Saturday, May 29, 2010

Smoke For Everybody

This is a compilation I made for the SludgeSwamp. Unfortunately it is removed over there. Too bad, but here it is anyway! All of the tracks did appear earlier at this blog. Enjoy!


1 Threshold - Talbot (1:54)
2 Cayenne - Talbot (7:09)
3 The Endless Void - Hypnos 69 (7:47)
4 The Man. The Sun. The Desert - The Grand Astoria (13:07)
5 Mother , Some Day I'm Going To Be An Astronaut - The Movements (Space Edition) (7:53)
6 Justice - Suma (9:31)
7 Sleeping Pill - Telestrion (8:53)
8 Kingdom - Naam (16:24)

Smoke For Everybody (2010)

Experimental Hardcore From Connecticut

Thanks to David for emailing me a download link to this great EP!
This is a very nice EP from Heavy Breath. THis band is an Experimental Hardcore band from Connecticut, U.S.A. The Synthemesc Dreams EP contains five strong tracks. This EP sounds pretty aggressive. The music is played well and the singer has a nice throat. David, the guy who send me this described Heavy Breath as Experimental Thrashy Stoner. Tell me what you think. Enjoy!

Heavy Breath is a band from CT who play something resembling hardcore. They take grooves influenced by bands like Refused, Quicksand, Rage Against The Machine 108, Black Flag, Every Time I Die and Converge and twist and distort them with their own psychotic sensibilities.

They started in the summer of 2009 and recorded an EP, Synthemesc Dreams, in the spring of 2010. Expect them to bring unbridled intensity to the east coast this summer.

Our members have been in / are in some other bands. They include:

(From MySpace)

Heavy Breath - Synthemesc Dreams (2010)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Re-Post: Mudhoney - Since We've Become Translucent

This awesome album was originally posted here. Mediafire has let me down again! So here it is again on another file host site. Enjoy the Sonic Infusion!

Mudhoney - Since We've Become Translucent (2002)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Apollo is the fourth full-lenght album by the Californian Stoner legends Nebula. And unfortunately the last album with the awesome drummer Ruben Romano. Apollo is a nice Psychedelic Stoner album with a bit of Rock 'n' Roll. Great songs are: Fever Frey, The Eagle Has Landed and the last song Opiate Float, an awesome Psychedelic track! Enjoy!

With Kyuss now long gone, Monster Magnet traveling distant galaxies, and Fu Manchu driving their graffiti-decorated vans over groove-rock desert highways somewhere in the distance, are Nebula the last of the prototypical stoner rock Mohicans? Strictly speaking, no, since they themselves were relative late arrivals to the scene, having sprung fully formed from the bowels of the aforementioned Fu Manchu in 1997 -- but in terms of the mostly unadulterated '90s-style stoner rock (psychedelic and space rock-infused, sure, but ultimately grounded in '60s garage and '70s hard rock) heard on their fifth full album, Apollo, quite possibly. Despite what trends would tell you, said '90s movement is alive and well in staple Nebula numbers like &"Loose Cannon," &"The Alchemist," &"The Eagle Has Landed," and &"Decadent Garden" -- all of them boasting catchy, crunchy riffs from main man Eddie Glass, Bonham-esque percussion from ever-faithful drummer Ruben Romano, and solid if inconspicuous support from new bassist Tom Davies. Laid-back numbers -- half-psych, half-blues -- like &"Future Days" and &"Wired" provide mellow detours for nice, diversifying effect, but it's ultimately naturally self-combustible concoctions like &"Lightbringer," &"Ghost Ride," and &"Trapezium Procession" that stand out of the pack -- along with turbocharged, post-Detroit garage rock fare like &"Ghost Ride" and the brilliant, Saints-reminiscent &"Fever Frey." The latter, in particular, also serves to remind listeners of Glass' always impressive six-string chops (see also the slash-and-burn bookends &"Orbit" and &"Opiate Float") -- arguably second only to Monster Magnet's Ed Mundell in terms of innate, guitar hero-type inspiration within their generation. And as long as he's in the driver's seat, Nebula will likely be out there, flying the stoner rock flag -- more power to them if the records keep coming out this well.
(By Eduardo Rivadavia at All Music Guide)

Nebula - Apollo (2006)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And The Circus Leaves Town

This is the fourth Kyuss album. And The Circus Leaves Town is considered by many as a lesser album. I disagree!. In my humble opinion this album is like Blues For The Red Sun and Welcome To Sky Valley an strong and awesome album! Take for example the songs Hurricane, One Inch Man and the fabulous El Rodeo. These are outstanding songs! So don't bother me with saying that And The Circus Leaves Town is the swan song of Kyuss. Enjoy!

