Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Elvis Lives In Poland!

Thanks to the guys from Elvis Deluxe for sharing their album!
Elvis Deluxe is a very nice Stoner Rock band from poland. Lazy is their first album and it's fantastic! These are really great songs. It grooves and it rocks! The album starts with the song Superorfeo and then you know this thing can't go wrong! The guitar has a cool fuzz sound and the other instruments does also sound great. The vocals are very nice. In one sentence: Elvis Deluxe is awesome! These guys are working on their second album and I can't wait to hear that one. Enjoy and support these guys!

In 2002 four long-time friends (including even some blood relatives), who had been involved in different bands (mostly HC/post HC/rock stuff like Ahimsa, Coalition, Afraid of That Day), started to jam together playing what they had a great affection for their entire lives: ‘70s-influenced stoner rock.
In 2003 they recorded a demo which turned out to be pretty popular among the slowly growing breed of their fans. Soon they became one of the most active Warsaw bands, crossing all genres, and being present at different types of shows from punk rock to rock’n’roll to hardcore and rocking the nights out like crazy.
Every once in a while they hit the road to gig Poland, Lithuania, Germany, ending up in some Czech clubs, making a nice soundtrack to bar fights.
Easy going dudes took it easy. It took them a while to record their very first full length, but when they did (at Serakos Studio, Warsaw, spring 2006) it turned out to be really worth waiting for. The record is called „Lazy” and well... it really is.
The dudes have charisma and have the skills and even though they’re taking it easy, they take it seriously. Many years of friendship and jamming together made them only tighter and hungrier for good shows and road adventures. They will roll slow and if you stand on their way... well, you can be sure to roll with them.

(From MySpace)

Elvis Deluxe - Lazy (2007)

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Radio Friendly Edit Of What Is Coming Next Month.

Thanks to Kamille from The Grand Astoria for sending me this preview of their new album!
This is a preview of the second album by the Saint Petersburg Stoner Grunge Rockers The Grand Astoria. The first album did I post earlier here and that album was a killer! About this friendly radio version I can not tell much because it's too friendly for my taste, but it is a preview. I think I rather hear the not so friendly version. We have to wait a small time for that one. For now: Enjoy this one!

The Grand Astoria - II (Friendly Radio Version 2010)

Order The Album Here

Friday, March 26, 2010

Chilean Stoner Punk.

Thanks to Sebastian from NekroAdictos for sending their album!
There's a very great Stoner Rock scene in Chili. For example Hielo Negro, Yajaira, Condor and Madre De Dios (what I did post lately) are awesome bands. NekroAdictos can be added to this list of fine Chilean Stoner Bands.
NekroAdictos is a trio that plays a great combination of Stoner Rock and Punk. This results in some damn fine songs with a Rock 'n' Roll Attitude. Their self-titled album is a real great album. It kicks off with the high octane song Tal Vez Pero Seguiré and there are more songs of this calibre, like Solo Con Mi Rock And Roll and Casa Me Mata. I say NekroAdictos is a very great album! What do you think? Let me know by leaving a comment. Enjoy!

NekroAdictos - NekroAdictos (2009)

A Rectification.

In my last post I said Sharon Stoner is Stoner Band from Uzbekistan. Well, they're not! Sharon Stoner comes from Basque Country, Spain. I can figure out why they do not mention Spain, because Basque people don't recognize the Spanish authority.
This album is the first full-lenght album from 2006. It's a great album with nice Stoner Rock songs. Enjoy!

Sharon Stoner - 3 Mila Bira (2006)

(Credits and Thanks again to Tager!)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Very Great Stoner Rock From Uzbekistan.

