Sunday, November 30, 2008


Prohibition Of Mushrooms!

Tomorrow december the first a new law comes into force in The Netherlands. Our minister of health department, Mr. Ab Klink prohibits the selling, possessing and using of hallucinating mushrooms, the so-called paddos.
This law is created after the dead of two foreign tourist that haved used paddos, high likely in combination with booze and other drugs. While smartshops provide proper information about using paddos. So the Dutch citizans can forget about the enjoyment that paddos brings!
This law contains a list with around 186 species of forbidden mushrooms. The most ridiculous thing is that some species can be found in everyones backyard, in public parks, forests and even in The Royal Palace Garden. So every civilian who has a backyard can be in offence, even our queen! It's almost to laugh about!
Now we can await a new law that probably forbids the famous coffeeshops, again created by Mr. Ab Klink. I guess that in a year time the most coffeeshops will be closed.
The gouvernment of The Netherlands tries through these laws to stop criminallity around drugs.
I guess it will turn the other way. It will lead to illegality, poor quality of dope and that kind of things, while with the smartshops and coffeeshops the autorities can keep an eye on it!

It's a sad, sad day!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Flaming Moe - Soul Hunter (2008)

This is the first full-lenght album of Flaming Moe from Brazil and it is one of my favourites of this year!
Soul Hunter has a fresh sound. What I especialy like is the sound of the snare, a bit dry and sharp.
The album starts with Oh Yeah and brings me immediately in a good mood. The vocals reminds me sometimes to the singer of Cowboys And Aliens. The highlight of this album is the last song Explode My Life Again!

Band members:

Gui Klausner - Vocals
Mauricio Peruche - Guitar
Caio Varnier - Guitar
Vitor Rodrigues - Bass
Daniel Guerrini - Drums

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Various Artists: Desert Sounds Volume 2 - The Rise Of The Electric World (2 CD 2006)

The only band I know on this stoner rock compilation from Italy is El Thule. While listening this album the smile on my face gets bigger and bigger. I know there's a lot of good stoner music made in Italy, but I never expected this! 30 bands and no one disapoints!

A big thanx to the guys of Mexican Mud for bringing this under my Attention!

L'Ira Del Baccano - Si Non Sedes Is Live MMVII (2007)

L'Ira Del Baccano Is an Italian instrumental psychedelic stoner doom band. This live album reminds me of La Ira Del Dios, but without vox. For a live recordings this album sounds excellent.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Generated X is a German webzine and it's all about Psych/Heavy/Stoner/Doom Music. They putted 3 samplers as download on their site. The samplers contains some personal favourites like Hypnos 69, Josiah and Terraplane. SO GO FOR IT!

Electric Magic - vol. 1 (March 2008)

01. Cortez - The High Life (from "Thunder In A Forgotten Town")
02. Kaross - Shovel (from "Molossus")
03. The Setting Son - In A Certain Way (from "The Setting Son")
04. SEID - Swamp Doom (from "Creatures Of The Underworld")
05. Fuzz Manta - On The Edge (from "On The Edge")
06. Ahkmed - T=0 (from "In Your Neck Of The Dying Woods")
07. Graveyard - Evil Ways (from "s/t")
08. Mojo Jazz Mob - Plasma Junge (from "Pacific Daybreak Broken Nights")
09. Skywise - Magic Lantern (from "Give The Devil His Brew")
10. The Magnificent Brotherhood - Cracker (from "s/t")
11. Pater Nembrot - E´Permesso? (from "Mandria")
12. 1000mods - Boor (from "Blank Reality")
13. Astrid Pröll - Pröll 2 (from "s/t")
14. Deville - Come Heavy Sleep (from "Come Heavy Sleep")


Electric Magic - vol. 2 (April 2008)

01. Black Pyramid - Visions Of Gehenna (from "s/t")
02. Duster 69 - Upcoming (from "Angel King")
03. Danava - Where Beauty And Terror Dance (from "Unonou")
04. Josiah - Looking At The Mountain (from "No Time")
05. Burning Saviours - Out Of Sight (from "Hundus")
06. Imogene - Wormwood Raindrops (from "s/t")
07. Magnified Eye - Marooned (from "Transition")
08. HORE - Stoners Halleluja (from "Cheap Luxury Bomb")
09. Eternal Elysium - Shadowed Flower (from "s/t")
10. Jex Thoth - The Banishment (from "s/t")
11. House Of Aquarius - Nuclear Child (from "The World Through...")
12. Hypnos 69 - The Eclectic Measure (from "The Eclectic Measure")
13. Earth Flight - A Romance Of Souls (from "s/t")
14. Terraplane - Into The Unknown (from "Into The Unknown")


Electric Magic - vol. 3 (June 2008)

01. Siena Root - Waiting For The Sun (from "Far From The Sun")
02. Leather Nun - The Process (from "Tools Of The New Church")
03. Blowback - Insanity (from "Morning Wood")
04. Beehover - Spirit & Crown (from "Heavy Zooo")
05. Zed - 13th Floor (from "s/t")
06. Hollywood Conspiracy... - Central Point (from "Beware...")
07. Ostinato - Antiaircraft (from "Chasing The Form")
08. Hypnopilot - Into The Sun (from "Evergreen")
09. End Of Level Boss - Instinktivitus (from "Inside The Difference Engine")
10. Jet Jaguar - Eyes Of The Sphinx (from "3rd Millennium Power Drive")
11. Voodooshock - Marie´s Sister´s Garden (from "Marie´s...")
12. Stinking Lizaveta - Scream Of The Iron Iconoclast (from "Scream...")
13. P.W. Long - Worst Baby (from "God Bless The Drunkard´s Dog")
14. The Subcandies - Dirty Names (from "Out Of The Blue")



Various Artist: Den Haag Motor Rock Volume 2

This is volume two, a nice compilation with rock 'n' roll, punk, hardcore, surf and some stonerrock, all from The Hague area, Holland. If you have listened to volume one, you know what to expect!