The desert does funny things to people, whether their ambition in life is biking, making music or just just playing golf. There's a certain vibe and atmosphere that one can only attain and properly understand by living in the desert. Kyuss, the lamented broken up group from the Mohave of California and veterans of the generator desert party scene, are one of the most prominent examples of desert metal (perhaps the only one, now that I think about it). Using ultra low grooves and slightly askew song structure, this final album from the band is a somewhat tripping and very engaging look at the band's solid songwriting skills. Heavy on the jams which are slow paced but still quite enthralling and with the vocals buried low in the mix (which only adds to their power), the entire album has fluidity. Guitarist Josh Homme deserves some recognition for his very unique style--you won't find anyone who sounds like him--as his bizarre tuning of his instrument is what gives Kyuss identity. The best tracks (and there are many) inlcude "El Rodeo" and the meandering "Spaceship Landing". Make this your retro pick of the week.
(By John Chedsey at Satan Stole My Teddybear)

Kyuss - And The Circus Leaves Town (1995)

Welcome To Sky Valley

Welcome To Sky Valley is the third album of Kyuss. This album contains ten songs which are spread over three parts. Great songs are: Gardenia, Asteroid and Demon Cleaner (This song is an absolute classic!) Enjoy!

After creating a classic with their second album, Blues for the Red Sun, desert metal gods Kyuss faced the unenviable task of delivering the goods once again for a new label, Elektra Records. And they almost pulled it off with 1994's stellar Welcome to Sky Valley. The album's 13 songs are divided into three "suites" which fully display the band's impressive creative range, from furious metal to psychedelic grooves, and anything in between. The first and most consistent of these suites starts with the huge guitar riff of "Gardenia" (which resembles molten lava flowing down the side of a volcano), continues into the moody space jam instrumental "Asteroid," and culminates in the strangely titled yet superbly diverse "Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop." Other highlights include the solid thrashing of "100 Degrees," the prog rock instrumental "Whitewater," and the rather mellow (by Kyuss standards) "Demon Cleaner." But no song exemplifies the Kyuss sound as well as the aptly titled "Odyssey," which opens suite number three and provides a veritable blueprint of the band's unique combination of ingredients. The track begins with a cryptic melody, explodes into a ferocious riff, glides into a psychedelic bridge, then returns to full-throttle for its conclusion.
(By Eduardo Rivadavia at All Music Guide)

Kyuss - Welcome To Sky Valley (1994)

Blues For The Red Sun

Next sunday I'm gonna see Garcia Plays Kuyss. Because of that I have to post my favorite Kyuss albums.
I think Kyuss doesn't need no introduction. This band is one of the first of what's been called today as Stoner Rock. The first album that Kyuss made was Wretch. This is a good album, but it is not one of my favorites. Blues For The Red Sun is their second album and it is an awesome album. Enjoy!

With Josh Homme's guitar tuned down two whole steps to C, and plugged into a bass amp for maximum distortion, stoner metal pioneers Kyuss achieve a major milestone in heavy music with their second album, 1992's Blues for the Red Sun. Producer Chris Goss masterfully captures the band's unique heavy/light formula, which becomes apparent as soon as the gentle but sinister intro melody gives way to the chugging main riff in the opener, "Thumb." This segues immediately into the galloping "Green Machine," which pummels forward inexorably and even features that rarest rock & roll moment: a bass solo. "Thong Song" alternates rumbling guitar explosions with almost complete silence, and "Mondo Generator" plays like an extended acid trip. The slow build of the epic "Freedom Run" and the driving "Allen's Wrench" are also highlights, and though the album is heavy on instrumentals, these actually provide a seamless transition from song to song.
(By Eduardo Rivadavia at All Music Guide)

Kyuss - Blues For The Red Sun (1992)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

God Is Good.

My favorite Om album will always be Conference Of The Birds. This is their fourth album God Is Good. It's like a fresh start because of the new drummer. This album contains four tracks and the main song is Thebes, a 19 minute atmospheric song with some Oriental influences. God Is Good is a great album. Enjoy!