Sharon Stoner is a Stoner Rock band from Uzbekistan. And they are awesome! Taupada 13 is their second full-lenght album. This album sounds great, a nice variety of songs. According to their MySpace, Sharon Stoner is influenced by the following: QOTSA, Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Masters Of Reality, Brant Bjork, Los Natas, Black Sabbath, Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Rush, Camel, Opeth, Black Crowes, Mark Lanegan, Soundgarden, Jeff Buckley, Pj Harvey, Hermano, Unida, Mr. Big, Metallica, Faith No More, Tool, Gov't Mule, Wilco, The Allman Brothers, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon, The Mars Volta, Dut, Berri Txarrak, Neubat, Potemkin. So you have a clue what's Sharon Stoner is about. Enjoy!

Sharon Stoner - 13 Taupada (2008)

(Credits and Thanks to Tager!)

Through The Eyes Of Heathens.

In my last Fluid Underground post I was referring to this album, so...
I don't know where I read it, but someone wrote that Dozer has risen above the Stoner Rock genre with the album Through The Eyes Of Heathens. Well, that may be so, but I say it's an awesome album. When people start talking or writing with risen above, then it sounds to me a band went commercial. That is not the issue here. The songs are superb. Some are raw and aggressive and others more modest. The album starts with the Heavy song Drawing Dead and ends with the majestic Big Sky Theory. Every song between is great. Dozer has made a big step forward with this album. Enjoy!

Woe to those who dismissed Sweden's Dozer as distant, perhaps unimportant satellites to the mostly U.S.-centric, late-'90s stoner rock solar system, for here they are: five years beyond that scene's generally accepted heyday, and ten into their career -- and still they orbit, only now exerting the gravitational pull of a major heavenly body upon the smaller bands that lie scattered across the vast stoner rock asteroid belt. Can you dig? In the event you can't, and prefer less colorful descriptive methods, suffice to say that Dozer's fourth album, Through the Eyes of Heathens, cements the band's gradual transition from perceived followers to acknowledged leaders of this perennially beloved subgenre of underground hard rock. In fact, the ten tracks making up Through the Eyes of Heathens almost serve as a "state of the genre" address, boasting a broad cross section of historic stoner rock hallmarks. Take infectiously stripped-down tunes like "Drawing Dead," "Born a Legend," and "The Roof, the River, the Revolver," for instance -- all of them so timeless they simultaneously fit in with the mid-2000s crop of post-stoner heavy blues-rock bands (Halfway to Gone Alabama Thunderpussy, etc.), and those Harley-on-the-highway, heavy groove-rock anthems laid down by Dozer's original contemporaries, Clutch and Fu Manchu. The apocalyptic "Until Man Exists No More" (featuring guest vocals from Mastodon's Troy Sanders) and the light-and-shade extremes of "Days of Future Past" dredge up massive Black Sabbath power chords from stoner rock's sister subgenre, doom, and the epic "Big Sky Theory" delves in neighboring psychedelic and space rock tendencies, while "From Fire Fell" and "Omega Glory" span the sonic evolution from Kyuss' pounding quasi-thrash to Queens of the Stone Age's driving riff-o-rama and quirky falsettos. There's even a total curve ball in "Man of Fire," where jabbing guitars and grungey vocal tones temporarily have the band sounding like Pearl Jam -- weird! In the end, if there's anything truly dating -- or at least geographically specific -- on this album, it's Dozer's obvious disinterest in any of the Southern rock overtones so prevalent among mid-2000s retro rock combos, but they're never really missed here. Rather, Through the Eyes of Heathens offers top-of-the-line stoner rock at a time when it's sorely needed to revitalize the style.
(by Eduardo Rivadavia at All Music Guide)

Dozer - Through The Eyes Of Heathens (2005)

More Serbian Stoner Grunge.

Last week I posted the album Napad i Prve Noci by the Serbian Stoner/ Grunge Band Fluid Underground (formely known as Fluid). The guy from this band, Milos send me more stuff of Fluid Undergrond. Thank you again Milos!
What we've got here is one album, two EP's and one single. And all this stuff is good! The EP Stoner is one song in five parts. This is truly a great EP, especially part 4. The Album Stoner IV is an excellent piece of work. The EP Eight Years Of Nothing is also great. But then the single A Grain Of Sand, this is an ode to Dozer. This songs is heavily influenced by the song Blood Undone from the album Through The Eyes Of Heathens. If you think it's a rip-off, then you're thinking wrong. It's a tribute and an awesome song! Enjoy!

