Thursday, May 27, 2010


Apollo is the fourth full-lenght album by the Californian Stoner legends Nebula. And unfortunately the last album with the awesome drummer Ruben Romano. Apollo is a nice Psychedelic Stoner album with a bit of Rock 'n' Roll. Great songs are: Fever Frey, The Eagle Has Landed and the last song Opiate Float, an awesome Psychedelic track! Enjoy!

With Kyuss now long gone, Monster Magnet traveling distant galaxies, and Fu Manchu driving their graffiti-decorated vans over groove-rock desert highways somewhere in the distance, are Nebula the last of the prototypical stoner rock Mohicans? Strictly speaking, no, since they themselves were relative late arrivals to the scene, having sprung fully formed from the bowels of the aforementioned Fu Manchu in 1997 -- but in terms of the mostly unadulterated '90s-style stoner rock (psychedelic and space rock-infused, sure, but ultimately grounded in '60s garage and '70s hard rock) heard on their fifth full album, Apollo, quite possibly. Despite what trends would tell you, said '90s movement is alive and well in staple Nebula numbers like &"Loose Cannon," &"The Alchemist," &"The Eagle Has Landed," and &"Decadent Garden" -- all of them boasting catchy, crunchy riffs from main man Eddie Glass, Bonham-esque percussion from ever-faithful drummer Ruben Romano, and solid if inconspicuous support from new bassist Tom Davies. Laid-back numbers -- half-psych, half-blues -- like &"Future Days" and &"Wired" provide mellow detours for nice, diversifying effect, but it's ultimately naturally self-combustible concoctions like &"Lightbringer," &"Ghost Ride," and &"Trapezium Procession" that stand out of the pack -- along with turbocharged, post-Detroit garage rock fare like &"Ghost Ride" and the brilliant, Saints-reminiscent &"Fever Frey." The latter, in particular, also serves to remind listeners of Glass' always impressive six-string chops (see also the slash-and-burn bookends &"Orbit" and &"Opiate Float") -- arguably second only to Monster Magnet's Ed Mundell in terms of innate, guitar hero-type inspiration within their generation. And as long as he's in the driver's seat, Nebula will likely be out there, flying the stoner rock flag -- more power to them if the records keep coming out this well.
(By Eduardo Rivadavia at All Music Guide)

Nebula - Apollo (2006)


dowi_hh said...

i think this one is probably their best.

Anonymous said...

Hey! my best nebula is let it burn 1998 and To the center 1999


Insane Riez said...

Well, I can't make a choice of what is the best Nebula album. Until Apollo they are all great.
Anders, you love the first album the most, but Charged and Atomic Ritual are also nice pieces of work.
So I can not really tell what my favorite Nebula album is.
Maybe I should make a compilation of my favorite Nebula songs!

Anonymous said...

Hey Riez, Yeah thats sounds good, do a compilation of yours favorite nebula songs:)