Saturday, October 31, 2009

Estonian Strange.

Thanks to Trash from
Trash Can Dance for sending me this one.
Tolmunud Mesipuu is an Estonian Instrumental Stoner band. They have their music labeled as Acid Country, but it's just more than that. I hear several styles in their music. It's very hard to define it. For all I know it's just awesome, very epic and atmospheric. Sometimes a bit jazzy. The instruments are played very well. This album has a great sound. You really should hear this. You must hear this! Enjoy!

This Estonian power trio mixes up all genres of music you can imagine. Doom, Metal, Jazz, Country, Blues, Stoner Rock and everything between are mixed up in a cosmic psychedelic energy boost. All-instrumental, a little crazy - in a good way, this weird blend of different heavy and hard music leaves the listeners only craving for more.
(From file info)

Tolmunud Mesipuu - Puusse panen (2009)

Psychedelic Stoner From Greece.

A big thanks to Kooh for dropping this one in my C-Box and mail. Last Rizla, hm, isn't that a brand that makes smoking papers? When you got your last one, then you're in trouble.
However, Last Rizla is a Stoner Rock band from Greece and this is their first demo. Well I can't hardly call it a demo when I listen to this. Press it right away on vinyl, so good does this sound. Last Rizla plays Stoner with a variety of influences. They sound like nothing I ever heard, but it is incredible good. Enjoy this one! Go to their MySpace page and give 'em support!

Just like a flatulent bowel aerification, it all started back in 2003, in that certain 2x3 basement, all being clumsy as mollusks. Punk Rock and Red Hot covers. The Last Rizla thang was conceived around 2006, during a session in that uncertain studio, featuring actual musicians that, of course, did not continue with the band. Line-up changed (actually still does), instruments exchanged and as of 2009, Last Rizla have eventually found the money to pay for their first recording, self-releasing it and giving it around for free (stupid morons! - DIY and shit...). Last Rizla suffer/have suffered from raging haemorrhoids, thyroid anomalies, high blood pressure, a bunch of broken teeth, stones in the gall bladder, dandruff (just to mention a few). Blame Rock.

Someone wrote:

Last Rizla is a session band formed by independent musicians who share the need of experimenting with new sounds as well as fusing different styles. We believe that music is not static and therefore there are no rules for creating interesting music. Music should have no boundaries and any musician should be free to express himself by any means available...

He has no facial hair...

Furthermore, the vast majority of the Last Rizla Group members encounter a dispiriting problem of bad, plain bad, haircuts or hairstyles; ranging from total baldness to buddha-looking-chubby-heads, oily-lovelocks to 80s-mane-full-of-shame, disoriented-dreadlocks to yippy-yow-cowlicks, one-bread-all-head to pussy-looking-fluffy-mohawks and weak-afanaz, Last Rizla have made their statement to the world of style! Bad Taste!

(From MySpace)

Last Rizla - Last Rizla (2009)

Brooklyn Hard Rock Punk

Here's another thing I found in my mail-box. (Thank you, Woody!)
Mighty High is a New York based Hard Rock/Punk/Rock 'n' Roll band. When I listen to this single I have to think of Nashville Pussy and it's never wrong being compared with them. The Drops A Deuce single is a small taste of what's coming in 2010. I can't wait!

Brooklyn’s 1 regressive rock act returns on wax in 2009 with a brand new single. Released on their homegrown label Mint Deluxe Tapes it expands on their patented Black Flag Railroad sound. “Cable TV Eye” can be found on Side Mint of the 45 and is a tale of ordinary paranoia at the check cashing place. Side Deluxe features a rowdy take of “Hands Up!(Live N Nasty)” captured in the raw at one of their deafening concerts. Recording and mixing was handled by Jason LaFarge (Devendra Banhart, Khanate, Angels of Light) at the historic Seizures Palace studio in Brooklyn. Original artwork was created by longtime Mighty High illustrator Wayne Braino Bjerke, whose work has also graced the cover of The Dictators D.F.F.D. album and plenty of Iron Maiden and Zep vests.

