Monday, May 25, 2009

Some Goodness From Canada

Here's another great album I found on the web. Flood from Canada plays some great Sludge/Stoner. Unfortunately there's no website or MySpace of this band.

These local sludgemeisters are gonna give our resident bong-bubblers the Donkeys and Floating Widget some serious competition for the Montreal Sabbath throne. You know the M.O. here: Ozzy-like vocals, vintage Monster Magnet riffs, Hawkwind phase noise etc., but Flood surprise with unlikely jazz jams (“Slough of Despond”) and bludgeoning grooves (“Loose”). Flood prove that they’re no Johnny-come-lately types either by adding a Blue Cheer cover for good measure. The lyrics are a bit iffy here but with riffs dripping with this much heaviosity, who gives a toss what this guy’s singing about? 8/10
(By Johnson Cummins from

Flood - Stone Core Fever (2002)

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