Saturday, December 31, 2011

Go Down Records Compilation

So this is the end of the year 2011. I think this year was a great musical year with a lot of great releases.
I will not bother you with an end-of-the-year-list, but I will tell you what my favorite album of 2011 is: The debut album of the French band Mars Red Sky.

In this last post of 2011 I present you the free download compilation album that is offered by the Italian label Go Down Records. This compilation is a nice overview of what Go Down Records has released in their existance. These are 30 tracks of nice Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Rock 'n' Roll. Enjoy!

I'd like to wish you all a great 2012!

Go Down Records Compilation (2011)

Tracks: (Band / Track title / Album title)

1 Dome La Muerte And The Diggers / Session Man /Diggersonz
2 Muzzled / Gimme More / Reborn
3 The Morlocks / Dirty Red / Easy Listening For The Underachiever
4 Clepydra / Jimi Plays My Guitar / Marmalade Sky
5 Poison Deluxe / Mature Wine / The Three Dead Blues
6 Muffx / Like Before / Small Obsession
7 Maya Mountains / Wanna Know What I Know? / Hash And Pornography
8 Ojm / Oceans Hearts / Volcano
9 Small Jackets / Listen To The Rock / Cheap Tequila
10 Re Dinamite / Fuzzy Love / Split Connetion Vol.1 With Vic Du Monte's Persona Non Grata
11 Cut / Summertime / Annihilation Road
12 The Sade / Deaf Love / Damned Love
13 Link Protrudi & The Jaymen /Bandito /The Beast Of Link Protrudi & The Jaymen
14 The Last Killers /Flesh And Proud (Feat.Brian Auger)/Violent Years
15 The Shoes / Talk With You / The Shoes
16 Losfuocos / Revolution / Revolution Losfuocos
17 Pater Nembrot / Supercell / Sequoia Seeds
18 Vic Du Monte's Persona Non Grata / Barons &Bankers / Barons & Bankers
19 Glincolti / Ferma Un Momento / Visti & Imprevisti
20 The Strange Flowers / Hollywood / Vagina Mother
21 Gorilla / Hot Cars / Rock Our Souls
22 Veracrash / Beyond The Grave / 11:11
23 El Thule / Black Mamba / Green Magic
24 Underdogs / Fuck Coverband / Ready To Burn
25 King Size / Money Laundering / Guess It
26 Volcano Heat / The Sky / Vive Le Rock!
27 Fango / What I Think / Icarus
28 The Fuzztones / Me Tarzan, You Jane In Heat / Raw Heat
29 Autumn's Rain / Too Loud / Autumn's Rain
30 Horrible Porno Stuntmen / Camon / Unpublished Of Next Album Of 2012

Hot Stuff

From Madrid, Spain comes the band Lüger. This five piece band plays fantastic Space Rock with Progressive Psychedelic and Kraut influences.
According to their Facebook page Lüger is influenced by the following bands and artists: Hawkwind, Can, Pink Fairies, Cluster, Velvet Underground, Guru Guru, Gong, Spacemen 3, Harmonia, Deviants, Love, German Oak, Zappa’s Mothers of Invention, Silver Apples, Cosmic Jokers, Pink Floyd (“pre-dark side”), Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, United States Of America, Soft Machine, Amon Düül II, Blue Cheer, Neu!, Sun Ra, Fifty Foot Hose, HP Lovecraft, Acid Mothers Temple, Man, Faust, 13th Floor Elevators, Blossom Toes, The Freak Scene, Vainica Doble, Ame Son, Música Dispersa, Agitation Free, The Red Krayola, Moby Grape, Cold Sun, Circus 2000, Caravan, Black Sabbath, Kak, Simply Saucer, Velvet Fogg, The Savage Resurrection, Tuxedomoon, The Fugs, Miles Davis, Fairport Convention, The Godz, Medicine Head, The Black Angels, Van der Graaf Generator, Pretty Things, Turzi, Máquina!, Edgar Broughton Band, Family, Nektar, Sam Gopal, Oneida, Electric Prunes, Throbbing Gristle, Mighty Baby, Flower Travellin’ Band, Quicksilver Messenger Service, July, Spirit, Pan & Regaliz, The Open Mind, Joe Meek, Ash Ra Tempel, The Flaming Lips, Morgen, Andromeda, Brian Eno, Julian Cope and Robyn Hitchcock.
This is a pretty huge list, but it certainly gives you a clue of what Lüger is about.
Concrete Light is the second release of this awesome band. This album contains six excellent and entertaining tracks. Concrete lights is also available on a 12" vinyl record. Enjoy!

Lüger - Concrete Light (2011)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Small Tesla's Illustrated Handbook Vol 2. Do It Yourself

Uoh! is a band from Montevideo, Uruguay. There's is not much information to find about this band. But I can tell you that Uoh! plays some impressive Experimental Instrumental Rock with Space and Stoner influences.
Uoh! has released as far as I know one self titled EP and one album called Manuales Ilustrados Del Pequeño Tesla Vol 2. Hagalo Usted Mismo. These releases are available as free download on the website This site offers also over 40 albums of other Uruguayan bands.
The album Manuales Ilustrados Del Pequeño Tesla Vol 2. Hagalo Usted Mismo is an awesome album. Especially the last track is a nice piece of work! Enjoy!

Uoh! - Manuales Ilustrados Del Pequeño Tesla Vol 2.
Hagalo Usted Mismo (2011)

Uoh! - Uoh! EP (2011)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Drop And The Sea

Stone In is a duo from Vancouver, Canada. These guys play Heavy Stoner Rock with Psychedelic, Progressive and Post Rock influences. Their music is stunning and quite unique.
The Drop And The Sea is the title of their debut 12" single. This single is also available as free download.
Side A of this single is the title track. This song is an combination of four separate songs. Side B contains the awesome track Take A Look. This song is also subject to seventies influences. On this side there is also a bonus track called Backing In Future Days.
This 12" is a small masterpiece and I hope certainly to hear more from Stone In in the near future! Enjoy!