Fluid Underground - Grain Of Sand Single (2009)

Fluid Underground - Eight Years Of Nothing EP (2009)

Fluid Underground - Stoner EP (2007)

Fluid Underground - Stoner IV (2006)

21th Century Beat.

Beat is a kind of Rock music that was played in the sixties. In those days there were a lot of Dutch Beat bands, for example Q65. At the end of the nineties there was Kek '66. These guys played Beat music new style, but with the same feel as the sixties. Their second album On The Outside Looking In is a nice one. Expect Garage Rock with the vibe of The Who and The Kinks with a small dose of Psychedelics. Enjoy!

Risen from the ashes of The Kliek, Kek ’66 has joined the mission of keeping the Dutchbeat sound high on the European sixteez scene scale. This is the band’s second album which offers an authentic section of everything good that was goin on around ‘65/’66 on both sides of the Atlantic. As usual, there’s a bunch of carefully chosen covers ranging from the garage-punk stylings of "Bad part of town"(The Bare Facts), "Too bad (The Bad Roads), "No time to rhyme"(The Spirit) and "You got me (The Prodigal) to the 12-string chime of Jackie DeShannon/Searschers "When you walk in the room and Randy Bachman’s "animalism "One day". Still, the originals are what this band is all about, and there, you have it all, the folk-rocking jangle of the opening "It’s in my mind", the moody "love ballad "Try to fall in love again", or the beat-pop of "Lie, cry & say goodbye", sounding like some raw garage take on The Zombies sound. "Make believe it’s nothing combines some of Neil Young’s most sophisticated ‘Springfield moments and a refrain that someone forgot to take to the top of the charts back in the mid’60s, "Take her home tonight will most definitely make you "feel a whole lot better and they even explore some Russian sounding folk in "Love is everything".
Thanks to the bands like Kek ’66 or The Waistcoats, it seems that the time is near when it will be the American/British bands who will have to fight for their position on the scene.

(From Popism)

Kek '66 - On The Outside Looking In (2002)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just A Fish

I'm glad I got some help to find this album on some Russian forum!
Just A Fish is the full-lenght debut album by the Russian band Stone Cold Boys and I must say it's pretty awesome! Stone Cold Boys plays some great deal of Stoner Rock. These guys really evolved their music. Just A Fish sounds right, like a good album should. The songs are great. Now I wait for their European tour. Enjoy!

Stone Cold Boys - Just A Fish (2009)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blow Your Mind!

A while ago I tried some Baby Woodrose (The Hawaiian) and I got sick as hell. I blew my stomach, so to speak!
So I prefer the Danish Baby Woodrose, a very nice Psychedelic Garage Rock band with a sixties feeling. Baby Woodrose is formed by Lorenzo Woodrose, who also plays or had played in several other bands like On Trial and The Setting Son. Blow Your Mind is the first album by Baby Woodrose and I say it's an awesome one! Enjoy!

"The music is very different from Lorenzo’s main band On Trial, this is 60´s sounding psychedelic rock with a strong pop vibe. If you have (and love) the Nuggets box you’ll love this as well, if you also like The Wellwater Conspiracy and bands like Farflung and ST 37 you gotta buy this disc as well. ...Lorenzo has a great voice that at times reminds me of Dave Wyndorf’s, on top of that he handles all the instruments himself on this CD. ...You simply can’t go wrong with a record filled to the brim with acid guitars, trippy lyrics, great vocals and extremely catchy melodies with a strong pop vibe (which is an art that seems to have been more or less forgotten since the heydays in the 60´s)."
(By Hogfeldt at Stonerrock.com)

Baby Woodrose - Blows Your Mind! (2001)

A Stone Cold Single.

