Thursday, July 21, 2011


Head is the sixth album by the Danish Psychedelic Garage band On Trial. This album doesn't feature any On Trial songs, but is a superb collection of covers. All these covers are played in the true vein of On Trial.
This band plays excellent versions of songs like TV Eye/Starship (Stooges/Sun Ra), You're Gonna Miss Me (13th Floor Elevators), Interstellar Overdrive (Pink Floyd), Five Years Ahead Of My Time (The Third Bardo) and more great covers. I think this album is a good representation of the influences for On Trial. Enjoy!

Fuck, yes. Have you ever seen High Fidelity, the adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel? It's about people like you and me: nerds, music geeks, people who think making superfluous lists is more fun than politics, candlelight dinners and the seventh season of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Anyway, do you remember the introduction? A record player, a shiny surface turning, a needle touching the black, shiny vinyl, the hiss, and then… THE 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS' "You're Gonna Miss Me"! It's a great opening, not only because it starts off the movie with such a great song - a classic in rock, nothing less - but for the sheer fact it's there, at the start of this big-ass movie featuring big-ass actor John Cusack. From that moment onwards, that movie couldn't go wrong anymore. I would have loved if there had been more music talk instead of those love stories, but okay. It reminded me how my body gets electrified when hearing that song. Danish band On Trial cover that song, "You're Gonna Miss Me," and managed to evoke an identical reaction. It takes literally three seconds of that song to take me to the stage where I jump up, pump my fist into the air, whistle, wiggle my fat butt, call my girlfriend, tell her that rock and roll is my religion and give the finger to the man. It's fierce, passionate, it rocks, it swings, it's religious fervour translated into sonic waves. Head originally was a five song 10" EP released in 1999, but last year, the band added 8 more songs (and left off a live version of "Slip Inside This House," if I'm correct) and none of them is less than excellent. Of course you already knew the band's main influences because they wear 'em on their sleeves, but from the first song onwards, it's clear this is not gonna be some lame cash-in effort. It's a tribute to their heroes, a way of giving back the inspiration. Most songs - at least the ones I was familiar with - are pretty faithful and usually even more raw and straightforward, but it's definitely an On Trial album and not just a 48-minute exercise in imitation. Even though these songs were recorded in a span of several years - which is audible, as the songs from each session have their own distinctive sound - there's a unity that holds 'em together. Perhaps the most recent material contains less surprising choices, but boy do they crackle with energy! Their cover of "Parchment Farm" ("Mose Allison by ways of Blue Cheer"), released as a single, is appropriately muddy and a blues-soaked and perhaps one of their songs that resembles the vintage 1970 sound the most. The single's B-side is an ultra-psychedelic take on Pink Floyd's "Interstellar Overdrive," so crammed with disorienting, drugged, fucked-up effects that even Syd Barrett would've raised an eyebrow or two. And it's heavy! Black Sabbath heavy! Most of the five cuts that precede these two are classics in their own way: "Reverberation" could be filed under swirling psych, the kind Kula Shaker attempted to create but never quite pulled off this successfully. Love's "A House Is Not a Motel" lacks the original's restraint, making the classic solo at the end less of a surprise, but they manage to conjure up the same atmosphere with great performances, so I ain't complaining. The Stooges' "TV Eye" is an almost lethal blast, driven by super-charged turbo-bass and deliciously snotty vocals and the way it segues into the MC5's version of Sun Ra's "Starship" is pure gold. Man, squealing feedback rarely sounded this good. The last five songs were - I think - all recorded before or during the New Day Rising-sessions. Funny coincidence: Love's "Signed D.C." - wet dream alert from guitar aficionados! - was also covered by Hüsker Dü's Grant Hart. The two biggest revelations, to me at least, were songs by bands I've never heard: Third Bardo's "Five Years Ahead of My Time" and Macabre's "Be Forewarned." The first one starts off with shimmering guitars and then transcends into a deliriously distorted rocker, the second one is a fantastic slice of hypnotic rock, sounding melancholic - yes, nearly macabre - and Bo's vocals are simply great on top of that relentlessly churning riff. This is garage rock as intense as it gets, this is garage rock that makes dozens of wannabes piss their pants, this is rock and roll how I like it. What else can you say about songs that sound like they're the greatest thing ever while you blast 'em at maximum volume? The album then adds two four-track recordings, one of a fine, but not great, Stones-song ("Citadel"), the other one a desolate piece of folk-rock by Roky Erickson, perhaps the single biggest influence on the band's music and vision. Brimming with energy, dedication, psychedelic uh… experiments, insane guitar antics and all-round performances, Head manages to achieve several goals at one: it makes you curious about some bands (I am so gonna check out Macabre/Pentagram, even if it turns out it was a shit band and I'm gonna dust off those Stooges/MC5/Love/13thFE-albums), shows a band doing what they're best at (stir up some vigorous rock music) and ends up being one of the best all covers-albums I have ever heard. On Trial? Fuckin' A!