Stone In brings new meaning to the words 'stone' and 'in'. Held together by a common love of vintage heavies, psychedelic organisms from around the world, progressive noise making and ecstatic drone we sculpt the air around us.

Although there are many ingredients in our sonicfridge, none are more beloved than our ride cymbals, loop pedals and electric amplifiers. Canyon grooves deep and winding. High-flying guitar solos like a mermaid choir in heat.
Alberto Centurion on drums and Greg Valou on multi instruments incluiding the now-legendary double neck bass guitar.
(From their website)

Stone In - The Drop And The Sea (2011)

Coffin Cross

Early november I posted an article about the upcoming album Within The Witch by the New Zealand band Stone Angels with the singer Steven Bell of the band Second Gear Grind.
Well, here is that album! Within The Witch is an album with seven Sludge songs with Doom, Metal and Black influences. The music of Stone Angels is utterly heavy and rude. The riffs and rhythms are filthy and brutal.
The vocals and screams are fitting well in the sound and are very impressive. Steven Bell does show a total other side of himself compared with the work he has done with Second Gear Grind.
Within The Witch is an album that for sure will be appreciated by folks who are really into Heavy.
If you like a physical copy, send an email to the following address: (This is also the address for their PayPal account). Enjoy!

Stone Angels - Within The Witch (2011)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Everything Can Be A Lie

I'd like to thank José from the band Killimanjaro for sharing their EP!
Killimanjaro is a new power trio from Barcelos, Portugal. This band plays energetic Heavy Rock with Stoner and Seventies influences.
Today is the release of their same titled debut EP. This EP contains seven awesome tracks. The power of Killimanjaro are the freaky bass and drum patterns in combination with stunning fuzz guitar. The singer of this band has a great voice that fits the music well.
The artwork is done by Anoik. See more of his work here.
The Killimanjaro EP is a nice piece of work that sounds raw and heavy. An excellent start by this new band! Enjoy!

''On the same town as other heavy bands such as Aspen or Black Bombaim, three normal guys from Barcelos, Portugal, decided, on April 2011, to get together a go heavy. They realized that it wouldn't be need more than a trio, a power trio. Influenced by the stoner-rock bands of today and inspired on the 70's rock era, they've just released their first EP and are hope you to bang your heads while listening''
(Their bio)

Killimanjaro - Killimanjaro EP (2011)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Put Your Clothes Back On

The next contribution comes from the Costa Rican band Hongo Fuu.
Hongo Fuu is an one-man band of Félix Arburola. This guy has just released the EP Marshmallow Sleep. For the recording of this EP, Félix has collaborated with several musicians.
The description of Hongo Fuu according to Facebook is Stoner Rock / Spaghetti Western / Experimental / Acid Rock.
What I hear is an EP with a unique sound. There are several elements in the music, such as psychedelic, acoustic and atmospheric parts. All with all a freaky, but very nice EP! Enjoy!

Born 3000 years ago and resurected in 1985 Hongo Fuu, the spawn of an evil male alien and a she-demon, was destined to conquer the world and later destroy it with his powerful chords and devastating riffs… instead he decided to spare the lives of the pathetic human beings and create awesome music in hopes they reach a higher and supreme state of mind… that, plus gummy bears.
(The bio)

Hongo Fuu - Marshmallow Sleep (2011)

City Of Fuzz

Thanks to Barbara for sending me this promo!
Lord Stereo from Warsaw, Poland is a band that plays great Stoner Rock with Psychedelic, Punk, Garage and Hard Rock influences, or as the band calls it: Heavy Vintage Rock.
This promo contains two of the seven tracks from their same titled EP. Lord Stereo is an awesome band that plays their music very well. What I like about this band, is the addition of organ in their sound.
These two tracks gives a clear image of what Lord Stereo is about. So support this band and buy the entire EP on their Bandcamp page. Enjoy!

Lord Stereo's music can be described in three words:

VINTAGE - like the postcards and photos from the late sixties and early seventies, full of melancholy and longing for the times of rebellion and carelessness. With a psychedelic sound of Hammond organ and a dirty, unruly guitar clatter in the background.

HEAVY - like a burden of sadness and anger that has accompanied us in music for generations, like the intensity of emotions.

ROCK - because as a band we belong in a great music drawer of this genre's numerous influences, where the Stooges are mixed with Black Sabbath and early Led Zeppelin with the 1960s garage punk rock.

Natural eclecticism, stemming from the diverse characters and inspirations of the band members, emotionality and simplicity are the key features of Lord Stereo. The band is formed by people known from a variety of alternative groups such as The Black Tapes, Oregano Chino, Vavamuffin, Pablopavo i Ludziki, the Monsters from Switzerland, Poker Face or Capital.
(Their bio)

Lord Stereo - Lord Stereo Promo (2011)

Sister Disaster, The Video

Three months ago I've posted the EP Mahogany Secrecy by the French band The Buffalos. Now these guys haven't recorded new music, but they have a now a new video of the song Sister Disaster. This video is a nice piece of work. So check it out!

The Buffalos - Sister Disaster
Directed & Edited by Fabien Maierhofer
Filmed by Fabien Maierhofer & Nicolas Favre at Le Brise Glace and Balus' cave
Performed by The Buffalos
Photography: Elina Sirparanta
Sister Disaster performed by Adélaïde Sixdenier