Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great German Psychedelic Stoner: TERRAPLANE.

From Wernigerode, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany comes Terraplane. This is an awesome Psychedelic Stoner Rock band. This band released one album unto now: Into The Unknown. This album was released in 2006 and it's great. Terraplane claims to be influenced by the following at their MySpace: Most of all Led Zeppelin, but also early Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Iron Butterfly, early Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu, Nebula, Cathedral, Kyuss, Acrimony, Big Bill Broonzy. So you have a slight idea of what you can expect on this album. I say it's an great album, but what do you think. Tell me your findings by leaving a comment. Enjoy!

Terraplane are a German quartet that play psychedelic stoner rock 'n roll. They've released several promos, a single and an EP since 2002, and "…Into the Unknown" is their full length released in 2006. The CD includes 7 tracks, some short and nicely compact songs and others lengthier excursions. And there's lots of variety so it's hard to pigeonhole these guys or lump them cleanly into any one genre.

After a short intro with voice sample narration the band launch into Orange Salvation, a classic Sabbath inspired stoner instrumental, with a great rock 'n roll groove and brief but killer guitar fills. Damn good for less than 3 minutes. "Once I Was You" and "Lower" are cool stoner psych vocal numbers that are like one part Sabbath to 3 parts Stooges. Very cool down 'n dirty heavy stoner psychedelia. "Moonflower Blues Pt. II" goes in a different direction, being an easy going melodic bluesy song that reminds me of Led Zeppelin's dreamier moments. A really nice ride that softens the listener up for the more classic stoner rocking style of the next track, "Mantra". But even when they're in traditional stoner territory you can tell that Terraplane are more rooted in 70's heavy rock than a lot of the more modern sludgy metallic stoner bands. Sure, "Mantra" has a throbbing bassline that rumbles in your chest, but it's that classic Sabbath vibe, and loaded with tasty guitar soloing… slow, simple, yet full of psychedelic passion and emotion.

"Black Mystery" is a short, pure blues acoustic song that throws a bit of a curve ball before blasting us with the album's 15+ minute epic title track. This track alone is worth the price of the album. Right out of the chute the band take off into psychedelic space, with bubbling and shimmering lysergic vibes, soloing trip guitar and sitar, heavy driving rhythms and ultra cosmic lyrics. It's a killer mixture of space rock fortified heavy psychedelia, trippy ragas and commanding stoner grooves. A supremely powerful track that jams hard in space, while allowing the composed song element to keep it on course. Fans of Zone Six, Liquid Visions and the like would flip over this.

In summary, I enjoyed the mixture of shit kicking rock 'n roll songs and longer jam tracks on Into the Unknown. The band is clearly strong with both, though the title track easily stands far and away above anything else on the album. I'd love to hear more from Terraplane.

(By Jerry Kranitz at Aural Innovations)

Terraplane - Into The Unknown (2006)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Italian Weed.

The Weed is an Italian Rock with Stoner and Metal influences. This band has three albums as free download at their website, ...And The Evening Dies is the most recent album and it's their best one in my humble opinion. I like the voice of Monica, although it was better if it was more loud in the recording. ...And The Evening Dies is a pretty decent album, it has some great songs. At first sight The Weed sounds like a "common" Rock band, but it's just more than that. The guys (and girl) make some great rocking music! Give this a chance and maybe you like it. Enjoy and support The Weed!

Some would argue that the Internet kills music. Well, maybe that's what the music industry wants us to believe. Because the music industry -and I am referring to the major labels- during the pre-internet years didn't seem to give a fuck about bands like Τhe Weed. Bands beyond trends and the hype, that is. Bands sincere and faithful to their dream, to the music they love.

Nowadays, thanks to MySpace et al., you can discover music from all over the world without interveners. And the number of bands that are willing to distribute their music more or less free through the internet is increasing.

Having said that, I must admit that this was the first thing that attracted me to the Italian stoner band The Weed. Their new album, entitled "...And the Evening Dies", can be downloaded, without any charge, through the band's website.

But a free download can also be a trap. There are many really shitty artists who attract the audience with the "free download" tag, but their music doesn't mean a thing. This ain't the case here. The Weed are generously offering to anyone interested a solid work, a handful of heavy rock tunes, full of energy blasting through the speakers.

This isn't an innovative album. After all, stoner rock is a genre full of clichés and battered formulas. But it is still pretty much enjoyable, a call for headbanging, erratic body movement and mind trips.