Thanks to Dmitry for sending this one-track single!
Stone Cold Boys from Moscow is a great Stoner band with some bluesy influences. These guys released last year their full-lenght debut album Just A Fish. I didn't get the chance to get my hands on that one, but I'm very curious for that album. I posted their demo a long time ago here.
This track called ((?)) is a great song. It's not known where this song will appear. Enjoy for now!

Stone Cold Boys is a Russian band, founded in 2007 in Moscow. The band's recognizable mark is style-mixing, though originally they belong to the first stoner-rock wave in Russia, with such bands as Cactus Jumper and Evil Cosmonaut. Being interested mostly in 60-70's and 90's, the musicians produce riff-based compositions, throwing grunge, blues, jazz and hardcore in one melting pot. That caused some cold welcome from conservative stoner-listeners and, at the same time, the recognition from the fans of the styles mentioned above. As for themselves, Stanislav, Pavel, Ivan and Eugene never tried to be the part of some specific musical society. Their love for stoner culture and music is neighbouring with their love to some crude humor, boogie-dancing, psychodelic trips and tons of self-irony. Jewish cowboys make friends with Egyptian mummies and Action Heroes, concerning their songs' lyrics. From being serious to being hularious — and don't forget to dance! The band has already gathered some positive reviews from russian musical press and published their first album «Just a Fish» in December 2009. In the atmosphere of conspiracy and mystery Stone Cold Boys are working hard now on their new release.
(From MySpace)

Stone Cold Boys - ((?)) Single (2010)

Made In Oss.

Made In Oss is the third album of Astrosoniq. If you are familiar with Astrosoniq, then you know what to expect: A fine combination of Psychedelic, Space Stoner and Hard Rock. If you're not so familiar with Astrosoniq, get familiarized! Enjoy!

"Astrosoniq brings an incredible mix of styles so natural, so full of power and emotion. Their great samples and musical interludes glue it all together into one big sonic trip."
(From Daredevil Magazine)

"Made in Oss is Astrosoniq's best album so far and their most cohesive. This is earthshaking spacerock! If you dig Hawkwind with some extra Motorhead-flavor with a symphonic edge that has hints of Meddle-era Pink Floyd, then you're in for a real treat."
(By Matthijs at Stonerrock.com)

Astrosoniq - Made In Oss (2005)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Serbian Stoner Grunge.

Thanks to Milos from the Band Fluid Underground for sending me their album!
Fluid Underground is a Serbian Stoner Band with Grunge influences. Their album Napad I Prve Noci is a nice one. The lyrics are Serbian, so I don't have a clue what these guys are singing about. That doesn't mind, let the music speak for it self! And the music is great. Some of the songs remind me a bit of QOTSA, but that's not a bad thing. At their MySpace this band says to be influenced by the following: Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, SloBurn, Orange Goblin, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Dinosaur Jr. Velvet Underground, Motorhead. So you know what your dealing with. Enjoy!

The band "Fluid" is being born for the past six years. The reasons for putting it aside before are financial, as well as the fear of the unknown, unusual and weird. Things change in the beggining of the millenium, when the idea begins to materialise.With the raw talent, screaming guitars and half empty drum,the "Fluid" is being made. Dark lyrics and heavy half - tones, have placed the band into the true underground, i.e. stoner rock. How to define "Fluid"? Of course, as the symbiosis of the garage Gods.From the chaotic riffs of "Sonic Youth" over heavy "Nirvana" half - tones, to contageous "Mudhoney" vocals, and unique atmosphere of "Kyuss" and "QOTSA". "Fluid" is completely dark, with the heavy distorsion inside, the broken voice stands for the incubation of the new virus, that has crossed the road from a parasite to an organysm for itself, with no need for any host.
(from MySpace)

Fluid Underground - Napad I Prve Noci (2010)

Excellent Norwegian Stoner Rock.

