Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sit Down, Have A Smoke, Listen To This And Enjoy!

Yesterday I found this in my mailbox. It was sended by Alberto from King Bong, an Instrumental Psychedelic Stoner band hailing from Milano, Italy. This is their first release and I like it a lot. Long songs with some heaviness that keeps my attention. And I love the album title.
So don't hesitate and get this one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

King Bong was born in the year of VIII, the breed of one night of wild intercourse between the Universal Evil and the very principle of Life. An epic juggernaut, a wooly beast roaring with fierceness and longing for the peace of his adulterated mind. The only way to achieve some rest is to consume the Sacred Weed, raised with love by humans and bestowed in front of the fidgety beast by three distorted minds.
(From MySpace)

King Bong is:

Andrea - Guitar, odd sounds, drones
Alberto - Bass, harmonica, annoying stuff
Teo - Drums, percussions, silly things that can be beaten with wooden sticks

King Bong - How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bong (2008)


1 Wake And Bake (19:38)
2 One Riff To Rule Them All (11:45)
3 Zomblues (4:06)
4 All The Pretty Horses (11:07)

King Bong MySpace

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