Sunday, May 24, 2009

Øresund Space Collective - Good Planets Are Hard To Find

This is the most recent album of Øresund Space Collective and not Inside Your Head as I said in my previous ØSC post.
This one is ripped from vinyl. Special thanks and credits to Zillagord!

This is the 5th CD by the all improvised space rock band from the Copenhagen-Malmö region of Scandinavia (Øresund). It was recorded at the Black Tornado Studios in November 2007 and featured new members on drums, percussion, bass, guitar and sitar that had never been in the studio with the band before. The dynamics and vibe was different and KG from the band Siena Root played some amazing sitar on the opening and closing pieces of music on the CD. We think you will find the music has a more progressive and melodic element and is less spacey than our previous releases. The same cool vibe and long journeys await the patient listener. The CD was mixed by Steve Hayes (Secret Saucer) in the USA. Steve also provides on synthesizer solo on Orbital Elevator to replace one that Mogens played when his synthesizer went out of tune. Steve has different ears and different gear so the mix is unique. The band allowed Steve full freedom in the mix process, so he actually becomes more a part of the musical project, so to speak. The CD was mastered to give a nice round but intense rich sound by Henrik Udd, who had mixed and mastered the band's previous 2 albums. The band on this release was: KG- Sitar, Guitar; Tobias- Guitars; Mogens- Hammond and Synthesizers; Jocke and Thomas- Bass; PIB- Drums; Luz- Percussion; Dr. Space- Synthesizers The band has played the Kildemose Festival, headlined the Slottskoggen goes Progressive Festival and also played the Space Rock Odyssey 2008 Festival in Uppsala in 2008. Currently, the band has plans to play gigs in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, in March and April 2009, including opening for Hawkwind at Oslo's legendary Rockefeller Venue on April 18th.

- Tobias / guitars
- PIB / drums
- Thomas / bass
- Jocke / bass
- Luz / percussion
- Mogens / Hammond, synths
- Dr. Space / Synths
- KG / sitar, guitar, Hammond

Øresund Space Collective - Good Planets Are Hard To Find (2009)

This is were the band's name from: The Øresund Bridge, connecting Sweden and Denmark. Go Wiki for more about this.


Mari said...

Thanks so much to Riez and Zillagord! I read about the existence of this 2009 album but I had not yet bought it. Part of my next music shopping ...

lumiko said...

Thanx for posting this.
I saw OSC yesterday in turku finland, in a very small fest in a squatted house. They blew the place and every single mind present there.
Good work with the blog. thanx.