Sunday, August 29, 2010

Great Spanish Stoner Rock.

Viaje A 800 is a band from the beautiful Spanish region Andalucia. This region is famous for the Flamenco music. Viaje A 800 has nothing to do with that. Viaje A 800 plays a combination of Stoner Rock, Psychedelic and 70's Hard rock. Their MySpace says that Viaje A 800 is influenced by the following: Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Groundhogs, Hendrix, Melvins, Greg Sage & The Wipers, Triana, Smash, Alice In Chains, Buffalo, Virgenes Adolescentes, Pink Floyd, Randy Holden, The Beatles, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Grand Funk Railroad, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Pentagram, Soundgarden, The Misfits, Saint Vitus, Warrior Soul, Kyuss, Triquinoise Producciones, Chapa Discos, Acerinox, Cepsa, Celupal(D.E.P.), etc...
The first release of Viaje A 800 was a split EP with Los Natas. The albums Diablo Roto De and Estampida De Trombones were both released in 2007. These albums are high quality with lots of diversity. Diablo Roto De is a re-issue with four bonus tracks. Enjoy!

After all that time out of the music scene Viaje a 800 come back with a very unique and personal collection of music that sound fresh and original as only they could make it: psychodellic hard rock, grunge, punk, stoner rock, metal, doom etc. Instrumental tracks and experimentation together with great hard rock tracks that gets you down since the very first listening. An album to discover... Pink Floyd influences, Hawkwind or Neil Young shake hands with Trans Am, Corcobado or Alice in Chains and still everything sounds natural and easy.
(From Kreation Records)

Viaje A 800 - Estampida De Trombones (2007)

"Puta Madre!! Fresh from their split 10" with Argentinain rock kings NATAS on RecOrbitial Records, come Southern Spain's VIAJE A 800. Their first album for Alone/Custom Heavy Records is Diablo Roto De... a collection of eight groove-laden doom n' roll tunes sung in their native tounge. Just a causual listen will explain why VIAJE A 800 is one of the hottest underground bands in Spain right now. Turn on, tune in and dig the International language of rock! "
(From AllThatIsHeavy)

Viaje A 800 - Diablo Roto De (2007)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Let The Night Roar

Let The Night Roar is an awesome band from Atlanta, U.S.A. Their self-titled debut album is an outstanding piece of work. Let The Night Roar plays Heavy Sludge Metal with Doom, Stoner and Death 'n' Roll influences. This album is an indulgence for your ears and mind. Let The Night Roar is according their MySpace influenced by Kreator, High On Fire, At The Gates, Celtic Frost, Venom, Metallica's first album, Entombed, Sleep, Death, His Hero Is Gone, Amebix, Eyehategod, Motorhead, Om, Slayer, and Ricky Martin.
If a comparison is needed, it is not Ricky Martin, but rather High On Fire. This album is an absolute recommendation! Enjoy!

I’m not usually one for stoner doom sludge rock or whatever, as A) I don’t partake of illegal drugs, and B) I’m usually too highly strung and easily distracted to let myself fall into a half sleep, red eyed stupor for any length of time. However with their self released debut (Tualatin Records is the band’s label, and the band was formerly known as Tualatin), Let The Night Roar, led by former Malevolent Creation guitarist Jeff Juszkiewicz add spark of energy and death ‘n’ roll to the typically lethargic and hazy stoner doom sludge sound.
First off, the guitar sound on Let The Night Roar, is just awesome; it rumbles and buzzes with a menacing heft rather than a playful hazy fuzz and the rhythm section is just sturdy as fuck. The material itself while rooted in stoner rock/doom/sludge just seems to have a more dynamic and intense feel akin to say The Georgian Skull mixed with Lair of the Minotaur. Rather than Pot fueled indolence, Let The Night Roar rumble with a dearth of heavy textures and a more urgent delivery than many of their bong addled peers.
Juszkiewicz has a gruff shout delivery plying various mantras of religion, war, suicide and such rather than the usual couch ridden themes of the genre. All eight tracks come in under 5 minutes so there’s no musical munchies or dallying and sidetracking, just a gruff, riff driven album that has a steady, purposeful gait and delivery. Tracks like “All Cost”, “Holy War”, “Blood for Blood”, “Kill Yourself”, “Almighty” and the more dirgy ending track “Let The Night Roar” make for a robust, enjoyable album that should hold appeal to more than just stoner fans.

