Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SPACE DEBRIS: Cool Space Rock From Germany

Space Debris are a german band whose music will transport you back 30 years to the pioneering days of Krautrock and Progressive influenced Psychedelia. Lots of lengthy stretch out guitar jams and an old time organ sound that will make you swoon. Members: Tommy Gorny (guitar, sometimesvocals), Peter Brettel (Bass), Winnie Rimbach-Sator (keyboards) and Christian Jäger (drums). Influences range from Amon Düül and Can on the one hand to a psychedelicious take on the Santana, Allman Brothers, and early Deep Purple stylings. If you like early 70's styled jamming hard prog-psych you'll love this band. The band made since now 4 Vinyls/CD and one DVD/CD, you can all order here (go to button "Vinyl/CDs" at the right) Models were unconsciously Lps and Artwork from the late 60igern and early 70 igern years, as well as German Kraut with long improvisations and spontaneous experiments. In this tradition the LPs are to be seen. It is no coincidence that the plates sounds predominant as from the year 1969, because musical models, old fenderamps, Hammond-organ amplified with marshal and 60`Ludwigdrums, had to lead (and should)to this sound.
(From Space Debris Website)

The download does not contain any complete albums. I'm not allowed to do that, but I want to give you an impression of what Space Debris is all about. From each album you see here you can listen to two songs. At their website you can order the CD's or Vinyl albums.

Elephant moon 2008

Awakening (Bonus Track)
Longo Ago (Bonus Track)

Kraut Lok (2005)

Kraut Lok

Kraut Rock Sessions (2004)

Long Distance Voyager
Green Skies

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2008: The Conclusion

Here is the conclusion of 2008,  the top 47 of the best Stoner Rock albums of last year. This is what 109 people voted:

1 Colour Haze - All 25 (22%)

2 Dozer - Beyond Colossal
22 (20%)
3 Nebula - Heavy Psych
22 (20%)
4 Ufomammut - Idolum
21 (19%)
5 Torche - Meanderthal
20 (18%)
6 Brant Bjork - Punk Rock Guilt 16 (14%)
7 Hielo Negro - Purgatorio Bar 13 (11%)
8 The Atomic Bitchwax - 4 12 (11%)
9 Dead Meadow - Old Growth 11 (10%)
10 Blowback - Morning Wood
10 (9%)
11 Farflung - A Wound In Eternity
9 (8%)
Gomer Pyle - Idiots Savants 9 (8%)
U.S. Christmas - Eat The Low Dogs 9 (8%)
Viaje A 800 - Estampida Se Trombones 9 (8%)
15 Space Probe Taurus - Space Probe Taurus 7 (6%)
Toner Low - II 7 (6%)
17 Blood Of The Sun - Death Ride 6 (5%)
Flaming Moe - Soul Hunter 6 (5%)
Lucky Funeral - Lucky Funeral 6 (5%)
Mexican Mud - Toroidal 6 (5%)
Mozergush - Mozergush 6 (5%)
Saviours - Into Abaddon 6 (5%)
23 Dragontears - Tambourine Freak Machine
5 (4%)
La Ira De Dios - Cosmos Kaos Destruction
5 (4%)
Leather Nun - Absence Of Light 5 (4%)
Rebreather - Sunflower 5 (4%)
27 Bigelf - Cheat The Gallows 4 (3%)
Clouds - We Are Above 4 (3%)
The Curf - The Curf 4 (3%)
Iron Weed - Indian Ladder 4 (3%)
Left Lane Cruiser - Bring Yo’ Ass To The Table
4 (3%)
Routes - Routes 4 (3%)
33 Devillac - Three Ours To Coma 3 (2%)
Iota - Tales 3 (2%)
The Kings Of Frog Island - II 3 (2%)
The Muggs - On With The Show
3 (2%)
On A Pale Horse - A Generation Of Vipers
3 (2%)
Poseidotica - La Distancia 3 (2%)
SuperHeavyGoatAss - Nemesis 3 (2%)
40 Blake - Sa7urnus 2 (1%)
Gallactus 77 - Nine Mile Woods
2 (1%)
Roadsaw - See You In Hell 2 (1%)
43 The Freeks - The Freeks 1 (0%)

Hypnopilot - Evergreen 1 (0%)

Megazilla - Please, Please, Sorry, Thank You 1 (0%)

Muga - There Is Nothing Eternal Exists 1 (0%)

We - Tension And Release 1 (0%)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

These Chicks Rock!

Misdemeanor from Stockholm, Sweden is a cool female Stoner Rock band. You should really check this out.

"This is the first stand-alone EP issued by MeteorCity. This five-piece, all-female Swedish outfit ploughs through four loud and hard sludge-filled songs, recorded at California’s famous Rancho de la Luna studios and produced by Dave Catching and Brant Bjork, with John Garcia guesting on backup vocals for the last track. They’ve opened for Fu Manchu, the Hellacopters and other stars; finally their fans are getting the CD they deserve."
(From All That Is Heavy)

Five Wheel Drive (1998)


OK, this is not really Stoner Rock, but it's a great band we do not must forget. From Chigago, U.S.A. comes The Jesus Lizard. This Alternative/Punk has quit in 1999, but in 2008 they came together and did some shows. Maybe they will record new stuff. I don't know. A funny fact is that all the album titles has a four letter word.

Unfortunatelly the Touch & Go albums has been removed twice from Mediafire.

