Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Asean Doom Split

This split album was shared with me by Asad from the band Myosis. Thank you for that, Asad!
This split album is a collaboration of the bands Myosis and J. Both bands have each recorded three songs for this split album. The result is more than nice.
Myosis is a Stoner and Sludge influenced Doom Metal band from Karachi, Pakistan. Their music sounds nicely brutal and heavy. The guitar riffs are filthy as hell and the singer has a beautiful rotten voice.
From Singapore comes J. This is a by Sludge inspired Funeral Doom band. According to Facebook, J is influenced by the following bands: Esoteric, Skepticism, Colosseum, YOB, Sleep and Electric Wizard. This gives you an idea of what you can expect.
In short, this is a very great split album! Listen and judge for yourself! Enjoy!

Myosis/J - Schism Of Precepts (2011 Split Album)

Myosis: Facebook

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