The opening song, Daybreak, sets the tune for the rest of the album: a furious composition, with changing dynamics, from full speed to trippy, slower parts. Thankfully, female singer's Monica Sardella's voice ain't the fragile, delicate, "help me, I'm almost dying" voice that is so trendy in heavy rock nowadays. No, it's a strong voice, full of passion, skilled adequately to express a large scale of sentiments.

Overall, "...And the Evening Dies" is an enjoyable album that you won't regret listening to, full of songs that are so good that you will be returning back to them again and again.


The Weed - ...And The Evening Dies (2008)

Pro Rock!

Clutch is a well known band from Maryland/West Virginia, U.S.A. Clutch made several great albums like Pure Rock Fury, Robot Hive/Exodus and more recent Strange Cousins From The West. This album is their self-titled album from 1995. My favourite songs are: Spacegrass and Escape From The Prison Planet. The other songs on this album are also great! Enjoy!

Released in 1995, Clutch deliver their sophomore groovy, riff-laden self-titled album. Clutch was met by slight mainstream exposure and most fans of the band consider this album to be the bands finest moment as well being regarded as one of the best stoner rock albums released in the 90's. What Clutch made is an album that can be intelligent when it wants to and strange when it feels right. In this album lies the signature vocal style of Neil Fallon, the groovy guitar playing of Tim Sult, the booming, funky bass lines of Dan Maines and the superb, catchy drumming of Jean-Paul Gaster.

The album runs at around a little more than 55 minutes, but in that time Clutch manages to accomplish their mission very well. Zeppelin/Sabbath-esque riffs straggle throughout the album and they are quite damn catchy and impressive to say the very least. The bass lines are also up to par with the guitar riffs. For example, the album's opener, Big News I features those signature groovy catchy, funk bass lines and guitar riffs that make this album such a grandiose accomplishment. Big News II picks up right off where its brother track left off except this time it is much more fast paced and more riff laden than the last track. Great combo track to start off an awesome record. The lyrics are quite vapid and hilarious and show off Neil Fallon's unique charismatic vocal style that ranges from high pitch growls to low toned snarls. Hell, some tracks on the record like Escape From the Prison Planet even have Fallon sort of rapping though not annoying a la Fred Durst.

Texan Book of the Dead is one of my favorite songs off Clutch. All of the members nail it on this track. Its a fun song to rock your head to and is also fast paced like Big News II and the energetic, Animal Farm. Also, as mentioned before, Clutch is known to furnish very intelligent, yet inane lyrics and this song shows it early in the album. Whats so good about this song is how Neil shows that he is not a one dimensional singer. He once again changes vocal tones and styles very effortlessly and concise. Spacegrass features some of the most bizarre, unconventional lyrics I have ever heard and I mean that in a good way. The lyrics are about a dude traveling in space with his Dodge Swinger 1973 seeing outer space wonders like "watching the universe expand". The song feels very spacey as well with cool little sounds floating around your speakers providing a sort of ambiance and once the thundering power riffs kick in, they will send your head bopping back and forth in this way-out there tune. This is one of the album highlights and a fan favorite and its obvious why.

Every song on this record is uniquely its own. No track sounds like another and you won't get déja vu listening to this record. Clutch has so much variety that there is a little something for everyone. But needless to say, that is a bit of an exaggerated statement. This album isn't really for everyone. Neil Fallon's vocal style, albeit loved by many, may have to grow on new listeners as some may find it annoying and foreign to them, but nevertheless Fallon is a great powerful vocalist with quite the attitude.

The thing about Clutch is that it gets better and better with every listen, slowly turning into a classic for some with amazing replay value. Droid and 7 Jam have that instant lovable Clutch charm and will get stuck in your head with its signature unique blend of Tony Iommi influenced riffs and its sophisticated drum beats. Truly every track on this record has memorable riffing and well seasoned bass lines. No song drags on too much producing meaningless, unnecessary cacophonous noise that takes the song nowhere. Also what might also be noted is the crisp, warm audio production. All of the instruments can be heard clearly in the mix without one instrument overpowering the other. You might even consider this album a classic if it weren't for some of the flaws it has. For instance, some songs might be boring to some people on their first listen and it isn't the most accessible album out there, but other than the minor blemishes mentioned, this is an ***-kicking album to check out! If your into great 90's rock music then this is your album.

