Monday, May 25, 2009

Some Thrash Metal With Spice

The first singer of Spiritual Beggers Christian "Spice" Sjöstrand (And also known from Mushroom River Band and currently Spice And The RJ Band) did make some Thrash Metal with Kayser. I like this band very much. Go and give it a try.

Kayser saw the first ray of light in early June 2004 when Spice (ex Spiritual Beggars), Mattias "Swaney" Svensson (also The Defaced), Bob Ruben (ex The Mushroom River Band) and Fredrik Finnander decided to join forces. No boundaries and no limits and that goes for everything, the members stated initially to set the aim straight. As for the sound, its best described as a mutation of Black Sabbath/Megadeth/Slayer with dips from different good bowls of classic and modern metal. Originating from the pens of Spice and Svensson, Kayser enforces the pillars of metal with absolute authority. Focus always lies on the song, easily identifiable through the supreme vocals by Spice, though the emotional and musical expressions stretch from heavy introvert pounding to pure hate driven ferocity. Kaysers debutalbum titled "Kaiserhof" was recorded at Caesar Studios in Helsingborg with producer Richard Larsson. It was released on Scarlet Records June 2005. It..s a brutal album with great tunes such as: "1919", "Good citizen", "Noble is your blood" and "Seven days to sink". In the fall of 2005 Fredrik Finnander left Kayser and Helsingborg guitarist Jokke Pettersson joined in. Jokke really loved the music and found his place right away. In February 2006 Kayser went in the studio to record their upcoming album "Frame the world...Hang it on the wall" again with Richard Larsson in his Caesar Studios. The result was great! To give a hint of what it all sounds like the material is best described as displaying a bit more diverse and dynamic side of Kayser. If you're a fan of riff laden, melodic kick ass metal packed with some really awesome vocals and cool solos this is something for you. Ranging from total hammers to atmospheric moods, the songs have it all. Fear not, it's all Kayser. In August 2006 Helsingborg bassplayer Ewil Sandin joined Kayser.
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Frame The World...Hang It On The Wall (2006)

Kaiserhof (2005)

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