Sunday, May 9, 2010

Not The Slo Burn Song.

Thanks to Wayne from the band Wheelfall for sharing this free download EP!
Wheelfall is song from Slo Burn and also a Stoner Rock band from Nancy, France. The influences are obvious: Unida and Slo Burn beside other Stoner Rock acts. Wheelfall plays Stoner as it should be and it sounds a bit primitive. I like that uncouth sound. The guitars are heavy, the drums and bass are pounding. The singer has a great voice that fits this kind of music perfectly. Some parts of the song Brotherhood Of Sleep reminds me very much of Kyuss' Green Machine.
Don't expect originality at this EP, but these guys know how to play big deal of Stoner Rock! If you like Stoner Rock in it's purest form, you will like Wheelfall! Enjoy and support these guys!

Wheelfall - From The Blazing Sky At Dusk (2010)


Left Hand Drive said...

Thanks IR, this will be good then...

Anonymous said...

A strong album, thanks a lot =)