(By Erik Thomas at Teeth Of The Divine)

Let The Night Roar - Let The Night Roar (2009)

Dutch Heaviness

Summon The Core is the debut album by the Dutch band Tekhton. They were previously known as Lahar. Tekhton plays a combination of Sludge, Doom and Post Metal. Their music is really heavy! On their MySpace Tekhton claims to be influenced by the following: King Crimson, Magma, Van Der Graaff Generator, Captain Beyond, Dust, Return To Forever, Seven That Spells, Circle, Pharao Overlord, Magyar Posse, In The Woods, Goatsnake and Cathedral.
Tekhton reminds me of another awesome Dutch band called Heavy Lord (Especially the vocals). If you like heavy Sludge/Doom Metal, then you should certainly listen to this. Enjoy!

Veterans of the Doom Shall Rise festival and named for the plates shifting continents beneath the surface of the earth, Dutch doomers Tekhton come on broadcasting their heaviness before the music is even played. On their Doom Dealer/The Church Within debut, Summon the Core, the five-piece roots into a mineshaft under Sleep’s Holy Mountain and emerges covered in the sooty rhythms of bassist Jurgen and drummer Marcore, raw riffs from Dirk and Ralph and the throaty, young-Cisernosian vocals of Bert-René (last names need not apply). Like The Deep Blue, this is pure Heavy, “Dragonaut”-worship that, unlike a lot of followers, actually manages to capture the oft-forgotten spontaneous aesthetic that was a big part of what made Sleep so influential in the first place.

Soft, acoustic tones permeate the cryptically titled centerpiece track “031045″ (which some quick Wikipedia research reveals is the day America firebombed Tokyo during WWII, using the US month/day/year — if they’re going with the European day/month/year, it’s the start of the Tigers/Cubs World Series), but that respite and some other atmospheric movements like that ending side B cut “There be Giants” aside, Summon the Core is bent on weathering monuments to dust and forging in their place a landscape pockmarked with huge three-toed footprints. Boldly opening with the longest tracks, “Oxen of the Sun,” Tekhton set out a stoner metal challenge: dare you to make it through this. A test of their audience. Very doom.

That being the case, and cuts like “Terror the Whale” and “It is Death” offering a darker, colder take on post-Sleep riffnosis (that’s riff-induced hypnosis, in case you were wondering), Summon the Core is an easy album to get lost in, but the only question is whether that’s because it’s eating you whole or because all this has been heard before. At least partially acknowledging the second, Tekhton has me leaning toward the first and knowing full well they’ll have no trouble finding like-minded purist zealots among the stoner faithful, I’ll happily take closing track “Apocalypse Machine” as another example of this genre’s enduring vibrance and all the room it leaves for expression and the creation of atmospheres wholly unique and otherwise. Or maybe I just like bands that put a ‘k’ next to an ‘h’ (Drudkh walk by and wave).

It sounds huge. If you want big-ass riffs and all the comforts of home, Tekhton are good to go.

(By JJ Koczan at

Tekhton - Summon The Core (2007)

Monday, August 23, 2010

They Are Coming!

The Russian Stoner Rock band The Grand Astoria are about to start their European tour to promote their album II. Unfortunately they don't have any dates in Holland. But you might be lucky if The Grand Astoria plays in a venue near you. If so, I recommend to go out and see them!


Rebreather is a Stoner Rock band from Ohio, U.S.A. Sunflower is their fifth release. This album contains eight great songs and many of these songs are really heavy. Sometimes there is even a pinch of Post Rock present. Rebreather is a great band and Sunflower is the proof of that. My favorites are: Sun Cancer and Migraine. Enjoy!

If you were to make a short list of all the almost-was bands that have flirted with greatness before stumbling off into obscurity, Rebreather would make it onto the top five. They certainly had the songs and their live performances showed they could hold their own. Shame their touring schedule was sporadic at best and pretty much localized to lower Ohio. Sometime around 2004, after releasing a split with fellow “Man, they were something back then” act Starchild, Rebreather sputtered to a halt and splintered into a couple other groups that never amounted to more than minor MySpace buzz.

What those other projects missed was Rebreather's alluring way of bridging the post-rock aesthetic of Neurosis and Isis with the simplistic, direct approach of hardcore and coating it with emotive pop without making it seem like either a haphazard mish-mash or a derivative mess. Songs like Need Another Seven Astronaut's “Ropeladder/Seedspreader,” Half Speed Ahead's “Lungbrace,” and “Matter Vacuum” from the Starchild vs. Rebreather split laid it all out in the open, emotionally raw and unapologetic about it.