Breaking up was the best thing Sleep ever did. Sure, they made Jerusalem, a stoner metal masterpiece that was basically an hour of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" riff. But the record was a logical limit-- how much more droning and Sabbath-esque could a band get? When the band split up in the late 1990s, it birthed two behemoths: Guitarist Matt Pike formed High on Fire, while bassist Al Cisneros and drummer Chris Hakius formed Om. High on Fire's mixture of Motörhead and Black Sabbath has found considerable success, and Om's drums-bass-vocals shtick has also garnered a large following. The two bands are as if Sleep separated into its constituent elements: High on Fire continue (and accelerate) Sleep's midrange roar, while Om explore Sleep's mantra-like low end.

Since Om are a duo, Hakius' departure last year caused a stir. His metronomic, cymbal-heavy style was literally half of Om's sound. Many fretted over the choice of Grails' Emil Amos as his replacement. Amos' style is busier, and at first seemed like a poor fit for Om's spareness-- 15-minute head-nodders don't need fills clattering away in the back.

However, Amos has turned out to fit right in. His playing is often Hakius-like, with a ride cymbal ticking away to mark time. "Cremation Ghat I" is more his own, with a relatively uptempo groove and hand claps. With slinky bass lines, the track isn't that far off from the Folk Implosion's "Natural One"; however, as an instrumental around three minutes long, it seems like a throwaway. In general, the album is sequenced awkwardly. The first two tracks have vocals and are around 19 and seven minutes long, respectively. Closing out the album is the instrumental two-part "Cremation Ghat" suite, which is about eight minutes long. It feels more like a coda than a song.

That's too bad, as it's the most interesting section of the record. Not only is the first part more lively than Om's typical lope, but both parts feature tamboura. This is a mixed blessing. On one hand, it adds color to Om's sound. On the other hand, Om did just fine before without additional coloration. Part of the band's appeal has been its ability to utilize its few elements. Additionally, the choice of an Indian instrument to accompany Cisneros' hippy-dippy lyrics ("Descends supine grace of the luminant/ Attunes to access light of celestial form") is too obvious. (The Beatles' dabbling with Indian instrumentation comes to mind.) What was once an implied spirituality, drawn out through trance-like repetition, has become spoon-fed. Perhaps this evolution was inevitable: Like Sleep, Om likely could mine their minimalism only for so long.

(By Cosmo Lee at

Om - God Is Good (2009)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A C-Box request: OBLIVIOUS.

This album was requested a while ago in the C-Box.
Oblivious is a Swedish Stoner Rock band. This band combines their music with 70's Hard Rock. The result is an awesome debut album called Goons And Masters. Their music is according their MySpace influenced by: Dozer, Clutch, Queens Of The Stoneage, Kyuss, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. So you have a small idea of what you're facing! Goons And Masters is a highly recommend album! Enjoy!

If you love Stoner Rock with a little bit of psychedelic hard tunes wherever are necessary (just for the fuzz) and you have in your quiver arrows diving into the magic mix of DOZER and CLUTCH, plus the blessings of your home country Sweden above your head, then, all the omens are by your side and no black cat will pass across your way. Well, about OBLIVIOUS the question, and their debut “Goons And Masters” that seems to have the potential and the guts to make the grand opening in the multitudinous scene of nowadays' Stoner, a movement especially developed in Sweden. But the pretty noticeable thing about OBLIVIOUS is the equable combination they succeed, including vintage touches of SABBATH and BIGELF with FOGHAT’s all-time classic rock ‘n’ roll at the same time. Interesting, huh? Let’s see if goons are more powerful than masters now.

Through 50 minutes of the album, OBLIVIOUS achieve to run time like water and slip inside your ears unexampled. The pompous “Ego Boy” takes the rods and makes the appropriate introduction with the five members of the band in absolute successful way. “Throne” has something between the antiquity of “Easy Livin’” and the aggressiveness of “Electric Worry”, while “Red Eyed Goon” puts the mark of OBLIVIOUS and spreads promises about their instant future- if you listen closely to this song though, you’ll maybe hear even Layne Staley’s readings (RIP). The following “Master Of Time” has a softer, lazy, low-tempo making the mind to lose itself through these colorful clouds of dirty and nasty tunes spreading inside the room. Check your speakers; you will definitely see them come out! “Bring It On Me” does that ‘wuh-wuh’ thing (wuh tuh fuh?!) and travel us back to 70s, when “Blind Faith” shows its Chris Cornell-ian teeth leaving the past 50 minutes behind and wondering how soon this record ended.

