Thursday, April 14, 2011

Musical Black Hole

Macaco Bong is a trio from Brazil. This band plays Instrumental Rock that balances between Jazz, Post Rock and Math Rock. Their album Artista Igual Pedreiro is not just an ordinairy album. It is an awesome masterpiece! These musicians can rightly be called virtuosos. This is wonderful music that is sometimes quite complex. All the songs are brilliant compositions. I say this album is highly recommended! Enjoy!

Macaco Bong comes from the middle of South America. And them... their music comes from nowhere. There's a story that they heard Hendrix just 2 months ago, but isn't a forced issue, it's true, isn't a story. Macaco Bong is simply the most incredible brazilian band, their instrumental music defy any logic, any description... defy everything, we can call "musical black hole", but them is easy.
(From MySpace)

Macaco Bong - Artista Igual Pedreiro (2008)


Marcello 'Maddy Lee' L. said...

Hi, Mr Riez, the Insane.
The truth is that story about Hendrix is just a joke because they came from a city without a strong rock tradition; most of artists from Mato Grosso (Brasil's middle west region) produce a kind of music influenced by folklore and regionalism mixed with US country music, folk and pop (kinda shit music for brazilian rockers). Oh yeah, they had listen a lot of 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and even 00's rock and every each genre of general music and, oh yeah, they're awesome musicians!
The album title translation: "Artist Equals Bricklayer" - does it mean anything to you?!?! 1% of inspiration + 99% of sweat, and that's it!
Greetings from Brasil.

Insane Riez said...

Hey Marcello, thanks for the additional information!
And you are right about the album title. I completely understand the meaning of that.

Marcello 'Maddy Lee' L. said...

Hey Insane, I'm linking your blog to my 2 blogs (O Pântano Elétrico and Plano Z). You're invited to get there to a couple of brasilian coffee and some other goodies too... I've been around here since last year "stealing" some amazing albums you've posted and wish to thank you for all of them, even if it's too late...

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