(By Daniel Lozano at

Clutch - Clutch (1995)

A great Stoner and Rock 'n Roll Compilation.

This is an excellent 2 CD compilation album by the great Belgian label Buzzville. See the tracks on the lower image and you know what I mean!
Ok, this stuff is not that recent, but still alright. Enjoy!

"If you're wondering what's going on in the wonderful world of stoner and other underground hard rock, this is the place to be. Rock 'n' Roll Blvd Vol 1 is as thorough a compilation can be. The two disc set covers a shit ton of ground. Even better, almost half of the songs are previously unreleased, so it’s not a retread of the same old same old. You got rock, metal, psychedelia, and doom all in one two disc package. Check it out."
(By Arzgarth at

Rock 'n Roll Boulevard Vol.1 (2005)

(Thanks and credits to Лёлик)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Philadelphia Aggression.

Thanks to Dave from Deathbeds for sending this fine piece of aggression! Deathbeds from Philadelphia, U.S.A. is a Metal band with Sludge and Hardcore influences. No Funeral is their latest 7" release. At their MySpace is written that they sound like the Earache era '88-'94, and that was a good period on that record label. (Think of Entombed, Napalm Death and so on.) Deathbeds sounds raw and aggressive. And that's what I need right now after arguing with a co-worker at my job today! After hearing these three tracks, I want to hear more! Very great stuff! Enjoy and if you like it, buy it here!

Deathbeds are a five-piece band from Philadelphia, PA. One part Entombed, one part Integrity, they combine sludge-fueled metal and riff-oriented hardcore in a way that’s appalling, yet reassuring. Taking cues from doom and sludge but lacing it with the sensibility of the most visceral hardcore they know that to be the man you’ve gotta beat the man.

Formed in 2007, the 'Deathbeds' EP was released digitally in 2008, and laid the groundwork for 'No Funeral.' 'No Funeral' was recorded in the summer of 2009 at Red Planet Studios and was co-engineered by Joe Smiley and Chris Grigg (Woe). 'No Funeral’ is out now as a 7inch, courtesy of Young Lungs Ltd and is limited to 300 copies on green vinyl. Both the 'Deathbeds' and 'No Funeral' EPs are available digitally on a "pay what you want" basis through Communitas Media.

(From MySpace)

Deathbeds - No Funeral 7" (2009)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Japanese Instrumental Stoner Rock.

This is some great stuff from Japan! Sonic Flower was a side project of Church Of Misery and they play some awesome Instrumental Stoner Rock with 70's Hard Rock influences. The fuzz riffs are huge and there are a lot of great rhythms and grooves on this album. These guys play so cool, I think every Stoner Rock minded will enjoy this!

"Sonic Flower from Japan featuring Church of Misery members is a great stonerrific guitar rock instrumental outfit on par with bands like Atomic Bitchwax and Elternal Elysium as far as shredding guitar tone and riffs go."

"Not that Sonic Flower is copying either band, they have their own take- it's aggressive, but laid back 70's influenced classic rock with tons of blues leads and tinged with doom. A lot of the music can be compared to Blues Creation and Sabbath alike, lots of blistering soulful Hendrix style leads and busy drums...overall tight musicianship and riff after catchy riff of blues doom, what more can you really ask for?"

"I will come out and say this much, if you are a fan of early Monster Magnet, Ed Mundell, or Eternal Elysium; then chances are you are going to love this great, but cut short IMO CD. If you, however, have a problem with lots of guitar leads and instrumental outfits, then you might pass. This thing is a heavy tuned down sludgy tight riff library of blues and soul...not for the timid."

( By Robwrong at

Sonic Flower - Sonic Flower (2003)

Credits and thanks to Cheeza!

North Carolina Psychedelic Doom.

Thanks to Dave from the band Enoch for sending their EP!
Here's some Heaviness from Asheville, U.S.A. Enoch is a trio that plays Psychedelic Doom with Stoner influences. This four-track EP is a nice one. Heavy grooves with great guitar playing and a great voice. According their MySpace they claimed to be influenced by Sleep, Electric Wizard and Sonic Youth. My favourite song is Infinity, the drive is awesome and the guitar is enchanting. This is truly a great EP. Support these guys! Enjoy!

