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Such Impressive Atmospheric Post Metal.

Thanks to Richard from the band Ortega for sending their album!
Some earlier I posted the promo EP from the Dutch Post Metal band Ortega here. This is their full-lenght debut album and I must say it is very, very impressive.
The concept album 1634 is a masterpiece! It contains seven tracks that goes from Heavy to Atmospheric. The promo EP is just a small impression of what Ortega has become now! The three songs on the promo are also on 1634, but the implementation is so much better! Take the epic song Siren for example, that song has really grown to the max! There is some beautiful violin in here and that sounds so great! That violin sound does also appear in the song Octagon, another awesome and atmospheric song.
My conclusion is that Ortega has exceeded themselves. This album is highly recommended, so buy this album at their MySpace! (Or send an email to Enjoy!

Ortega from the north of the Netherlands releases their first album '1634' in 100 handmade copies. The album tells the story of a shepherd who is stranded on the Spanish coast and tries to remember his experiences. Every song is a recollection of important moments of his story.

Musically the CD is somewhere between Cult of Luna, Isis and Neurosis. After the first song “Still” the Black Metal riff in “Into the Waves” is a bit misleading. This is absolutely the darkest part of the record. Later on melancholy is all around; especially when the violin comes in in 'The Siren' and 'Octagon'. Then I also hear similarities with 'The Eye of Every Storm' and 'A Sun that Never Sets'. Also the deep vocals of guitarist Richard Postma in “Shipwrecked” are inspired by the voice of Scott Kelly. Ortega takes the above mentioned bands as a starting point and mixes it with Doom Metal from the nineties. Bands like Anathema or My Dying Bride have inspired the band for sure in ‘Octagon’.

Due to the guitar sound Ortega is playing a lighter version than is normally played in the genre. That doesn't matter because the tone of the record fits the idea of the concept. The concept is not that original anymore, the music fits the concept perfectly and that’s what matters. Listening to the disc more and more I imagined a movie that fits with the music so you also could say '1634' is the soundtrack for an unwritten movie.

JB from Dr. Doom did the production so you know this is well done for a DIY product. If you are into Post Metal/Hardcore don’t hesitate to check this band on and order this impressive debut album.

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Ortega - 1634 (2010)

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