Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And The Circus Leaves Town

This is the fourth Kyuss album. And The Circus Leaves Town is considered by many as a lesser album. I disagree!. In my humble opinion this album is like Blues For The Red Sun and Welcome To Sky Valley an strong and awesome album! Take for example the songs Hurricane, One Inch Man and the fabulous El Rodeo. These are outstanding songs! So don't bother me with saying that And The Circus Leaves Town is the swan song of Kyuss. Enjoy!

The desert does funny things to people, whether their ambition in life is biking, making music or just just playing golf. There's a certain vibe and atmosphere that one can only attain and properly understand by living in the desert. Kyuss, the lamented broken up group from the Mohave of California and veterans of the generator desert party scene, are one of the most prominent examples of desert metal (perhaps the only one, now that I think about it). Using ultra low grooves and slightly askew song structure, this final album from the band is a somewhat tripping and very engaging look at the band's solid songwriting skills. Heavy on the jams which are slow paced but still quite enthralling and with the vocals buried low in the mix (which only adds to their power), the entire album has fluidity. Guitarist Josh Homme deserves some recognition for his very unique style--you won't find anyone who sounds like him--as his bizarre tuning of his instrument is what gives Kyuss identity. The best tracks (and there are many) inlcude "El Rodeo" and the meandering "Spaceship Landing". Make this your retro pick of the week.
(By John Chedsey at Satan Stole My Teddybear)

Kyuss - And The Circus Leaves Town (1995)


Anonymous said...

My favorite Kyuss album.. I've always been shocked to hear it was considered a poor effort. Honestly this album is what brought me to stoner rock

Jeff Kroeger said...

I love this album. Kyuss rules.