The first time I've heard this EP, I was completely hooked to it. The Killing Cure is a Stoner Rock band from Norway. The EP sets off with the majestic Go Low, what a great song is this! The songs that follow are also awesome! The singer Tommy has a very great voice.
According to their MySpace The Killing Cure is influenced by the following: Mastodon, Queens Of The Stone Age, Muse, Tool, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, White Zombie, Mustache, Monster Magnet, Black Sabbath, Corrosion Of Conformity, Fu Manchu, Helmet, Kyuss, LOK, Nebula, Clutch, Mad Season, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Them Crooked Vultures, Eagles Of Death Metal, Creature With The Atom Brain, Probot, Pantera, Stone Temple Pilots, Black Label Society, Blind Melon, Brant Bjork, Clawfinger, Dessert Sessions, Jaqueline, Monster Magnet, Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, Rob Zombie, Stone Sour, The Black Keys, Velvet Revolver, Violent Femmes.
So you have an idea what's The Killing Cure about: Great Stoner Rock with Grunge influences. It seems there's a full-lenght album at hand. I can't wait to hear that one! For now: Enjoy this EP!

The Killing Cure is an explosion of high-energy rock music laced with dreamy insanity and bone crushing riffs. Simmering in the underbelly of Oslo’s rock underground, the band has no regard for genre, era or rules creating a melting pot of sound and creativity. Presently, the band has finished their first full length album. The new material is stronger and more dynamic than ever, showing the strength of the songwriting and musicianship of this freshman album. Their self-titled debut EP was released in January 2008, which have been featured on NRK P3, Radio Tango and KNAC (USA). The Killing Cure have been gigging in Norway the past three years, playing nearly every rock scene in Oslo including KlubbØya 2007.
(From MySpace)

The Killing Cure - The Killing Cure EP (2008)

Thanks and credits to Mari!

Great Swedish Stoner Rock: FREEDOM BLEEDER.

John Garcia sang the words Freedom Bleeder in the Kyuss song Demon Cleaner. I don't know if that was the reason for this Swedish Stoner band to call them self so. I don't know anything from this band, cause there's a little to find about Freedom Bleeder. No website, no MySpace, except for the review below.
But what I do know is that Freedom Bleeder has made an awesome album called 10 Out Of 10. With this album Freedom Bleeder made a damn fine mix of Stoner Rock and Hard Rock. The songs are all great. Enjoy!

"Freedom Bleeder burst on to the scene way back in 1999 with the insanely infectious track "A Million Times" on the Molten Universe Volume 1 compilation. Since then they've released a CD Single and have been on other compilations. Finally, the equally infectious full length CD is upon us. I've been waiting 6 years for this one and it's no let down! 10 Out of 10 is groovy fuzzed out stoner rock of the highest calibre. File next to Dozer, Lowrider, Josiah, etc..."
(By El Danno at Stonerrock.com)

Freedom Bleeder - 10 Out Of 10 (2003)

A Nice Stoner Compilation From New Zealand.

This is a very nice StonerRock compilation that was send to me by Rich (aka r0b0c0p) from stonerdoom.co.nz. Thank you, Rich!
This compilation contains six tracks from New Zealand Stoner bands and it's composed by Mighty Scoop Productions. I say this is a very nice compilation. Enjoy!

The Mighty Scoop Presents Stonerfest 09 (2009)

The Bands:

A C-Box request: BLACK RAINBOWS.

From Roma, Italy hails Black Rainbows. This trio play some great deal of Stoner/Desert Rock. Twilight In The Desert is their first album. These guys play some excellent songs! These tunes have a relaxing effect on me. This album can be experienced at best with some cannabis. (Without will also do!) I'm curious for the second album: Carmina Diablo. For now: Enjoy Twilight In The Desert!