Mighty High’s 2008 full length debut album …In Drug City earned rave reviews from Classic Rock Magazine (8 out of 10 stars), Julian Cope’s Head Heritage web site and Revolver Magazine among others (see over for exciting pull quotes). The editors of Classic Rock selected the song “Hooked On Drugs” to appear on a compilation CD entitled Guitarmageddon! that was included with the October 2008 issue. Mighty High sounded ridiculous in between songs by Dream Theater, Extreme and Megadeth but managed to attract a new international audience. Now everyone from teenage burnouts in California to old guys in Wales who saw Saxon on the Wheels Of Steel tour get baked listening to Mighty High. The band can also be found towards the top, if not 1, on High Times Magazine’s monthly Pot 40 chart that is voted on by its readers.

A power trio trapped in the body of a quartet, the band was formed in 2002 by Woody High (guitar/voices) out of sheer necessity. Mighty High existed as a band name, concept and denim jacket long before a single note of music was ever played. In fact, when Woody came up with the band name he couldn’t even play guitar (and still can’t). After years of bragging how great his band would be, his friends challenged him to put up or shut up. Tommy Blow (bass), TJ Whippets (guitar) and Jesse D’Stills (drums) share Woody’s blurred vision for a total assault on our dull, sober society.

To date, Mighty High is the only band in the world to have ever played with both Thor and Valient Thorr. They have also shared the stage with great bands such as Angry Samoans, Viking Skull, The Brought Low, Federale, Backwoods Payback, Puny Human, The Saloonatics, The Suede Brothers, The Black Hollies, Goat Horn and Mess With The Bull. They also love playing with tribute bands such as Sabbra Cadabra (Black Sabbath), Gimmiehead/Lizzyhead (Motorhead/Thin Lizzy), The Murderlators (Misfits) and The Scrooges (The Stooges in low budget Santa outfits).

Mighty High Drops A Deuce is only a whiff of what’s to come in 2010. The band has half of their next album recorded and are frantically writing the other half of it. There will be plenty of live assaults in the remainder of 2009 to keep the band under police surveillance. Stay high and survive!

(From MySpace)

Mighty High - Drops A Deuce 7" Single (2009)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Lucky Ones + Bonus 7" Single

Two weeks ago I went to the Mudhoney show at the Melkweg, Amsterdam. This show was really awesome. They played almost all the songs I wanted to hear (Except for Sonic Infusion, but I can't have it all!). After the show I bought four vinyl records and there was a surprise with it: The records contained a coupon to download the albums as MP3's from the Subpop website. Thank you Subpop!
Another surprise was the bonus 7" single that was packed with this album, The Lucky Ones. The Single has two covers on it: Street Waves by Pere Ubu and Gonna Make You by The Troggs. Subpop, thanks again!
My favourites of The Lucky Ones are: Next Time, Tales Of Terror and The Lucky Ones. Enjoy!

The Lucky Ones marks Mudhoney's twentieth anniversary as a band, and in those two decades they've evolved from the guys that first brought the Seattle sound to loser record collectors around the world into a living anachronism as the Last Grunge Band Left Alive. But The Lucky Ones is a telling album to release on Mudhoney's big birthday, as it's the simplest and most unadorned album the band has released since 1995's overlooked masterpiece My Brother the Cow, and also the best. While Since We've Become Translucent and Under a Billion Suns proved Mudhoney had lost nothing in the way of fire or focus in the Twenty-First Century, The Lucky Ones is a brave step backwards into the primitivism of Superfuzz Bigmuff, and though Tucker Martine's engineering and mix is cleaner and better detailed than what Jack Endino brought to the band's early sessions, the approach seems much the same -- roll tape and lurch into the songs with all the muscle the boys can muster, and when the band kicks into fourth gear on "The Open Mind," "I'm Now" and the title cut, this stuff comes on as raw and messed-up as anything Mudhoney has unleashed in years, and Steve Turner's guitar work is little short of feral. The twisted sense of humor that informed much of Mudhoney's "classic period" is in short supply, but Mark Arm's command of the verbal sneer remains unsurpassed, and when he bellows "the lucky ones have already gone down," its with the voice of the leader of the last gang in town. For good or ill Mudhoney remain bloody but unbowed, heavyweight champions of fuzz and feedback, and on the evidence of The Lucky Ones, no one with any sense is going to challenge their title anytime soon; they built this strange machine, and they can drive it better than anyone before or since.
(By Mark Deming at All Music Guide)

