Sunday, May 23, 2010

A C-Box request: OBLIVIOUS.

This album was requested a while ago in the C-Box.
Oblivious is a Swedish Stoner Rock band. This band combines their music with 70's Hard Rock. The result is an awesome debut album called Goons And Masters. Their music is according their MySpace influenced by: Dozer, Clutch, Queens Of The Stoneage, Kyuss, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. So you have a small idea of what you're facing! Goons And Masters is a highly recommend album! Enjoy!

If you love Stoner Rock with a little bit of psychedelic hard tunes wherever are necessary (just for the fuzz) and you have in your quiver arrows diving into the magic mix of DOZER and CLUTCH, plus the blessings of your home country Sweden above your head, then, all the omens are by your side and no black cat will pass across your way. Well, about OBLIVIOUS the question, and their debut “Goons And Masters” that seems to have the potential and the guts to make the grand opening in the multitudinous scene of nowadays' Stoner, a movement especially developed in Sweden. But the pretty noticeable thing about OBLIVIOUS is the equable combination they succeed, including vintage touches of SABBATH and BIGELF with FOGHAT’s all-time classic rock ‘n’ roll at the same time. Interesting, huh? Let’s see if goons are more powerful than masters now.

Through 50 minutes of the album, OBLIVIOUS achieve to run time like water and slip inside your ears unexampled. The pompous “Ego Boy” takes the rods and makes the appropriate introduction with the five members of the band in absolute successful way. “Throne” has something between the antiquity of “Easy Livin’” and the aggressiveness of “Electric Worry”, while “Red Eyed Goon” puts the mark of OBLIVIOUS and spreads promises about their instant future- if you listen closely to this song though, you’ll maybe hear even Layne Staley’s readings (RIP). The following “Master Of Time” has a softer, lazy, low-tempo making the mind to lose itself through these colorful clouds of dirty and nasty tunes spreading inside the room. Check your speakers; you will definitely see them come out! “Bring It On Me” does that ‘wuh-wuh’ thing (wuh tuh fuh?!) and travel us back to 70s, when “Blind Faith” shows its Chris Cornell-ian teeth leaving the past 50 minutes behind and wondering how soon this record ended.

There is always a ‘but’ in these cases; we must have demands and be serious when it’s about a debutante band, because the sequence is as difficult as the start and in many occasions we notice bad followings after a good start. “Goons And Masters” is a very good debut album but the curiosity about the next step does not leave me to enjoy it as much as I want to. The good thing is that I have patience and I can wait the next OBLIVIOUS album. Till then, “Ego Boy” will be my appropriate companion, especially this oncoming summer.

(By Maria Voutiriadou at

Oblivious - Goons And Masters (2009)

Thanks and credits to Honcho!


Anonymous said...

Thanx riez! this band is awesome!


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Thanks for this one IR, nice one!

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Oh, thanks to Honcho too of course....

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GRAN BANDA y casi desconocida.

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Thanks. Sounds Good. Another Great Post.