Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More True Amazement.

A big thanks again to Sadness for this contribution!
Last week I posted the second album of the Peruvian/Argentinian band TLÖN. This is their first album. It's an awesome album that sounds a bit like the second one. That means: A great combination of Stoner, Psychedelic Rock, 70's Hard Rock and Doom! And more of that strange voice!
If you listened to TLÖN II, then you know what to expect. If you don't, go listen both albums! Enjoy!

"TLÖN is a Peruvian/Argentine heavy rock band with touches of psychedelic music, similar in some ways to Tarkus. This band is formed by Walo Carrillo, drummer and founder of Tarkus, Los Holys, Telegraph Avenue. In fact, the album includes some unreleased songs composed around 1972 from the Tarkus period. TLÖN is Christian Van Lacke on guitars and voice, Marcos Coifman on bass (from Reino Ermitano), and Walo Carrillo on drums. They continue with the magic that Tarkus left behind in 1972."
(From Allthatisheavy)

TLÖN - I (2009)


Anonymous said...

Hey! me like this!

Thanx to sadness and Riez!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this first album man, it's impossible to find...

In my searches, I found this third TLON album (En Vivo), thought I would share:


If you go by the release dates, then "En Vivo" actually appears to be their second album... despite the name of the other (II)... ???

Who knows, who cares... it's another obscure TLON album!!