Lip Sync Ship," which consists of an instrumental passage that mutates into Zappa-influenced weirdness; Driving Stupid's "Reality of Air-Fried Borsk" and "Horror Asparagus Stories," which features precisely the kind of grounded lyrics that you'd expect; Third Bardo's "Five Years Ahead of My Time," a genuinely good number even though it doesn't sound five minutes ahead of its time; Bees' "Voices Green and Purple," which made the Nuggets box set along with the Third Bardo song; Godfrey's "Let's Take a Trip," which is a remake of Kim Fowley's "The Trip"; Monocles' "The Spider & the Fly," which is reportedly a remake of a '50s tune; TC Atlantic's "Faces," which is apparently what you see a lot of after you've taken the substance that inspired some of the songs in this collection; Lea Riders Group's " Dom Kellar Os Mods," which is a blistering blues-rock number from Sweden; Race Marbles' "Like a Dribbling Fram," which is a spoof of Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone"; and Painted Faces' "Anxious Color," which is a good, relatively tight Stones-influenced song. The CD offers several bonus tracks that weren't on the original vinyl pressing of Pebbles, Vol. 3: Adjeef the Poet, His Girl(s), His Friend(s) and the Rest of the World(s)' "Ieeek I'm a Freak," which reflects psychedelia's roots in fuzz-driven garage-punk, and "Squafrech Lemon Comes Back," which is even stranger than its title suggests; Beautiful Daze's "City Jungle, Pt. 1" and Catfish Knight's "Deathwise," both of which feature lots of trippy guitar; and Oshun's "Rattle of Life," which sums up the entire compilation when the vocalist states that "the butterfly you possess will spin our nature's merry-go-round." Add up the songs on Pebbles, Vol. 3 and you get a collection that has more historical interest than great music; as curiosity value goes, however, it doesn't get much more curious than this. Note: The CD cover lists the Monocles' "Spider & the Fly" and Godfrey's "Let's Take a Trip" as the 12th and 13th tracks respectively, but the order is reversed on the CD itself.
(By Todd Kristel from

Pebbles Vol.3 (The Acid Gallery, 1992)

The Third Album Of COLOUR HAZE

Earlier before I posted the first two albums of Colour Haze. Periscope is the third release and in my opinion one of the best Colour Haze albums. My favourite songs are Antenna and Always Me.
Freak Out!

This CD of the 1999 release shows Colourhaze in super spaced out trip noise mode. The amazing sonic sculptures take you on a trip of massive proportions. This an important part of the Colourhaze story. A must have for fans of Sun Dial, Kyuss, Can and Spacemen 3. Glorious!!

First album by current line up of COLOUR HAZE. Superb tracks with long instrumental interludes, intricate drum work and acid guitars al'a JIMI HENDRIX. If you enjoyed their later albums, you need this as well !!

Colour Haze - Periscope (1999)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beside Hypnos 69

The founder member of Hypnos 69, Steve Houtmeyers started a new project in 2006 called Dolmen Tree. This band is more rocking than Hypnos 69. This demo is available on their website.

It wasn’t easy for a band like Dolmen Tree to step out of the shadow of Hypnos 69. Steve Houtmeyers’ (guitarist/vocalist/founder of Hypnos 69/Dolmen Tree) first intention with Dolmen Tree was to have a surrogate band when tensions in Hypnos 69 began to impede the natural flow in the band. During the six month break Hypnos 69 took in 2006, Steve decided to work out some ideas with Dave Houtmeyers (drums Hypnos 69/Dolmen Tree) and Robie Stiers (bass). Dolmen Tree recorded during a session in October 2007 6 tracks as a try out. These tracks are available as a download on the bands MySpace page. The trio also performed shows opening for Yearlong Disaster and Siena Root.

Although the band had a good start, things didn’t really shape up and the band was put on temporarily hold; main reason was probably Hypnos 69s “Eclectic Tour” in October-November 2007. In February 2008 new life was injected by adding vocalist Jo Vissers (Apocryph) to the line up. The band started rehearsing again, putting a real effort in the song writing. Jo decided in May 2008 the job wasn’t satisfying for him and left the band. Steve picked up the vocals once again, this time certain to make something of this band. Since Hypnos 69 isn’t rehearsing new material anymore and just playing some festivals this summer, a great opportunity occurred to show the public what a great rock band this can be.

