Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Many of you know Orange Sunhine. Before that there was Panty Boy, a Punk/Garage Rock band from The Hague, Holland.
Line up: Guy - Drums, vocals (Now Orange Sunshine), Lizet - Bass, Vocals and Edo - Guitars, Vocals.

"True punk rawk band, giving you back that feeling of the good ol' punk rock days!"

"Holland, suburban motorpunk rock, very raw, very crusty."

The Hague's premier punk rock'n'roll since 1992! From Holland's hard rockin' capital comes this heavy motor punk power trio playing punk rawk Australian style (dig Bored!, Cosmic Psychos and Powder Monkeys?), mixing the Detroit motorcity sound of the Stooges and the Dead Boys with '70's hard rock (AC/DC, Motorhead) and after 5 seven-inches they finally have their album released. 11 songs including 'Yin Yang', a Powder Monkeys' cover, and their hit songs 'Hot Wheels', 'I'm a Millionaire' and 'Allright!'. Cheerio, mates!
(From the Motorwolf website)

Panty Boy - Allright (2000)

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Ron said...

Kikke, thanks a lot !

We saw Pantyboy play live quite a lot, as you well know.
Great band !


Ronald "James"

Den Haag

Insane Riez said...

It's good to see you here, Ronald! And I'll never forget the Panty Boy shows!