Enoch formed in the spring of 2008, comprised of ex-members of Descolada, Serpents, Birds on the Ground, and Trapper Keepers. A few line up changes solidified into the current group: Dave Lynch: Guitar, vocals; Charles Howes: Drums; Neal Wilson: Bass. Happy as a trio the band has been focusing on live shows, recording, and is now gearing up to do more touring in 2010. Fans of early 70's rock, Doom and Drone, their goal is to write songs that can be both tight and heavy and also descend into more improvised psychedelic rock territory.
(Their Biography)

Enoch - Moth EP (2009)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Canadian Heaviness.

This is another great and strange EP that is send to me! Cop Shades is an Experimental and Punk influenced Stoner Rock band from New Brunswick, Canada. Their self-titled EP is awesome! And they do it without guitar! Still the sound is complete, because of the use of some electronics and the heavy fuzz bass. The music is really heavy and the songs are great. I don't even miss the guitar! Go listen to this and enjoy! It will be a nice experience!
A big thanks to Kyle for sending this!

(February 12, 2010 – Moncton, NB, Canada) - COP SHADES, a new Moncton based stoner/indie/experimental rock band, have released their debut EP as a free download via Superbob Records - the home of The Monoxides formed by drummer Ken Kelley in 1993. The band consists of veteran musicians of mainstay Moncton bands The Peter Parkers, The Woods, and MEN (a 2-piece band featuring Eric’s Trip drummer Mark Gaudet).

Musically, COP SHADES exhibit a blend of influence from bands such as Kyuss, Death From Above 1979, Liars, and Shearing Pinx. This unification combined with absence of guitars, powerful mind numbing drum beats, fuzzed out electronic bass tones, and a plethora of vocals styles and effects all further contribute to their fresh approach.

“We simplify our creative and ethical process of maintaining an artistic outlet. The state of music in its entirety has been dumped on its head, as such so should ones approach and mindset. COP SHADES is the medium in which we are viewing and ultimately experiencing our personal vision.” says drummer Kyle McDonald.

The band recently shot a video for their single “North Korean Arts Degree” which will be debuting in March 2010. Additionally, this spring they’ll be hitting the studio to record their debut full length due this summer prior to their extensive coast to coast tour of Canada in August.

Formed in mid 2009, Introducing a slick fusion of indie, psychedelic, electronic and desert rock - COP SHADES are shooting for one of the fastest up and coming bands on the east coast of Canada.

This summer they’ll be representing Atlantic Canada with an extensive tour from Sydney, Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Columbia and back throughout August 2010 - sharing the stage with bands such as Bad Vibrations (ex-Dog Day), Flying Fortress (ex-Goat Horn/Zuku), Ash Lee Blade (ex-Tchort), Black Moor, Shearing Pinx, Hunter Gatherer, Amelia Earhart, Feral Children and many more.

(Their biography)

Cop Shades - Cop Shades (2010)

Great Psychedelic & Space Stoner Rock From Atlanta

Telestrion comes from Atlanta, U.S.A. and this is their first album. This band plays an excellent combination of Psychedelic, Space and Stoner Rock. Telestrion does remind me of two bands: Bigelf and Hypnos 69. When you think you're hearing an organ, you're wrong. What you hear is the Theremin (Read the article on Wiki by clicking the word.) Hypnos 69 does also use this device.
Telestrion is an awesome album with lots of variety and outstanding songs. If you like Cosmic Psychedelic sounds then you really should check this out. Enjoy!

"Open the door to your mind and take a ride with Telestrion. Let their brand of heavy cosmic rock and roll take you on a journey to the deepest reaches of inner and outer space, singing a tune, clapping your hands and stomping your feet the whole way. Musically, Telestrion's multitude of diverse influences (old and new) give way to a sound that is fresh, distinct, and uniquely their own. Andy Samford (guitar/vocals), Brian Holcomb (guitar/vocals/theremin), John Smith (bass), and Chris Stewart (drums) formed Telestrion in the fall of 2006 following the demise of Qualone."
(From AllThatIsHeavy)

Telestrion - Telestrion (2007)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spanish Stoner With A Lovely Singer Girl.

Here is some nice Stoner Rock from Spain. Face The Void is a band from Santander. These guys (and girl) serious rock! I love the voice of Marta, sometimes lovely and sometimes raw as hell. The music is some heavy played Stoner Rock with some Grunge in it. According their MySpace Face The Void is influenced by the following: Kyuss, Tool, Hermano, Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, Melvins, Black Label Society, Fu Manchu and Clutch. So you have a little clue here. It's a real nice EP. Enjoy!

Face The Void - Nebula EP (2009)

A C-Box request: SKÅNSKA MORD.