Together with a recording studio and self-released records, the band has planned some shows in 2008. The release of the debut album ‘The Orion Destiny’ is scheduled for March 2009.
(From Myspace)

Dolmen Tree - Megaliths For Infinity (2007 Demo)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Are You Ready For Liftoff?

If you like Øresund Space Collective, then you probably will like Interkosmos. This Austrian collective plays just as ØSC in different line-ups.
One of the main members is Dave Schmidt a.k.a. Sula Bassana, who also sometimes appears with the Øresund Space Collective.
So you know what you can expect: Some great Psychedelic Space Jams for free.

Interkosmos - Интеркосмос (2009)

Monday, June 15, 2009


Oh Yeah! This is a fine Stoner jewel. Black Gasoline from Kansas, U.S.A. is a great band. I wonder why just a few knows this album. It's highly recommended!

Black Gasoline, the Wichita, Kansas 5 piece outfit's latest CD, She Gave Us Magic is a 12 track CD that reminds you instantly of the Monster Magnet, Kyuss, Clutch and a splash of old Sabbath influence. Fuzz box distortioned and detuned guitars layered with razorblade cut vocals and a very '70's vibe, are what this CD is all about. Throw in a splash of organ for an almost Steppenwolf kind of feel and Black Gasoline give you a very authentic sounding head trippy experience.

Those raspy vocals are soulfully delivered by front man Bobby Comfort, who is backed up by guitarist Paul Deceglie, keyboard player/guitarist Lovell Hickman, bassist Scotty Badhart, and drummer Kendall Newby, for a truly group effort. Tracks like the catchy rocker, "A.C.T.I.O.N.", the instrumental groove heavy, "Transmission Interlude" or the dirty riffing of "CoalBlackCloud" best show what Black Gasoline are made of on She Gave Us Magic. Heavier grooves and cool riffing are the two main things that make up Black Gasoline". If you dig the '70's vibe of "Desert Rock" or "Stoner Rock", then you will most likely be a Black Gasoline fan.

In the year 2008, it's pretty cool to find some bands that are hell bent on keeping the '70's alive. That was the era when a band could do what a band wanted to do & not be overly concerned on how many records that they sold. And with that they were able to be creative and Black Gasoline has that vibe. A bit derivative, but at this stage of the game, who isn't? She Gave Us Magic is a pretty fun record to listen to and isn't that what's it all about?!

(By Butch Jones from

Black Gasoline - She Gave Us Magic (2007)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two Singles Of Baby Woodrose

A while ago I bought these two singles of Baby Woodrose from Denmark. I love this band because of their Psychedelic Sixties sound. You should really listen to their albums.
The only thing I want is to get high on some Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds.

A few years ago Lorenzo Woodrose was wandering the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark searching for kicks. In his search he met The Moody Guru, who offered him some mighty special seeds. Argyreia nervosa or Baby Hawaiian Woodrose they were called, and they got Lorenzo all fired up. As Lorenzo once said: I tried it once and wrote 5 million songs in 30 seconds and decided to make a record using this name, and he sure did. The next day, still tripping he entered a recording studio. All by himself, he recorded 14 songs of sixties inspired garagerock with loads of fuzz, tambourines, cheesy organs, snotty vocals and a whole lotta soul. These tracks would all end up on the Blows Your Mind album. To complete the recordings he once again called upon his trusty sidekick and spiritual adviser The Moody Guru to do the final mixing of the album. Finished and returning to the real world Lorenzo decided to gather a band to play these new fuzzed out tunes live. Yet again The Moody Guru got involved. Lorenzo gave him the name of Riky Woodrose and The Guru was ready to rock. All they needed to complete the line-up was a drummer. Their choice wasnt an obvious one, - instead of choosing a drummer for his skills, they chose the new kid on the block with the best taste in fast cars and women. They named him Rocco Woodrose and Baby Woodrose was ready to blow your mind!
(From MySpace)

Coming Around Again 7" (2008)

I'm Gonna Make You Mine 7" (2007)

Stoner Goodness From Russia

Sex Type Thing is a Stoner Rock band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. They started as a Metal band and developed more into the Stoner direction.

