Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lord Of The Sun

This album was sent in by the band The Sand Collector!
The Sand Collector is a five piece band from Alicante, Spain. This band plays Stoner Rock with Sludge, Doom, Southern and Metal influences. The album Lord Of The Sun contains 11 songs, which can be qualified as excellent. This band plays their music very well and they have a singer with a great voice. The Sand Collector is a band with a lot potential. That is proved by this album. Enjoy!

Lord Of The Sun” is the re-edition of our EP, with 4 new songs (and a surprise at the end in the original cd´s) 11 songs, nearly an hour of music. We could say that Stoner Rock is the main influence, but we can also find doom, heavy metal, hardcore, sludge or country.

A crystal production with powerful sound and with compositions full of memorable riffs and solos, bass lines that have nothing to envy Scott Reeder himself, powerful drums and epic choruses.

Strongly recommended for fans of Spiritual Beggars, Clutch, Grand Magus, Down, Black Sabbath, Dozer, Baroness, Alice in Chains, Cathedral, The Sword, Alabama Thunderpussy, Red Fang, Pendejo!

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The story of The Sand Collector as a band is relatively young. This project was born when Julian Velasco and Miguel A. Fernandez played together in a past formation of post metal / doom called Nahrayan, this group was born in 2000 and approximately in 2,002 already composing some riffs that are currently in songs by The Sand Collector.

For lack of time,they could not continue with that idea, shortly after the dissolution of Nahrayan, took up the idea, this time with the help of Tano Gimenez on bass. Still, both Julian (Muerte por mil cortes, Earth without Heaven) and Miguel (ex-Deep Red Blood) were involved in other projects, like Tano (Coco Illán).

The three continued with the project and for some months in 2007 was assisted by some members of the acclaimed experimental metal band Nahemah. For a while, Miguel Palazón was the second guitar, Pablo Egido vocals and Paco Porcel on second bass. Following the signing of Nahemah by Lifeforce, could not continue training due to their commitments with his main band and
The Sand Collector again a group of three, until 2009, then the band was finally completed with the addition Pepe Belda to the voices, with experience as a vocalist in rock formations and alternative metal, and the entrance to the second guitar Fernando Ferre (Shaolinyera).
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The Sand Collector - Lord Of The Sun (2011)

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