Mudhoney - The Lucky Ones + Bonus 7" Single (2008)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Celestial Season from Holland was a band that started as a Doom/Death/Goth Metal band. The first release was Solar Lovers. After this album Celestial Season developed into a Stoner Rock band. The first attempt in this style was the EP Sonic Orb. Orange is the second full-lenght album and it's a great one. I love it! Do you?
(There are two MySpaces pages and it's all old stuff).

Years ago, I worked at a record store for a few months. There was this one fellow who had sold all his death and black metal CDs to focus solely on stoner rock. For whatever reason, he had found religion in weed and submerged himself entirely in its culture.

Based on Celestial Season's Orange, the band's first full length effort after their transition into a "stoner rock" style, I have come to the conclusion one would have to be entirely baked to find much appreciation here.

While Sonic Orb at least hinted that Celestial Season would find some musical gratification after moving away from the increasingly cluttered doom metal field, Orange does not cash in on that promise. The lazy, sonically squashed Orange lumbers through the album's duration without really catching onto a good hook, solid groove or great song. Songs about auto racing and weird titles like "Daisy's Lunch" don't offer a whole lot beyond novelty. The album is mostly hesitant and timid. Ultimately Celestial Season would find considerably more comfort in writing songs within this style, but Orange is not that album.

(Review by John Chedsey at Satan Stole My Teddybear)

Celestial Season - Orange (1997)

Another GRU Album.

A couple days ago I posted an album and a single from the Italian band Gnu here. This is the third release and in my opinion the best one. These guys were pretty productive in 2008. Enjoy!
(Plasticrane, thanx again!)

Gru - The Day We Perceived We Are A Minority (2008)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sludge Death And Grind

Meet Fury Buffalo from Russia, a Death Metal band, or no, a Sludge Metal band, or what, a Grindcore band. Hell, I don't know how to call this. But what I do know is that they are incredible awesome. You really must hear this! If you like raw and aggressive music, you have to grab this EP!

Fury Buffalo - Fury Buffalo EP (2009)

Russian Garage Punk

Jenny Feels Great is a EP made by Bungalow Bums from Siberia, Russia. This band play Garage Punk with Grunge influences and a bit of Blues. on their MySpace Bungalow Bums claims to be influenced by the following: The Stooges, MC5, New York Dolls, The Stranglers, The Fuzztones, Mudhoney, Sonic's Rendezvous Band, The D4, The 22-20's, The Morning After Girls, The Von Bondies, Wolfmother, The Datsuns, The Soledad Brothers, The Hellacopters, Eagles of Death Metal, Black Keys, Black Lips, Radio Moscow...
So you know what to expect. Enjoy!