(Review by Guy Peters)

On Trial - Head (2003)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kissing The Void

The following band contribution comes from the North of France.
Oruga is a five-piece band and they exist about one year. So it is pretty impressive that they come up with such an EP in that short time! Oruga plays a combination of Sludge and Doom with Metal influences, or Slow Rock, as they call it themselves.
This 34 minutes lasting five track EP is a stunning piece of work. The guitars are presenting slow and heavy riffs, the bass and drums are droning and the vocals fit right into this music. Oruga is a band with a lot of potential and I look forward to the following releases of this awesome band! Enjoy!

Born from random encounters and the will to explore a style not well known in France, Oruga was formed early in 2010. Claiming no labels, but forged from the individual experiences of each individual musician, the band deeply allies the oppressive heaviness of Doom and the filthy rage of Sludge, aggressively impregnated with Metal, all melting into the hypnotic dynamics of Stoner. Never pretending to be revolutionary, the songs are merely performed with heart and guts. Bare-naked expressions of untold feelings and repressed frustrations, escape in a voice about to break, the sorrows of Oruga explode onto the heavy rhythm, emphasized by mighty riffs, unpolished, noisy, massive, raw and desperate. Floating as a cold and melancholic spirit, far away from affiliations and merchandising, the sound of Oruga mirrors their region of origin, the North of France: faithful and authentic.
(Their bio)

Oruga - Oruga EP (2011)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Visti & Imprevisti

Visti & Imprevisti is a weird album by the band Glincolti from Treviso, Italy. This album is beside the weirdness an Instrumental masterpiece that is released by Go Down Records. One of the members of Glincolti is guitarplayer Alessandro from OJM. This guy shows on Visti & Imprevist a totally different side of his capabilities.
Glincolti is obvious influenced by 70's progressive bands like Pink Floyd, King Crimson and even Emerson, Lake and Palmer. There is also a lot of Jazz and Funk present in their sound. This may not be music for everyone, but it has made quite a impression on me.
Because Glincolti is a project, I do not know whether more albums will come. A thing I certainly hope for. Enjoy!

The project Glincolti began in 2007 from an idea of Alessandro Tedesco, then OJM's guitarist, and his friend and drummer Roberts Colbertaldo.

After a few months rehearsing and experimenting they decided to get Andrea Zardo involved as bass player. His contribution started shaping the band's instrumental sound, basically made of a juxtaposition of neurotic riffs and melodic interludes, often leaving room for long unbounded improvisation parts.

In 2008 a second guitar has been unexpectedly preferred to the more traditional choice of a leading voice in order to complete the sound of the band.

The six strings sound of Federico-Jek-Iacono, whose chords and psychedelic arpeggios perfectly blend with those of Alessandro and the whole band's sound.

Together they kept on brewing up a groovy mixture of progressive rock, funk and jazz accurately displayed in the band'first record "Visti & Imprevisti".

From the funky-jazz riff of the opening track leading through the dark and wild atmospheres of the "Pirati" suite, their music tells a story made of various situations, really unlike one another but all united by the same unbroken thread.

