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The Mad Löggers

The Mad Löggers was a band from Leiden, Holland with members of Toner Low. I've seen them a couple of times, good live act.
And guess what: Nothing to find on it, no images and no MySpace. This is what I got: I don't know how old this is and who has written this, but it's a good review.

Hi there, on this page you will find some words on The Mad Löggers from Holland. This mad rockin' garage five-piece where around in the Leiden-area from April 2001 'till November 2006. Pics of the final show of The Mad Löggers are here.


The Mad Löggers / H.O.T.T. split-cd has been released on Roadkill Rekordz September 2005. It's become a cd in a smashing 7" cover based on Mötley Crüe's Too Fast For Love album.

The Mad Löggers will release a split-cd with Holland's ultimate sleaze band H.O.T.T. around this Summer (2K5). It will contain: 'Love Ya When Yer Dead' and 'Rock On' (live version recorded at squat De Raad, Alkmaar Holland, on 23 August 2003).
H.O.T.T. is finishing recordings as we speak.

The Mad Löggers / H-21 split album is still available but only a few copies left. So hurry.


* split 12" with H-21 (Dec 2002, Roadkill Rekordz)
* split m-cd with H.O.T.T. (Sep 2005, Roadkill Rekordz)
* Hard Disk Baby on sampler-cd (June 2006, Bar&Boos)
* Exhaustpipe Slut on sampler-cd (Dec 2006, Motorwolf)


The band started in 2001 to play some mad rock in the vein of bands such as AC/DC, The Stooges and MC5, just to mention a few.

The Mad Löggers' name is based upon a story that happened in September 1915 in Katwijk aan Zee (a village at Holland's North Sea coast) and tells of a coastal fishing ship (a 'logger' in Dutch, a 'lugger' in correct English) on which a form of religious mass-insanity broke out. Some people aboard were killed, while the ship was floating safely on the North Sea towards the coast of England. Without any sails and only to be guided by God's Omnipotent Hand. Or maybe it was just luck.

The idea to form a mad-rockin' band such as The Mad Löggers rose in the Spring of 2001. At first, the one and only goal was to play the annual 'Haringrock-festival' in Katwijk aan Zee in September. Toner Low-members Jack (drums), Willem (guitar) and Daan (guitar) were joined by Miranda (bass), who left Toner Low late 1999 and in the meantime did play the bass-guitar for 7Zuma7 and I$I$ that both had broken up.

Being all connected to Toner Low in one way or another the four musicians were quickly found. To do The Mad Löggers' vocals singer Dirk was asked. In the nineties he had been the singer for a local coverband called Five-2-One, but Dirk hadn't been in a band for quite some time. After the first complete-band rehearsals began in July 2001, a few shows were done from September to December.

The following year, in September 2002, The Mad Löggers recorded some of their songs for a split-album with rockers H-21 (with former I$I$-members) from Leiden. The vinyl 12-inch got released early December through Roadkill Rekordz. The Mad Löggers did a three-date local tour to promote the album and played with Duitse Herder, H-21 and Fløffgirl. In 2003 more gigs were done, most of them in the Leiden area and with H-21.

September 2005 The Mad Löggers released their final songs on a split-minicd with H.O.T.T., the last True Glam Rockin' Band in Holland. With this release some more local gigs were played in 2005/2006 with bands such as Peter Pan Speedrock, H.O.T.T., Fløffgirl, Left In The Middle, Cheap Thrills, Love Muffin (USA) and Jack Saints (USA). Friday 24 November 2006 The Mad Löggers did their final show at the Amnesty Festival at the Scum-club in Katwijk. As for final words we would like to thank all of our few fans, our many friends and of course all drunk people that bought our stuff.

(From Roadkill Recordz)

DOWNLOAD The Mad Löggers /H.O.T.T. Split CD Single (2005)

DOWNLOAD The Mad Löggers / H-21 Split 12" LP (2002)

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Mike Desert said...

Hey! I play in the Jack Saints -thanks for posting this! They were great and super nice. I also bought the first Toner Low CD from them!
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