It may have taken the band six years and a new drummer to finally release a proper follow-up to 2002's Need Another Seven Astronauts (Half Speed was a compilation of two earlier EPs, and as far as I know, 2006's Finale was never officially released), but it's worth it. The eight songs on Sunflower fit in perfectly in the Rebreather cannon. The band's commendable traits are in full effect, from the pummeling, swirling drive of “Sun Cancer,” “Loveseat,” “Sugarcord,” and “Anthem” to the plaintive angst of “Pen Pal” and “Migrane” to the epic pop-sludge of “Nofalsesuns” (a Lungfish cover, although it sounds unmistakably like Rebreather) and instrumental closer “Wormcharmer.” “Pen Pal” in particular deserve mention, thanks to its heightened melody and tense, controlled delivery. With its tortured chorus of “All I said was wrong,” “Pen Pal” falls in the same category as those past greats listed above. "Wormcharmer" is another strong track and ends the album on a (morosely) high note.

Essentially, Sunflower's a success start to finish. It's good to have Rebreather back. Recommended.

(By John Pegoraro at

Rebreather - Sunflower (2007)

Music Swop Shop

Music Swop Shop is the second album of the Australian band Peeping Tom. This band plays some nice Stoner Rock with Blues, Metal, 60's and 70's influences. There is also sometimes a Psychedelic vibe present at this album. There is a lot of diversity in the songs of Music Swop Shop. It's a decent album that definitely deserves a listen! Enjoy!

It’s pretty safe to say Melbourne’s Peeping Tom haven’t aimed Music Swap Shop directly at the commercial radio market. With the opening track easily breaking the seven minute mark and the entire eight track album sitting on the longer side of one hour, it’s hard to see Triple J squeezing a Peeping Tom song in before the news.

Even if the songs were shorter radio would have a tough time fitting this album into a neat catagory. Sure there’s the metal sounds reminiscent of Black Sabbath and Metallica but there’s so much more. From the mellow stoner rock intro of White Lightning to the psych rock outro on Cocked Gun, Peeping Tom cover a huge range of sounds and styles. More impressive still is their ability to span so much territory in just one song. Yeah White Lightning goes for thirteen minutes, but it chops and changes, moving in more directions most bands do an entire album.

But it’s on tracks Gingerbread Man and The Reason that Peeping Tom really shine. These filthy, sludge rock numbers barely crawl along. Filled with trademark PT lead guitar, it’s here the band are at their element. The saxophone track on The Reason is a left of centre piece of genius. Mixed deep beneath some crazy riffage, it gives this eleven minute ditty that something extra.

Music Swap Shop closes with PT’s most 60s moment. All Cream-like rhythms and Hendrix solos, it’s probably the bands most palatable track. Finishing with a massive guitar wig out Strike Clones, cements the fact Peeping Tom are essentially a guitar band.

(By DJ Pillowcase at Fasterlouder)

Peeping Tom - Music Swop Shop (2007)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Italian Garage Vibes

A while ago I've posted the 7' single Uomini from the Italian band Mastica here. This is their debut album from 2004. Mastica plays some nice Sixties Psychedelic Garage Rock. Compared with the Uomini single, there is not so much Hammond organ on (12) Treize Cigarettes, but instead you get a lot of good guitar riffs served. (12) Treize Cigarettes has twelve great songs that brings you forty years back in time. Enjoy!

Mastica - (12) Treize Cigarettes (2004)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Medications is the second album from the Swiss band Phased. This band plays as they call it themselves Psychedelic Death Rock. I like that term. I would call it Psychedelic Stoner Rock with Doom influences. The major influences for this band are Hawkwind and Black Sabbath.
Medications is an awesome album from the Elektrohasch label. It contains excellent riffs and great songs. What I particularly appreciate is the remarkable voice of the singer. If you like Stoner Rock, you can't go wrong with this album! The first album Music For Gentlemen and the last album called A Sort Of Spasmic Phlegm Induced By Leaden Fumes Of Pleasure are just as Medications recommended albums! Enjoy!