The Bungalow Bums are from Omsk in southern Siberia. They’ve been around since 2006, when they originally cranked out songs under the direct influence of britpop and US rock. With time, however, their interests and influences have moved backwards through the history books. Their listed idols begin with the time-tested threesome of The Stooges, MC5, and the New York Dolls. Somewhere in this post, therefore, the term garage rock is bound to pop up. And indeed the band tell us, almost immediately: “We soon developed a love for classic garage rock from the 1960s in all its forms.” Nonetheless, they’ve tried hard to draw a clear and lasting line between admiration and adulation. “We’ve refused to tie ourselves to any one style or period. We stick to an experimental approach to songwriting. Our music isn’t boxed in by the preexisting concepts of a particular sound or style. All the band members have equal rights in the compositional process. Everybody plays their part of the song the way they see it personally. That’s what gives our band the status of some unique musical cocktail or other.” The most recent adventures in this ongoing experimentation have been defined as moving towards noise- and/or stoner-rock, which is a fair description of the four tracks in this post. Together they constitute the brand-new release, “Jenny Feels Great.” Simplicity is the name of the game throughout this EP: “The band isn’t striving for especially complicated or carefully-fashioned melodies. The music of the Bungalow Bums is based upon a wholly conscious minimalism… but we still keep the sound quality at a level to match Western bands! We’ve give it all we’ve got on stage, too!” “Everything’s based on a crazy energy, together with vocals pushed to breaking point, like a hoarse scream. There’s all kinds of things going on when they band play live, too: bared nerves and naked emotion keep the music driving forward. They’re the main elements of The Bungalow Bums‘ work.” These may sound like universal qualities, irrespective of one’s address or language, but the band does see a certain specificity to their locale, one that feeds directly into their music. It also explains why they sing in English. Through that second language, The Bungalow Bums “try to link South-Western Siberia with the northern states of America. They try to compare their hometown of Omsk with Detroit or other cities of Michigan. The group tries to translate the American sense of unbelievable tedium, of having nothing to do. It’s a neverending sense of doziness, a particular kind of peripheral trance, even. The only thing that can break that spell is the most driven, almost desperate kind of rock and roll.” Omsk is a logical place for these themes, having suffered more that its fair share of corporate greed, swindles, and insitutional fraud. “In the good old traditions of American blues, our characters are the kind of people who try scrounging their way through life. They drink heavily and fight in roadside bars. Their hearts have been broken - long ago - by women in faraway towns.” The misery continues: “Our characters abuse the kind of substances that people shouldn’t be playing around with. They almost die from their own insignificance… but they never get too depressed.” Knowing that such people really do inhabit the streets of Omsk - and many other towns - our four musicians make a direct appeal to their fellow countrymen (and women) to join a digital community of suffering. “If these kind of songs - and their heroes - are near and dear to you, too… if you’re ready to face all kinds of nastiness and indecency… if you go crazy for really rough ‘n’ ready rock music, then the songs of The Bungalow Bums are just what you’ve been looking for!”

by David MacFadyen, Professor and Chair, University of California, Los Angeles

(From MySpace)

Bungalow Bums - Jenny Feels Great EP (2009)

Russian Sludge Metal

Fire To Fields is a Rusian Sludge Metal band. I can't tell much about them, cause this demo contains only two songs and one is a cover (EyeHateGod). Sounds good anyway.

The story of the band began from the year 2007, when young and ambitious vocalist Stas and drummer Oleg decided to form their own musical band, which could let them express themselves in slow and headcrushing music. But it was not so easy because of rare and outlandish music favours. So they started to search people, but their efforts weren’t awarded soon. Musicians went through, but none of them stayed in the band for long. It went to the dead end, but the chance helped and Stas and Oleg met bassist Dima at spring 2008. He came to an audition and fit perfectly into the band. Meanwhile, complete sound of band was evolved to noised and droned sludgecore. Recruitment was completely finished at the spring 2009, when guitarist Vova comes. With this line-up, they have recorded two-song demo in August 2009. Later on the band was accomplished with Alexander(who previously worked with such projects as Sinter and Buried Flags). So, five different people filled up each other in original, mindtwisting band from Syberia to make their own style of music. Fire is coming for its’ harvest, fire is coming to purge fields…
(From MySpace)

Fire To Fields - Demo (2009)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Italian Instrumental Stoner/Sludge/Post Rock

Here is another band from Plasticrane Productions. (Thanx Again!)
Gru is a Instumental Sludge/Stoner/Post Rock trio from Italy. If you are into Pelican or Red Sparrowes, then this is your thing.
Gru Archivi Sonori Vol.1 is a full lenght album with three tracks. The Perry Mason VS. Space Derrick Single is a two track single with some more shorter songs.