Friday, November 21, 2008

You have to see this!

DeWolff are three youngsters in age 14-17 and they ROCK! De Wolff creates a 60's/70's sound with only drums, guitar and Hammond organ which reminds of Deep Purple, The Doors and Led Zeppelin. This is a performance in a dutch TV show last week. Their first EP is just released.

This is a review from You can also order their EP here.

CDEP. Psychedelichardgroovin'funkyrock'n'rollin'hotbluesdrivin' hellhoundingsupersweetsixtiesexplosion! DeWolff: a howlin' guitar, a filthy Hammond-organ and steady, groovin' drums. Consisting of INFA's singer-guitarplayer Pablo, his brother Luka on drums and Robin Piso on organ, DeWolff takes you back in time with their raw, bluesy, sixtiesrock. 10- or 20-minute songs? No problemo! They are, after all, influenced by bands like Ten Years After, Cream, Band of Gypsys and The Doors. These 3 experienced stage-animals create pure, raw music; straight outta heart and with passion. DeWolff brings you groovy bellbottom-rock, hellhound-breathtaking bluesrock and even purple-hazey psychedelic love and peace. So take your daily LSD-potion, put on your pink sunglasses, grow your hair and trip that shit with DeWolff!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mexican Mud - Toroidal (2008)

Italy has a great stoner scene with bands like Allhelluja, Ufomammut and the mighty El Thule.
Mexican Mud plays on Toroidal a mix of good old 70's hardrock and 90's stoner/doom. I hope one day this album will be released on vinyl, all is it for the beautiful cover only. Thanx to Getoffmyelevator for posting this album!                                                                                                                                                       

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mexican Mud, Stoner From Italy

Sovjet Invasion: The Finale

Cactus Jumper

When a band named themself to a Slo Burn song, than can't this go wrong. This stoner rock sounds very cool. They are from Moscow, Russia.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sovjet Invasion III

Mozergush - Fairytale Alcotrips 2007

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Various Artists: Den Haag Motor Rock Volume 1

This is a compilation of bands from the The Hague Area, Holland. Most songs are recorded in the famous Motorwolf studio by Guy Tavares (Orange Sunshine), who also recorded the latest album of Dzjenghis Kahn. The compilation is a mixture of raw rock 'n' roll, surf and some stonerrock.

This Is a review from Sleaze Grinder :

This sprawling, bad ass comp features bands from “The Hague”, which, according to the liner notes, is the worst neighborhood in all of…well, the Netherlands. I know, they probably want to check out Detroit City before they start talking about tough sides of town, but they do claim to have ten year olds with guns and all manner of ugly scenes there, so who knows? At any rate, the seedy side of the city always breeds the best rock and roll, so let’s hope the Hague keeps it’s face in the gutter, because there’s a host of killer rock action on this disc. Most of it fits comfortably in the confines of the garage-punk genre, but there's some hairy stoner rock, 70’s psyche freakouts, and plenty of Amsterdamned weirdness on display, as well. Highlights include the untamed sleaze of Motorwolf’s house band, Pantyboy, with the scorching “Starfighter”; the monstrous Taildragger let it all hang out with the 7 minute power blues of “Walk on the Sun” (and on a 25 track comp, no less!), The White Trash Minstrels introduce the Ventures to Ennio Morricone on the vamping “Slower than His Shadow”, Johnny Cohen and the New Age Nazis do their best GG Allin on “Hitler was a Speedfreak”, Twin Earth knock Iggy Pop in the teeth and swipe TV Eye from right under him while he lies there bleeding on “Trancer”, and the acid-tweaked Orange Sunshine squeal and writhe in Blue Cheer-induced ecstasy on “Ball’s Knockin”. And there’s plenty more where that came from, too. Motorwolf is one of the very few labels catering to Holland’s snarly rock scene, and believe me, you’re missing a lot. So get this, willya?

Oh, and bonus points to Guy Motorwolf for writing the most psychotic mission statement I’ve read in ages-

“You better team up with the MOTORWOLF MUSCLE CAR MOTOR TEAM, son, and experience that DANGER, that RAW BITE, and that DEEP TENSION that the giant HIGH VOLUME DRUG ROCK MAGNET sucks out of you. SUFFER intensely from the flaming fire of the SIDE-PIPE BURNING (and GOD, it’s BURNING RED HOT in your face!) TAKE that NITRO-ROCKET-FUEL-SUPER-SPEED-SS INJECTION like a MAN!”

Exactly, Guy. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Unless I had Amsterdam-quality drugs, too.

Sovjet Invasion II (By Request)

Evil Cosmonaut - Demo 2008
Moscow, Russia

Stoner Rock

A big thanx to Jokerrabit, he has the link to all of this!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sovjet Invasion

Stone Cold Boys - Demo 2008
Moscow, Russia

Visit myspace and download the demo

Slow Ride Home - Demo 2008

Kiev, Oekraïne

For more Russian and ex-USSR music visit this site.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Ayatollahs Of Rock n Rolla

This is the 7" of my former band, The Ayatollahs of Rock n Rolla. It was a 3 men band and it sounded a bit like The Cosmic Psychos. It was recorded in 2003, 200 copies pressed on green vinyl. Here is the link:

Upcoming Show

Suma from Sweden plays at the Morlock Gallery, The Hague, at friday 28-11 with Toner Low And Black Tarantulas.

New new new.

Hello all stoner lovers. I'm new on this thing and I don't know everything about blogging. So help is welcome.