Their first show was in Chicago, July 1, 1989. Their last show was March 25, 1999, in Sweden, oddly enough. In between, there were hundreds (possibly even thousands) of live shows. David Yow, Duane Denison (later of DK3), and David Sims started The Jesus Lizard in Chicago in 1987. Sims and Yow were both formerly of Scratch Acid. Initially the trio used a drum machine. Mac Mcneilly joined the band as a live drummer in time for their first full-length released in 1990. In six years, the band recorded four albums, two EPs, and four singles for Touch and Go.

Eventually, they left the friendly confines of their Chicago-based label to pursue other options. Mac split from the band. Jim Kimball (Mule) joined them for their last studio album on Capitol Records. Brendan Murphy joined them for their last couple of tours. Then the band broke up on July 1, 1999.

To put it bluntly (or perhaps merely state the obvious), The Jesus Lizard were the greatest live band of the last decade of the 20th century. Mr. David Yow will forever be the frontman to end all other frontmen. The Chicago live music scene may never be the same again and for that, we are eternally grateful.

(From MySpace)

Bang (2000)


Blue (1998)


Shot (1996)


Down (1994)


Liar (1992)


Goat (1991)


Head/Pure (1990)


Friday, February 6, 2009


Another great Swedish Stoner Rock Recording.

Sick of the cosmic, stoner, retro, psychedelic, kick-ass rock 'n' roll thing yet? No? Good, because that is just what Astroqueen are here to ram down your throat. This is a pretty fucking good album all in all, with hints of Trouble, COC, Sleep and the other usual suspects incorporated into a solid sound that Astroqueen makes its own.
The most prominent feature of Astroqueen's sound is the demonic bass, which roars somewhere between the earth-shaking rumble of Kyuss and the dirty rattle of Nebula. The painfully fuzzy guitar is right behind it, with the powerhouse drumming moving everything along. This is no doom band, make no mistake. The songs tend to rocket right along, though there are of course exceptions. "Brain Phase Voyage," for example, takes a more plodding, acid-rock direction and "Go to Sleep (I'm Gone)" truly lives up to the name 'stoner rock.'

The High Crusade-esque album art makes for the perfect companion to the grooves contained within. Astroqueen play infectious, fun music that makes you long for the 70s in no uncertain terms.

[Daniel Hinds from]

Into Submission (2001)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It's hard to find any information of this band. The only thing I know is that Taildragger was the band before 3Speed Automatic from Holland and that they play a combination of Hard Rock and Blues Rock. I even can't find any pictures.

DOWNLOAD 100% Taildragger (Live Demo)

3SA on MySpace

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In Remembrance: Buddy Holly

Today it is 50 years ago that Buddy Holly dies in a planecrash. Buddy Holly was one of the first Rock 'n' Roll pioneers.

"Buddy Holly played rock and roll for only two short years, but the wealth of material he recorded in that time made a major and lasting impact on popular music. Holly was an innovator who wrote his own material and was among the first to exploit such advanced studio techniques as double-tracking. He pioneered and popularized the now-standard rock-band lineup of two guitars, bass and drums. In his final months, he even began experimenting with orchestration. Holly’s catalog of songs includes such standards of the rock and roll canon as “Rave On,” “Peggy Sue,” “That’ll Be the Day,” Oh Boy!” and “Maybe Baby.” Though Holly lacked the arresting sexuality of Elvis Presley, he nonetheless cut an engaging, charismatic figure with his trademark horn-rimmed glasses and vocal hiccup. His creative self-reliance and energetic, inspired craftsmanship prefigured the coming wave of rock and rollers in the Sixties. Holly was a professed influence on the Beatles and Hollies (both of whom derived their names from his). Even the Rolling Stones had their first major British hit with Holly’s “Not Fade Away.”
He was born Charles Hardin Holley (later amended to “Holly") on September 7th, 1936, in Lubbock, Texas. He learned to play guitar, piano and fiddle at an early age. After high school, he formed the Western and Bop Band, a country-oriented act that performed regularly on a Lubbock radio station and opened for acts that came through town. After being noticed by a talent scout, Holly was signed to Decca in early 1956, recording demos and singles for the label in Nashville under the name Buddy Holly and the Three Tunes. Back home, Holly opened a show at the Lubbock Youth Center for Elvis Presley, an event that hastened his conversion from country and western to rock and roll. ("We owe it all to Elvis,” he later said).
On February 25th, 1957, Holly and a revised band lineup, now dubbed the Crickets, recorded “That’ll Be the Day” at the Clovis, New Mexico, studio of producer Norman Petty. The effortless, upbeat rocker won them a contract with the Coral and Brunswick labels. Later that year it became a Number One pop hit and even rose to Number Two on the R&B charts. The terms of Holly’s arrangement with his record labels, negotiated by producer/manager Petty, were somewhat unusual. Releases alternated on Coral and Brunswick, with those on the former label credited to Buddy Holly and the latter to the Crickets. Between August 1957 and August 1958, Holly and the Crickets charted seven Top Forty singles.
In October 1958, Holly split both with the Crickets and with Petty, moving to Greenwich Village and marrying Maria Elena Santiago, to whom he proposed on their first date. Because of legal and financial problems engendered by his breakup with Petty, Holly reluctantly agreed to perform on the Winter Dance Party, an ill-advised bus tour of the Midwest in the winter of 1959. Following a show in Clear Lake, Iowa, Holly chartered a private plane to the next stop on the tour, Moorhead, Minnesota. Two other performers, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper, joined him. Their plane left the Mason City, Iowa, airport at one in the morning and crashed in a cornfield a few minutes later, killing all aboard. Buddy Holly was only 22 years old at the time of the crash.

Buddy Holly And The Crickets - The Very Best Of