Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Places To Hide

Thanks to Thomas from the band Jack & The Bearded Fishermen for sharing their album!
Jack & The Bearded Fishermen is a band from Besançon, France. This band plays some decent Stoner Rock. Places To Hide is their second full-length album that is released by Impure Muzik.
This album contains ten superb tracks. The characteristics of Jack & The Bearded Fishermen are the groovy tunes and the great vocals. Place To Hide is for sure worth the listen. And if you like it, buy it! Enjoy!

Following their formation in 2005, these gentle, not-so-hairy fishermen have sailed the East coast of France under the undisputed authority of their captain Jack. Though the crew of this intruiging ship may have changed slightly at their last few ports of call, they are currently docked in Besançon, their helm still fixed firmly in the same direction. Taking into their itinery the nehanderthal blues, they will cross through troubled waters and musical fury. They will navigate between melody and impatience, skirting still pools of tension and waves of explosion...
(Their bio)

Jack & The Bearded Fishermen - Places To Hide (2011)

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