Gru - Gru Archivi Sonori Vol.1 (2008)

Gru - Perry Mason VS. Space Derrick Single (2008)

Italian Instrumental Stoner Garage

I found a message in my C-Box from Plasticrane Productions. This is an Italian on-line music label/(photo)graphic studio. The music they promote is a Lo-Fi. The most stuff is Ambiance/Trance, but there are also some Stoner-like bands. Kill Jesus Kill is on of them.
Kill Jesus Kill is a duo from Modena, italy. They play some very nice Instrumental Stoner Garage Rock. Good sounding guitar riffs, great drums. So what do you want more (Except for more, cause 15 minutes is to less). Kill Jesus Kill was born from the ashes of NewHomeAutomatika. Check this out and visit the Plasticrane site.

Kill Jesus Kill - Kill Jesus Kill EP (2009)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spanish Sludge Metal.

This is the second Ep that was dropped in my mailbox today.
Marasme is a Sludge/Post Metal band from Spain. I like this self-titled EP. It has three very good songs with some great atmosphere. The sound is good, a bit raw and I like that. Listen this EP and if you like it, support Marasme!

1-Extremely slimness or weakening of human body.
2-Moral or phisical hanging, motionless.
Something athmospheric. Something chaotic, obsessive, melancholic. Claustrophobic and free: something dark, complex, painful. Marasme was born in January of 2008 when five twisted minds joined together to make something different: Jeroni (vocals; ex-Strangled), Tomeu (guitar; TeCorrs, ex-Venus Inferna), Manuel (guitar; ex-Stones From The Sky), Jaume (bass; ex-Dogma) and David (drums; ex-Dogma).
(From Their MySpace)

Marasme - Marasme EP (2009)

Strange Stuff.

This EP was dropped in my mailbox today.
Everything is strange about this EP: The band name, the EP title and the artwork. But as I said before: Strange is cool!
Vere is a Psychedelic Rock band from Memphis/Jackson, Tennessee and they play their music well. I think that I want to hear more than this 15 minute EP. Go check this out and give the band some support!

We've been told we sound like:
"...The Appleseed Cast, Sunny Day Real Estate, Pink Floyd, Bauhaus, Deftones, Type O Negative, Mogwai, Down..."

(From Their MySpace)

Vere - We Are Time EP (2009)

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Black Angels

From Austin, Texas hails The Black Angels. They play some Nasty, Melancholic Psychedelic sort of Stoner Rock. Pass Over is a very strong album. Enjoy.

It has been an angry week. Most music will do for soothing the more banal stresses of work and relationships, but these early months of ‘07–with their pre-election madness, shooting madness, war madness–calls for something explosive, emotional and flat-out enraged. I pulled The Black Angels‘ 2006 release Passover off the shelf and have since had it on repeat to let it all out.

Formed in 2004 in Austin, Texas, the Angels rock a heavy mix of Velvet Underground moodiness, layered percussion and politically charged lyrics. With song titles like “Young Men Dead,” “Black Grease,” “Bloodhounds on My Trail,” and “Call to Arms” (all standouts), the band delves into some serious shit. But what could be a tedious exercise in self-righteousness instead becomes passionate, cathartic rock ‘n’ roll.

Vocalist Alex Maas has a gift for channeling the bastard child of Jim Morrison and Lou Reed without ever falling into parody. The rest of The Black Angels, aided by a drone machine and a variety of percussion in addition to the usual suspects, create a rich wall of sound for Maas to work with.

Their official website proclaims, “The Black Angels are marching forward into battle for your souls.” At a time when human beings seem so completely lost, this is one band whose music won’t let you go gently into that good night.

(By Elizabeth Vatinza at

The Black Angels - Passover (2006)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cosmic Android

Whoooooosh, there is Cosmic Android from Amsterdam, Holland. They play Psychedelic Spacey Stoner Rock with some Grunge influences.
Cosmic Android claims to be influenced by the following bands and artists: 35007, 7zuma7, Alice in Chains, Cowboys & Aliens, Foo Fighters, Fu Manchu, Glowsun, Hawkwind, Honcho, Kyuss, Melvins, Monkey 3, Monster Magnet, Sleep, Truckfighters, ZzZ, Philip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov.
I must say that the vocals sound much like the singer of Cowboys & Aliens and that's not a bad thing. The Electroplastic 7 demo sounds very good. I hope to hear more from these guys (and girl) in the future. Give it a try and let me know your opinion. And give them support!