There is always a ‘but’ in these cases; we must have demands and be serious when it’s about a debutante band, because the sequence is as difficult as the start and in many occasions we notice bad followings after a good start. “Goons And Masters” is a very good debut album but the curiosity about the next step does not leave me to enjoy it as much as I want to. The good thing is that I have patience and I can wait the next OBLIVIOUS album. Till then, “Ego Boy” will be my appropriate companion, especially this oncoming summer.

(By Maria Voutiriadou at

Oblivious - Goons And Masters (2009)

Thanks and credits to Honcho!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fuss For The Housewives.

This is a nice free give away EP from the Russian band Stone Cold Boys. This EP contains four previously unreleased tracks. There are some Blues influences in these songs and that sounds great. I assure you: You will like this EP! Enjoy!

Stone Cold Boys - Fuss For The Housewives EP (2010)

Great Vibe Here!

Thanks to Sadness for sharing this live album!
Supafuzz is Stoner Rock band from Kentucky, U.S.A. This band has made three albums, two EP's and this live album. This live album Down For The Underground is a great recording: the sound is good, the songs are great and you can almost feel the vibe of the audience. It must have been a great atmosphere at that show! Enjoy the vibe!

Supafuzz - Down For The Underground (2002)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Great Italian Stoner Rock (Re-Post With Higher Quality MP3's)

A couple of days ago I already posted this great album.
Thanks again to Dowi for sharing this high quality MP3's!

hYPNOTIC hYSTERIA is an Italian Stoner Rock band. This band has also some Alternative and Metal influences. Their debut album Feed On Me is a great record. The sound is exceptional good, it's well mixed. The singer reminds me at some times of Neil Fallon of Clutch and sometimes he sounds complete different, like the singer of Tool. The guitar player has an original sound. This guy really plays good! The drummer and bass player perform an excellent job. Some songs sounds very atmospheric and others are more Rocking. I think you guys will appreciate the album Feed On Me. Enjoy and support these guys!

hYPNOTIC hYSTERIA - Feed On Me (2010)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

By Request: Some Italian Made Compilations Part 2.

This great compilation was originally posted
here. It contains a lot of great Italian Stoner Rock and Post Rock bands. Enjoy!


1 Vanessa Van Basten - La Scatola (6.10)
2 Lento - Need (5.50)
3 Morkobot - Zorgongollac (3.04)
4 Infection Code - Sweet Taste Of Sickness (4.50)
5 Tears|Before - Portland (6.32)
6 Incoming Cerebral Overdrive - Food (2.54)
7 Storm{O} - Inconsiderata Putrefazione (3.20)
8 Sicklown - Illusion (8.05)
9 Psychocean - Overtones (4.57)
10 Amia Venera Landscape - A New Aurora (7.09)
11 Juggernaut - Nailscratched (4.35)
12 Jagannah - Pyl (4.00)
13 Last Minute To Jaffna - Dawn (11.20)
14 Deflore - Home (3.05)

1 One Starving Day - Black Star Aeon (12.34)
2 Fog In The Shell - The Night Will Not Stay (8.24)
3 Tomydeepestego - Mizar (11.27)
4 Three Steps To The Ocean - Submerged Universe (10.17)
5 Viscera/// - White Flies (7.53)
6 A Cold Dead Body - Our Best Years (7.05)
7 Orbe - Aleph (6.20)
8 Turquoise - Glimmervoid (8.20)
9 Larva - La Pioggia e Le Lumache (7.01)

Neurosounds - Vol. 1 - Stones From The Sky (2007)

Re-Post Request: Some Italian Made Compilations.

Another case of links going down!
Here are two great Italian made compilations I posted some earlier at this blog here and here. These compilations are pretty awesome! Enjoy!

Desert Sounds Volume 2 Compilation: The Rise Of The Underground (2006)

Desert Sounds Website

Versolafine Underground Voices (2008)

Versolafine Underground Voices MySpace

Re-Post Request: Humo Del Cairo.

This excellent album was posted before here. The link went down, so here it is again! Enjoy!

Humo Del Cairo - Humo Del Cairo (2007)

Re-Post Request: Coping With The Urban Coyote.

Some one asked for Unida, so here it is! This album was posted before here. I love to post it again because the end of this month I'm going to see Garcia Plays Kyuss in Amsterdam.

Unida - Coping With The Urban Coyote (1998)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great Italian Stoner Rock.