I guess Small Stone will not be happy with this post, but I can't ignore C-Box requests!
Skånska Mord is a awesome great StonerRock band with 70's Hard Rock influences. Their album The Last Supper is just great. The sound is good. The songs are great. And I love that organ! What do I need to say more? Enjoy and if you like the album, BUY IT!!!

"With The Last Supper we're returning to Sweden, and like their neighbors in Brain Police, Skanska Mord embraces big riffs and big hooks, making it seem like it's still the beginning of this decade. For fans of the genre, what makes this a boon is that Skanska Mord makes it sound new. Tracks have plenty of booming, bombastic heft to go along with their bluesy grooves. They're catchy and heavy, familiar enough for accessibility but not so much that you're underwhelmed with a sense of deja-vu. For a fan of honest, heartfelt rock, there's not much else you could ask for."
(By Arzgarth at

Skånska Mord - The Last Supper (2010)

Credits and thanks to ORION WARNING!

Strange Stuff From Philadelphia Part 2.

This is the second part of the CD's that Bruce from Dangerbird and Hulk Smash has send me. (Thank you again, Bruce!)
Dangerbird is like Hulk Smash also a bit Strange, hard to compare with anything. But Dangerbird is more heavy and depressive. If I compare this with Hulk Smash, I must say I like Dangerbird some more. The guitar is better and so are the vocals. The highlight of Homestead is the song No Hope On Hope Street.
In this post there is also a second download: The Dangerbird Demo from 2007. Enjoy both and let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

It seems at first an unassuming full-length that Philadelphia contemplative rockers Dangerbird have come up with for Homestead (SRA Records), and on some levels it is. The music isn’t especially overbearing or heavy (at least for the most part), they don’t hammer home riff-based groove after groove, and the overall earthy feel of the music lends itself more to emotional warmth than to any kind of technical chill. There are sweet sub-melodies in the guitars and vocals, and though the back half of the record shifts tone significantly from the front, some semblance of flow is maintained.

The four-piece, which as of this recording was comprised of BJ Howze (guitar/vocals), Mouse Dascher (guitar/vocals), Joe Bats (bass, since replaced by Nick Conway) and Colin Smith (drums/vocals) first adapt ‘90s s t y l e indie rock into a droning or stoner feel, then take a turn toward Neil Young-esque organic guitar pieces beginning with “Snowed In,” track four of the total seven. “Frank,” “Alien+Cop” and the title track which precede it are heavier sound-wise. Even “Homestead,” which begins to display the directional adjustment the record is soon to take, keeps a heavy load of feedback and thick riffing. Nonetheless, it’s clear throughout Homestead that Dangerbird are children of the ‘90s alternative movement, and by that I don’t just mean grunge. There’s some of that teenage melodrama working its way into “Hiram,” but there’s nothing quite so postured about the band as to warrant any Seattle comparisons -- except maybe their methodology for incorporating the aforementioned Neil Young influence, for which acts like Pearl Jam were well known in their beginnings.

Vocally, aside from the harvest mooning, Dangerbird make use of that indie whine that’s perhaps most often attributed to Violent Femmes, but in the context of a heavier rock, it makes for an interesting if not always totally congruous match up. The songs feel loosely structured, even when they aren’t, which speaks to a uniqueness of s t y l e, and though “Sad Waters” receives a quieted enough lead-in from “Hiram,” the song soon picks up with a subtle country twang that adds an Americana feel to Homestead that Dangerbird have yet to explore with such gusto. “Sad Waters” is also the catchiest of the Homestead tracks and shows that when they want to, the band can make traditional songwriting seem easy.

Homestead finishes out with “No Hope on Hope Street,” and if I haven’t yet mentioned Neil Young, I’ll do it one more time. The track is slower and offers a return to the thicker moments of “Frank” and “Alien+Cop” without being redundant. At just over 11 minutes, it is the longest song on the album, and maybe also the most hypnotic. Dangerbird border on some social commentary with the lyrics, but not so much as to dull the music’s affect. Overall, Homestead is made remarkable by its natural feel (the band recorded at least the basic tracks live and it shows). There are blemishes here and there that come up, but by and large it’s a worthwhile experience that leaves one to wonder how Dangerbird will develop over their next batch of songs. It won’t be for everyone, those looking to bang their heads and hoist their beers to Odin will probably want to keep moving, but Homestead establishes itself with a clear sound and execution that takes a not-often-heard approach to the conventions of underground heavy music.