Each song ends up into the following one that slyly brings along something of the previous.

(From Go Down Records)

Glincolti - Visti & Imprevisti (2011)

Serial Killers Are Fuckin' Mean

Two months ago I've posted the the Brutal Demos by Brutal Nun.
The ones who have enjoyed this one will certainly be pleased with their new EP Pyroderma Gangrenosum. This EP is a continuation of their sound that was displayed on the Brutal Demos.
So get ready for a nice combination of Stoner, Sludge, Doom, Metal, Psychedelic, Punk and Noise. The EP Pyroderma Gangrenosum is an excellent display of heaviness. Enjoy!

Brutal Nun - Pyroderma Gangrenosum (2011)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beyond The Sun

Beyond The Sun is another great album that is offered for free through Bandcamp.
The Dust Bowl from Zaragoza, Spain is a four-headed band that plays some awesome Stoner Rock. According to their MySpace page, The Dust Bowl is influenced by the following: Black Sabbath, Gluecifer, Led Zeppelin, Kyuss, Mc5, Nirvana,Soundgarden, The Who, Sex Museum, Masters Of Reality, Danzig, Monster Magnet,Love, Pearl Jam, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Baby Woodrose, Captain Beyond, Kiss, Fu Manchu, Wolfmother, 13 Floor Elevators, Blue Oyster Cult,Cream, Black Flag, The Kinks, Zen Guerrilla, Tsool, Buffalo, The Stooges, Elvis, David Bowie, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Sonics, Sceaming Trees, Alice Cooper Group, Tom Petty, The Beatles, Roky Erickson, Alice In Chains, The Fuzztones, Blue Cheer, Groundhogs, James Brown, Turbonegro, Urge Overkill.
This list of bands and artists clearly indicates where they draw their inspiration from. So besides Stoner Rock you can also hear genres like Psychedelic, 70's Hard Rock, Grunge, and Garage Rock.
Beyond The Sun is for sure a need-to-hear album! Enjoy!

The Dust Bowl is a rock band from Zaragoza, Spain. Our music is mainly influenced by 70s Hard Rock, Stoner Rock, Garage Rock, Blues, Psychedelia and 90s Alternative Rock. This mix produces a particular sound, which is characterized by powerful guitar riffs and explosive solos, and doesn't overlook the importance of melodies and big choruses.
Our explosive concerts are an intense, visceral and sweaty experience. This is one of the reasons why The Dust Bowl is a truly rarity inside the spanish scene, not only because of our peculiar sound, but our attitude on stage.
We have been winners of the Zerburock 2010 contest, finalists at the first Interpeñas contest and semifinalists at the "popyrock" 2007 & 2010 contests and at the "Muévete 2010" contest. Our first LP, Beyond The Sun, has been nominated at the "Premios de la música aragonesa 2010" in "best self-produced LP" and "best production". We have played in a wide variety of places inside Zaragoza and its sorroundings (such as "La Casa Del Loco" or "Sala Multiusos"), up to Guadalajara. We have played twice at FIRE Festival (in Gallur, Zaragoza), second time we were chosen to make a Joy Division tribute!! (it might sound weird according to our style, but it's true!).

(Their bio from Facebook)

The Dust Bowl - Beyond The Sun (2011)

Saturday, July 16, 2011


This demo was shared with me by Chris from the band Giantrider. Thank you for that, Chris!
Giantrider is a bass and drum duo from Portland and Fargo, U.S.A. This duo plays according to their own words Stoner Rock with influences of 60s, 70s Classic Rock, NWOBHM, Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard.
When you listen this demo, you will agree with me that Electric Wizard is certainly a major source of inspiration for the sound of Giantrider.
The recording quality of this demo is not the best, but the intentions of Giantrider are very clear. These four songs show what Giantrider is about. That is to play awesome heavy Stoner/Doom. These guys have done a nice job with this demo, so I'm pretty sure there will be a great future for this band. I look forward to the next release. Enjoy!