Cosmic Android is an Amsterdam based stoner-grunge-rock trio consisting of dutch rock'n'roll poet Tjø van Zuijlen on vocals and bass, guitarist Paul Geerts and Suzan Rooijers (Facehugger, Unabomber) on drums. Inspired by great 90's bands like Fu Manchu, Kyuss, the Melvins and Alice in Chains we produce our own tube-driven rock full of catchy riff's,ass-kicking beats and psychedelic whimsy.
With the release of our first demo we are ready to entertain any rock loving crowd with up to one hour of musical spectacle.

(From their website and MySpace)

Cosmic Android - Electroplastic 7 (2008)

(Thanx to Planet Fuzz)

Blue Record With Bonus!

I guess the most people know this album by now, but I have to post it anyway. When I bought this CD, I did not know there was a bonus CD included. This bonus CD contains (a part of) their performance at Roadburn 2009. I think it's a part of their show, because the CD last only 34 minutes.
The Blue Record is just what you expect from Baroness, Heaviness in all aspects. This is a truly great album. Enjoy and buy!

In 2007 Baroness released an album with glorious red artwork. In a fit of unbelievable creativity, they named it Red Album. In 2009 they are cementing their reputation for nomenclature with the ingeniously titled companion album – Blue Record.

Like all great pairings though, these two Baroness albums are a contrasting duo. Red Album was a galloping charge of muscular grooves, building layer upon layer of sound into an unrelenting assault. Blue Record is a different beast entirely, trading the slowly building sonic landscapes of its predecessor with a more jarring sound, full of twists, turns and tangential moments. This is an inventive album, one not afraid to tone down the band's clear talent for musical muscle for the sake of originality.
Baroness have undoubtedly retained their tight and pounding style, but it has been shoehorned into a different context. Here the guitars lead the way, and while the aggression is still there, they are more willing to throw different tones and styles into the mix. Straight up metal riffage jostles for position with bluesy folk breakdowns, jangling garage rock style arpeggios and prog rock cascading rhythms. Even though the raw vocals at times sound slightly odd against the more delicate musical sections, it's still a breathlessly effective melting pot of sound, and the frenetic pace is sustained throughout.
Despite all of this musical chaos Blue Record manages to maintain an enormous amount of identity. From the sizzling fuzz laden guitar solos to crushing bass grooves; the album positively drips with the flavour of the American Deep South. This grounding provides a sense of unity that ties the album together, giving it a sense of narrative throughout.
Blue Record reinforces Baroness' status as a musical powerhouse, but perhaps more impressive is that is does so whilst deviating substantially from the formula set down in their first full length album. Brave, fresh, and original – this excellent album packs a punch.

(By Richard Wheelhouse at

Baroness - Blue Record (2009)

Bonus CD: Live At Roadburn 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stoner From Belgium: THE KILLBOTS

Belgium has often good music to offer. The Killbots is a good example of that. They play some energetic Stoner/Hard Rock. Many songs have a high speed Rock 'n' Roll feeling. Listen this album and judge for yourself! Share your findings in a comment!

After two demos and a contribution to a compilation disc, the Killbots finally release their self-titled debut album. First I want to give my deepest respect to the amazing cover artwork which turns out to be a cool, but trashy science fiction poster when you unfold the booklet.

Even if the artwork has a definite Fifties tinge, the Belgians have their musical roots in the Seventies. Their sound is a fluid mixture of groovy stoner and rock’n’roll. If I need comparisons, you don’t need to look further than Queens Of The Stone Age, Fu Manchu and Kyuss, although retro rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Crowes also seem to have left their mark.

The Killbots have a rather raw approach towards songwriting. Their music has some melodic parts, but the huge majority consists of dirty rock’n’roll combined with a maximum portion of noise. The album contains two instrumental songs which seem to contain a lot of improvisation which works especially fine for the ten minutes long Tantra. The album’s last track starts like a outro, but develops into a journey to the weirdest fields of rock music. Another highlight is the sex minute long Rule Me Out with its groovy start before taking a turn to calmer regions and finally culminating with quite fuzzy structures.

