Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To The Timeless Valley

Thanks to Valentin and his friends from Bookmaker Records for sharing his second album!
After the album The Shelter Days, the one man band Henryspenncer is back with the new album To The Timeless Valley. It is again a nice journey through landscapes of dark Psychedelic sounds. Valentin excels again on his guitar in various ways. For example, his slide guitar is afresh unsurpassed. Together with the electronic industrial and cosmic sounds in combination with Americana it is a beautiful whole. If you enjoyed the album The Shelter Days, then To The Timeless Valley will not disappoint you. Enjoy!

Henryspenncer's music is marked by the confrontation of psychedelic guitars and industrial percussions, folk sounds and drone atmospheres, coexisting in long progressive compositions. "To The Timeless Valley", Henryspenncer's second album, invites you to get lost in an unseen musical world evocative of large imaginary deserts, beyond time and the world.
(From Bookmaker Records)

Henryspenncer - To The Timeless Valley (2011)

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