Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Surprise For FREE!

Sweet Mississippi Deal is the third album of the Swedish Stoner Rock band StoneWall Noise Orchestra. And guess what: They give it away for free as a torrent!
Sweet Mississippi Deal is a great album with ten songs for so far. There will be more songs added when it will be released in physical form. Awesome songs are: Black Cat Bone, I Am, One Hundred and the last track Interstate, there's a nice trumpet in it!
I have one note of criticism: The song All Systems Go is a re-make of the Demon Cleaner song (Like Freedom Prize on Vol.1), this version does not please me because it's to slow and the vocals does not fit. And that is strange, because in my opinion the singer does a great job on this album. Beside this minor disappointment Sweet Mississippi Deal is a great album! Enjoy!

What can we say…it’s a Sweet Mississippi Deal!
The new album, well most of it, is now up for free download right here on!
Here’s the deal..once you’ve downloaded -Your soul belongs to us! Forever!

We decided to head straight to the core this time, the music is recorded so let’s get it out there and keep the Orchestra rolling. Of course there will be a full length album release as well, we’ve signed a deal with Transubstans Records and the release is set for sometime this fall. Hats off to this fine and understanding label allowing us to do this!

Some new live dates are added so check them out as well, now crank those mp3-players! C ya!

(From their website)

Stonewall Noise Orchestra - Sweet Mississippi Deal (2010)

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