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With this post I completed the discography of Astrosoniq at this blog.
Soundgrenade is their second album and I cannot tell which one is my favorite album, cause they are all great! If you like Spaced out Stoner Rock with Hard Rock influences, then this is your thing! Enjoy!

Again on the Dutch quality label Freebird Records, Astrosoniq releases a blast. Their second album is more diverse on one hand, but also more balanced then their debut "Son Of AP Lady". Oh yes this sure is one hell of a record.
The sound isn't as dirty and crunchy as it was on their previous, but it's more round, warm and still heavy as shit. And they seem to have doubled the amount of "SPACE".
The guitarsolo's are one of the eyecatchers this time, though not on a main spot. More subtle moved into the songs. Man, does this cat know how to use his wah's. And the vocals, they rule and often remind me to glamrock, but in a cool way. And again the keyword is "Balanced". Drummer/Producer Marcel van de Vondervoort has done a terrific job with the production in his own "Tortured Garden Studio's". Heavy as hell, but compact as a nice unexploded grenade lying in your hand (I'm looking for the right words here!!). And how about the diversity here?
Well, everything is present again plus more. We have a beautiful melancholic ebow-space-guitar-intro, then the grenade explodes, we here allot of Hawkwind, Monster Magnet and Kiss, and then some South-American-Ghost-Dance. We kick back with Nick Cave, followed up by Motorhead (again, great soloing) with some very cool harmonies. Stevie Wonder comes by, playing Higher Ground with a distorted Funkadelic, and again we return to Hawkwind for a great finale. Just to name but a few, but most of all this albums sounds like Astrosoniq. And that's what they do best.

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Astrosoniq - Soundgrenade (2002)

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great album,cheers from spain