This trio from Basel are back with their follow up to the really cool, now stoner rock classic, Music for Gentlemen. It has been a few years but the band is back with a set of really great songs. 10 songs about the use and side effects of mind altering substances. The CD opens with the monster Worship the Sun. This has a crushingly heavy riff and gets totally spaced out at the end. Phew. Nihil Hayride has another very heavy riff and I love the vocal delivery, which reminds me of someone but I just can't place it. Quite a few of the Phased tracks take you off into the unknown. Seems like a standard heavy riff rock song but then the band freaks out, takes the songs into the unknown and back. I love that. Reminder is an upbeat punky track and Chris lays down a wicked solo in the 2 minutes. Frozen Buds has a killer phased out guitar and is a really spacey track and has a tuned down killer middle section with a cool sample before the track pulverizes again. The Harsh Chapel Experiment is one of my favourite tracks on the CD. I just like the groove and the way the lyrics are delivered with the flow of the riff. It just grabs me. Sausage Tricks slows things down and has great funny lyrics and this track really takes off and gets spaced and features some great bass playing as well. Traces has a really catchy guitar riff and a spaced out solo in the middle. Back in Time is another sort of punky short rocker. Solitary Animal is one of the more spaced out tracks and very cool. Gets into your head in that middle section like Helios Creed. The CD ends with Nude Interlude from Hell, with 9 minutes of heavy spaced out psych rock. Elektrohasch picks another winner. Stoner doom psych rock. Get it quick before all the other freaks.
(By Scott Heller at Aural Innovations)

Phased - Medications (2006)

Something Totally Different

What we've got here are some mellow Psychedelic tunes from the U.K. based band Starless & Bible Black. This band was named after a King Crimson album. Shape Of The Shape is their second album. Don't expect heavy fuzz guitars here, but the clean Telecaster sounds alright. The singer Helene Gautier has a very hypnotic and mesmerizing voice. She captivates you with her voice. Shape Of The Shape is a beautiful album with nice Psychedelic and Folky songs. The highlight of this album is the song Les Furies.
This album is something totally different than what you normally expect here, but listen to it and tell me what you think of it by leaving a comment. Enjoy!

Shape of the Shape is the second album from Mancunian collective Starless and Bible Black and this time they’ve kicked the banjos into touch, opting instead for the sound of the 70’s. The musicianship on this album is exquisite, and showcased perfectly by a warm, organic recording which derives from twilight sessions in the magical wilderness of Snowdonia. The music may have become more eclectic but everything on the album still rotates around the soulful vocal talent of Hélène Gautier who shimmers and smoulders throughout. The end result of this melding of talents is an album which is essentially timeless and which demands attention; this is a record to be savoured on those dark winter’s evenings ahead.

The album is gorgeous, it caresses the ears but there’s always a nagging feeling that the band are holding back from giving too much of themselves away. They are clearly well versed in musical history and seem to be magpies, tasteful yes but magpies nonetheless, picking at the carcass of the music of yesteryear to bring back the tastiest morsels to repackage and rehash. The album is beautiful but it is just too knowing, too expert in its references. Here’s a Rick Wright Moog sequence and there’s a Neil Young guitar lick but where are Starless & Bible Black in all this? What we are then left with is an album which could have been recorded at any point since 1970 and which lacks that fundamental element of innovation and personality from the performers which could make this an essential album.

The country tinged rock of the opening tracks ‘Say Donny Say’ and ‘Your Majesty Man’ is entertaining but unremarkable, save for the cautious and tasteful use of the Moog. These primitive yet enthralling electronic effects are used to even greater effect on the album’s tour-de-force ‘Les Furies’ which recreates the mood and sound of Wish You Were Here era Floyd while the melody line of ‘Within You Without You’ floats gently on the breeze. This is classic psychedelic rock music with a French twist and, talking of Ms Gautier, her vocal performance on ‘Radio Blues’ is quite incredible and is worth the price of admission alone. ‘Popty Ping’, as you might surmise from the ridiculous title, is the Starless & Bible Black take on the sound of Pentangle and is a warm, woody instrumental featuring some outstanding double bass lines. Shape of the Shape is comforting friend to add to the cd collection but it falls short of the greatness which must surely remain within their reach.

(By Steven Burnett at The Music Fix)

Starless & Bible Black - Shape Of The Shape (2009)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Great Slovenian Stoner Rock

Carnaval is a band from Slovenia that plays some exceptional good Stoner Rock. This is their first release. You might wonder why it is called 2. That is because the first album was never released due to studio problems. 2 is a very nice Stoner Album with ten great songs. These guys really know how to play. The guitars are awesome and so are the drums and bass. Great songs are Big Sized Man and Monetary Animal. Enjoy!

