Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Amazon In The Pyramid Of Sacrifice

This split EP was also sent to me by Valentin and the guys from Bookmaker Records!
This split EP contains one song by Henryspenncer and the other song by Among The Bones. I think Henryspenncer doesn't need further introduction here.
Among The Bones is just as Henryspenncer an one man band from London, UK. The man behind Among The Bones is Misha Hering and and he is very capable in creating obscure Psychedelic soundscapes. This is a first-rate EP with two artists who have found each other. Enjoy!

This opus is the result of a collaboration between two artists: One English (Among The Bones) the other French (Henryspenncer), both having composed one track for the release. Henryspenncer's "The Amazon" is a vast voyage, as epic as it’s hypnotic and Among The Bones' "Pyramid of Sacrifice", a long and droning tribal ritual, both form two chapters of the same story. A mystical journey through an unexplored and alien jungle.
(From Bookmaker Records)

Among The Bones & Henryspenncer - Split EP (2011)

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