Formed from the remains of the metal outfit known as 'WEAPON', giantrider started as a side project whilst searching for a new drummer to fit our specs. In the mean time cHrist moved his 6 string shredding abilities over to bass/big ass amps duty and vocals. Silent Mike put down his bass and sat down at the throne behind the skins. giantrider is most widely known for their live shows, let's just say this: fucking intense.
(From MySpace)

Giantrider - Demo (2011)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Two months ago I've posted the album Under The Thunder by the Italian band OJM.
Now I present you in collaboration with Go Down Records the latest album Volcano. The four guys of OJM are still improving themselves. The upward trend continues on with this album.
OJM offers with this album again some awesome Stoner Rock with several influences like Rock 'n' Roll, 70's Hard Rock, Psychedelic and even a bit of Grunge.
Volcano is a varied album with strong compositions. So it is needless to say that this album definitely is worth buying! Enjoy!

They called the album Volcano in honor of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull that wrought so much havoc on Northern Europe this past Spring, cancelling thousands of flights all around the world, including that which would have brought Catching to work with OJM in the flesh. Volcano was recorded at Red House Studio in Senigallia, and the four-piece wound up collaborating with Catching via Skype, presumably passing files back and forth via some fascinating and futuristic transfer protocol. A credit to both parties, then, that the album sounds as good as it does. Led by its founders, drummer Max Ear and vocalist David Martin, OJM’s brand of rock knocks heads with classic garage thickened and updated, offering catchy Monster Magnet-s t y l e hard rockness on “I’ll be Long” and “Cocksucker” with guitarist/backing vocalist Andrew Pozzy (who used to play bass) turning down the fuzz as compared to a song like “Rainbow” to bring out a different feel.

As Volcano is 35 minutes long, and “Oceans Hearts” accounts for about 20 percent of the album, it’s worth looking at the track specifically. It’s three solid minutes longer than “Cocksucker” at 7:13 and undoubtedly OJM’s most fleshed out track. Martin, who proves a versatile and capable singer throughout offers a passionate delivery tuned rightly to the music’s gradual build. Bassist Stefano Paschi, who started off Volcano on the Atomic Bitchwax-esque instrumental opening intro “Welcome” with gloriously thick fuzzality offers probably the best bassline of the record as he takes charge of the song’s final couple minutes, and where the rest of Volcano seems streamlined and pared down to its essential components (Paschi also contributing organ to “Wolf” and several of the other tracks), “Oceans Hearts” has more breathing room and a more laid back approach, making it an effective change of mood. All the more so because, contrary to what one might expect, it doesn’t close the album, or even the first half, instead placed right after an opening salvo of three tracks all under three minutes long.

The back half of the album, kicking off with the aforementioned “I’ll be Long” and “Cocksucker,” speeds up to punker pace with “Disorder” before the more psychedelic “Escord” takes hold. “Escord” probably wouldn’t have worked anywhere but in its spot nestled just before “2012” closes Volcano, but it’s well done nonetheless. Martin’s vocals step back into a cave of reverb and the tempo takes a step down to a grooving middle flow while Paschi again offers a killer bass line and Pozzy gives a freewheeling solo that fades the song out. It’s a (again) well-placed lead-in for “2012,” which takes the energy down even further, to a song that’s still brightly toned, but maybe a little moodier -- still orange, but a little deeper in the shade, if you want to put a color to it. With “Oceans Hearts” eating up so much of the focus early in Volcano, the closing duo offers appropriate decrescendo, once more displaying OJM’s maturity in songwriting and album construction.

Volcano is my first experience with the band after hearing and seeing their name for years since their debut Heavy LP in 2002, and I’m sorry to say it’s taken me this long to experience the band. Blame import prices. I don’t imagine OJM started out with this kind of persona or confidence, and it’s likely Catching was a factor in bringing that out -- even from a distance -- but I’m glad to have caught them with it now, as it has made Volcano among the better of the genuine riff rock albums I’ve heard this year. In this age of expanded-definition stoner when just about anything seems to qualify as long as it has a catchy riff, it’s reassuring to know that there are acts like OJM out there giving new life to the rooted conventions of the s t y l e. I’ve got my work (and my money) cut out for me in investigating their back catalog, but if Volcano is any indicator, it’ll be well worth the time.

