Friday, April 1, 2011

Strong Reflection

A special thanks to Jimmy from the band Mars Red Sky for sending me their CD!
I've posted the single Cursed from the French band Mars Red Sky a while ago here. This is their self-titled debut album. And I have to say it is Awesome with a capital A! This trio plays some impressive Psychedelic Stoner Rock. This album contains seven excellent songs. The first song Strong Reflection gives me goosebumps right away, as beautiful as it is.
The power of Mars Red Sky is the combination of magical Stoner Grooves and mesmerizing vocals. This singer has truly a fantastic voice!
This album contains also that great track Cursed, that earlier appeared on their single. This is an album you should buy just blindly. It is highly recommended! Enjoy!

Mars Red Sky - Mars Red Sky (2011)


d. said...

this sounds pretty good!
never heard it before.

keep it up,

Knapp said...

Good one !!! Thanx!

FrÄnk said...

This CD realy is sooo great, thanx for advice!

Love Peace and Loudness

Anonymous said...

So the band sends you a copy of their own cd and the record company tells you to take the link down - crazy!

Insane Riez said...

It is not that crazy. How many magazines get CD's for reviews without giving away the music!

Paul said...