Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nice Dutch Space And Stoner Tunes.

Gomer Pyle is a Dutch Space/Stoner Rock band. Idiots Savants is their full length album after releasing two EP's. Their sound is a bit similar to Astrosoniq and 35007. The result is an album full of very nice Psychedelic Space and Stoner Rock tunes. Idiots Savants is a true recommendation! Enjoy!

"The music created by the guys of Gomer Pyle is best described as space-stoner rock. The band plays a quite mellow sound with some rough edges along the way. A warm and smooth sound oozes out of the speakers when I play Idiots Savants, which both relaxes and rocks. Quite an eclectic selection of music to be found here. While listening to this record, I do have to say that the sound of this band reminds me a lot of the Swiss band Monkey3. Very psychedelic, a lot of stoner influences, you can almost see the people sitting in a circle tripping on some LSD. Add some small country influences and you’ve got yourself some nice music."

(By DemonDust at Allthatisheavy)

Gomer Pyle - Idiots Savants (2008)

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Anonymous said...

Gomer Pyle is excellent, finally they start to get some more deserved attention.