• 1998 – Band was formed, under influence of Pearl Jam and early Radiohead, named Airbag • 2000 – some line up changes and new name Ty Cobb, also changed musical style now it is heavy and aggressive, influenced by Snot, Deftones, Godsmack • 2001 – first demo on Russian language • 2002 – Concert activity, they played about 30 shows during this year. After that the musicians decide to stop for a while because of some arguments inside the band • 2004 – Band actually does not exist, but finally guys form their own rehearsing studio, and give the band new name – Ebola • 2005 – Rehearsing of new material followed by recording of new EP, in the summer it was issued with a small volume. Instantly after the recording the bass player and the drummer left the band • 2007 - New drummer joins the band. Already three together, the guys gradually start to reanimate the rehearsal activity. The new stuff turnes out to be slightly different. At present all members desire to play a certain mix of hard/stoner/southern/blues with English lyrics. • 2008 - The band was finally complete with the bass player • 2009 - The band, which is now called Sex Type Thing, releases a 6 song EP. Stay tuned!
(From MySpace)

2009 EP


2005 EP


2001 Demo

Thursday, June 11, 2009

After The Sonic Infusion I've Become Translucent

Mudhoney from Seattle, U.S.A. started in1988 with the classic EP Superfuzz Bigmuff. Since We've Become Translucent is their sixth album released in 2002. In those days I didn't like this album at all. I didn't even enjoy the concert I saw at that time. Over the years I learned to appreciate this album and has become one of my favourites.
The last song on the album is Sonic Infusion, one of the highlights in Mudhoneys oeuvre.

Yes folks, Mudhoney is back -- three years after the near-fatal one-two punch of Matt Lukin's resignation from the band and Reprise Records dropping the group from their roster, the founding fathers of grunge have shaken off the dust and recorded Since We've Become Translucent, which oddly enough sounds a bit like the adventurous major-label project the band never bothered to make for Bugs Bunny. Mudhoney still ranks low on the slickness meter on Since We've Become Translucent (the entire album was recorded in eight days), but the band sounds at once heavier and more confident than it did during its major-label tenure, and the addition of horns on three tracks (and violin on one) adds new textures to the classic Mudhoney throb without crushing the band's personality or spirit. (Don't fret -- the often atonal sax on the Stooges-esque "Baby, Can You Dig the Light" could have been pulled straight from side two of Fun House, while "Where the Flavor Is" is a raunchy slice of mutant funk in the manner of Exile on Main Street.) While Guy Maddison is in many respects a stronger bassist than Lukin was, he has the good sense to stay in the background where he belongs, and if Mark Arm and Steve Turner are playing less dropped-tune metalized riffs these days, this is still Mudhoney, and there's something gloriously unclean about the snotty "The Straight Life," the sleazy "Where the Flavor Is," and the menacingly anthemic "Our Time Is Now" after all these years. Since We've Become Translucent isn't always the Mudhoney you remembered, but the album clearly carries the stamp of the band's personality, and shows the group can still rock out while pulling a few new tricks from its collective sleeve. Nice to have you back, guys -- did you bring beer money?

Mudhoney - Since We've Become Translucent (2002)

Monday, June 8, 2009

More Great Swedish Stoner: Terra Firma

Terra Firma is another great band from Sweden. (I really wonder where all these bands are coming from). Terra firma have some Metal influences. Guitarist Freddie Eugene played also on the Loud Pipes album The Downhill Blues. This album is earlier posted on this blog. (Go here)

Terra Firma is a Swedish stoner metal band which was formed by Fredrik Lindgren after leaving Unleashed and with Lord Chritus a.k.a. Christian Lindersson, who used to sing in the Swedish band Count Raven and Los Angeles based band Saint Vitus. Terra Firma would later break up and Fredrik would start a new band called Harms Way. Terra Firma also featured the band members Izmo Hedlund on Drums and Nico Moosebeach on bass who would later move onto Entombed. The band recorded 2 full length albums, a couple of vinyl singles and appeared on a couple of compilation CDs and split 7" vinyl. Terra Firma played some gigs in Sweden and did some European tours with band such as Atomic Bitchwax, Cathedral, Orange Goblin, Dozer, Masters of Reality, Blackshine, Dismember, Murder Squad, Entombed and Mammoth Volume.

