Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Swedish Stoner Project.

Revolution Rock is the first full-lenght album of Greenleaf, a side-project of Dozer. This project is one of the best Stoner Rock things I ever heard. An important member is Bengt Bäcke, who plays bass and organ. He also owns the studio where Greenleaf recorded their albums. Tommi Holappa plays his guitar awesomely. (Listen for example to Red Tab, those licks make my flesh creep).
The albums Secret Alphabets and Agents Of Ahriman shows some real progression of this fine Swedish project. Too bad that they only hitted the stage in Sweden. Enjoy!

Hard rocking all the way from beginning to end. This is my first taster of Greenleaf, and I like it. It's super psychedelic at times, other times it's super rocking garage style, like MC5...along those lines. Slight hint of the doom/blues here and there. A good mix of 70's rock styles for sure. "
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Greenleaf - Revolution Rock (2001)

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