Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 SUMA Split Singles

The best recording of 2006 is in my opinion Let The Churches Burn of Suma.
Here is a serie of split singles they recorded in 2005.

#1 is a split with stoner rockers BASTINADO from Zagreb, Croatia featuring vocalist of the Croatian band CHANG FFOS. Remaining installments will feature swedish bands MAURFAHR (#2) and TEXAS MOTHERFUCKERS (#3) - other band of SUMAs guitarist. Coming in silk-screened covers in an edition of 500 copies each. Collect all three for the full cover picture.

Suma/Bastinado Split 7" (2005)


Suma/Maurfahr Split 7" (2005)

Suma/Texas Motherfuckers Split 7" (2005)

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Bastinado MySpace
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