Black Rainbows Formed in 2005, They started as a joke, Just to have fun with some Heavy Psychedelic, Stoner, Desert tunes, But after recording their first full lenght “Twilight In The Desert” They were picked up from Longfellow Deeds Records, A French rock label site in Paris. In these years they continue to smarten up their sound with dozen and dozen live shows sharing the stage with many cool bands like Dead Meadow, Black Mountain, Los Natas, Witchcraft, White Hills, Micheal Davis from Mc5, Vic Du Monte’s Persona Non Grata And Alfredo Hernandez From Kyuss.Their Sound Is A Mix Of Seventies Like Mc5, Blue Cheer, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath and recent Hard Psych, Stoner from Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu, QOTSA and Nebula.
They are now ready with the second chapter: "Carmina Diabolo" 45 minutes of heavy-psych/stoner rock, released in red, gatefold vinyl, And CD 12 pages booklet by Longfellow Deeds Records.
 Artwork made by Angryblue, The Great American Illustrator.
(From MySpace)

Black Rainbows - Twilight In The Desert (2007)

Thanks and credits to SpiritBeggar!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Madre De Dios.

Thanks to Chilestonero for dropping this EP triple times in my C-box!
Madre De Dios is a Chilean Stoner Rock duo, just guitar, drums and vocals. This demo EP is their first release and it is promising. These guys has made some damn fine songs. Madre De Dios plays Stoner Rock with a Rock 'n' Roll attitude. That's how I like it! Raw fuzz guitar and pounding drums all the way! Enjoy!

Madre De Dios - Demo EP (2009)

See It Burn.

A special thanks to Dustin for sending me this great Doom album!
See It Burn is a Doom/Drone duo from Nottingham, U.K. This duo released their album Ascending To The Masters. This album contains a variety of songs. On the one hand you can experience some Heaviness like Sunn O))), on the other hand there are some sad and slow acoustic songs. It's a bit of a strange album, you need to listen a couple of times to it. Still I think this is a good album. Share your opinion by leaving a comment. Enjoy!

With their darkened earthly rich tones and ambient drone, SEE IT BURN are centred between the dark and the light energy force that surrounds the universe, by embracing all the sonic splendour of mother earth’s unconditional abundance, the imminent arrival of dark tone and ambient sound has been evoken….. The time has come to SEE IT!
(From MySpace)

See It Burn - Ascending To The Masters (2010)

Monday, March 8, 2010

More Heavy Estonian Doom.

A while ago Jarmo from the Psychedelic Doom duo Talbot send me their EP Tundra. Now he send me their new album EOS. Thank you, Jarmo!
The EP Tundra was already an nice piece of work, but with EOS Talbot take a big step forwards. The sound is more improved without losing their Heaviness. Sometimes I forget this is just drum and bass. The sound of the bass is incredible. With that sound you don't need guitars. One of my favourites is Combat Zen Speech, an eleven minutes epical song, very great. I,m glad Talbot will play in my hometown in april. I'm very exited about that. Check their MySpace for their European tour, maybe Talbot plays in a place near by! Enjoy and support these guys!

Talbot - EOS (2010)

Heavy Stuff.

Thanks to the band Mookerdam for sending their EP!
Mookerdam is an American Sludge/Doom band and these guys play some real heavy stuff. This four-track EP is very raw and harsh because of the Metal infuences. The songs are great. I can't find any information about them, but I assure you: Mookerdam is awesome! Enjoy!

Mookerdam - Impenitence EP (2010)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Belgian Atmospheric.

Earlier before I posted the great album Intrigue Of Perception by the awesome band Hypnos 69. Timeline traveller is their first album. This album is the beginning of the development that Hypnos 69 has made. Timeline Traveller is an album full of Atmospheric Psychedelic Space Rock with a piece of Stoner and these guys knew how to play in those days. These five songs are all great. I think you might like this if you're a regular visitor of this blog. Enjoy!

Here’s a recipe for you:

Take some stellar guitar work, a tight and creative rhythm section that refuses to fade into the background, and some cool, spacey synths, Rhodes piano, organ, and effects. Blend them together in the style of classic Deep Purple and Uriah Heep. Ensure, however, that all ingredients are fresh. Season liberally with Hawkwind. Add a dash of Led Zeppelin and a pinch of King Crimson. If something is missing, throw in some theremin. Bring to a boil, and serve steaming hot.

