Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blues For The Red Sun

Next sunday I'm gonna see Garcia Plays Kuyss. Because of that I have to post my favorite Kyuss albums.
I think Kyuss doesn't need no introduction. This band is one of the first of what's been called today as Stoner Rock. The first album that Kyuss made was Wretch. This is a good album, but it is not one of my favorites. Blues For The Red Sun is their second album and it is an awesome album. Enjoy!

With Josh Homme's guitar tuned down two whole steps to C, and plugged into a bass amp for maximum distortion, stoner metal pioneers Kyuss achieve a major milestone in heavy music with their second album, 1992's Blues for the Red Sun. Producer Chris Goss masterfully captures the band's unique heavy/light formula, which becomes apparent as soon as the gentle but sinister intro melody gives way to the chugging main riff in the opener, "Thumb." This segues immediately into the galloping "Green Machine," which pummels forward inexorably and even features that rarest rock & roll moment: a bass solo. "Thong Song" alternates rumbling guitar explosions with almost complete silence, and "Mondo Generator" plays like an extended acid trip. The slow build of the epic "Freedom Run" and the driving "Allen's Wrench" are also highlights, and though the album is heavy on instrumentals, these actually provide a seamless transition from song to song.
(By Eduardo Rivadavia at All Music Guide)

Kyuss - Blues For The Red Sun (1992)

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Anonymous said...

Riez have a nice next sunday! Blues for the red sun was my first kyuss on vinyl, kyuss and sleep and fu manchu was my heros back in 90´ then come atomic bich wax and more and more,,, cheers and beers to you all!