(By JJ Koczan at

Dangerbird - Homestead (2008)

DOWNLOAD The 2007 Demo

Strange Stuff From Philadelphia Part 1.

Hulk Smash is a duo from Philadelphia that plays some Strange music. The guitar and drums sound like The Jesus Lizard, the singer seems some what frustrated and there is that funny organ. I can't compare Hulk Smash with anything, but it is great stuff. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think.
The other Hulk Smash download is The Mynah Bird, The Mockingbird And The Magpie Album also from 2008. This album contains some covers (Iggy, Black Sabbath and a funny version of Owner Of A Lonely Heart by Yes) and two own songs.
A big thanks to Bruce for sending me these CD's! Enjoy!

E and A sharp over and over and over again with high annoying keyboards on top, long ass songs that go nowhere.
(From MySpace)

Hulk Smash - The Hulk Smash Album (2008)

DOWNLOAD The Mynah Bird, The Mockingbird And The Magpie Album

Friday, February 5, 2010

Surprising Great Spanish Stoner Rock

Well, what do we got here? Now, this is Geller Project from Sevilla, Spain and this is their free download demo!
These five guys plays very nice Stoner Rock with some fury in it. I mean a bit of aggression and in some parts easier passages. This stuff is real awesome! These five songs are all great.
And you couldn't guess this is a demo. It sounds too good to call it so.
So if you like some Furious Stoner, go experience Geller Project! Enjoy and support these guys!

Geller Project was born from the need of 4 friends to stay together with the rock by excuse. After their first demo “Let’s right” and some live shows at their shoulders, they understand that they needed a change at his compositions. With the addition of a second piece on guitars, Geller Project gets the sound and the force that they wanted. The Geller Project’s demo 2009 cross the line of Rock to get a personal sound with harsh riffs, dark passages and personal melodies. Sit down, listen it, and enjoy it...
(From MySpace)

Geller Project - Demo (2009)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Ugliest Band In The World... THE MUGGS

The Muggs is a great three piece Stoner band from Detroit. There are some simultaneities with another awesome band from Detroit: 500 Ft. Of Pipe. Both bands have the same line-up (Guitar, keys and drums) and play both some great Stoner Rock. The Muggs are more Bluesy and have more 70's vibe. This album is their 2005 debut, the second is called On With The Show from 2008. That they are The Ugliest Band In The World? Well, who cares about that! Enjoy!

The power trio is not a term to be used lightly -- for every Blue Cheer there's a blink-182 -- but when it's applied to the electrifying cacophony emitted by the Muggs, it's almost not enough. The Detroit-based threesome is a power trio the way that Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath were -- Robert Plant and Ozzy are cultural icons, but it's what went on behind them that launched a million rock bands. Muggs guitarist Danny Methric's solos transcend the blues that spawned them by sneaking out of their major and minor trajectories without a care in the world, while drummer Matt Rost and bass player Tony DeNardo -- the latter switched to the lower register on a Fender Rhodes after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke in 2001 that left his right side paralyzed -- sound as if they're joined at the shoulders. This is stadium rock trapped in a club and looking for a way out with every intention of burning the roof down -- not in a Great White kind of way -- that brings to mind '70s classic rock like AC/DC, Humble Pie, and Mountain. What sets the Muggs apart from questionable blues-rock revivalists like the Kings of Leon is their complete lack of pretense. Perfectly rendered guitar rock is at its essence the simple practice of fusing together a bass and guitar lead that jumps into the pit of your stomach and stays there, something the Muggs have obviously mastered on standout cuts like "Need Ya Baby," "Monster," and the Hammond-driven "Hard Love," but they're not above taking the listener through a space rock mid-section that owes more to Piper at the Gates of Dawn-era Pink Floyd than it does Ten Years After. It's that perfectly balanced allegiance to both discipline -- these gentlemen are obviously no strangers to the rehearsal room -- and balls-out rock & roll hedonism that makes this self-titled debut, when inserted into the medium of your choice, turn up all by itself.
(By James Christopher Monger at All Music Guide)

The Muggs - The Muggs (2005)

Another COLOUR HAZE Re-Post Request.

Another Colour Haze download link went i to oblivion, this time it's the first album Chopping Machine, originally posted here. Someone asked me to put it up again. So, here you go. Enjoy!

Colour Haze - Chopping Machine (1995)