The result will be a tasty Belgian dish known as Hypnos 69, and listeners can try out this delicious sonic stew on the band’s debut album, Timeline Traveller. As is suggested in my little recipe above, the band does tend to wear their influences on their sleeves, but they refuse to tread over old ground. The classic heavy 70’s sound may be there, but the songs are fresh and original. The opening title track alone is worth the price of admission, as guitarist Steve Houtmeyers lays down some seriously smoking riffs. Halfway through its 8-minute length, it slips into a spacey jam with great percussion that builds steadily to a blazing finale. The nearly 6-minute Voodoo Dancer is perhaps the most conventional rocker on the album, but Houtmeyers’ searing, bluesy guitar work will have aspiring air guitarists freaking out in their living rooms. The piece ends with a cool Hawkwindish space rock finale.

While three of the five tracks have vocals, singing is not what this band is really about. All three members are multi-instrumentalists, superb players that focus on complex arrangements and scorching instrumental magic. The almost 8-minute, entirely instrumental N.O. Mustang is perhaps the mellowest piece on the album, but showcases the excellent interplay between Tom Vanlaer’s throbbing bass playing and Dave Houtmeyers’ inspired drumming, while Steve churns out some echoing guitar that shifts from bluesy to jazz influenced, to weirdly psychedelic. The 9 ½-minute two part instrumental A Neverending Enigma shows off the band’s prog rock tendencies the most. There’s some very tasty bass work in the first part, Sometimes I Wander, with its complex arrangements that echo a bit of Frank Zappa. The second part, Upwards and Unexpected, is a moody Rhodes driven jam that builds slowly but surely to a fine, rocking climax.

The album closes with Like Waves on the Wind. After a smart intro of powerful guitar and organ, it lopes along in a bluesy manner before dissolving into a haunting refrain, like floating on some alien ocean. Again, the piece builds slowly, shifting and changing, building to a heavy climax before returning to the original theme that started the piece, finishing off at 9-minutes in length.

If you like any of the band’s influences I mentioned above, you can’t go wrong with Hypnos 69. This is one of the best albums I’ve heard in 2002, and highly recommended.

(By Jeff Fitzgerald at Aural Innovations)

Hypnos 69 - Timeline Traveller (2002)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Heavy Italian Stoner Metal Part 2.

Pain Is The Game is the second album by the awesome Italian Stoner Metal band Allhelluja. The first album Inferno Museum was already a killer album, but with this one it's getting even better. Prepare yourself for some more aggressiveness! My favourite song on Pain Is The Game is The King Of Pain, a real great song. Hear those damn guitars! Enjoy!

With Pain Is The Game, Allhelluja make their own contribution to the current mini-trend of ushering the rock n’ roll back into European metal. As with Chrome Division on Nuclear Blast, Scarlet Records recording artist Allhelluja jumps in with the aim of sounding contemporary from a production standpoint while also paying homage to the thick grooves and power chord nuclei of more traditional heavy metal. They accomplish this on Pain Is The Game by combining the metal sensibilities of Motorhead with the simple, mid-tempo riff-barrage of a band like Soundgarden, while also retaining the feedback-driven garage-band feel of both. However, singer Jacov Bredahl (Hatesphere) doesn’t sound like Lemmy or Chris Cornell at all but rather raises an uncanny conjuration of some St. Hetfield anger, especially on “Soul Man.” But again, he still keeps it very contemporary by mixing in plenty of hardcore yelling along the way. Oh, and the movie dialogue from Angel Heart was a nice touch! Try as I might to find something wrong with this CD, I just couldn’t. The fact is, I like it more and more with each listen. It’s a little repetitive and not as catchy as some of its competitors, but this album still rumbles like thunder and rocks like a motherfucker.
(By Jason E. Goltz at Pivotalalliance.com)

Allhelluja - Pain Is The Game (2006)

Slovenian Strange.

