Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Strange Atmosphere From France.

Thanks to Valentin from Henryspenncer for sending his EP!
Henryspenncer is an one-man project from France. This guy plays some great Atmospheric Psychedelic Doom with Metal and even Americana influences. (Valentin knows how to play slide guitar!) According to MySpace Henryspenncer is inspired by the following: Neil Young's Dead Man, Titan, Grails, Six Organs Of Admittance, Metallica, Across Tundras,Kyuss, Barn Owl, Headdress, The Black Angels and Earth.
The result is The Shelter Days, an EP that is truly great. It really has a creepy/sombre sphere. The music is some sort of indefinable, but it is awesome! You have to take my word for that. I guess you have to experience this EP for yourself. Enjoy these strange vibes!

Henryspenncer - The Shelter Days (2009)

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Thanks for all your great work riez!