Saturday, May 23, 2009

From Germany: VENGURA

Tonight I did some MySpace-walking and I found this band. Vengura from Trier, Germany plays some decent and solid Stoner Rock with some slight metal influences. The singer does sometimes sound like James Hetfield, but not in an annoying way.
Go judge for yourself!

Rock? Metal? Stoner?

Who wants to be pigeon-holed? First, and foremost, VENGURA makes music. Music that grooves, pushes and makes your body move. To convince the world that "the small fine grains of rock" are more than fading dust is the necessity. Birkenfeld (Nahe), Rheinland-Pfalz, in the center of the heart of nowhere is ideal for spending free time in the rehearsal room. It is here where the songs arise, it is here where five individuals meet to merge for one aim ... to create the sound of VENGURA. Sergio, on bass drives the required pressure, the guitars of Martin and Attila rock the walls, pressed on by the surge of Peter on drums. This incredible sound is perfected with the voice of Peffi, who can only be compared to Hetfiled and Garcia.
Experience the sound of VENGURA! Five new songs were recorded in October 2007 at the Siegburg studio to be release under the title "Small Fine Grains of Rock".

(From Musiknachwuchs)

Vengura - Small Fine Grains of Rock (2007)

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