(From Go Down Records)

OJM - Volcano (2010)

Acid Tongue

I've got a request to post something of this great band!
Looking Glass is a band from Canberra, Australia. This band plays some excellent fuzz-driven Stoner Rock with 70's Hard Rock influences. This trio has released two EP's and they sound pretty great.
Looking Glass is according to their MySpace inspired by the following: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Cathedral, Witchcraft, Deep Purple, Pentagram and Jimi Hendrix.
All with all impressive music with as highlight the song Acid Tongue. Enjoy!

Looking Glass - Looking Glass EP (2006)

Looking Glass - EP 2 (2008)

Monday, July 11, 2011

No Na Na Na

The Shoes were in the sixties a Dutch Beat band with the worldwide hit classic Na Na Na.
Now there's a band with the same name from Forli, Italy. The Shoes is a trio that plays a combination of (70's) Hard Rock, Psychedelic and Blues. Their self-titled debut album is another excellent release by Go Down Records.
The album kicks off with the awesome track Need To Show It. This song sets the tone of what is coming. It is great music with Rock 'n' Roll attitude. Their music includes catchy guitar riffs, a groovy and energetic rhythm section and some good vocals.
Thereby is there also room for some great freak out experiment parts in their songs and even some nice and easy acoustical parts.
The Shoes has for sure presented an impressive piece of work with this album! Enjoy!

The story of The Shoes begins back in May 2005. Guitarist and singer Elio Di Menza wanted to form up a trio which was to follow in Cream and Jimi Hendrix Experience’s footsteps. Together with bass player Pierluigi de Pierro and drummer Valerio Scollo, the band recorded a demo that won praise from the music circuit in Taranto, the band’s home town. The fair success of the demo led the band to play its first gigs in local bars, where The Shoes mixed blues with psychedelic music and audiences were blown away by its picturesque performances with acid and powerful sounds. After a few months, Valerio left and drummer Lorenzo Velle joined the band, recording the first album of the group which was played live. The band later played in several concerts all over Italy: the experience made the band develop more mature sounds. The band changed once again its members when bass player Marco Pizzolla and drummer Andrea Basile joined The Shoes. Thanks to this new line-up the band acquired more expressive freedom and improvisation abilities that are already evident in the band’s latest tracks.
(Their bio)

The Shoes - The Shoes (2010)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thousand Codes - A Womb For Horus

Thousand Codes is a four piece band from Nantes, France, that says they play Post Stoner. What I actually hear in their music is a combination of Stoner Rock, Sludge and Doom.
These guys recently released their four track EP A Womb For Horus. This EP is really a nice one. Thousand Codes plays their songs with a lot of conviction.
What I especially like about this band are the vocals, but the musicians must not be forgotten. These guys have absolutely done a great performance on this EP.
The EP A Womb For Horus costs just five Euros. I tell you, it is your money well spend!

The story of THOUSAND CODES started in 2010 when three close friends from Nantes, each having varied musical backgrounds, made up their mind to become a band to share their passion for rock music and whose rallying point would be stoner-rock.
Soon after, they were joined by a fourth member sharing the same passion and enthusiasm.

THOUSAND CODES was born...

A few months later, the band decided to move forward and recorded its first EP with the first four songs they had written.

Today the band is driven by the same crave for gigs and decibels.

(Their bio)

Thousand Codes - A Womb For Horus (2011)

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Karma To Burn Gig Announcement

This is an e-mail I've received today:

Hi Riez,

Karma to Burn have a show to play 18/07/11 at a small venue in France. I wonder if you would be able to post a few details for the show on your blog? The reason I ask is because it's a short notice show and getting publicity out there might be difficult, but also because nothing at all ever happens in our region in France and it's great that such a good band are coming to play here.