It all began when one monkey learned to make use of a stick. one unfortunate event led to another until heavy rock band Pussyfinger broke up into Pinocchio Pinchball formed by Ažo on guitar and vocals, Knez on drums and Kozel on bass, and Kansky formed by one war hearted big sized man and some other lovable guys. It was 2004 a.d. Pinocchio Pinchball had really nice time, recorded few demos, had few shows. But after six months Knez left to england to make something of himself in a sense of becoming a responsible person his parents would deserve and not getting his ass kicked every friday night in some bizzare disagreement. After few years in london that project failed, however he managed to record great album with his band Koe. Meanwhile Kozel switched from bass to drums and succesfully engaged in what could be called axis of dysfunctionality with his bandmate Ažo. Their totally different personalities and perceptions of life and creativity led to recording of few more demos, this time under another name - Carnaval. they soon discovered they better find some guy they could use to transfer their own disagreements on and stop fighting each other. After reading in some article that having Degu (Octodon Degus) for a pet guaranties to heal your depression they invited a bass player with the same name. They even recorded songs for a real album in 2006 which is not finished yet because of studio problems. That studio problems heated troubles between Ažo and Kozel even more but they smartly put all the guilt and frustration on degu and kicked him out of band. After his return to Slovenia they gladly welcomed back knez on drums and some other guy gale on bass. Knez and Gale were also involved in their own dirty noise experimental project Polona In Suzana. Kozel found perfect position for his high ego as a solo guitarist. They tried to record second album together but Gale kicked other three out of band because of their ego trip super rock star attitude and disgustingly self adoring presence on stage but he misjudged their ability for collective action. they kicked his ass and stole their band back. After recording almost whole second album with gale and that project also failed they found themselves in circle of frustration again. Degu was hired again. They put all their hate and misery on him and succesfully recorded second album in 2009 after all. As has been said, the first album is not finished yet but that doesn't seem to bother anyone in a band because Ažo, Knez And Kozel learned very well how to relieve stress by talking behind Degu's back.
(From their website)

Carnaval - 2 (2009)

Chapter Zero

Stöner Kebab is an Italian band with a ridiculous band name, but they play some damn fine Stoner Rock. Chapter Zero is their first EP. It starts with the awesome track Cop Song. Stöner Kebab has some great fuzz riffs. The last track called Stöner Kebab starts as a chaotic song and after 15 minutes of silence there is a great instrumental song. Enjoy!

Stöner Kebab - Chapter Zero (2005)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Distant Earth

Thanks again to Barbara for this contribution!
Distant Earth is a Stoner influenced Heavy Rock band from Warsaw, Poland. This band features members of Oregano Chino, Natural High, The Thunderboys and Hundred Inch Shadow.
Their 2008 demo sounds quite alright. It contains 5 nice tracks. I have no further information about Distant Earth. Just listen and tell me what you think by leaving a comment. Enjoy!

Earth is the third planet from the Sun and is the largest of the terrestrial planets in the Solar System, in both diameter and mass. Home to millions of species including humans, Earth is the only place in the universe known to harbor life.
(From MySpace)

Distant Earth - Demo (2008)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Pink Alchemist

This is the second album of The Soulbreaker Company, the great Hard Rock/Blues/70's Rock band from Basque Country. This album is in comparison to there debut album Hot Smoke & Heavy Blues a big step forward. The songs are better. The band even dares to use brass horns on some songs. Beside heavy songs there are also some mellow tracks. The Pink Alchemist is a highly recommended album by a great band. They are working now on their third album. For now: Enjoy The Pink Alchemist!

"The Soulbreak Company are the definition of hard rock. A powerful recording where the band show their passion for Led Zeppelin, Groundhogs, Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Captain Beyond and Mountain."
(From Allthatisheavy)

The Soulbreaker Company - The Pink Alchemist (2008)

Hot Smoke & Heavy Blues

I saw this band perform in a local bar called De Vinger yesterday. The Soulbreaker Company is a band from Basque country that plays a combination of Hard Rock, Blues rock and 70's Rock. The show they performed last night was quite impressive. According to their MySpace The Soulbreaker Company is influenced by the following: Led Zeppelin, Raw Material, Bowie, Beatles, Stones ,Gong, Groundhogs, Atomic Rooster, Dixon II, Amon Duul II, Dark, Magna Carta, J. Coltrane, Hawkwind, Beer, Wilson Picket, Raging Slab, Weed, Black Sabbath,Uriah Heep, Mountain, Wine, Pink Floyd, Monster Magnet, Son House, Black Oak Arkansas and Captain Beyond.
The Hammond organ is an important element in their sound. It sometimes reminds me of the band Blood Of The Sun. The Soulbreaker Company is blessed with an awesome singer. You really should listen this great debut album. Enjoy!