Thanks to Dowi for sharing the album of his band!
hYPNOTIC hYSTERIA is an Italian Stoner Rock band. This band has also some Alternative and Metal influences. Their debut album Feed On Me is a great record. The sound is exceptional good, it's well mixed. The singer reminds me at some times of Neil Fallon of Clutch and sometimes he sounds complete different, like the singer of Tool. The guitar player has an original sound. This guy really plays good! The drummer and bass player perform an excellent job. Some songs sounds very atmospheric and others are more Rocking. I think you guys will appreciate the album Feed On Me. Enjoy!

hYPNOTIC hYSTERIA - Feed On Me (2010)

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Action Is Go!

This is the fourth album by the California Stoners Fu Manchu. The Action Is Go is an awesome album with a lot of great songs like Evil Eye, Urethane, Burning Road, etc. But my absolute favorite is the song Anodizer. It is one of the best Stoner Rock songs ever written! Enjoy!

Not that it's unique, yet even with half the band changed from the last time around, the twin-riff action that kicks off "Evil Eye," and The Action Is Go! as a whole, sounds like nobody else but Fu Manchu, somehow. Punk energy, classic rock drive, psychedelic crunch, and heavy-ass grind all at once -- really, is anything more needed? From there the new lineup proceeds to kick ass and take names in its own way -- music to shake one's very long hair to while cranking it up and driving around. Hill's strength as a vocalist has long been that he doesn't sound like a deep, bellowing yahoo, but that nutty kid down the block who knows how to party anyway. The Action Is Go! lets him demonstrate that in spades, not to mention his guitar abilities as well as Balch's lead soloing. He and Bjork make perfect recruits for Fu Manchu -- the one pours out the heavy, never dull riffing, the other knows how to lay down some grooves and slam it out when needed in equal measure. Check out the extended zone-outs on "Burning Road" and "Trackside Hoax" to see how both can play it calm when needed for totally cranking up. Another smart touch was getting J. Yuenger, ex-White Zombie guitarist, as producer -- he balances a touch more clarity in the mix with full-bodied charge, not to mention playing a variety of additional keyboards and goodies. Unsubtle hints and homages to the '70s puree of influences crop up throughout -- Bjork's funky breaks on "Urethane" will have many humming War's "Lowrider" to themselves, and for good reason. All this, a cover of SSD's hardcore classic "Nothing Done," and a great Glen E. Friedman skateboard photo from 1977 on the front -- sounds like Southern California from here.
(By Ned Raggett at All Music Guide)

Fu Manchu - The Action Is Go (1997)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Surprise For FREE!

Sweet Mississippi Deal is the third album of the Swedish Stoner Rock band StoneWall Noise Orchestra. And guess what: They give it away for free as a torrent!
Sweet Mississippi Deal is a great album with ten songs for so far. There will be more songs added when it will be released in physical form. Awesome songs are: Black Cat Bone, I Am, One Hundred and the last track Interstate, there's a nice trumpet in it!
I have one note of criticism: The song All Systems Go is a re-make of the Demon Cleaner song (Like Freedom Prize on Vol.1), this version does not please me because it's to slow and the vocals does not fit. And that is strange, because in my opinion the singer does a great job on this album. Beside this minor disappointment Sweet Mississippi Deal is a great album! Enjoy!

What can we say…it’s a Sweet Mississippi Deal!
The new album, well most of it, is now up for free download right here on!
Here’s the deal..once you’ve downloaded -Your soul belongs to us! Forever!

We decided to head straight to the core this time, the music is recorded so let’s get it out there and keep the Orchestra rolling. Of course there will be a full length album release as well, we’ve signed a deal with Transubstans Records and the release is set for sometime this fall. Hats off to this fine and understanding label allowing us to do this!

Some new live dates are added so check them out as well, now crank those mp3-players! C ya!

(From their website)

Stonewall Noise Orchestra - Sweet Mississippi Deal (2010)

Friday, May 14, 2010


With this post I completed the discography of Astrosoniq at this blog.
Soundgrenade is their second album and I cannot tell which one is my favorite album, cause they are all great! If you like Spaced out Stoner Rock with Hard Rock influences, then this is your thing! Enjoy!

