Friday, May 1, 2009

These Italians take you 40 years back in time.

A while ago I ordered some vinyl stuff at Kozmic Artifactz. This 7" I got as replacement for another item.
Mastica from Italy makes some good Psychedelic Sixties Rock. And when there's a Hammond involved it almost can't go wrong.

Mastica are five heavy psych rockers from the north part of Italy. With a hard and heavy psych sound, derived from the past, Mastica captures attention. They floor the uninitiated with their indisputable musical skills and with songs that are direct and stunning.
Their sound is made using vintage instruments, italian lyrics, vulcanic vocals and a very capable line up, which has recently been improved by the addition of the Hammond organ sound of Apollo (of Link Quartet fame) and by the new guitarist Andrea (Slowtime Mondays). Thanks to their participation in various important international festivals (Euro Ye Ye, Le Beat Bespokè, GoLleida, to name a few) the band have already gotten much attention and gained lots of popularity.

With the last remaining flames of beat and the first hints of hard blues with heavy psych flashes Mastica brings you an incredibly strong and striking 7” single. So lets trip with Uomini and rave to Scemo Chi Spara!

The members of the band:
Matteo Bizzotto (Mad) - bass, vocals
Giovanni Beghetto (Pacio) - drums
Paolo Narduzzo (Paul) - bass, guitar, slide guitar
Andrea Garbo (Garbo) - guitar, talk box, harmonica
Paolo Negri (Apollo) - hammond, clavinet, moog

(From Crusher Records)

Mastica - Uomini 7" (2005)


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Just to let you know. I tried to extract this file but it would not extract!!!

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sorry,but i can t extract it!

thanks for great blog


Insane Riez said...

I checked again. Download and extracting is working fine.