Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where The River Meets The Rock

Van Cleef is a Space/Stoner band from Adelaide, Australia. Their debut album Where The River Meets The Rock is a nice piece of work. The sound of Van Cleef is pretty unique. Beside the Space and Stoner influences, their is also some Blues and Southern Rock present in their sound. The album Where The River Meets The Rock has contains a collection of songs that can be described as surprising. The band plays their music with conviction and the singer has an awesome voice that comes close to Neil Fallon of Clutch. Needless to say that this album deserves to be heard. Oh.. And don't forget to check out the awesome video of the song Dalek Gulch! Enjoy!

1967 Impala; 350 smallblock running at speed around 2AM on a hot Los Angeles night. The top is down and your friends are screaming like angry raccoons in the bench seat beside you, but all you can hear is the roar of the crossover pipes on a 4barrel Edelbrock running rich... Why are they screaming ? Why do I smell unburnt gasoline? Why am I racing against a new-model Mercedes on this twisty road? Can I handle the diminishing-radius curve I know is approaching? Did I have two, three double tequilas? Was it more? Will there be Police buying coffee at 7-11 when I approach the checkout with an armful of malt liquor? If you have never asked yourself any of these questions you should avoid this album at all costs. It will blow out your BOSE speakers and your neighbors will call the FBI. Your yuppie friends will disown you & some teenager will spray a swastika on the hood of your Toyota in the parking lot at work. Van Cleef's debut album showcases a natural talent for heavy weirdness. "Barracuda Booty Boogie" starts it off with a reckless burn. If ZZ Top shaved themselves bald and robbed their way through the deep South, this is the song they'd be playing. "Gold" is the highlight of the album. Cleef goes straight for an oft-clichéd subject and pulls out a brilliant take on the California Night. For best results, pair with a fast run up Mulholland on a moonless evening full of crazed thoughts. That's merely the first two songs on this excellent CD. If you're looking for something new and unusual, give Where The River Meets The Rock a shot (or five). I guarantee you won't regret it. Your lawyer may raise objections but that's why you pay the bastard. You'll play it more than you expected.
(Their bio)

Van Cleef - Where The River Meets The Rock (2010)


From the south of the Netherlands comes Tank 86. This band plays Instrumental Stoner Rock with Doom, Sludge and huge Metal influences. Tank 86 has released two EP's called Ariba (2005) and Behold (2008). Now they're back with their full-lenght album Rise. You could almost say that this album sounds like an instrumental version of High On Fire. In any case, the songs sound very heavy. The Metal influences certainly play an important role on this album.
Tank 86 is yet another great band from the Dutch soil. Their album Rise is definitely an masterpiece. It is highly recommended. It is 10 Euros well spent! Listen some tunes on their Bandcamp and you'll be convinced! Enjoy!

Tank86: Heavy instrumentalism. Mighty sonic blows, enlarged by the absence of vocals.

2011 sees the release of their first full length album 'Rise'. After five years of honing their craft and the release two EP's, the sound of Tank86 has now come to it's full momentum. Harmonised guitars and a more layered approach add more depth to the already massive sound of the band. Never losing sight of the almighty riff, pounding you into oblivion.

Over the past years Tank86 has toured Europe with Dozer and stood it's ground alongside bands such as Monster Magnet, Pelican and Karma to Burn.

Expect collapsing buildings.

(Their bio)

Tank 86 - Rise (2011)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beg, Borrow, Steal

XII Boar is a Sludge/Stoner Metal band from North-East Hampshire, England. Their free download EP called XII is a really nice one. This EP distinguishes by the awesome guitar riffs and the pounding rhythm section. The excellent vocals reminds me a lot of Ben Ward from Orange Goblin and Ravens Creed. The four songs on this EP are catchy and heavy. For me is the final track S.K.O.L. the highlight of this EP. Enjoy!

Seeing a name like XII Boar you know you want to check out more and this trio are certainly worth a look and keeping an eye on. From North-East Hampshire in the UK, XII Boar have just released their debut CD “XII”, 4 tracks of what they themselves call "Stoner Metal", blending aggressive riffs with stirring melodies. Their influences are clear to hear listening to the tracks, from Down and Crowbar to older classic bands like Motorhead and Black Sabbath, they take the better parts of each and turn it into their own sound.