Again on the Dutch quality label Freebird Records, Astrosoniq releases a blast. Their second album is more diverse on one hand, but also more balanced then their debut "Son Of AP Lady". Oh yes this sure is one hell of a record.
The sound isn't as dirty and crunchy as it was on their previous, but it's more round, warm and still heavy as shit. And they seem to have doubled the amount of "SPACE".
The guitarsolo's are one of the eyecatchers this time, though not on a main spot. More subtle moved into the songs. Man, does this cat know how to use his wah's. And the vocals, they rule and often remind me to glamrock, but in a cool way. And again the keyword is "Balanced". Drummer/Producer Marcel van de Vondervoort has done a terrific job with the production in his own "Tortured Garden Studio's". Heavy as hell, but compact as a nice unexploded grenade lying in your hand (I'm looking for the right words here!!). And how about the diversity here?
Well, everything is present again plus more. We have a beautiful melancholic ebow-space-guitar-intro, then the grenade explodes, we here allot of Hawkwind, Monster Magnet and Kiss, and then some South-American-Ghost-Dance. We kick back with Nick Cave, followed up by Motorhead (again, great soloing) with some very cool harmonies. Stevie Wonder comes by, playing Higher Ground with a distorted Funkadelic, and again we return to Hawkwind for a great finale. Just to name but a few, but most of all this albums sounds like Astrosoniq. And that's what they do best.

(By Mathijs at

Astrosoniq - Soundgrenade (2002)

Part Two And Three Of A Trilogy.

Thanks again to Maciej for sharing these albums!
Last week I posted the first album of Pandemonica, a solo project by Lorenzo Woodrose. Here are II and III. It is like the first album: Dark Psychedelic Music with the great voice of Lorenzo Woodrose. These are very nice tunes. It is hard to find any reviews of these albums, except for the one below. Enjoy!

A trilogy of LPs packed in non-gloss black cardboard covers depicting various satanic or occult drawings probably lifted from writings by Alistair Crowley or Anton La Vey, and with song titles like "Thanatos", "Therion" and "Dying to Live" anyone could easily be tricked into believing that this is the work of yet another daft church-burning bunch of Norwegian black metal madmen. But no, it's the psychedelic sounds of Lorenzo Woodrose's Pandemonica.

Pandemonica - III (2002)

Pandemonica - II (2001)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nice Dutch Space And Stoner Tunes.

Gomer Pyle is a Dutch Space/Stoner Rock band. Idiots Savants is their full length album after releasing two EP's. Their sound is a bit similar to Astrosoniq and 35007. The result is an album full of very nice Psychedelic Space and Stoner Rock tunes. Idiots Savants is a true recommendation! Enjoy!

"The music created by the guys of Gomer Pyle is best described as space-stoner rock. The band plays a quite mellow sound with some rough edges along the way. A warm and smooth sound oozes out of the speakers when I play Idiots Savants, which both relaxes and rocks. Quite an eclectic selection of music to be found here. While listening to this record, I do have to say that the sound of this band reminds me a lot of the Swiss band Monkey3. Very psychedelic, a lot of stoner influences, you can almost see the people sitting in a circle tripping on some LSD. Add some small country influences and you’ve got yourself some nice music."

(By DemonDust at Allthatisheavy)

Gomer Pyle - Idiots Savants (2008)

Another Project Of Lorenzo Woodrose.

Thanks to Maciej for sharing this album!
Lorenzo Woodrose is famous from bans like On Trial, Baby Woodrose, Dragontears and The Setting Son. Pandemonica is a solo project before Lorenzo began Baby Woodrose. I cannot tell much about it. It seems that Lorenzo played all instruments by himself. The result is a strange and Psychedelic album. It's a combination of Psychedelic Rock, Stoner Rock and 60's Rock, Influenced according MySpace by: 13th Floor Elevators, St. Michael, Aleister Crowley, Bevis Frond and Black Sabbath. This album is the first of a trilogy. The voice of Lorenzo is clearly recognizable. This album sounds great, a lot different than other stuff I've heard from Mr. Woodrose. Enjoy!

Pandemonica - I (2000)

One request: If someone got Pandemonica II and III, please share it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Strange Atmosphere From France.

Thanks to Valentin from Henryspenncer for sending his EP!
Henryspenncer is an one-man project from France. This guy plays some great Atmospheric Psychedelic Doom with Metal and even Americana influences. (Valentin knows how to play slide guitar!) According to MySpace Henryspenncer is inspired by the following: Neil Young's Dead Man, Titan, Grails, Six Organs Of Admittance, Metallica, Across Tundras,Kyuss, Barn Owl, Headdress, The Black Angels and Earth.
The result is The Shelter Days, an EP that is truly great. It really has a creepy/sombre sphere. The music is some sort of indefinable, but it is awesome! You have to take my word for that. I guess you have to experience this EP for yourself. Enjoy these strange vibes!

