Sunday, May 9, 2010

Let's Go Retro!

Thanks to Anders for sending me another great album!
Yer from Brazil plays some awesome Retro Rock. There are a lot of influences here, according to their MySpace the following: Hendrix, Free, Stones, Beatles, Faces, Humble Pie, James Gang, Derek And The Dominos, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Winter, Dylan, Led Zep, Black Sabbath, BB - Allbert - Freddie King. In fact Yer combines 70's Hard Rock, 60's Rock and Blues together to a great sound. First Of Many Others is an album with some great variety, from Heavy to Psychedelic, from Blues to Mellow. If you like some Retro stuff, then this is your thing. Enjoy.

2008 has been kinda a “Sargent Peppers Lonely time” for YER. Since Yer..s debut Ep in 2005, they had played and grown as a band, going deeply inside their heart and soul, searching for breath moment off the stage, that kind of nirvana insight as keruac on the Mountains with his devils had and mad about. Sort of things that make us a better human been; seen, listen, feeling the movement of the world.
As a trio, the difficult to assimilate and express all the contemporary rock style make they go into their own studio, call it simple “Power of Soul” that meaning it self.
That was the last thing missing for Yer, free time rolling songs, tracking fields, mixing their own songs like their idols Eddie Kramer, Glyn and Andy johns bros, Tom Dowd and much more mates. Having a really good times, as the golden years when Traffic had composed songs in a small cottage in rural Berkshire or when The Band did the same, living in Woodstock.
Now Yer just become the own self intuitive feelings, putting they selves all together without any misunderstanding and block of the big bosses, and this is not what you going to find around, because Yer is what they are, simple a Power of Soul, making good, strange, wrong and maybe confuse songs, things they are shitin.. off for the bloody wankers, because this is pure. If it will be good, is your decision, because they are far away on the mountains of south Brazil….. cheers!!!

London..s air has ever been the “wicked place” for rock..n..roll, you know, and was there that Fabiano Koeche de Melo completed his mastership in rock, blues and psychedelic feelings. After two years walking around the Queen..s land , Fabiano has backed to south Brazil and in 2005 recruited his younger brother Mauricio (bass) and the old friend Guilherme Pitt (drums) to form a band. The most talented power trio from that area. Here you can appreciate the first Yer..s EP, called “Cheers Mate!” Melting amps in a full pelt performance with a old fashion style is quite rare to find out on the rock arena on this days, loud guitar bends with a les paul through a marshall amps, hard beats rhythm on drums and a big and strong bass lines that could make mrs Bruce and Bogert cry of jealously – yeah mate, that..s a real rule for Yer, just make a kind of Blues / Rock with the “old smell” without lose the 90..s energy.

(From MySpace)

Yer - First Of Many Others (2010)


Sadness said...

YER..This is So good..many many thanks for this post..will be buying this and anything else they have done..
all best to Anders and Riez

Anonymous said...

Crazy, crazy stuff here... loving it.

Eris said...

Thanks for this - very much reminded me of the James Gang - nice.