The first track “Trainwreck” immediately grabs hold, a powerful riff driving the song on as the guitar of Tommy Hardrocks graces the track with a cool solo as he delivers some great strong vocals here and throughout “XII”. The bass of Adam Thomas is a distinct and great prominent feature of the whole release too slapping down some powerful grooves and on second song “Beg, Borrow & Steal” from the opening intro to the end he rocks the show. Drummer David Wilbraham excels here too combining with Thomas to lay the canvas for Hardrocks to do his stuff with another solid solo. This is the strongest track on the CD, a fine mix of metal and a softer rock sound which at times played with a hint of a harder Queens Of The Stone Age.

“Sludge” is an instrumental and epitomises what the band are trying to achieve with their sound, showing off their musicianship perfectly and with the bass again grooving and stomping through the track, you just cannot help but like the thing. The CD closes with the weakest track, not to say it is bad, not at all, but to me “S.K.O.L” feels like a jam during recording a track of many parts, all good but they just don’t flow as neatly as they should.

For their debut release XII Boar show great promise and I for one will be eager to hear more. The only real criticism of this is the production quality, the sound is a little on the muddy side but for a first own CD and for the quality on show it is more than acceptable. XII Boar will be around for a while and producing some memorable music in the future of that I have no doubts.

(By Pete Ringmaster at Rockpulse)

XII Boar - XII (2010)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

At Devil Dirt

The following contribution is from the Chilean band At Devil Dirt. This duo consists of Nestor Ayala on Vocals & Guitars and Francisco Alvarado on Drums. At Devil Dirt plays a combination of Sludge, Stoner and Doom with a bit of Grunge. I am very impressed by their self-titled debut album that is released at Corvus Discos. What really hits me in their music are the vocals. Nestor does an incredible job with his voice!
The music of At Devil Dirt sounds roughly to me as a crossover between Electric Wizard and Alice In Chains.
We're not even halfway through 2011, but I can say that this album will be one of the musical highlights of this year. This is highly recommended! If you like it, buy it! Enjoy!

At Devil Dirt - At Devil Dirt (2011)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Never Say Die

Thanks to Matias for teaching me a lesson by sharing this album!
With shame I must confess that I am not so familiar with the band Karma To Burn. The only album I know is Almost Heathens and even this album I have not often listened to!
I now get a new chance to widen my knowledge about Karma To Burn through their new album, V. I must say that I'm stunned by this album. V is an impressive album with lots of massive and heavy riffs. Karma To Burn plays awesome instrumental Stoner Rock. I don't know much about their other albums (I have clearly a lot to learn), but this one hits me. Enjoy!

Defiant heavy rockers, Karma To Burn, continue their reunion with V. Always resisting commercial expectations and viability, K2B still offers their heavy, stoner, rock numbers as, well, numbers, unless of course there are vocals. Oh yeah, the vocals, and ergo the defiance. Roadrunner demanded it on their eponymous first album, and it sold poorly. So K2B, undeterred, went for the uncompromising instrumental course. That is until they collapsed in 2002. Resurrected with same lineup six years later, Karma To Burn toured extensively before recording their well-received come back Appalachian Incantation. And once more they would give vocals a go, if only on a few songs.
So repeats V. There are eight tracks on this short album: five instrumental, and three with vocals provided by Daniel Davies (Year Long Disaster). The instrumentals can be boiled down to heavy, groove-laden, material. Some are fine rockers like 47 and 49. (Remember instrumental songs are numbered.) 50 is heavy and rumbling with nice bass work (but the bass work often sounds muted throughout). 48 is deep, resonant, and well-paced. And 51 is steady and unpretentious, mostly redundant heavy rock.
For the three vocal tracks the best are The Cynic and Jimmy D with highly infectious rockers. Actually, they're the best cuts on album, not because of the vocals which are muted, but simply because they are more spirited groove rockers (and Jimmy D has a guitar solo). Never Say Die is a Black Sabbath cover of the same name which was the last album and last single with Ozzy before a reunion 20 years later. K2B does okay, but that there may have been other, better, choices from a more interesting Sabbath era.
Ultimately, while I liked V, I was not overwhelmed by this presentation. However, for great American heavy rock, there's few doing it as well as Karma To Burn.