The Soulbreaker Company - Hot Smoke & Heavy Blues (2005)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hong Faux

Thanks to the guys of Hong Faux for sharing their demo!
Hong Faux is a new Stoner Rock band from Sweden with members of Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra and High Chao. Their Demo Uno contains three great Stoner Rock songs. It sounds very promising. This is all the information I've got. Tell me what you think by leaving a comment! Enjoy!

Hong Faux - Demo Uno (2010)

The Assistant Of The Locomotive Driver

A big thanks to Barbara for sharing this EP! And these are her words about it:

These are another Polish Stoner rockers from Warsaw, friends of Elvis Deluxe. They last performed live in 2007 and are on hiatus since then, but they still have lots of dedicated fans waiting for their reunion.

This is their only recording, containing 5 tracks. More songs can be found as live videos on their Facebook.

Well, I think I can be count to these dedicated fans! Oregano Chino plays some great Kyuss/QOTSA influenced Stoner Rock. Don't expect much originality here, but that doesn't mind. This EP contains five nice tracks with the absolute highlight Sons Of Freedom.
Enjoy The Assistant Of The Locomotive Driver EP and tell me what you think by leaving a comment!

Oregano Chino - The Assistant Of The Locomotive Driver EP (2006)

In Search Of

In Search Of is the third album of Fu Manchu and the last one with the members Eddie Glass and Ruben Romano. These guys started the great band Nebula after leaving Fu Manchu.
The album In Search Of is a Stoner Rock classic with the awesome songs Regal Begal, Asphalt Raisin', Cyclone Launch and The Falcon Has Landed. Enjoy!

Fu Manchu was one of the most enduring and influential bands of the '90s stoner metal movement (along with Kyuss, Monster Magnet, and Sleep), but it wasn't until their third full-length release, In Search Of..., that the Southern California stoners finally obtained "major" label support by signing with Mammoth Records -- not that this had any effect on singer Scott Hill's indistinctive vocals, or the band's fuzzy dirge of post-Sabbath riffery with psychedelic overtones. And like most Fu Manchu albums, In Search Of... is a very inconsistent affair, with only a few cuts such as "Asphalt Risin'," "Strato-Freak," and "Seahag" really standing out of the pack. Simply put, one gets the impression that Fu Manchu doesn't try that hard, but then, not every band wants to rule the world. Thankfully, the departure of guitarist Eddie Glass and drummer Ruben Romano to form Nebula soon after this recording would provide the band with the impetus and inspiration to really start moving forward on the following year's much improved The Action Is Go.
(By Eduardo Rivadavia at All Music Guide)

Fu Manchu - In Search Of (1996)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

This Is The Beginning

Mat Bethancourt is a man who got famous with the bands Josiah and The Kings Of Frog Island. He also played with the bands Cherry Choke and The Beginning.
The Beginning was a five piece band from the U.K. This band is more focused on the 60's and 70's Psychedelic music. The album This Is The Beginning contains seven outstanding songs. Great songs are The Ju Ju Man and the 13 minute Baby's Takin Me For A Ride (I would almost swear that Keith Richards played here). This Is The Beginning is an album with great grooves and it shows again the midas touch of Mat Bethancourt. Too bad it stayed with one album. Enjoy!

The Beginning were born of a heavy consumption of psychedelics and late sixties/early seventies drug rock culture from both sides of the pond. Blending the west coast acid jams of The Grateful Dead and Quicksilver Messenger Service with the hard rock of Led Zeppelin and Man, The Beginning boast members of both UK fuzz rockers Josiah, The Kings Of Frog Island and UK power pop trio Bronco Bullfrog. This Is..... takes you on a trip of highs and higher highs and drops you off somewhere near the twelfth of never. Unashamedly retro, This Is.... blows straight through your fucking mind.
(From MySpace)

The Beginning - This Is The Beginning (2004)