Henryspenncer - The Shelter Days (2009)

More True Amazement.

A big thanks again to Sadness for this contribution!
Last week I posted the second album of the Peruvian/Argentinian band TLÖN. This is their first album. It's an awesome album that sounds a bit like the second one. That means: A great combination of Stoner, Psychedelic Rock, 70's Hard Rock and Doom! And more of that strange voice!
If you listened to TLÖN II, then you know what to expect. If you don't, go listen both albums! Enjoy!

"TLÖN is a Peruvian/Argentine heavy rock band with touches of psychedelic music, similar in some ways to Tarkus. This band is formed by Walo Carrillo, drummer and founder of Tarkus, Los Holys, Telegraph Avenue. In fact, the album includes some unreleased songs composed around 1972 from the Tarkus period. TLÖN is Christian Van Lacke on guitars and voice, Marcos Coifman on bass (from Reino Ermitano), and Walo Carrillo on drums. They continue with the magic that Tarkus left behind in 1972."
(From Allthatisheavy)

TLÖN - I (2009)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Let's Go Retro!

Thanks to Anders for sending me another great album!
Yer from Brazil plays some awesome Retro Rock. There are a lot of influences here, according to their MySpace the following: Hendrix, Free, Stones, Beatles, Faces, Humble Pie, James Gang, Derek And The Dominos, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Winter, Dylan, Led Zep, Black Sabbath, BB - Allbert - Freddie King. In fact Yer combines 70's Hard Rock, 60's Rock and Blues together to a great sound. First Of Many Others is an album with some great variety, from Heavy to Psychedelic, from Blues to Mellow. If you like some Retro stuff, then this is your thing. Enjoy.

2008 has been kinda a “Sargent Peppers Lonely time” for YER. Since Yer..s debut Ep in 2005, they had played and grown as a band, going deeply inside their heart and soul, searching for breath moment off the stage, that kind of nirvana insight as keruac on the Mountains with his devils had and mad about. Sort of things that make us a better human been; seen, listen, feeling the movement of the world.
As a trio, the difficult to assimilate and express all the contemporary rock style make they go into their own studio, call it simple “Power of Soul” that meaning it self.
That was the last thing missing for Yer, free time rolling songs, tracking fields, mixing their own songs like their idols Eddie Kramer, Glyn and Andy johns bros, Tom Dowd and much more mates. Having a really good times, as the golden years when Traffic had composed songs in a small cottage in rural Berkshire or when The Band did the same, living in Woodstock.
Now Yer just become the own self intuitive feelings, putting they selves all together without any misunderstanding and block of the big bosses, and this is not what you going to find around, because Yer is what they are, simple a Power of Soul, making good, strange, wrong and maybe confuse songs, things they are shitin.. off for the bloody wankers, because this is pure. If it will be good, is your decision, because they are far away on the mountains of south Brazil….. cheers!!!

London..s air has ever been the “wicked place” for rock..n..roll, you know, and was there that Fabiano Koeche de Melo completed his mastership in rock, blues and psychedelic feelings. After two years walking around the Queen..s land , Fabiano has backed to south Brazil and in 2005 recruited his younger brother Mauricio (bass) and the old friend Guilherme Pitt (drums) to form a band. The most talented power trio from that area. Here you can appreciate the first Yer..s EP, called “Cheers Mate!” Melting amps in a full pelt performance with a old fashion style is quite rare to find out on the rock arena on this days, loud guitar bends with a les paul through a marshall amps, hard beats rhythm on drums and a big and strong bass lines that could make mrs Bruce and Bogert cry of jealously – yeah mate, that..s a real rule for Yer, just make a kind of Blues / Rock with the “old smell” without lose the 90..s energy.

(From MySpace)

Yer - First Of Many Others (2010)

Not The Slo Burn Song.

Thanks to Wayne from the band Wheelfall for sharing this free download EP!
Wheelfall is song from Slo Burn and also a Stoner Rock band from Nancy, France. The influences are obvious: Unida and Slo Burn beside other Stoner Rock acts. Wheelfall plays Stoner as it should be and it sounds a bit primitive. I like that uncouth sound. The guitars are heavy, the drums and bass are pounding. The singer has a great voice that fits this kind of music perfectly. Some parts of the song Brotherhood Of Sleep reminds me very much of Kyuss' Green Machine.
Don't expect originality at this EP, but these guys know how to play big deal of Stoner Rock! If you like Stoner Rock in it's purest form, you will like Wheelfall! Enjoy and support these guys!