(By Craig Hartranft at Dangerdog)

Karma To Burn - V (2011)

First Blood

There's a lot of great stuff to find on Bandcamp. 91s from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is just another example of that fact.
91s is a trio that plays some very nice Stoner Rock with Psychedelic and Heavy Funk influences. 91,s is according to their MySpace inspired by the following bands and artists: Led Zeppelin, Parliament Funkadelic, Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Fu Manchu, Nebula, David Bowie, RHCP, John Frusciante, Helmet, Ray LaMontage, Dale's Pale Ale, Sublime, Black Mountain, ZZ Top, Kyuss, Sierra Nevada, Mastodon, The Benevento Russo Duo, Ween, Dead Meadow, Neil Young, The Flaming Lips, NIN, Black Sabbath, T.Rex, Frank Zappa, Them Crooked Vultures, Fugazi, Daniel Johnston, Dinosaur Jr and Ian Kurtz.
This broad spectrum of styles is all in the sound of 91s. But the foundation of their music is for sure Stoner Rock. First Blood is their one and only album and I like it a lot! Enjoy!

This trio doesn't deserve a bio. They deserve a Tolkien like epic of a novel to describe what is going down in this Stoner Rock, Heavy Funk Psych of a musical outfit. We make music for the people who get far out. If you get far out...come join us.
(Their bio)

91s - First Blood (2010)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This contribution comes from Atlanta, Georgia. Big Jesus is a fivesome that plays some Stoner/Alternative/Sludge Rock. Big Jesus features members from Irreversible, O' brother, and Gray Ghost. This EP is their first release and the result is pretty good. The Big Jesus EP contains four decent songs. What really great is about this release is the massive guitar sound. But what else can you expect with three guitar players. All with all a more than nice EP! Enjoy!

Big Jesus - Big Jesus EP (2011)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Motorwolf III

A long time ago I've posted the compilations I and II of the Motorwolf label. Now I offer you Part III: Drug Rock Motorpunk. It is a collection of very nice songs that were recorded at the Motorwolf studio. Check out the tracklist and maybe there is something that you might like. Enjoy!


1. Locked Away (Dzjenghis Khan)
2. Injuns and Cowboys (Feersum Endjinn)
3. Anal Wonderland (Catacumbas)
4. Lonely Days (Blues Junkies)
5. Germfreak (Annihilation Time)
6. Homophobe (Adolf Butler)
7. Hindsight (Grand Voice)
8. Cock on the Loose (Roccos)
9. All Fall Down (Weltmeister)
10. Scorpio (Sfthick)
11. Lord, Help Me Please (Orange Sunshine)
12. The Man (Tiger String Ensemble)
13. Blackeyed Woman (Lucid)
14. My Turn (Moby Dick)
15. Out of Control (Sonic Litter)
16. Ride Tonight (Twin Earth)
17. Mother Superior (Sunwheel)
18. Fish (Church of Misery)
19. Freak Cult (Plutonium Nyborg)
20. Just the Same (Al Naafiysh)
21. What is Love? (Slave Camp Boogie) (Santa Cruz)

Various Artists - Drug Rock Motorpunk III(2009)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hallelujah Judgement Day

Brutal Nun is a band by three New Yorkers and they play some wicked tunes. Their music consists several genres like Stoner, Sludge, Doom, Metal, Psychedelic, Punk and even some Blues!
Brutal Nun is according to their MySpace influenced by: The Melvins, Slint, X, Harvey Milk, The Cramps, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath and even Lady Gaga! (?)
Their demo called Brutal Demos is nevertheless a nice piece of work. Their combination of styles has resulted in five excellent tracks. Brutal Nun has uploaded a new song to their Bandcamp page that's not on this demo. It is called Sweatin For Jesus. Enjoy!

Brutal Nun - Brutal Demos (2010)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shaman's Visions

Ethereal Riffian is an Ukrainian trio featuring fellow blogger Stonezilla (SludgeSwamp, Robust Fellow and the Russian Stoner forum) on guitars and vocals. Together with SAF (bass), Southman (Guitar) and a bunch of guest musicians, Ethereal Riffian plays some excellent music. They play a combination of Psychedelic, Stoner Rock and Doom.
You wouldn't expect that this is a new band. But yet Ethereal Riffian is just founded in 2010! When you come up with an album like this in that short time, then you're really doing well!
The album Shaman's Visions contains five songs that are very impressive. The musicians have done an excellent job and Stonezilla has proven that he is a great singer!
Ethereal Riffian can easily be added to the list of the great surprises of 2011! If you want to order a physical copy, send a mail to: riffianrockmusic@gmail.com. Enjoy!

