Sunday, November 8, 2009

Philadelphia Stoner

Thanks to Ross for dropping this in my mail-box.
The Company Corvette is a Stoner Rock trio from Philadelphia, U.S.A. The first thing I noticed listening this album is the awesome guitar playing by Alexei, just excellent. This guy is a real talent. I like his riffs. Drums and bass are very solid. The voice of Ross is just great. The Company Corvette combines Stoner Rock with some Doom and Hard Rock. On their MySpace they claimed to be influenced by ZZ Top, Motorhead and Saint Vitus. You have to hear this. And when you did, you know you have to support them! Enjoy!

The Company Corvette - The Company Meeting (2009)


Anonymous said...

Like this a lot, rocks along nicely, good riffs, lots of fuzz, just how it should be,

Ilbrujo said...

Thanx 4 this. Just discovered them.

Mari said...

New to me. So Nice! Thanks a lot!