Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Estonian Doom (Drum & Bass Only)

I don't know what it is lately, but Estonian bands found their way to this blog. This little jewel is send to me by Jarmo from the Band Talbot. (Thank you, Jarmo!)
Talbot is a drum and bass duo who play some sort of Psychedelic Doom. These two guys play it very well. Sometimes it reminds me a bit of Toner Low. This three-track EP is a promise for the future. Go listen to this, let me know what you think and give Talbot some support!

The mythical and sacred fire-being phoenix lives a thousand years and perishes in flames after building a nest. Few are those who know that the bird leaves behind two eggs — a white one and a black one. From the white a new phoenix hatches, but what might emerge from the black, nobody knows.

Talbot, the duo of Estonian bio-bots from Tallinn is like the black egg of the phoenix — a mystical, menacing enigma that, once cracked, will change the world. Edgy and immediate, the garage-doom-prong of Talbot pierces the listener’s ear and brain like an icicle, puncturing membranes and forever mutilating objective reality. Talbot’s music is like a hidden image that, once seen, cannot be unseen.

“Talbot is the best thing that has happened to the Estonian underground scene in the last couple of years!” — Bonne (Pedigree)

“Talbot is a massive, vehement burden!” — Mänts (Smõuk, Voog)

(From MySpace)

Talbot - Tundra (2008)

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