Ethereal Riffian - Shaman's Visions (2011)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Retreat To Space

This album was shared with me by Burdt from the band Aver. Thank you for that, Burdt!
Aver is a four headed band from Sydney, Australia. According to the band themselves Aver plays Stoner/Space Grunge. Well, I can agree with that description. But it is more than that. The sound of Aver is pretty unique. These guys play very good, so I wonder why this band is still not signed by any record label.
This debut album contains eight songs that can be classified as superb. (All of them!) The singer is really striking, his voice has a very distinctive sound. The songs are most of the time heavy and intense, but there's also room for some quiet and atmospheric parts. There is also the presence of didgeridoo and djembe. (The song Acid Rain starts and ends with didgeridoo. Very nice!)
The bottomline here is that Aver is an awesome band with an out of the ordinary sound. Go hear it and... Enjoy and support these guys!

Lock up your daughters! because AVER will be at her friend's house party screaming obscenities, hogging the stereo, breaking laws and vomiting in the swimming pool. Having just self-released their first album in April 2011, These unsigned 21-year-olds from Sydney, Australia have started out with a bang. Sounding like a radioactive Mudhoney took acid, smoked meth and played a gig underwater, this is Space/Stoner/Grunge for the thinking man, featuring didgeridoo, djembe and a scream that could strip paint. A style that defies genres. Spacey as shit, Heavy as fuck, No bullshit and No surrender. Get the headphones out for this one.
(By Michael Burrill, a local freelance)

Aver - Aver (2011)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Inside The Acid Temple

From Arlington, Texas comes Liquid Sound Company. This bad plays some incredible Neo Psychedelic Rock music. This band was formed by John Perez in 1996. This is their second album Inside The Acid Temple from 2002. Liquid Sound Company get their inspirations from LSD, mushrooms and grass. Their music does for sure show that. These tracks are trippy jams all the way. Enjoy!

Texas space psychsters Liquid Sound Company return with an amazing follow up to their Exploring The Psychedelic album from a few years back. Founding member John Perez (also with doom metal band Solitude Aeturnus) is once again joined by Jason Spradlin and new member David Fargason (Vas Deferens Organization, Muz) replaces Teri Pritchard on bass.

I'll tell you right off the bat that this is a serious slab of take-no-prisoners spaced out, fuzz laden mindfucked psychedelia. The disc opens with "Cubehead", which after a brief monologue sample launches into a fuzzed out acid rocking manna from psychedelic heaven that defines the bands name and sound. The guitars will make you drool, a substance that will mix in nicely with the matter from your melting brain. But "Cubehead" is a short track that serves to prime the listener for the remaining 45 minute journey.

On "The League For Spiritual Discovery Lives", the band take a couple minutes to hypnotize the listener before launching into the trademark Liquid Sound rocking acid blast. Phased and wah'd trip guitars and pounding tribal drums are embellished by beautifully bubbling space efx. And at 8 minutes this sucker stretches out nicely. It rocks hard but will wrap its loving arms around your brain, massaging and caressing and injecting rainbows of colors and cosmic images. And the trip continues as the song segues seamlessly into "Preparation For The Psychedelic Eucharist", an ultra hypnotic mantra building tune. (Some of this is making me think of a more purely acid-psych version of Farflung.) And the voyage continues with the Eastern influenced title track, one of the most powerhouse mind assault songs of the set. I really dig the combination of sitar and swirling psych guitars and the throbbing Stoner undercurrent.

"The Art Of Ecstasy" is a little different, communicating a jazzier mood, but is still mucho psychedelic. The Gospel According To Robot A. Hull" is a very cool psych song with a bit of a 60's flavor and blistering fuzz licks. "Free I" is a steady paced meditational ride with luscious whispers. And "Unfolding" is similar but a bit of a teaser as throughout its 9 minute length the percussion builds in a way that seems to be preparing for an explosion... but it never comes. Oh well, it still serves as a gentle closing track that allows the listener to cool down before rejoining physical reality.

