Tuesday, November 24, 2009

German Sludge Metal.

Thanks to Thorsten from Burden for sending me this EP.
Burden is a German Stoner/Sludge Metal band. I like this stuff, great riffs, raw vocals and a heavy sound. I see a great future for this band. Enjoy and support them!

The dilemma of 21st century hard rock and metal: Bands bug with synthetic soundscapes to dub their deficient riffs. Juvenile hypermetalbands piss off their audience with their plagiarism. Bands lose touch to the veritable expression and true feeling of Rock'n'Roll and dilute this once so wild and aggressive music with trivial and weepy material. When BURDEN was founded by Saint D. (g) an gundel (g.) there was no doubt that they did not want to be part of this so called rock scene. Instead of trying to work with too many alien influences, their focus was clearly set from the beginning: to lead good old Rock-Music back to its roots without loosing touch to the presence and future. There can only be one goal! To bring back the honest and pure feeling that once was associated with rock music and rank it first!

With Dave (DEADSPAWN, ex PURIFY) a drummer living for his ideals and Rock'n'Roll was found soon. The founding year has been exclusively spent rehearsing and creating songs since BURDEN has never been about snapshots at all. In the course of time and after lots and lots of self-critical songwriting some very intense and authentic tunes emerged. But how to create real smashers when there is no pressure on your guts? It took some time to find a suitable and tight bassist. Fortunately they met Johnny Clash after some months and his impressive skills were overwhelming. Save the best for last as the saying goes - in summer 2008 Thorsten was recruited to join and complete the BURDEN army. His vocals have shot the musical standard on another level. Thorstens powerful and variable way of singing shows the real face of burden – a face other bands would kill for!

BURDEN let their music do the talking. Their unique mixture of Southern Rock, Sludge and Metal is no acoustic binge drinking, it's an uncompromising sound for people who appreciate straightforward music.

(From MySpace)

Burden - The Fool (Promo EP 2009)


Anonymous said...

If you want:

Marbles ready to ride free download ep.

4 great stoner rock tunes! :)

Insane Riez said...

Thank you, Anonymous! I'll check these tunes soon!

Ilídio Marques said...

Sorry for the anonymous comment, i couldn't get connected with my account and i forgot to sign with my name :(

It's a band from my label, Sonic Infusion Records.

Thanks for posting!
keep the good work! :)

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