There's many great music for free available in the world of MySpace, like this:
Broken Lock is a band from Slovenia and it's hard to describe their music. The band says they play Alternative, Progressive and Hardcore music. I think it's more than that. I even hear some Stoner, Funk and Jazz influences. Ater from 1999 is their first album. It's strange music, but also great. The guitars are very nice. This debut album contains some nice songs, which all are different from each other. This is stuff I can't compare with anything, but I like it! (And maybe do you!) Enjoy!

The band was created in 1995, some changes in lineup followed and band was finally formed in 1997. First album called "Ater" was recorded in the harshest conditions in 1999. "Ater" enjoyed good critics and the band was invited to Novi Rock 2000 festival and recieved the Boomerang award in 2001. In following years band toured and played with names like Laddio Bolloco, Karma to Burn, Dozer, Psychopath and many other. In 2002 band recorded its second album called "Endemic". The first video - the song "Alloy" - was recorded in 2003. In XII.2004 the second video - the song "G" - was released and hit the charts. Currently the band is preparing the songs for the third album.
(From isound.com)

Broken Lock - Ater (1999)

Heavy Italian Stoner Metal Part 1.

Take to bits of Stoner Rock and mix it with one bit of Entombed and then you got Allhelluja. This Italian Stoner Metal band likes it raw and right in your face. Their debut album Inferno Museum is full of high octane aggression without losing the Stoner vibe. This album contains ten great songs, all killers! Enjoy!

The short story is that Allhelluja plays a heavier than average brand of stoner rock. The long version is that the band sounds like what might happen if Kyuss and Orange Goblin threw Entombed into a van and rode around town doing bong hits. The occasional vague traces of Motorhead, early Soundgarden and Mudhoney, as well as The Cult (vocally), give some indication of what must have been on the radio during that night on the town. Allhelluja is an Italian band that includes Danish front man Jacob Bredahl, who you might know from Hatesphere. Inferno Museum is their first effort.

What makes Inferno Museum worth the price of admission is Allhelluja’s somewhat darker take on the genre. The album is based on Dead Man Upright, a Derek Raymond novel about sexual predation and murder (Hey, they can’t all be about Moby Dick), and the band does an admirable job crafting music that suitably captures the themes and tone of the story while remaining rooted in their genre. As a result, some of the material has a darkly seductive, serpentine quality that is reminiscent, in function if not sound, of Danzig. This makes for an interesting juxtaposition with the less dangerous, suburban sound of the head shaking, good time rock and roll, and several times the band also takes advantage of the incongruence of darker lyrical themes and music which has an upbeat and more casual tone. Otherwise, Allhelluja have the kind of foot stompin’-brownie spikin’-lava lamp lovin’-Camaro drivin’-garage rockin’-beer drinkin’-greasy haired-tie dyed-amps fried raucous spirit that is best served with the windows down and volume cranked to eleven. Bredahl turns in a nice performance showcasing some quality vocal diversity, comfortably moving between clean and rasping singing and higher registered wails and gruff growls. With only a few exceptions, these transitions go a long way to helping pull off the album’s stoner/predator split personality. “Your Savior is Here” is the perfect representation of the band’s strengths. The song is based on a rock solid groove, adds some nice retro-styled falsetto in the chorus, has an aggressive, growled section in the middle, and all the while the guitars squeal and weave circles around a rock solid, driving rhythm.

This is the kind of stuff that has a wide middle ground–as long as it’s done competently it’s damn hard to deny, but only a small percentage of these albums is able to make a play for long term playlist domination. Inferno Museum is easy to enjoy and is delivered with a suitable production and solid musicianship, which when combined with the band's warped, toke and kill take on the style, makes the album worth exploring. Nice debut.

(By Matt Mooring at Metalreview.com)

Allhelluja - Inferno Museum (2005)