The album is nearly one hour long, and the changes from song to song work well enough. On the one hand, the Killbots’ music doesn’t ask too big an effort from the listener, yet on the other hand, it’s hard to concentrate fully on the album as real highlights are hard to find. Everything on this CD has been popular in the Seventies and in the Nineties when this genre experienced a revival. Eventually I don’t see the point in recording an album that doesn’t give a damn about originality. This is a privilege which may be claimed by Motörhead or AC/DC, but a newcomer band should first define their own style before allowing themselves to get rid of innovation.


The Killbots - The Killbots (2007)

Space Probe Taurus

Space Probe Taurus is a Swedish Stoner Rock band with Garage Rock influences. This album rocks! Read the review below and you know what I mean. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Acid Fuzz Rock from Sweden you will get from ex-Snake Machine (1992-1997), which are now SPACE PROBE TAURUS. The sound is compared with bands like Mudhoney, Hellacopters, Stooges, MC 5, NEBULA and a little FU MANCHU. The opener DIG THE LIZARD is a fast forward dirty rock song in the veins of THE HELLACOPTERS or GLUECIFER, with some Fuzz Rock elements. BUZZ AMP, ELECTRIC EXPLOSION and SNAKEBIRTH are that direction. And it will give you the typical sound. It would be a boring record, if not the other tracks like MOLTEN LAVA (with a great Stoner Rock beginning), BAREFOOT (the typical Stoner touch again, but with a lot of drive!) or the mighty and slower PSI-BURN, which is a great groove monster with excellent vocal lines. This track is the highlight on that record in my eyes. Sounding like a good Stoner Rock song, written in the best Stoner Rock years, back in 1998-2000. SUPERSONIC WOMAN rocks too and LEVITATION give you the classic psychedelic input, which made NEBULA huge. The last track (bonus track) called SHE-WOLF, BABY is taken from the movie HOLLYWOOD SHE-WOLF. Cool. All in all a record which makes a lot of fun and sounding fresh if you not expect a new influence for the Stoner Rock scene. Good record, this sound will work on stage definitely.
(By Jochen at Daredevilrecords)

Space Probe Taurus - Space Probe Taurus (2005)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Here It Is!

I was waiting a long time for this one. Astrosoniq's new album Quadrant is awesome. I don't want to spill more words on this one. Check it out, enjoy and then... BUY IT! (And tell me what you think!)

Every Dutch stoner-rocker knows this band: Astrosoniq. I had the honour of witnessing their first show in a long time recently, and I was blown away by the sheer quality of this act. Now they have released their new record Quadrant, the follow up to their 2006 release Speeder People. And let me tell you, it is mighty good stuff!

I have to honestly admit that this is the first actual Astrosoniq release I hear, but damn has it convinced me! This record is so well produced, arranged and played, it’s almost out of this world, or as you might say, from out space. These guys take elements of classic rock, stoner, grunge, psychedelics, industrial, metal, country and avant-garde and mould it into a giant monolithic whole, topped with brilliant guitar solos. It’s like stepping into a wormhole into another dimension of rock music. And even better, every time I play it, it gets better and better! A true masterpiece indeed.

Every song on Quadrant has a face of its own, making every song a small trip in a whole of a giant space odyssey. This stuff goes right from Pink Floyd to Orange Goblin to Alice In Chains to Saint Vitus and back without breaking a sweat. And to make it even more interesting, you can listen to the track ‘Zero’, which also features a guest appearance by the band ZEUS (with that Lama guy Jeroen van Koningsbrugge) on both the left and right channel of your stereo individually as well as together. The finishing touch is found in a cover version of the Dutch noise band T-Nailed’s ‘Bored’.

Conclusion: a fucking brilliant record with a nomination for my personal yearlist! If you dig the band, or even remotely dig one of the styles they play, make yourself a happy man and check Quadrant out asap!