In summary, this gem easily made my best of 2002 list. One listen and you'll be hooked, though subsequent listens will reward you with new found treasures. Highest recommendation!

((By Jerry Kranitz at Aural Innovations)

Liquid Sound Company - Inside The Acid Temple (2002)

The Black Magicians From The Mountains Of Mars & Their Gypsy Children

Skully Mammoth is a foursome from Denver, Colorado. This band plays Sludge/Doom Metal. Their free download demo contains four awesome tracks. This demo displays clearly the intentions and potentials of this band. There are also a bit of Thrash and Black Metal influences in their music. The highlight of this demo is the last song The Black Magicians From The Mountains Of Mars & Their Gypsy Children. This song is a dark and spooky masterpiece. And now wait for their full-length debut album. Enjoy!

Skully Mammoth - Skully Mammoth Demo (2011)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Checked Up By Time

Thanks to Jim for sharing this very nice album!
one demo and two EP's Sex Type Thing is back with their new album Checked Up By Time. This Stoner Rock band from Saint Petersburg has grown a lot with this album. The songs and sound are much better than the previous recordings. Checked Up By Time contains seven awesome songs with nice drums and bass, great guitars and an excellent singer. Don't let pass this album! Go listen and buy it! Enjoy!

I have to admit something. I love short, straight-to-the-point albums. You press the PLAY button, then you find yourself thirty minutes later in the opposite corner of the room, totally dysfunctional, amazed and with low blood sugar. That’s sort of what I am right now, although I’ve checked every possible corner of the apartment, due to constantly pressing that same PLAY button.
Sex Type Thing come from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Michael Chigidin (vocals, guitars) and Pavel Voinov (guitars) founded Sex Type Thing in 2009, after years spent in various outfits such Airbag, Ty Cobb and Ebola. The same year they put out an album called Southern Dreams from Northern Reality, which has received very good critiques from the local and national press. This year they’ve come up with brand new album released on RAIG, the 32 minutes long Checked Up By Time.
One expects an album like this to be straight and dirty, and at the same time modern and satisfactory for all those whose line between old and new is almost invisible. Three basic elements construct Checked Up By Time and these are: stoner rock, grunge and blues (rock). The album kicks off with the sound of an emergency alert (siren) in Get Rid exploding in the series of riffs that jump out from grunge’s to stoner rock’s dirtiness. I have to admit that I would love if Chigidin’s vocals were a bit more aggressive, but anyway the man does his job more than well. The song is a real energetic bomb which culminates at the end when all of the song’s angst gets shown through an act of spitting. Literally.
The things keep on rocking with Feel the Same, a very catchy track with Brant Bjork echoing from time to time. That’s a plus. The Brant Bjork influences always come as a plus. And the Chigidin/Voinov guitar duo delivers hard-edged riffs and insanely good solos, pushing forward while the rhythm section keeps up. Tomorrow dwells between frantic and calm, being a lengthy, diverse piece. To vindicate the grunge stylistic employment, the guys head in with Only Angel Knows which is, compared to the previous three tracks, a mid-tempo tune with a classic rock style guitar solo. I have to mention the use of acoustic guitars and Fender Rhodes keyboards, which fit well with a whole image of setting the course for a calmer direction.
This “break” is cut with Black River, taking things a level up to the same pace first three tracks already set. The song makes me wish Chigidin really shows more of the power of his voice. It’s obvious that he can scare the shit out of me, so use it, man! And that drum nailing by the end of the song makes the difference that builds up the bulk of this album. Here we go again. My Obsession is obsessive, it takes you up with its memorability, then lets you hit the ground while shitting your pants. Getting to the end of the album makes me feel that angst I mentioned above, thus I appear to be this straight-in-the-face reviewing inglorious basterd. The blues categorization is not forgotten, it comes in the shape of closing Long Way Home Blues, with all those structured bluesy chugs brought up with the lip accordion-guitar solo “conflict”.
And this is it. Direct, uncompromisely and rocking hard – that would be the motto of this record. If you found yourself, grab it and play it loud!