Wheelfall - From The Blazing Sky At Dusk (2010)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Such Impressive Atmospheric Post Metal.

Thanks to Richard from the band Ortega for sending their album!
Some earlier I posted the promo EP from the Dutch Post Metal band Ortega here. This is their full-lenght debut album and I must say it is very, very impressive.
The concept album 1634 is a masterpiece! It contains seven tracks that goes from Heavy to Atmospheric. The promo EP is just a small impression of what Ortega has become now! The three songs on the promo are also on 1634, but the implementation is so much better! Take the epic song Siren for example, that song has really grown to the max! There is some beautiful violin in here and that sounds so great! That violin sound does also appear in the song Octagon, another awesome and atmospheric song.
My conclusion is that Ortega has exceeded themselves. This album is highly recommended, so buy this album at their MySpace! (Or send an email to Enjoy!

Ortega from the north of the Netherlands releases their first album '1634' in 100 handmade copies. The album tells the story of a shepherd who is stranded on the Spanish coast and tries to remember his experiences. Every song is a recollection of important moments of his story.

Musically the CD is somewhere between Cult of Luna, Isis and Neurosis. After the first song “Still” the Black Metal riff in “Into the Waves” is a bit misleading. This is absolutely the darkest part of the record. Later on melancholy is all around; especially when the violin comes in in 'The Siren' and 'Octagon'. Then I also hear similarities with 'The Eye of Every Storm' and 'A Sun that Never Sets'. Also the deep vocals of guitarist Richard Postma in “Shipwrecked” are inspired by the voice of Scott Kelly. Ortega takes the above mentioned bands as a starting point and mixes it with Doom Metal from the nineties. Bands like Anathema or My Dying Bride have inspired the band for sure in ‘Octagon’.

Due to the guitar sound Ortega is playing a lighter version than is normally played in the genre. That doesn't matter because the tone of the record fits the idea of the concept. The concept is not that original anymore, the music fits the concept perfectly and that’s what matters. Listening to the disc more and more I imagined a movie that fits with the music so you also could say '1634' is the soundtrack for an unwritten movie.

JB from Dr. Doom did the production so you know this is well done for a DIY product. If you are into Post Metal/Hardcore don’t hesitate to check this band on and order this impressive debut album.

(By Maurice at

Ortega - 1634 (2010)

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True Amazement.

Thanks to Sadness for sending me this awesome album!
TLÖN is a Peruvian/Argentian band. This trio plays some music that goes far beyond your imagination. It's a combination of Stoner, Doom, Psychedelic Rock and 70's Hard Rock. The singer is really inimitable, I never heard someone sing like this guy. This album is filled with ten surprising songs and there all awesome. It makes me curious for the first album. I want to hear that one! For now: Enjoy II!

Amazing new album from South American masters of Doom and Psych Rock. Fantastic songs full of strong vocals and emotional feelings. This is a heavy trip down the road.... The latest studio effort from Peruvian/Argentinian TLÖN is not just a further release from the band but also transports the convincing creativity of the group. TLÖN do not play mere music - they create new dimensions of sound. So is the simple titled album TLÖN II a masterpiece of the very special kind that weaves Doom, Rock and Psych to mystical experience to melt your senses.
(From Nasoni Records)

TLÖN - II (2010)

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Dinosaur Eyelids.

Thanks to the guys from Dinosaur Eyelids for sending their CD!
Dinosaur Eyelids is a band from New Brunswick, New Jersey. These guys play Alternative Rock with Stoner and Grunge infuences. At their MySpace Dinosaur Eyelids claims to be influenced by the following: Jimi Hendrix, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, John Coltrane, The Who, Kyuss, Tom Petty and Lou Reed. The singer does remind me somehow of Neil Young. Their debut album Winter Solstice is a great one. Listen to the riff of the title track, it is awesome! Just like the other songs. My favorite is the last track Waves, a typical song to end an album. It starts subdued and ends in a great climax. Another great song is Know How To Die, that starts with a nice acapella intro. And Modal Realism has a riff that sticks in your head for the rest of the day.
Dinosaur Eyelids played a lot of shows in the state of New Jersey and the cities New York and Philadelphia. I hope these guys will visit Europe someday!
Enjoy Winter Solstice and support these guys!

Dinosaur Eyelids - Winter Solstice (2009)

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