Wednesday, May 20, 2009

TWIN EARTH - Trancers 33 7" EP

I consider Arthur from Orange Sunshine as one of the best guitar players from Holland. One of his previous bands was Twin Earth (Don't confuse it with the same named Swedish Stoner Band).
The song Trancers also appeared on the first Motorwolf compilation CD.

Psychedelic acid rock for those who are into Monster Magnet and the Stooges, cool!

Twin Earth - Trancers 33 7" EP (1995)

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zillagord said...

Funny! At the moment, listening to Orange Sunshine's "Fakir" 45. I love Arthur's playing as well. I never knew he was in Twin Earth, but that certainly explains why I always have liked their sound.

Thanks for posting this, I didn't have it. Really, I didn't know it existed!

As always, thanks for your work here.