(By Nikola Savić at Prog Sphere)

Sex Type Thing - Checked Up By Time (2011)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Great Psychedelic Jams From Poland

Same Road is an experimental Psychedelic band with some Stoner, Noise and Kraut influences. Sensem Przekaźnika Jest Przekaz is their fourth album. This album contains eight improvised jams. It sounds heavy and fuzzy. Their music has been recorded with minimal resources. The Wah-Wah has an prominent role in the music of Same Road. I really think you have to experience this album yourself, cause I'm done talking. Enjoy!

Formed in 2003 in Koszalin, Poland. Our goal was to create long, guitar driven tracks in the vein of krautrock, psychedelic, noise music. We try to experiment with the sound and the different ways of recording. It led us to the point of 100% live records and freely changing structures within each track.........
(From MySpace)

Same Road - Sensem Przekaźnika Jest Przekaz (2011)

Under The Thunder

Under The Thunder is the fourth album by the Italian band OJM. This band plays some awesome Rock 'n' Roll orientated Stoner tunes. According to their record label Go Down Records, OJM is influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin, Blue Cheer, Stooges, MC5, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad, Kyuss and Fu Manchu. It is obvious that there is a lot of inspiration present of seventies music. Under The Thunder is a great album by a great band! Enjoy!

OJM were formed in Treviso, Italy in 1997. Since the very beginning both the Italian music press and rock ’n’ roll scene in general seemed to show a certain interest toward the band due to their personal style displaying rough guitars with a psychedelic touch and hints of Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, MC5 and Grand Funk.

Their first recording "Extended Playing", released on Agitato Records / Venus in the February of 2001, sold over 1,000 copies. In March 2002 the label Beard Of Stars Records / Self released OJM’s debut album “Heavy” which was produced by Paul Chain and, with the help of the video “The Sleeper” on rotation on the main alternative TV channels, went sold-out in few months. The co-operation with Paul Chain continued in October of the same year when Massimo (drums) and Matteo (bass guitar) recorded with him two tracks for the album “Container” (released by Beyond Pro.) and followed him on his Italian tour. Thanks to “Heavy” the band started being acclaimed outside Italian borders, also corroborated by Beard Of Stars’ worldwide distribution (Cargo, Century Media, Abraxas, High Been Music, Self) and by a large number of interviews and good reviews that appeared in the foreign press (Kerrang!, Stonerrock.com, Stonedgods, Greek and French Metal Hammer, etc…).

OJM’s musical attitude had meanwhile started exploring different soundscapes, more rock’n’roll-oriented, the result of the which eventually being a split 7” with the British band Gorilla, again on Beard Of Stars.
In October 2003 the band went back to the studio to work on “The Light Album”, released in September 2004 on Go Down Records and distributed in Italy by Audioglobe and in Europe by Sonic Rendevouz / Cargo. The album was entitled “light” because it marked a subtle change in their musical orientation, as the “stoner” attitude of the very beginning made way to a garage and psychedelic sound still keeping its impact and loudness but in a rougher way: rage turned into aggressiveness!
The video (and first album single) “Talking About Revolution” brought OJM on the main music TV networks in Italy (MTV, ROCK TV, ALL MUSIC, YOSTV, etc) and gave them significant public and critical acclaims.
As far as their live career goes, OJM can boast hundreds of gigs and two UK tours, intense and wild performances supporting several legendary bands such as DKT/MC5, IGGY AND THE STOOGES, THE DATSUNS, Motorpsycho, Brant Bjork, Lords Of Altamont, Gorilla, Marlene Kuntz, Hardcore Superstar, Nebula, Josiah, The Fleshtones and many more.
After the release of “The Light Llbum” the line-up changed. New entries Alex Germany (guitars, replacing Frank Puglie) and Andrew Pozzy (bass guitars, replacing Mojomatics’ Matt Bordin) enforced their impact and their groove resulting into a mixture of psychedelia, stoner and rock’n’roll…. Zeppelin-oriented and sonic at the same time!
In July 2005 OJM entered the studio once again, this time with Brant Bjork as a guest and to record the songs which would be soon released on the “I Got Time” 7”.