Harms Way (2000)


Terra Firma (1999)

Some Psychedelic From New zealand

Sit back, have a smoke and relax with these tunes. New Zealand's Lamp Of The Universe is a one-man project by Craig Williamson. Acid Mantra is a album full of strange sounds. A very nice experience.

The blending of acoustic and electric guitars, mellotrons, drones, the subcontinental instrumentation, banjo and Williamson’s wispy vocals as presented on Acid Mantra means that the shroom-worship has taken on new dimensions previously unknown to Lamp of the Universe. This strain of exploration, at least as in regards to this album, is rich-sounding and all the various moods and styles play off each other to create an encompassing experience for the listener. If Williamson is out to further his own creative reaches, then it’s a mission I’m ready to support any way I can. For anyone new to the band, this is the place to start.
(By H.P. Taskmaster From

Lamp Of The Universe - Acid Mantra (2009)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Great Stoner From Massachusetts, U.S.A.

This is a nice beauty I found on the internet. Birch Hill Dam is a U.S. band, but in my opinion they sound very Swedish.
And I love the cover of Green Machine from Kyuss. Try it.

What a feast we got going on. From the acid-dipped guitar strings of Poobah, right to the pulverizing blitzkrieg of metal that is Birch Hill Dam. Riding some mighty fierce riffing, Birch Hill Dam come blasting out of the pits of mountain Kyuss with the might and terror of a rampaging army. And when I say blasting, I mean it. Keeping your head too close to the speakers while "Bed of Nails," plays is akin to holding one ear next to a howitzer cannon. "Seedling," erupts out next, nary a missed beat, disintegrating any grey matter that happens to be left behind. Featuring a freaking gorgeous, fuzzed out guitar tone, the boys beat this one into submission like a Biker gang taking on a card cheat. Pool cues and metal pipes included. "Gasoline Fiend," fires up the 400 hp engine, riding an exhaust of nitro through a speed fest of Viking Skull-esque metal. "Thunderbuns Malone," carries their Kyuss influence to unfettered heights of brutality and aggression. And again, it's all D.I.Y., written, arranged and funded by the boys to feed their insatiable need to pummel the masses into submission. God Bless em.
(By Racer from The Ripple Effect)

Birch Hill Dam (2008)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More great Swedish Metal!

Last weekend I went to the Neurotic Death Fest and saw Entombed for the fourth time. This time it was in a total different line-up. The only original members are LG Petrov (vocals) and Alex Hellid (guitar). I did not really know what to expect, because they always played with two guitarists. But they didn't disapoint me at all! I really enjoyed it!
It only was a bit too short. (LG did think the same I guess, cause he left the stage very angry).
Other good bands I've seen were: Demonical, Aborted and Rotten Sound. The big disapointment was Brutal Truth!
The Hollowman EP was released short before the Wolverine Blues Album.

After coming off the successful Gods of Grind tour in 1992 and seeing bassist Johnny Dordevic return to the band, the Swedish heavy metal band Entombed decided to release a six-song EP as their major-label debut (on Earache/Columbia). When the Hollowman EP appeared in 1993, it was shocking just how much the band's songwriting and overall sound had improved. The songs remained brutally heavy, but there was also a fresh originality now present. The EP contains a total of six tracks and is a mandatory purchase for Entombed fanatics, since four of them are exclusive non-album tracks. Highlights include an instrumental version of the classic Entombed song "Wolverine Blues" (it would become the title track of the band's next full-length album), the fast and furious "Bonehouse," and another instrumental, the Black Sabbath-like dirge "Hellraiser." Both of the instrumentals use spoken word dialogue to great effect, while showing off Entombed's talents as musicians in the process.
(By Greg Prato from All Music Guide)

Entombed -Hollowman EP (1993)