If you are able to post something to say about the show, that would be fantastic. If you can, the details are -

Venue - Moulin de Piot, 23220, Cheniers, France.

The price for a ticket is a tiny 5€ and the venue has a large campsite for people to stay. It will be an outdoor show and is in a lovely place.

Hopefully you can help,

Thanks very much

So if you live near Cheniers, not let this opportunity pass you by!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Psychotic Reactions

The following compilation is released by the French label Head Records. Psychotic Reactions Vol.1 is compiled by Chris from the band ÖfÖ Am and he did a very great job with this compilation. Well done!
Psychotic Reactions Vol.1 represents mainly French bands like ÖfÖ Am, Mudweiser, Loading Data and Mars Red Sky. Thereby there are also three bands from the U.S.A. present: Treasure Cat, Year Long Disaster and Kama To Burn. Enjoy!


1) Dispenser The Dispenser - Camino Del Oeste
2) Kubota - After Life Servant
3) Enterprise - Secret Of Trantor
4) Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel - Brotherhood
5) Mudweiser - Like Cocaïne
6) Rescue Rangers - Sounds Of The Katana
7) Loading Data - Circus Blues
8) Stony Broke - Time To Eat
9) Café Flesh - Without A Word
10) ÖfÖ Am - Carburetor Dung
11) Granit 665 - Man's Ruin
12) Alcohsonic - Dark Side Of The Blues
13) Junkyard Birds- She's A Witch
14) Superbeatniks - Hééééééééé !!
15) Dismo - Go Through Walls
16) Voxson - Dauerfire
17) Mars Red Sky - Strong Reflection
18) Treasure Cat - Snake Pfissken (I Tought You Were Dead)
19) Year Long Disaster - Show Me Your Teeth
20) Karma To Burn - 42

Various Artist - Psychotic Reactions Vol.1 (2010)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Evil Of Good

Cultura Tres is a band from Maracay, Venezuela. This foursome plays Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal, where the emphasis is quite focused on (Death) Metal. Their sound contains also a bit Post Rock.
Their debut album La Cura did cause quite a worldwide buzz. Now Cultura Tres is back with their new album El Mal Del Bien. This album is again full of heavy riffs and thundering bass and drums that are finished with that great vocals.
To give you an idea what this is about: Cultura Tres is according to their Facebook page influenced by the following bands: Black Sabbath, Pestilence, Sepultura, Gorefest, Fabulosos Cadillacs, Silvio Rodriguez, Slayer, Obituary, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mars Volta, Iron Butterfly, Astor Piazzola, Entombed, Neurosis and Los Natas.
This is a list of rather different names and styles, but it does cover what Cultura Tres stands for. This album contains also an excellent cover of the song Black Sabbath. Enjoy!

Now hailed as the national rock/sludge pride of Venezuela, Cultura Tres came from far. With the first EP "Seis" (2007) the band already outgrew the South American continent. But only after releasing debut album "La Cura" in October 2008, the band started to get noticed worldwide. During the preceding year of rigorous composing, Cultura Tres incorporated many influences into their sound, ranging from sludge to doom metal and from death metal to classic rock.
Important magazines in Europe and Japan praised “La Cura” for its dark and original music, and Metal Hammer magazine even selected Cultura Tres as the month's global discovery. The release tour took the band for 18 months across Europe, South America and to the first well-received shows in Japan. During that period the band also released three video clips that gained them a world-wide cult following in the underground doom & sludge scene (for example being featured band on Doom Metal Alliance, and

In the summer of 2010 the members locked themselves up in the studio to prepare the second album: “El Mal del Bien”. The result is - in the band members’ own words - “an album with a single clear direction”. Cultura Tres delves deeper into the dark atmospheric vein that already showed itself at moments in debut album La Cura. The daring album opener “Propiedad de Dios” sets the mood: it sounds like the soundtrack of a tragic cult movie. The songs that follow evoke the witchery, slavery, oppression and religious madness that influence the South American continent to this day. Being a concept album adds another dimension to the individual songs. A patient listener will be dragged into a hallucinating trip around the insane world the album paints.
Interestingly, the band has chosen to cover what might well be the first doom track in South America: “Holy Graveyard” (1992) by Epitafio. Alejandro Londoño, having been a member of this band in the past, has now fully closed the circle. Cultura Tres is living proof that the genre of doom/sludge was not dead in South America but merely dormant. Now it has woken again, not only speaking Spanish, but more importantly, with its own face.