In March 2006 they began working on the new album with a remarkable producer: Michael Davis from the legendary MC5! Their efforts would be eventually released in November 2007 on Go Down Records / Audioglobe in Italy with the name of “Under The Thunder”. After the album came out, the band plays in Europe: three UK and two European tours (Germany, Spain, France). “Under The Thunder” sold more than 3,000 copies all over the world and comes out on vinyl for Garage Records / Goodfellas.
In April 2008 first OJM’s live album “Live In France” was released, initially on free download only (7,000 downloads) and exclusively for Rockit.it and then on blue vinyl in 500 numbered copies for Go Down Records.
In July 2008 they were invited to the most important German stoner festival Stoned From The Underground and co-headlined the event with The Atomic Bitchwax and Witchcraft.
In December 2008 they embarked on a 10-show tour with EEviac, a special show that saw the band surrounded by 4 screens and a minimal stage décor and that merged sounds and colours in a psychedelic atmosphere performed live by EEviac.
After a break following the “Under The Thunder” tours and the EEviac Rock Shows, OJM have returned to the stage with a very special line-up! David and Max have kept their usual roles behind microphone and drums while Andrew Pozzy has embraced guitar (after his experience with The Sade) in substitution of Alex (forced to leave the band for a few months due to personal reasons). The fourth member is Stefano Pasky who handles piano-bass and organ, previously occasional OJM’s guest on their EEviac Rock Show and currently essential member of Poison Deluxe which also feature Max on drums and Frank Puglie (ex-OJM) on guitar. OJM are exceptionally performing a special show displaying the classic OJM “trademark” though evolving with a more psychedelic and less speed-rock’n’roll vein, proposing a more vintage yet less aggressive hard rock!

In November 2009 OJM will be back to live action again for 4 shows, including the special ten-year celebration night of the fanzine VINCEBUS ERUPTUM which will release a special number (in cooperation with Rumore staff) with a cover showing a drawing of Malleus’.
Fifth OJM album will see the light in September 2010 on Go Down Records produced by Dave Catching (Eagles Of Death Metal, Queens Of The Stone Age).
(Their bio)

OJM - Under The Thunder (2006)

Monday, May 2, 2011

In Sound Underground

Thanks to the band Hijo De Mayo for sharing their album!
Hijo De Mayo is a band from Rock city Eindhoven, The Netherlands. This band started originally as an instrumental trio. The female singer Boukje was added later to the band.
Hijo De Mayo plays as they call it Stonernoisepostrock or Poststonernoiserock. This resulted in the excellent album In Sound Underground. This album contains nine awesome songs.
An important role is played by Bauke. This girl has a charismatic and mesmerizing voice that is really convincing. Beside that, the musicians should certainly not be underestimated. These guys can really play well! All with all is In Sound Underground an impressive album.
The beautiful artwork is done by Mirco. Enjoy!

Hijos de Mayo is a 4-piece band from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. They play stonernoisepostrock / poststonernoiserock: heavy riffs and
grooves, screeching noise and psychedelic atmospheres.
Hijos de Mayo started out as an instrumental band in 2006. In the begin- ning of 2007 they recorded and self-released their first instrumental mini- album.
2008 brought Part 1 of The 4-Track Tape Adventures, the first record- ing to feature Boukje (voice and noise). Near the end of 2008 drummer Joost decided to stop. He left and Ivo came to replace him.
In May 2011 Hijos de Mayo released their first full album
In Sound Underground.
Before Hijos de Mayo Chris and Ronald played in gifkip. Boukje sang in Moral Anxiety and GodsChosenDealer, Ivo hit the drums in Red King Rising and the Ghouls.
They did shows with My Sleeping Karma, Oceana Company, Heavy Lord and more.

(Their bio)

Hijo De Mayo - In Sound Underground (2011)

Lords Of Kaos

From San Jose, California comes the band Frost Hammer. This trio plays some excellent Doom and Metal influenced Stoner Rock. This band has started in 2010 and now they present you their first demo.
This demo is a well bode for the future. The three heavy songs on this demo are really good. The musicians play very well and the singer is really great.
Frost Hammer is according to their Facebook page influenced by the following bands and artists: Black Sabbath, Asteroid, Witch, Pentagram, Sleep, High On Fire, Pantera, Jimi Hendrix and Ozzy.
This demo makes me very curious for the possible upcoming album! Enjoy!

Frost Hammer - Lords Of Kaos (2011 Demo)