(By DemonDust at

Astrosoniq - Quadrant (2009)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finnish Stoner

If you like some up-tempo Stoner Rock, then this EP is your thing. Zerocharisma play damn fine Stoner Rock. I guess this was their only release. Too bad, I wish I could hear more of this band. Except for this review there's nothing to find about Zerocharisma, no website and no MySpace (Also too bad). Listen and enjoy!

Whoa!!! This record roars like a dragster at full speed! This great Ep is released by the good label Monsterzero Records...and their choice was right, because the band we're talking about has great chances to rise to great fame levels; Zerocharisma plays a sort of punk-influenced stoner-rock, mixed with some motorhead...I could say optimal tourmate of Zerocharisma are the finnish Sunride...they seem to have the same fuckin' irty attitude...they are the perfect bands to listen to at a wild alcholic party. Really adrenalinic.This Ep contains five top class songs. Oracle, the opener, is really fast and amphetaminic, Ridin' Astro is a bit slower, but still heavy. Then it's time for Caliphornia, another fast song...but with a lovely mid-tempo stoned break. The fourth song is Space Probe, and it's once again time for a highway ride in the night...this is my favourite song, and probably the most psychedelic, too. Finally, there is the title track, Flip the Man; in the beginning, it seems to be the most punk-song of the whole cd. Then, it becomes a real kick it the head, due to its dirty stoned-punk attitude I really love. The performance of the musician is perfect (especially, i loved the singer's voice) and the recording is really really good. A very high recording standard, for Zerocharisma. Definetively, this is a very very good record from Monsterzero Records...every rock-lover should buy it...another perfect record for tripping on the highway...
(By Alex (Stoned Gods))

Zerocharisma - Flip The Man EP (2000)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some Milligrams Of Stoner Punk

This is a short album by Milligram from Massachutes, U.S.A. Milligram play some sort of Stoner Punk. The songs sounds like high energized Rock 'n' Roll.
Their MySpace says that Milligram is influenced by the following bands and artists: Black Flag, MAINLINER, Stooges, FEAR, Loop, DWARVES, Jesus Lizard, Tom Waits, Kyuss, Birthday Party, Black Sabbath, HIGH RISE, Neil Young, Fu Manchu, Pink Floyd, La Gritona, Misfits, GUITAR WOLF, Refused, Ornette Coleman, Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, Unsane.
There are some covers on this album. Check it out!

"Furious as punk and loud as hell, four Boston rock veterans (including ex-Roadsaw-er Darryl Shepherd) pound through seven tracks."

"This band from Massachusetts is a ball of furious energy spawning from such styles as MC5- Stooges."


Milligram - Hello Motherfucker! (2000)

Strange Atmosphere 2.

Some time ago I posted the EP from Bird From The Abyss here. This is the promo-video for the new upcoming album.


A Truckfighters Re-Up.

A while ago I posted this EP here. Mediafire removed it, so I post it again.

Truckfighters - Heading For God's Warehouse EP (2002)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Promise For The Future

Thanks to Planet Fuzz for publishing this demo. I did not really know that there are so many new Stoner Rock bands in Holland. One of them are Stonerfront Nijmegen. They play some decent Stoner Rock and I think they will make some more great music in the future. This three track demo proves that. Promising!

STONERFRONT NIJMEGEN was founded in April 2008 in Nijmegen (Holland). The band works with various musicians and their main target is to make stoner in the tradition of bands like Kyuss and Monster Magnet (MM: early works). One of the goals is not to be original, not to give a new twist to stoner. When the groove is good, when the groove is stoner it doesn't give a damn if it sounds like Unida, Fu Manchu or Lowrider. 'If you like the tracks, then what does it matter if it sounds like a band that you know?'

Along the way STONERFRONT NIJMEGEN will leave behind the idea of working with various musicians, so it can form a 'power-trio'. There is even a rumor that in the future this trio will perform only instrumental stoner. Carefully picked samples will complete the songs...

(Bio from My Space)

Stonerfront Nijmegen - Demo (2009)

Estonian Stoner Hard Rock

Nevesis is an Hard Rock Stoner band from Estonia. I like their music at this demo and I look forward to their first album.

Nevesis - Demo (2009)