El Mal del Bien will be released on vinyl in March 2011, with a tour that will hit Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Europe and Japan. Don't miss this chance to hear the new sound of South American sludge!

(Their bio from Facebook)

Cultura Tres - El Mal Del Bien (2011)

Prison Itch

Thanks to Adam from the band Engines Of Ruin for sharing their EP!
Engines Of Ruin comes from Dublin, Ireland. This trio plays some very nice Instrumental Stoner Rock. This EP called Triquetra is a great start for this band. It contains four excellent tracks that certainly taste for more.
According to MySpace, Engines Of Ruin is influenced by the following bands: Acid Bath, Kyuss, Queens Of The StoneAge, Clutch, Electric Wizard, Acrimony, Hermano, Alabama ThunderPussy, Sixty Watt Shaman, Weedeater, The Sword, Slo Burn, Acid King, Orange Goblin and Corrosion Of Conformity.
Don't let this EP pass by! It is absolutely worth to listen. Enjoy!

Having gone through various line-up changes over the last couple of years, Engines Of Ruin are now a three piece instrumental rock band, consisting of bass, drums and guitars. This came about accidentally as the singer left the band at a time when they had just started to write their debut EP.

Rather than putting everything on hold and audition for singers they decided to hold off for the time being and continue on instrumentally, scrapped what they had written and started over. The band have again looked into getting a singer, but to date have not been fortunate enough to get the right fit. The hunt continues….

Guitarist Adam Brewer took on the responsibility of engineering and mixing the EP. This was no easy task as he had the added pressure of balancing this with his guitar duties. Adam had experimented with recording earlier tracks for the band, but this is his biggest recording gig to date.

The band are currently writing and recording new material and hope to get back on the road by early August 2011.

(Their bio from Facebook)

Engines Of Ruin - Triquetra (2011)

The Muse Of Señor Ray

Once there was this Swedish Stoner Rock band Ridge. This band made in 2001 an awesome album called A Countrydelic And Fuzzed Experience In A Columbian Supremo.
After Ridge has seize to exist, two guys continued in the band Matadors. This band plays a nice combination of Stoner Rock, Garage Rock , Punk, Country and even Tango! This made the sound of Matadors quite unique.
Matadors has released several albums and this one is The Muse Of Señor Ray from 2006. This album contains a lot of excellent songs like: Like A Matador Pt II, I Just Tell You What You Wanna Hear, Señor Ray, You Know The Octopus Wasn't Good and Rise Above Adversity.
All thanks and credits for this one go to Pascalito! Enjoy!

From the ashes of legendary Stoner Rock act Ridge - who recieved 4K/ 5 in Kerrang for their debut album, Matadors have become a monster reactivating the rock industry!

The band has existed since fall 2001, and when Andreas Bergström (vocals and Fender Telecaster Custom guitars) and Jonas Jönsson (drums, percussion, keys) accomplished with the bass player/singer Johan Anderberg from world famous Deranged and Murder Corporation, the band was completed.

Due to the rectification that exist in modern rock today Matadors are trying to break new barriers with a blend of dirty-tango twisted with some ol´country-twang in their robot´ roll! With the same attitude as bands/persons like Queens Of The Stone Age and Johnny Cash- that everything is possible, are Matadors now trying to bring the rock a new hot dynamic blend.

Matadors has a reputation as a hard-rockin´, intense and diverse live act. They have played with bands like Brant Bjork, Bigelf, Hellfueled, The Chuck Norris Experiment and have recieved great reviews for their shows.

(From LastFM)

Matadors - The Muse Of Señor Ray (2006)