Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Awesome Dutch Thrash Metal

I don't understand why I can't find this album on any Metal blog. You guys missed something!
Crustacean is a Thrash Metal band from Tilburg, Holland. There is only one band that sounds like this and that is: SLAYER!
Burden Of Our Suffering is the first album of Crustacean and in my opinion the best one. It's fast and aggressive. They play awesome riffs and the drums are really battering. The vocalist has a great throat. If you are a self-respecting metalhead, you have to grab this beauty!

Crustacean [as in 'hard-shell'] is a 4-piece Thrash metal band, that hails from Tilburg, the Netherlands. We play uncompromising thrash from fast to furious to slowly flowing and stomping riffs. Don’t expect outdated simplicity though; steadfast and stubborn we might be, our eyes and ears are aimed forward and that’s exactly where Crustacean’s going! We appeal to the young and the old die-hard metal head. What’s even better is that our sound and appearance also appeals to non-metal heads! So that’s a lot of necks to stretch! Bear in mind that we’ve got a live-history of over 10 years - touring, gigging, opening up and doing after shows for the likes of Master (US), Morbid Angel (US) among others, then you know we mean business.
(From MySpace)

Crustacean - Burden Of Our Suffering (1998)

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